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Sirat-e-Mustaqeem – Episode 9

Ghada Qaiser . 13

Wow!I’m really not sure how to start today’s review. The newest episode of Sirat-e-Mustaqeem has left me kind of speechless. Boy, oh boy! I was on the edge of my seat during the entire episode. This has got to be the first episode that was completely serious with no funny scenes in it. Well, that was to be expected. Episode 9 was totally intense! Mahjabeen took the courage to run away with Mustaqeem on the night she was about to get married- Mustaqeem’s mother(Fatima) tried her best to stand up for Mustaqeem- Hajji Sahab threatened to divorce Fatima- Hajji Sahab refused to let Mahjabeen stay with them- Mustaqeem and Mahjabeen were kicked out of the house- Mustaqeem and Mahjabeen went to a railway station to run away but were separated and Rufi got married to Shanzay. So again, a whole lot happened!

My favorite part of the episode has to be the courage Fatima,Mustaqeem and Mahjabeen showed. Mahjabeen showed courage by running away during the difficult circumstances and Fatima showed courage by speaking up for the truth and standing up for her son which is definitely very commendable when we know she’s doing it all against Hajji Sahab. Mustaqeem was very brave in this episode. He actually stood up against his father and decided not to make a wrong decision by leaving Mahjabeen (a mistake his father made by leaving Mahjabeen’s mother but Mustaqeem doesn’t know that). I loved the fact that everyone finally did all that took to make life better for Mustaqeem and Mahjabeen.

I could not believe that Hajji Sahab could be so mean and heartless. He is already guilty about what he did to Mahjabeen’s mother, why doesn’t he just help his son and Mahjabeen out. He only cares about his ‘Izzat’! Seriously? That’s all he thinks about. And that is the reason he stepped back and betrayed Mahjabeen’s mother right on the day of ‘Nikah’. I am so mad at him! I hope he learns a lesson or two soon. What made me really mad was that he didn’t think twice about threatening Fatima when she stood up for Mustaqeem and Mahjabeen. He threatened to divorce her right there if she helped him any further! That made me very angry! He’s definitely on my top-hate list for Sirat-e-Mustaqeem, along with Rufi.

I absolutely loved Fatima in today’s episode! She was brilliant! She has always been brilliant but today, she did a “WOW!” job!She wasn’t the only one though. Everyone else was great as well! The two people I always name, Firdous Jamal and Sami Khan are wonderful and are natural at playing roles of Hajji Sahab and Mustaqeem. These two are the perfect choice for the roles. Great job!

I feel sadder and sadder for Abida after each episode. ‘Uss bechari ke saath buhat ziyadti ho rahi hai’. That Rufi got married! Abida will be heart broken when she finds out. And she really wanted to help Mustaqeem but couldn’t do that. She knew things would turn out ugly so she helped by giving Mustaqeem her ring. That was so sweet! Another person I felt sad for was Mahjabeen’s mother. It’s so unfair that she has to live miserably because of what happened to her. And none of it was her fault. I feel really bad for her.

There were a couple things that confused me. How did Fatima know that Mahjabeen’s mother was the one who was betrayed by Hajji Sahab in the past? I didn’t understand that. And she said it so confidently, like she knew for sure that she was the woman who suffered because of Hajji Sahab. And another this was that why was Javed so happy after pushing Mustaqeem into the train? He has that satisfied look on his face and he was smiling! How?! In that situation where Mahjabeen was doomed for sure? That makes me think he’s evil or something. It was very strange for me.

Overall, I loved today’s episode! It was very intense, but very good. I had tons of predictions about Sirat-e-Mustaqeem from the OST and the promos but the story turned out completely different. But I am loving it anyway! There’s this thing about Sirat-e-Mustaqeem. The end of each episode keeps me waiting for the next episode every time. Everyone has worked very hard making this serial what it is, I’m sure of it. Hats off to the whole team! I absolutely love this serial.

Written By Ghada Qaiser~  :)




  • Ghada Qaiser

    @Fatima-Yup ok :) Yes! I agree :) And the mother-son relationship is exactly the reason I fell in love with Sirat-e-Mustaqeem! :) Well, there are more reasons ;) but this is a big part. Sami Khan in my opinion has proven himself to be a really good actor in SeM. I was tired of seeing him doing the same kind of roles but this changed my views on his acting :)

  • Fatima Awan

    *on the computer*

  • Fatima Awan

    Ghada jst watched bilquees kaur and bulbulay and it was super.. I have wifi and the speed is great. I will try watching it from the computer tomorrow, that may be the problem. Btw i watched the first episode & i have to say that Sami Khan in particular is doing great and i went awww at the mother son relationship.

  • Ghada Qaiser

    @Fatima-Oh!I'm not sure :( Maybe it's your internet connection.Some of them are super-slow!They're very annoying.

  • Fatima Awan

    Ghada i "tried" to start watching it today, wanted to watch more but somehow all the online links are so painfully slow.. I wonder why.

  • Lol. You should SK :) SeM is a very good play ^^

  • SK

    I might start watching this, you guys are doing such a good job of promoting it lol:)

  • @Saad- I agree. No I have not seen the teasers. Really? It would have been better if it aired on express. Because it's directed by Sarmad Khoosat, people will want to watch it and if it aired on express, things could have gotten better for express.

  • @Saad- I agree. No I have not seen the teasers. Really? It would have been better if it aired on express. Because it's directed by Sarmad Khoosat, people will want to watch it and if it aired on express, the channel could have gotten more attention.

  • saad

    9th episode was awesome. dont know why express is not getting the attention it deserves. its content is gud.

    @GQ did u see the teasers of mera yaqeen on Ary. i think it was supposed to air on express. Sarmad Khoosat told this to express tribune

  • @Saira- I know it's not getting what it deserves just cuz it's on Express :(

    @Maria- I know today's episode had sooooooo much happening! I didn't know what was gonna happen next and I couldn't wait to find out! I know :( It's so sad! I want it to get more attention. I wish something happens and everyone suddenly knows about it or something! lol Let's see, maybe our wishes will come true, who knows ;)

  • Maria

    Ghadaaa I watched it and I was completely on the edge of my seat, wow this drama gets better and better and better. Love all the characters and thanks for such a succinct review that I don’t have much to say at all. Beautifully acted and delivered. The whole train station scene looked it was DOPed by a film crew and I was like wow… I think I will never get over the fact that this drama (which is far better off then half the crap on tv screens is not even getting a slight bit of attention… :(

  • Saira

    i love this drama GQ!!! thank you for writing a review for it. kash yeh drama hum tv ya geo per ata tou bohat zyada hit hota aye oye !

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