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Tou Dil Ka Kya howa ? Episode 18 Review

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This was another brilliant episode, with equally brilliant performances and amazingly directed, which kept me hooked all along.  I have always said this drama is a Sami Khan show all the way, but today’s episode’s star was Imran Ashraf who was phenomenal today.  His scenes were brilliantly executed, superbly acted with amazing dialogues, some of them humorous too, that forced a chuckle out of me even in serious scenes.

Tipu obviously wanted Zoya to admit that she loves Faris, and him being a true friend, married Maya to clear the way for Zoya.  I’m sure he will make Maya’s life tough and refuse to divorce her until Zoya and Faris get together.  He wanted to make Zoya jealous, and he succeeded, which proved to him even more that his decision to marry Maya was correct in his opinion.  I loved Tipu’s scenes with his parents, they were somber, serious scenes which still managed to bring a smile to my face; perhaps that was the intent of the writer?  Zoya surprised me too today, and I could feel the pain on her face in the few scenes she had with Tipu.

Ayeza Khan as Maya was also brilliant, and she has played her role to perfection.  She’s the “evil” ex-wife, but for some reason I cannot dislike her, in fact I sympathize with her, and that is because of Ayeza’s brilliant performance that she has brought a vulnerability to Maya that makes me not hate her despite all she has done.  Maya wants to get back with Faris at any cost, and now it’s more about ego than anything else, because she knows that Faris has moved on.  That is the reason she was suspicious of Lubna as well, and wants her to resign her job with Faris.

Hajra Yamin’s Lubna is very likable, and she has brought a sweetness to her character and I hope that her relationship doesn’t develop into something more with Faris.  Why can’t we see a mutual friendship, a truly platonic one in a Pakistani drama?  I want to see Faris develop a friendship bond with Lubna, in which there are no pretenses or walls around, and comes out of his shell.

And last but not the least, Sami Khan, although only present for 3-4 scenes, made his presence felt and had awesome chemistry with Lubna.  He has been outstanding throughout the drama and his Faris is undoubtedly an award winning performance!  But has Faris forgotten Zoya so quickly?  We were not shown him thinking about her even once, even though Zoya’s mind has been constantly on Faris!  We were not even shown his reaction to Zoya’s text message last week.  Doesn’t he want to know why she sent him that message?  I’m still rooting for Faris and Zoya though!

Both Tipu and Maya revealed to their respective parents about their marriage, and the next step is “rukhsati,” which will be interesting to see!  I’m looking forward to the desi version of “Taming of the Shrew!”


~~Review Written by Sana Mohsin

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