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Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua Episode 22 Review

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TDDKH Episode 22 Review:

Wow, and and wow, or should I say SubhanAllah?  The turn of events in this episode took me off guard, even though I was assuming Tipu to “tame” Maya, but never had I expected their scenes to be this impactful, with amazing performances by both Imran Ashraf and Ayeza Khan who matched and complimented each other.  They both together made the scenes worth watching, and the credit of course also goes to the director and the entire team.   I loved how the dialogues in their scenes were always a little sarcastic, with dry humor, and the scenes never went overboard, otherwise it could have easily been misinterpreted as “domestic violence.”

I think all of the scenes between Imran and Ayeza were brilliant, but there were still some that stood out for me; one in which Ayeza was scared of jinn in the house and she asked Tipu to come sleep inside the room.  Was there a smile on Tipu’s face?  Why?  Does he think that him and Maya may have a future together?  Another one that was equally brilliant was the one in which Tipu gives food to Maya and starts talking about life and how we have no control over it; the dialogues were meaningful that anyone could identify with and were apt for the situation in both of their lives.  Imran Ashraf’s dialogue delivery was amazing, with sarcasm in the right places, sometimes ridiculing Maya and sometimes mocking her, making the entire Tipu and Maya fiasco the highlight of the episode.  Imran Ashraf especially embraced his character completely, showing the multifaceted Tipu in what could be an award-winning performance.

Faris and Zoya’s relationship took a turn of events as well in this episode, with Zoya’s father agreeing to their marriage and Zoya texting Faris to come meet her father.  Siraj Uncle is in a huge mess, and all of it his own fault, with meddling into everyone’s affairs and hurting them in the process.  Siraj Uncle was even upset that Zoya’s father has agreed with the relationship!  I actually felt bad for Faris for the first time, he was genuinely happy for the first time, and Siraj Uncle, instead of celebrating it with him, was upset and thinking about the girl next door, who he himself had forced into their lives.  I hope he learns his mistakes now and stop playing with everyone’s loves!

Sami Khan had mere three scenes but he made his presence felt.  He honestly looked like a “bechara” when he gave the news of Zoya’s messages to Siraj Uncle.  Why does he NOT look at his messages?  It could be something important, and the other person might be waiting, just like Zoya was!  Poor Zoya, she was upset that it was Tipu who messaged him, when she was expecting Faris’s messages.  That being said, Sami Khan has been top notch throughout the series, and made us love a character that is very different from an “alpha male” fit we see in TV shows usually.

Will Tipu “tame” Maya?  Will they end up together?  How will Siraj Uncle deal with Lubna fiasco that he himself created?  And how does Saif into this complex puzzle?  I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes!



  • Samia

    Amazing review! amazing episode! Cann’t wait for the next episode.

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