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Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua: The Chawla Family Secrets Revealed!

Sana Mohsin . 0

TDKKH Episode 25-27 Review: Revealed: The Secrets of the Chawla Family!

After meandering around in the dark for a few weeks, and stuck in a web of complex relationships, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The last few episodes have been slowly setting the stage for the ultimate climax. The jigsaw puzzle called Tau Dil ka kiya Hua is mostly solved and finally the characters have fit in with each other. There are still some loops and holes left, but for the most part the secrets are all out. That being said, I was honestly confused initially, and literally had to draw a Chawla Family Tree to understand it all.

The director has translated the writer’s vision beautifully, which is evident given way the mysteries have unraveled so far and how the narrative has been executed on screen. Just like the last two episodes belonged to Imran Ashraf, tonight’s episode belonged to Sami Khan. Faris is one character that I will never understand, however much I try. His character was the most revealing in today’s episode. Faris has been as quiet as a mouse throughout, without giving much out; and I kind of had an intuition that he knows more than he lets on, but I was certainly not expecting him to know all the details about Siraj Uncle, his own father and their relationships! He even knew Saif is his step brother and Lubna is his cousin! I always suspected that Faris knows that Lubna does not love him, and my suspicions were confirmed when he simply informed (NOT asked) her that. He was playing all along, and even decided to marry Lubna. But I do want to know WHY he agreed to marry Lubna in the first place when he knew that she did not love him. Because he wanted to “save” her from Saif?

Everyone’s performances have been absolutely flawless so far, and today was no different. Sami Khan’s Faris is a very well written character, who is not our clichéd “hero” but a person with a heart and a mind of his own, and a personality that is complex when seen from the periphery, but when you start peeling the layers, you realize that he is in fact quite simple from inside. It is amazing the way Sami Khan has translated Faris on screen, portraying a man who is as “normal” as anyone else yet has his own unique personality. The delicately complex and understated Faris has been performed brilliantly with utmost subtlety and intelligence; and the directed must be applauded for this.

The last two episodes were a build up to today’s climax and were just as good! Tipu bid adios to Maya in the last episode, only because Zoya had asked him to, displaying the love Tipu has for her. Special mention to Imran Ashraf who has portrayed the puzzling and difficult Tipu with utmost ease and brilliance, meticulous details, voice modulation, dialogue delivery and body language, bringing alive a character that will be remembered for a long time. Tipu and his sister Muzna have also mend their kinship ties; and it is yet to see how Muzna’s mother fits into the Chawla Family. Tipu was surely missed in today’s episode, being present in only one scene.

The scenes between Faris and Lubna were executed well; their car ride together was suggestive, describing their actual journey together, with multiple stops and then finally ending at the hospital with Lubna crying for Saif. She breaks down in front of Faris, giving him the final confirmation that Lubna in fact only loves Saif. Zahid Ahmed made an impact today, and I only had sympathy for him; the boy who never had a father figure, a mother who he had no significant ties with, and whose only goal in life was to avenge for his meaningless life. When all that he did, was not sufficient enough to quench his thirst for revenge, he resorted to his last option: kill Siraj Chawla. The hurt and guilt was evident on Saif’s face When Siraj Uncle discloses that Faris is his own brother. But who shot Saif? His step father? It will surely be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

From the promos it looks like the hearts have changed with Maya finally realizing her mistake. It was also hinted in today’s episode when she had asked Bela to give “duas” to both Faris and Zoya on their respective marriages with Lubna and Tipu. Maya will not leave any stone unturned to bring Faris and Zoya together, as suggested by the promos. With a few more riddles left to be answered, the captivating climax, and the surprising twists, it looks like Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua will end with a bang!

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