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Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua Episode 19

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TDKKH Episode 19:

Today’s episode was more of a prelude, or an “overpass” to the upcoming series of events, with buildup of characters, that will eventually be dramatized in the upcoming episodes.  This show has been interesting throughout, with a brilliant script, amazing performances, and characters that have been transformed extremely well on screen.  The credit goes to the writer of the script for some of the best dialogues that are meaningful and profound, as well as the director for converting it into a beautiful canvas by bringing out the best from the entire team.

Siraj Uncle is once again playing cupid and is trying to hook up Faris and Lubna, and I cannot fathom the reason behind his persistence, especially since he failed so miserably in the case of Dariya.  The way he is encouraging Lubna will only hurt her, eventually.  The one development in today’s episode was in Faris’s character.  I do not understand why he agreed with Siraj Uncle to fake himself being sick, and then revealed everything to Lubna, maybe because he wanted to see Lubna’s reaction?  The way Faris continue to be Siraj Uncle’s puppet is beyond me.  But eventually, at the end of the episode, I was not only surprised but pleased as well to see Faris finally talk to Siraj Uncle without beating around the bush.  He told him in a not-so-nonsense way that he is in love with Zoya, and Lubna is equivalent to Dariya to him.  It was the first time that Faris actually revealed what exactly is going on in his mind and confronted Siraj Uncle, and disclosed his stance with all the women in his life.  Sami Khan acted very well in that particular scene with Siraj Uncle, his expressions said it all when Siraj Uncle gave him a reality check about Zoya’s situation.

Imran Ashraf’s performance was again brilliant, with his body language, dialogue delivery and expressions and has made Tipu a loveable character.  It was revealed that Tipu was abused as a child, which explains his cravings to be loved by everyone including his sister.  I felt sad for him.  No child ever deserves to be abused, ever.  Tipu’s scenes with Zoya were very good too, and I especially found the “chutes and ladder” analogy very amusing and apt.  The cat is out of the bag, and the news of Maya’s and Tipu’s did not go well with anyone, including Zoya who is angry at Tipu.  Their conversation showed how much Tipu cares for Zoya and would go to any lengths to bring her and Faris together.  But does he know how faris feels for Zoya? Did Faris actually tell him that?  I wonder.

I am absolutely amazed by Ayeza Khan and the way she has made Maya believable; a real person with flaws, who we can criticize, sympathize, love and hate, and she has managed to bring a vulnerability that character of Maya that perhaps any other actress might not be able to bring.   The scene between Maya and Lubna was another outstanding one, with both Ayeza Khan and Hajra Yamin playing their part brilliantly.  It was a play of “who will play the better dialogue” game, with each one hitting the other harder.  I loved how Lubna stood her ground refusing to be scared of Maya; and told her off in a dignified way and Faris listening on to the conversation was a cherry on the cake.  I was relieved to see Faris heave a sigh of ease, when he heard their conversation.  Sami Khan’s acting was on point, and it looked like a burden had lifted from his chest.

Maya and Saif met once more, this time to go back to their respective partners, and I found Maya to be more credible that Saif.  There is more to Saif than the eye sees obviously, as we know from the previous episodes; he is in this for much more, and eyeing for the great prize: Siraj and Faris downfall.  He clearly has a personal resentment against Siraj Uncle, the reason of which will most likely be revealed in the upcoming episodes.  My prediction is that Faris and Saif are step brothers but we will see.  I somehow have never connected with Saif’s character, which is the biggest flaw of this show.  I am absolutely sure he or his mother was wronged at some point in his life by Siraj Uncle and co, which could have been showed to make us understand him and sympathize with his character.

Lubna is another character that I am liking more and more as the episodes go by.  She is a breath of fresh air in Faris’s life, and he needs to learn from her how to live life, even when you are surrounded by all kinds of difficult situations.  It is asinine of Siraj Unlce to think that Lubna and Faris will ever get together as is apparent in their interactions.  Hajra Yamin is superb as Lubna, she has a likeable personality, a friendly aura and an equally friendly smile to match it.  She has a sweetness that reminds me of Zoya, and she does have chemistry with Faris but nothing can beat the chemistry Faris has with Zoya.  With Faris and Zoya, sparks fly without either one of them uttering a word.   I know a lot of people do not agree with me on this, but I felt their chemistry the first time they met in Faris’s office.

Next week’s promo looks intense, and I am looking forward to more of Tipu and Maya scenes.  I am still rooting for Faris and Zoya, and I really really hope that it is Lubna who will bring the two of them together.  Keeping my fingers crossed, and making dua!

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