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Sange Mar Mar … Episode 7

Kiran A . 0


Mustafa Afridi and Saife Hassan deserve a lot of credit for giving us a show that has been consistently brilliant week after week. Every time the episode is not only gripping but it ends too soon and leaves the audience anxiously  waiting for the  next installment. The story is exciting, the acting brilliant and the direction top notch, making the drama a must watch.

While the women in Gulistan khan’s family are still mourning the death of Gohar, the men have other things to settle, namely revenge.  The contrast is stark, Shameem is still trying to come to terms with the loss of her son while her husband is busy trying to cover up his son’s evil doings and at the same time planning Saif Ur Rehman’s murder.

I have to appreciate the depth with which Mustafa Afridi has explored the culture of this area, he has beautifully highlighted both the beauty and the ugliness present here. The customs, traditions, values, the importance of the word ” honor ” and the hypocrisy, cruelty and blind and cold hatred which is deep rooted, has been superbly showcased in the story.

Gulistan Khan and Saif aur Rehman both pose to be ” Gairatmand ” and fearless but both are hypocrites. Gulistan Khan does not wish to have his late son’s reputation tarnished even though he knows his son was upto no good and he had probably done something that provoked Saif Ur Rehman but that is just too much detail for him. For that reason he does not want to have any contact ( direct or indirect) with Saif Ur Rehman but this is the very reason why he would not be able to get to the bottom of things. He would not be able to know that Tora was the mastermind behind his son’s murder. Similarly, Saif Ur Rehman murdered Gohar in the name of honor but now he is afraid for his own life. Initially he pretended to be ” Gairatmand ” and was willing to fight GH and die but now he is escaping to the city to hide, leaving behind his wife and sister to fend for themselves.

Again Aurang is trying to make some sense out of things and prevent the situation from getting out of hand but his wisdom is being taken as cowardice. It was however a pleasant surprise that he still remembers Shireen, even though he does not have feelings for her but he can still recognize her hand writing. I hope it’s a sign of things to come, pleasant things :).

Shireen is heartbroken, the poor girl has no one to turn to. Her brother has been brain washed and her bhabi finally has got the opportunity she was waiting for. She can now humiliate Shireen and when her spirit is broken, she can do whatever she wants with her. In such dark times, Durkhani is the only ray of Hope for Shireen. If she musters up enough courage to go and talk to GK or Aurang and somehow convince them of the truth, maybe GH will accept Qasaas. But that will only save Saif Ur Rehman’s life, Shireen’s reputation will still be ruined.

Tora Khan and Shireen’s bhabi are evil personified. In Tora’s defense we can say he has old scores to settle with GH but Shireen’s bhabi has no reason for being so evil. She just hates Shireen , plain and simple and of course she wants to control her husband; which she is now able to do very well, now that he is totally confused, scared and isolated. It scares me to think what she will be planning to do to Shireen now that her brother has left her at her bhabi’s mercy. Tora still is not done. He is celebrating his initial victory but he wants to see GK in more pain. He is now on a mission to torture Bano emotionally and who knows maybe later he will target GH’s other sons. His sister is suspicious of his behavior but I am not sure if she will tell Aurang or anyone else about it. So his secret is safe with her.

The acting by everyone is amazing week after week, the dialogues were splendid, editing crisp and the presentation superb. I can’t get enough of this drama. So, now waiting for the next installment.

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