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Sange Mar Mar … Episodes 15-16

Kiran A . 0

Things are rapidly changing, with the addition of new members family dynamics do tend to change and GK’s household is no exception to the rule. With Shirin’s arrival, Gulalie and Safi Ullah’s bond is becoming stronger and they are appearing  as a united front. Previously it seemed like they were drifting apart but now, ” the hatred for a common person ” has made them closer.

I mentioned in my last review, Safi Ullah and Aurang were planning to take someone to the city. I was hoping that would be Shireen but as it turns out, Safi Ullah wanted Aurang to take Gulalie to see the doctor and get some medical treatment. In the words of Shameem ” in ko ab illag ka khayal aaya hai !” , she was quite right. Yes it was their personal matter but why now ? Now Shireen has been brought into this equation for the main purpose of giving birth to Safi Ullah’s children and Gulali’s treatment could further complicate matters in this already complicated family. Also, they are not even thinking about the consequences Aurang would have to face when GK finds out the truth.

The writer has beautifully  interwoven social issues along with the storyline. The points made by Shameem were very valid ” buzzarg kaihtay hain darakhtoon k neechay na khari ho jin tang karain gay, sher na jaow mard tang karain gay “. Women are always TOLD what to do and to make sure they obey, they are made to fear the consequences which might or might not happen. After Shireen’s wedding I was afraid the writer might Introduce domestic violence in the story but I was glad and relieved to see how strongly both Aurang and Shameem reacted when Safi Ullah pushed Shireen, so hopefully we won’t be seeing any more of it. As for Tora Khan twisting Bano’s arm, I wish they could have instead made him raise his hand without  actually hitting her, like giving both us and Bano a sign of how furious he was and if further pushed, he could become violent. Although Bano was asking for it but still I wish they would avoid it, we already have too many dramas showing too much if it.

Bulbul has so far managed to stay quiet and I am running out of patience, why can’t they give him one violent beating and get the truth out of him . The suspense is killing me, I really want to know what Saif Ur Rahman will do once he finds out the truth. By the way, I couldn’t understand the significance of his wife’s asking for Durkhanay’s hand for her cousin, what was that all about ?

So finally Aurang made his intentions towards Palwasha clear, which got some very interesting reactions from both his mother and sister. I was expecting Bano’s angry outburst but the way Shameem handled it was just superb. She knows her daughter, so she lied and then quietly slipped the money in Palwasha’s hand to give her nod of approval for this match. I wonder how Bano and Tora would react to this match. Tora does hate GK’s entire family but he also wants his sister to be happy, so it will be interesting to see if he gives preference to his sister’s happiness or to his own revenge.

GK may not like to show it but he misses Gohar and he still hasn’t been able to forgive Saif Ur Rehman. On the one hand he is trying to keep peace in his house but at the same time he is unable to move on. This is a dangerous situation, if he somehow looses his calm and decides to take revenge after all, a lot of people will suffer.

The characters in this drama were amazing to begin with but the way they have been developed with the changing circumstances is sheer brilliance on the part of the writer and director. When we first saw her,  Gulali seemed like a harmless, wronged person but since the day of Safi Ullah’s marriage she has become fearless and cruel, which is quite understandable and very interesting. Safi Ullah had never shown any affection for her but now they are not only spending more time together but are also more closer than ever before. Shameem has also become more interesting, she is no longer the terrified wife who didn’t have any say in anything, she is now more like GK’s partner. Yes, she is still keeping things from him but at the same time she is making sure, his orders are followed.

Finally Durkhanay came to visit Shireen and I am so hoping somehow things will improve for her. She is the most innocent and likable  character and fate has not treated her well.


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