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Sanjha – Episode 18

SZ . 10

Considering how much I’ve been enjoying Sanjha ever since it started, I was surprised at how easily my attention wandered today. A strangely mediocre episode in view of the high standards set by the ones earlier, this one just seemed to meander around without getting anywhere, till it came to the final confrontation scene between Mumtaz and Shabo. Watching the two veteran actresses, Seemi Pasha and Resham go head to head in a dramatic end certainly woke me up, and saved the hour from being a complete washout.

The episode began with Naseem dying in a car accident. On the other hand, Sanjha who was unaware of her sister’s death kept on pleading the Seth to make it possible to reunite her with Naseem. Giving in to her pleas, arrangements are made for Sanjha to go meet her sister at Dr. Ammar’s house, but alas it was already too late. Sanjha falls apart when she hears of Naseem’s death. Increasingly aware of the Seth’s increasing interest in Sanjha, his wife urges her trusted servant to keep a close eye on her husband’s new found entertainment. At Tibi Gali, at Mumtaz’s kothi-khana, Weeda’s morose behavior earns him Mumtaz’s ire and it is in trying to get Weeda to stand up for himself that Shabo, his mother, loses her life, as a furious Mumtaz strangles her to death.

Given that it was a ho-hum episode, the inconsistencies in the narrative and the issues with the makeup/wardrobe department were glaringly obvious.  For instance, how did the Seth’s servant know Dr. Ammar’s address? Sanjha had never been there so she couldn’t have possibly told him. Similarly, in the pre-cap for the next episode we see Dr. Ammar going to visit the Seth’s wife. How does he get that address? In terms of makeup/wardrobe, I had commented once before on Nauman Ejaz’s patently fake moustache. Today, in all of his close-ups, the mustache looked so out of place alongwith his equally fake beard that it was almost laughable. And, as for his “grey” hair – as a friend aptly put it: “yeh baal dhoop main toh sufaid nahin kiye!” Clearly the men’s makeup/wardrobe department needs a little more of a boost. Hopefully next week’s episode will be more on par with the very high standards set by this serial so far. Looking forward!

Written by SZ~


  • talat

    thanks :)

  • SZ

    @Talat: This is a strange question to ask on a site, which as you say gives good reviews to the drama :). You can read the reviews and see if it seems like a story you want to follow – I generally give a brief summary of every episode in my reviews. Baqi yeh ke, instead of asking people what they think about a drama, why don't you try out a couple of episodes for yourself and decide for yourself. Everybody has their own choice – you too should make your own :)

  • talat

    plz can anybody tell me what type of a drama is this bcz ive never seen it but i love the cast and writer if it is good i would love to watch it……….actually i hav not heard that good reviews about this serial besides this site har koi kehte hai boring drama hai…so if it is worth watching plz plz tell me…..shayad ye bhi ek nazar meri taraf ki tarah under rated drama hai….so plz koi mujhe detail main bataye how is it…….wesay i saw one of the earlier eps and was shoked to see so many abuses by resham…kia yeh jal pari type ka drama hai ya uss se different aur acha hai…

    plz mere answer ka jawab de dein :)

  • Suhaee

    Don't watch it! :)

  • farid

    this is a very boring drama :(

  • Suhaee

    With the makeup thing – everyone has their own perception. We respect yours. With the criticisms…I think you need to understand that everything cannot be shown in detail. Some things are left to your imagination. Some things are obvious but you don't see those. Just like in theatre…for example you're doing a play on someone's life…you entirely show each detail of what happened. Even with dance. When something is being dramatized you can't expect so much detail.Art is abstract, and it's important that it is and shouldn't be perfect!

    Criticism is always welcome! However I felt here a lot of the criticism was not the really criticism, it was more of expectations which you have and want them to be perfect. I thought I'd share this with you. The rest of the criticism, makeup, acting, whatever you feel…is always welcome – that's how we all learn. :)

  • samira fazal

    Your question: How did Sanjha know Dr Ammar's address?

    My answer:Seth asked her ,"pata hai uska?" she said."phone number hai"

    Your question,"How will Ammar get Seth's address"

    My Answer: Mum asked,"seth ka ghar kaisay dhondo gay" Ammar said," Pata to nahi lekin naam maaloom hai. Ye to itne baray log hain ke pata jannay ko inka naam janna hi kafi hai"(The wordings are not the same )

    About how can Shabbo die? to bhaee wo bechari to pehle hi STD ki patient thi us main kahan dam tha resham ka muqabla karne ka..Wo to us ke neechay dab ke hi mar gaee hogi :)

  • SZ

    TMU: True, the acting continues to be stellar, Resham for me is an absolute standout here. But somehow, despite that, this episode just did not hold my attention, and thats why I found myself observing NE's moustache more than his dialogues .. :)

    Agreed about not sure how Mumtaz managed to strangle Shabbo so quickly, but waah what a scene! Totally snapped me out my stupor – I actually watched it twice :D

  • TMU

    i actually loved this episode, i think for me makeup and such bloopers didn't really matter since the acting was so damn good and natural (so hard to see this class of acting in our dramas these days). and last but not least the last scene (which had its fare share of bloopers, its not scientifically possible to strangle someone under 10 seconds and they die), BUT loved how Mumtaaz got a good hurling of words at her (which she really deserved)!!!

  • Ash

    what went wrong in this episode?? never have i ever fallen asleep while watching an episode, till this one.

    it was just way too slow, each scene dragged for no reason and they were all pretty pointless.

    whoever did Sanjha's make up needs to be fired ASAP. wth was going on with it, scene after scene it just seemed to get worse.

    and i am a little confused, did Naseem commit suicide or was it an accident. To me it looked like an accident, but Dr ammar made it seem like it was suicide.

    can't believe they were so close to meeting yet so far. after all that, she ended dying.

    all of NE and Sanjha scenes look more like father / daughter scenes to me, just weird!

    would have to agree with the reviewer and say that the last scene was the only one worth watching. an actual cat fight on screen! =D ahh what fun, all of them jumping on top of each other wrestling, but unfortunately one had to die! so sad!

    i feel like Sanjha who now wants to go by Reshmi is gonna replace Mumtaz and become the new Mumtaz of that house.

    i hope the next episode has a better pace and moves the story along a little faster because this one totally slowed it down for me.

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