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Sange Mar Mar…Episode 8

Kiran A . 2

Sange Mar Mar is still going strong, the surprises and twists and turns never end and there is hardly a dull moment. You don’t wanna miss a single scene or even a single dialogue, each character is so deep and captivating it’s hard to imagine the story without even a single one of them.

This is one of those dramas which has been written so well that each character is different and has a lot to add to the story. It’s not just the main characters but the even the characters like ” Dunbay Wala ” Tora’s most trusted side kick are fascinating. Hassan Nouman is brilliant, I remember him from ” Preet Na Keriou Koi ” as Ilyaas , he was brilliant then and again he is superb now. His interpretation of this seemingly silly, harmless man is excellent. This man knows he has Tora where he wants him and now very subtly he can blackmail him and Tora is in no position to say no to him. His body language and dialogue delivery is amazing. Hassan Nouman has made this character his own.

Tora Khan is another such character which is deep and has several shades. He is a completely different person when he is thinking about settling his score with GK and then when he is with his sister, he is the exact opposite. How easily he was able to convince her of his innocence, he fooled her just like the rest of the family. Paras Masroor is excellent week after week, his depiction of Tora is fantastic. This man who has suffered all his life is now bent on getting his revenge, apparently he is a tough guy but deep down he has his own set of insecurities. His ” Kala Rung ” does bother him, years of taunting has scared him. Now, he has no mercy. He may even be willing to kill Safi Ul Allah if GK sends his proposal for Palwasha. At the same time Tora knows Aurang is doing everything to find out the truth behind Gohar’s death and that’s why he told his side kick to go underground for a while. Although he is doing every thing to hide the truth but On the other hand, the guy at Saif Ur Rehman’s village knows more than he was allowed to say, so it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

Shireen and Aurang had only one scene, with one line but it was still, o so special. I have a feeling these two will have some amazing onscreen chemistry, when they actually do get some scenes together. But even this one scene was just WOW, kubra khan’s portrayal of the love struck Shireen was beautiful and strong. Her expressions said it all, even if she was speechless by the shock of seeing Aurang at her doorstep.

Saif Ur Rehman’s wife did the unthinkable. She was able to convince GK to forgive her husband and instead accept Shireen’s hand in marriage for one of his sons . Now the big question is How did a man like Gulistan Khan got so easily convinced by a woman he dosen’t even know ? Let alone trust. Was he really convinced or does he have something else up his sleeve ? This woman has played her cards well, now on one hand she got rid of Shireen and on the other, she will have her husband in her debt for the rest of his life.

The entire ” janazzay k badlay dolli ” scenario is again a reminder of how absurd the concept of ” honor “, ” gairat “, ” revenge ” is. It took one man an instant of rage to kill another one and then instead of being held accountable for his action, acting like a coward he is forcing his sister in marriage to save his own life. The other party, who were not willing to accept land as ” Qasaas ” or ” Khoon-Baha ” and wanted ” khoon k badlay khoon ” are now accepting a young girl instead of land. It makes me wonder, would it not have been better, if after finding out that his sister was seeing someone, instead of killing that man, Saif Ur Rehman had just had a heart to heart with his sister and then send her proposal for the guy. Eventually, after all this chaos, he is still marrying her off in the same family and the ” badnaami ” factor is now also there. It’s also ironic that at one point GK not only refused his daughter’s rishta to Saif Ur Rehman due to his family background but also publically humiliated him and now is accepting his sister’s rishta .

I was stunned to hear Gulistan Khan tell Safi-ul-Allah the remedy for Gullalaie’s illness. For a moment I was under the impression that finally after Gohar’s death, Gulistan Khan’s heart has softened and he is willing to listen to Aurang and send Gullalaie to the city to see a doctor but no, I was wrong. GK dosen’t think like that, for him the obvious solution to the problem is his son’s second marriage. This shows the value and worth of a woman in this culture, how easily replaceable she is. As long as she is healthy, can have children and look after the men in the family, she is acceptable but as soon as she looses her health, she will be replaced. What further amazed me was how his son didn’t even resist to the idea, he was more than happy to comply. Not once did he thing about how this decision will affect his wife ? There was no question of loyalty towards her.

Although the sadness and trauma of Gohar’s death is by no means over and the story is still revolving around it but at the same time, the writer has very successfully managed to incorporate the element of humor in the story so to balance the serious more grave aspect of the story. The buzarg discussing rather convincing his friends that ” Sikander E Azam ” ( Alexander The Great ) was a Muslim and his father’s name was Mohammad Azam, was hilarious. His confidence in his belief was amazing, same goes for Dunbay Wala’s grasp of religious knowledge ” musalmano namaz k qareeb mut jaow, jub Tum nashay ki halat main ho ” main to hamesha hi nashay main hota hoon :).


Sorry for the long review but this drama is so well written and presented that each and every scene is worth discussing :).


  • Sadaf

    Great review and not long at all … just a lovely read . Thanks for finding out Tora Khan’s name .Paras Is doing an amazing job , such a subtle many layered performance . He is suffered much and quite frankly I wasn’t the least bit bothered by Gohar’s death . Quite apart from what Gohar used to do to tease and domnate Tora , Gohar was a serial rapist who finally got caught and paid the price . Now I am not sure I would feel the same about Safiullah who is a bit dumb but basically well meaning and as much avictim of Gulistan’s evil dictatorship as the others . He did not jump at the chance to marry Palwasha and seems like a simple sort who blindly heroworships his father .
    The saddest moment was beychari Gulaly who thinks GL likes her becuase she is Khidmatguzar … what a joke , his version of reham is not forcing a divorce .. women are sheep and goats to him .
    I LOVE Shireen , just adore Kubra Khan’s portrayal !! I am so rooting for her to get Aurang but I have a feeling that he is interested in Palwasha . Still the director and writer have instilled a very swet ,old fashioned kind off helpless romance in this story of the harsh realities of the life dpicted .
    Could Nauman Ejaz stop playing these roles wher ehe forces women to either marry him or someone else ?? Its becoming a pattern

    • Kiran

      Thank you Sadaf and sorry for late reply.

      I am also rooting for Shireen but I have a bad feeling her happiness won’t last for long. The promos did show her being married to Safiullah, so fingers crossed.

      Gohar’s death was a relief, he was just another trouble maker but it was heartbreaking for his mother and I feel sorry for that poor, helpless woman.

      I don’t think Tora Khan is done with GK, maybe Safiullah will be his next target. I am however amazed by this character. It has been carved brilliantly, he could mess across as an average guy but he knows the psyche of each and every member of GK’s family so well.

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