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Tanhaiyan Nayee Silsilay Episode 7

Sheeba . 3

So after a really heavy episode last week, this one was laid back, which means this review will also be slightly laid back and not at all (hopefully) as long as last week’s J.  We start where we left off last week. Serena had just had a fight with Zeenia and left the room in distress. Enter Kishmish…the lack of chemistry between the ‘nikahfied’ couple (Shehroz and Syra) that I was talking about last week actually came into play this week…a little bit. In this the audience again saw Serena’s love for her sister…to the extent that if Zeenia goes back, she will go back with her even if she doesn’t want to. Kishmish apparently likes to solve problems an after listening to Serena and handing her back the file to give to Aani, he decides to take action when he sees Zeenia taking a walk in the lawn. Unbeknownst to him (although I honestly can’t fathom how he doesn’t see this) Zeenia is listening to her iPod with earphones. She doesn’t hear one word he is saying, nor does she see him following her (again, I can’t fathom how). Even if someone like Kishmish doesn’t know Zeenia has earphones on, how does Zeenia not see him? He followed her around for a good 3-4 minutes. Anyways, somehow even though (Zeenia 4 inches from him couldn’t hear him), Serena (being at least 6-7 feet away) hears everything he says to Zeenia about how much Serena loves her and doesn’t want her to leave. And then came the cutest scene of this week’s episode. She randomly, yet very convincingly says ‘he’s so squeeeet…I think I’m in love’ when Saaniya comes asking her what is going on. I’m pretty sure Syra Yousuf is the only one who can actually say it the way she did and not look tacky. Marina gets full credit here for direction and Syra for the acting!!

The rest of the episode was also full of lighter and funny moments. The dinner conversation of Saaniya’s wedding being one…I too am wondering why Saaniya did not get married. I mean her nieces are now in their 20s making her somewhere in her 40s. She doesn’t even want to discuss the topic. But since sab log aye hue hain, (including the newly divorced Qabacha) waaqi moqa acha hai…it’s actually funny (and a little scary) how true this line is though.  Another moment I thought was really funny and also cute was when the 2 sisters were going to sleep. Apprently Zeenia’s one eye becomes small and her left cheek twitches when she is happy. Serena mimicking that was quite hilarious…again the Yousef sisters’ chemistry just shines thorough during such scenes.

The last and I guess the biggest story of this episode was the Zarak Khan and Zeenia story. Zarak gets the appointment for Zeenia with the Consulate. They are both at the library working and realize that there is only 20 more minutes left and they need to leave now. He grabs her hand (which was completely unnecessary) and they take off without telling anyone. Mona and Serena do see them leaving though. After they leave, Mona and Serena realize that no one really knows Zarak. Really? They have been flirting (kind of) for the last 3 episodes, he is told to help her get her passport from the embassy, he is working with Marina in her Youth Center, and NOW everyone realizes that no one really knows him? Mona and Serena also get Saaniya worried and they call his home, where Gul Jan (she is Zarak’s Tayi who raised him) picks up the phone and says “woh phir se kisi larki ko bhaga ke le gaya?” That line really has confused me btw.  Anyways, she also then invites Saaniya to come over to her house. She then calls Zarak and tells him to bring Zeenia over there also since her khala is coming. Anyways everyone meets up at Zarak’s house and we find out that he is actually constructing schools for children, especially girls, in his village. Commendable mission and since it is a gaon, they are used to getting death threats also. Gul Jaan clearly also likes Zeenia since she gifts the chadars to Saaniya and Serena, but covers Zeenia’s head herself before they leave. Zarak also gets Serena to help her in his ‘naik irade.’

This entire scenario was a little weird, considering the halaat of KHI right now. But I guess that’s why it is a drama. Over all a pleasant scene though. With the end of episode 7 the ‘Naye Silsile’ are really starting in the true sense. Missed Asif Raza Mir though…I hope he wasn’t hanging out with Fouzia!

Alright acting wise, I’m sorry, I really think Sheheryar Munawwar (SM) has potential, I just don’t see it. There’s a saying that ‘charm only lasts a few minutes, after that you better know something.” I’m really waiting to find out what SM knows!! In the previous episodes his scenes weren’t that long so this wasn’t as evident, but now he is getting real screen time and so far I’m not impressed (aside from his looks of course).

In the Yousuf sisters, Syra really is proving to be the better actor, so far. I think I’m just getting a little irritated with Zeenia’s ‘main to wapis ja rahi hoon drama.’ She knows she is not going anywhere, she knows she doesn’t even want to anymore, so why not just admit it and  move on?

The rest of the cast was great as usual. Like I said, lighter script this time, but still not boring at all. With 6 episodes left, things are finally starting to come to light. Till next time….

Writtten by Sheeba 

  • RS

    Great review! This drama is really growing on me. It's so refreshing to see something without the typical "saas bahoo" intrigues. The writing and the acting are both really strong. And, you're right: the chemistry between the sisters is brilliant, and one of the highlights of this drama.

    I have to admit, I am not digging the whole "tribal areas" story line. Too didactic and moralizing. It sounded like a lecture on "Breaking Tribal Stereotypes", which is a noble goal, I'm sure, but not in a drama. Just stick to the story, thank you very much.

    And, on top of that, the Gul Jaan character is boooring. This is a total missed opportunity – they could have made her character more interesting and lively. Maybe a stern aunt in the mold of the late Azra Sherwani would have been perfect.

  • Thanks Zain!! Yes I think if you read other reviews of this serial, they all have the same views on Sheheryar Munawar. He doesn't look, speak, or act like he is from any tribal area. Lets see how he is in the next episodes.

  • Zain Raza

    Great review Sheeba! :) Even I liked that scene between Syra and Marina Khan… and Shehryar Munawar ki toh baat naa hee karein toh behtar hai… ZERO potential for acting… he's the male version of Mahira Khan… some people say he looks like Hrithik Roshan… I say Hrithik minus Acting = Shehryar Munawar… but overall the episode was good :) Behroz sahab's acting was over the top and the way he acted was NOT funny at all… but Serena and Zeenia's scene when they're about to sleep, Syra's scene as she watches Shehroz leave, and a few other scenes made it an amazing episode! :)

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