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Sange Mar Mar…Episode 9 , 10

Kiran A . 1

So much is happening in each episode, I can hardly keep up. The story is so unpredictable and exciting, there is hardly a dull moment and you can never predict what’s gonna happen next. Uptill the 9th episode Shireen was supposed to be married to Aurang and it seemed that maybe there was a ray of hope that things will get better not just for her but also in GK’s household but the 10th episode brought new developments and now Safiullah is gonna be married to Shireen. I feel so sorry for the poor girl who is anxiously waiting for her wedding day, in hopes that Aurang will be her knight in shining armor and will rescue her from all her problems. Little does she know, her troubles  are only starting.

Durkhanay’s mother is an experienced woman and she knows exactly what the future holds for Shireen. A girl who is getting married as ” khoon Baha ” has no rights and no respect in her inlaws’ house. She is nothing more than a slave. The drama is not only entertaining but it is also shedding some much needed light on social issues. ” Honor Killing ” or any type of murders in the tribal areas ( and other parts of the world ) mostly result from disputes between men but it’s always the women who end up paying the price. Every one knows it is wrong, the innocent person becomes the victim of the rage of the murdered person’s family, while the real culprit walks free. But it has been accepted as something normal, a way to prevent further bloodshed, so the culprit walks free but the innocent, helpless girl is given a life sentence.

As it turns out Aurang is not a buzdal person afterall. He was not even a teenager when he stood up for his mother to protect her from GK and GK has never been able to get over that little incident. It is strange, considering he has always been abusive, dominating and a dictator and this is his idea of how a man should be. When his own son, stood against him, instead of feeling proud of him he reached like a bully ( and since all bullies are cowards ) he felt disrespected and has  been treating Aurang differently ever since.

Tora Khan is so cunning, he knows the psyche of each and every member of GK’s family and knows how best to manipulate them. Gohar is out of the way, Bano is stupid, easy to manipulate and without the support of Gohar…she is not really a threat. Tora easily manipulated her and got her to do exactly what he wanted. In her head Bano defeated him but in reality, she fell right in his trap. These two are such a strange, annoying couple. If Tora is an evil mastermind, Bano is not to be outdone by her husband. In Tora’s defense; he has a score to settle with GK but Bano has been using and emotionally blackmailing her own family to have her way. Masroor Paras and Uzma Hassan have brought these two characters to life, both of them are amazing and are delivering fabulous performances week after week. By the look of things, Tora isn’t done, he was convincing Safiullah to take matters in his own hands and kill Saif Ur Rehman. Now that he is getting married to Saif Ur Rehman’s sister; things could actually take a turn for the worse.

So to satisfy his darling daughter, GK decided not to marry Safiullah off with Palwashay but instead he is now marrying Shireen. Safiullah is not happy with hhe arrangement but somehow he dosen’t have what it takes to rebel against his father. Even Aurang has accepted everything quietly, he was the one person who was thinking rationally but now he dosen’t seem to care much about what happens to Shireen once she is married to his brother. Even though Bano has already made it clear that Shireen’s position will not be more than that of  servant, Still Aurang is OK with it, he does have sympathy for his bhabi but is not taking any practical steps to help her. I guess, he is also only thinking about himself and his future with Palwashay.

Saif Ur Rehman is turning out to be a complete coward. I am wondering if he ever had any real affection for his sister in the first place. How easily he agreed to marrying her off to GK’s son, knowing fully well what kind of a life she will have there and then if that was not enough, he agreed upon marrying her off with Safiullah; a man much older and already married. What was even worse, was how effortlessly his wife was able to convince him that Shireen deserves neither any dowry nor her share from her father’s property. Saif Ur Rehman, agreed to every word she said, he never thought about his sister; not even once.

GK is one character who never ceases to amaze and surprise the viewers. His dialogues, his logic, his arguments and his decisions are all difficult to understand but when he is around, there is never a dull moment.

I am waiting for the next installment with a heavy heart; poor Shireen, when she will finally realize who she is actually marrying, she will be devastated. At the same time, Gulalaie’s sudden transformation is also intriguing, rest assure the next episode is gonna be a must watch. Kudos Team Sange Mar Mar, for bringing us a drama that has us all glued to our TV screens.

  • Rumana

    I want to know about the drama “tum hi to ho” please let me know where i can find it.

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