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Sange Mar Mar…Episodes 13-14

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Sange Mar Mar is dealing with a number of subjects simultaneously and you can see the master craftsmanship of both the writer and director, who have managed to do justice with each and every theme, character and the overall script.

In my opinion episode 13 was all about Tora Khan, this character is the nucleus of the entire story and the developments in the storyline have by no means reduced his importance, rather he is the one man who is keeping things from becoming stagnant ( or in other words peaceful :) ) at GK’s household. He is a busy busy man who wasted no time after Safi Ullah’s wedding, in stirring up trouble at every front. Disguised as your best friend / brother figure/ trusted confidant/ wise well meaning elder and an obedient son in law, he not only fooled everyone but also manages in having them confide in him and yes, then he uses that information for his plans of destruction. This character has been written and performed brilliantly well, he has so many layers and yet he is so good at disguising his nature that no one ever suspects him.

So finally after killing a man and destroying his sister’s life, Saif Ur Rahman’s brain has started functioning. Now he is thinking about all the factors he ignored, how he jumped to conclusions without any solid evidence and now he is on a fact finding mission. He has managed to get a hold of Bulbul and it’s only a matter of time before Bulbul spills the beans.

Why do these men act wisely after creating big messes ? On one hand Saif Ur Rahman is trying to get to the bottom of things and on the other Safi Ullah is finally warming up to the idea of getting his wife medical treatment. If he had done that on time, his marriage to Shireen could have been avoided; a marriage that no one is happy with.

The power struggle amongst women is depicted so realistically, it’s fascinating. Bano the cunning one, Gulalaie the abused and now abusive and the poor scapegoat Shireen. Put them in one scene and you cannot predict the outcome. It is a constant fight for dominance , power and survival.

Shireen has grown up over night, she is on survival mode now and has accepted the reality of her situation. Bano played her cards well when she tried to play buddy buddy with Shireen before attacking Gulalie. She knew it would come in handy to have a witness but Shireen thank God was smart enough to know, the trap was set not only for Gulali but also for her.

The aged parents are now teaming up to face their trouble making children. Shameem may be a simpleton but she knows her own daughter. As soon as Bano steps into the house with her luggage, Shameem knows only too well, her daughter is only there to cause trouble. Same is the case with GK, he knows his children and their nature. So without wasting any time or giving Bano any opportunity to cause any trouble he acts fast and gets to the bottom of things. Think what you May about GK but he is wise enough to know his own children. How he handled the scandalous situation created by Bano; was sheer sagacity on his part. The situation was highly volatile and it Could have very easily gotten out of hand had it not been for GK’s presence of mind.

Aurang told Palwasha about the reason behind Shireen’s acceptance of ” badlay ki shadi ” and I don’t think it was a wise move on his part . Palwasha is a good hearted person but she is also in love with Aurang and jealousy can bring out the worst in people. Besides, it wasn’t his secret to share, it was better if he had kept it to himself or if he had to get it of his chest; it was better to tell his mother instead of Palwasha.

The writer did create some serious Suspence about what Aurang and Safi Ullah were discussing and planning. For a moment I was hoping they were talking about Shireen and Safi Ullah was asking Aurang to take her to the city and maybe Safi Ullah would divorce her but things turned out quite differently than I had hoped.

I am still not sure how things will work out eventually and the suspense is growing with each passing week :)



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