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Sange Mar Mar …Episode 17

Kiran A . 0

And the surprises keep on coming. Just when we think there cannot be any more twists in the story and it would now follow the events that have already occurred , we are pleasantly surprised. As it turns out GK is a murderer; yes he had beat his bhabi violently and broke her legs which eventually caused her death but that was not all he had done. He also killed his own father with his bear hands, one could argue that it was ” mercy killing ” to relieve Baran Khan of his agony but still the murder haunts GK. He cannot forgive himself.

Safi Ullah is all set to take his revenge and kill Saif Ur Rahman, he cannot wait any longer and adding fuel to this fire is Tora Khan. GK has somehow managed to leave things as they are and he is trying to concentrate on the future of his family; which seems like a sensible approach but he is seasoned and experienced and Safi Ullah is yet to learn his lesson. He believes that since he was not a part of the party that decided and accepted the ” badlay ki shadi ” so that decision does not apply to him; pretty naive belief for a grown man. The head of the family, whose son was murdered had taken a decision, now if you violate the terms and conditions of that treaty then you are disrespecting your own father and the elders of the jirga, which interm will cause more trouble. Obviously that is exactly what Tora Khan wants .

Aurang was missing from most of the action, I missed his presence. Bulbul is still not willing to spill the beans and the suspense is just too much now, please beat him up and get it over with. Saif Ur Rahman avoided a conflict with Safi Ullah, either he did that for the sake of his sister or as he is getting closer to the truth he is becoming more sensible.

While the men in the drama went about their regular business in this episode, it was the women who kept things interesting.

Shameem is such a lovable character, you can’t help but adore her. She is always on her toes thanks to GH’s demanding nature but despite of that and everything else that is going on in the house; she still manages to have a sense of humor. The lady is absolutely sweet, she gives it to you like it is but once she has had her say; she will not hold any grudge against anyone. I was thinking maybe she and GK would not let Durkhanay set foot in their house but on the contrary, they welcomed her with open arms.

Gulali did manage to go to the city with Aurang to get a medical checkup. I would love to guess how things will turn out but by looking at this story so far, I am sure Mustafa Adriel still has a few tricks up his sleeve :). If Gulali gets better with treatment then Shireen’s future would be quite uncertain and if she gets some very bad news then it would be interesting to see whether Safi Ullah would still stand by her. In either case, as soon as GK finds out about Gulali’s trip to the city, he will definitely be outraged that his children went behind his back.

Durkhanay Finally mustered up the courage to visit Shireen. Shireen was rightfully so delighted and relieved to see her and also the fact that her friend was welcome at her new house. Through their conversation, all of Palwashay’s fears and misunderstandings were put to rest and I have a feeling if they do stay in touch, finally Saif Ur Rehman and GK would get to the bottom of things.

Palwasha received not only Shameem’s blessings but also her brother and Shireen’s. She is truly happy and I was surprised to see Tora equally being happy for her. He managed to put his revenge agenda aside and just be happy for her. However the most touching part, in my opinion was Shireen handing over the”  mor par ” to Palwasha, that was beautifully done; symbolic with very few words and yet both of them kind of knew what the other one meant.


Bano is one of those people who can never be happy, till they have made everyone around them miserable. She does not spare anyone and it was good to see GK giving his daughter a much needed reality check. She can give  ” phal na chaown ” and is the root cause of most of the fights in the house and of course that did not sit well with the girl who is used to getting her own way. Her last attempt at instigating trouble backfired and GK told her to go home, she was humiliated. Now if that was any normal, average, ordinary woman she would learn her lesson and mend her ways but no, not Bano…her stubbornness and arrogance knows no bounds. Her relationship with Tora is also undergoing some rapid changes and I am eager to see how this relationship will turnout in the long run.

17 weeks over and this drama still keeps me guessing week after week. I anxiously wait for the next episode  and then start guessing what will happen next, the element of suspense is always there and I am loving it :).

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