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Tum hee Tu ho Review

Faraz . 24

Hmmmmmmm.. Hmmmmmm hmmmmmm … So I sigh 3 times before I dwell on my brain to tell me what to write about this drama :)   . ek dafa ka ziker hai kay mein ney Dramapakistani chat per Zara ko sirf itna keh diya tha kay.. “Tum hi tou hoo” was a good drama…bus phir… that day till now :) Zara keeps on telling me that Faraz review it.. So really this one’s for Zara . waisey Zara tum ho bari dheet. iman say :P…

My association with this drama is kinda strange.. I remember it was 2003.. I was living in the US with 3 of my house mates. I had recently come back like a day or 2 from Pakistan after meeting my family and I was feeling Home sick to death!! I was like.. nahi rehna mujhye abb US mein .. chala jaoo ga wapis :) I was actually missing my mom a lot….( awww…yeah right)  … anyway… so one of my Roommates.. Muzzaffar bhai.. Aka ALEX: D had bought the Video Cassette of this drama on rent from the local Video shop near faiza groceries in Houston… and he was all WOW about it… so I started watching it… with ZERO expectations ….. To my surprise this drama actually had really big names in it.. You want me to write the names? Okay koi gal nahi…. Here you go…… It had … Humyun Saeed( SRK of PK at that time) Vaneeza Ahmed( Katrina of PK) Shabbir Jaan, Atiqa Odho( okay I will confess  not only me but almost every young boy at that time was obsessed about Atiqa Odho’s persona..She was and still is a woman with grace. Elegance. Class and the list can go on). . Ali Salman. And Marina Khan (in a very special role)…. Aur haan the most amazing part.. Marina Khan had actually directed this serial.. So Much before annie ki ayegi barat aur azaar ki barat aii…. Marina had taken a giant leap as a director with this drama.

So the story starts off with Atiqa Odho getting married to Qaiser Khan…. however on the day of her Mehandi… He dies cuz of an accident.. dekha agaya na twist!…. Naa abhi tou bohat say twist baqi hain :) so after the shock dismissal. Atiqa goes into denial and starts acting weird, you know wohi regular rona dhona… so her family decides to send her to America!!! Hell yeah man:D well ajj kal it might not be a big thing to have a drama shot in USA… per back then when 9/11 was fresh USA Visa was like  mission impossible :)  so anyway her family decides that for a change she should go to USA to her Taya abbu J and they decide that since she is too fragile at the moment.. Let’s send a cousin with her…. Wah yaar kya family hai , and guess who was the cousin? Our sweetheart Vaneeza Ahmed :) .Vaneeza ahmed at that time was a major HIT. She had actually conquered almost all the TV channels at that time. Not only she was a wonderful model but she was also a brilliant actor.. Uss waqt ki Katrina kaif thi bhai :)  so anyway… Vaneeza ahmed had a very powerful role in this drama.. She was this “say it on the face” type of happy go lucky kinda girl….and she had a fiancé: D our very own Humyun Saeed….( with all of his regular larka type chichora pana , that was very popular at that time).

So Atiqa Odho and Veeni  set off to USA and that too for Los Angeles where they would be staying at their cousin place and the cousin was shabbir jaan.

And here the story actually starts. Shabir Jaan was a widower whose wife Marina Khan had died. And he had a very cute Desi Kuri daughter. And this is my best part of the drama. I have actually had this obsession about ABCD Pakistani Kuriyan :) I actually find it so Cute when I hear them speak Urdu in their sweet English tone :D or when they are trying hard to speak Urdu. Let it be British or Canadian or American desi kuri… That’s why I adore Katrina … because of her English Hindi Accent: D …… so anyway…He had a spoiled ABCD daughter… who was all messed up!

And why am I am narrating the entire story line here? :O Okay thora bohat chalta hai… I guess to get you guys interested and specially Zara… to watch it again :) …. So Vini and Atiqa Odho Move in to their house and after seeing the messed up life of the father daughter duo.. they both decide to fix them up.The fights they have with Shabir jaan and her daughter.. The way Atiqa odho mends the bigri hoi desi kuri… the way they fix the entire messed up house and later Atiqa Odho takes over the entire Company of his Taya abbu :) is really wonderful.  And later Humayun Saeed Joins them in USA..Then we also have Ali Salman ;) a crooked Desi guy on a student VISA who is a big time flirt and wants to “Pataoo” the Daughter of Shabbir Jaan so he can get a green card :) … hai na mazey ki story?

Bara hi aaala Draama tha yaar ..seriously. It had almost made me forget my homesickness. Can you imagine 4 desi Pakistani dude all hooked up in front of the TV and watching a Pakistani Drama all together. We actually had a feast during those days, We would not clean, Cook or prepare any food. rather order Pizza from Papa John’s :D and just watch this drama.

So Zara!!! Here you go .. App ka farmaiyshi program khatam howa :) and it was actually fun writing fact I am thinking that I will watch it again this weekend :)

Aray han!!!!! Sab say important baat to bhool hi gaya…. This drama had this amazing OST.. Amir Zaki’s Song “Mera Pyar Tum Hee tou hoo”    wah yaar kya baat hai :) and infact let me share the OST below ..  I was so obsessed with this song that i actually bought my 1st guitar and learned the chords so i could play this song :P yeah i know how to play guitar… and before you think anything else… guitar bajanay say koi larki impress nahi hoti… its a false myth :P  so gana enjoy karein aur kya :D




And here is the complete Drama 

  • Taha Khan

    I have been trying to find this drama but unable to find it. Is there anyone who can provide me the link?

  • Aiman Khan

    I have been trying to find this drama as well as the song for the longest time ever!!!! can anyone give me the link?

  • Rehan Shahzad Siddiqui

    Can u give the link for the song? Not the original one but for one which was the ost for this drama. And if u r not bothered enough, send it to my fb profile plz.

  • laiba

    lookin forward :)

  • Faraz

    Laiba : thats really sweet of you :) yes we will be starting them very soon ..


  • laiba

    U r a truly gifted writer :) old pakistani dramaz were soooo awesumm….my cable operator shows a new "old drama" almost daily n they r amazing….i am actually surprised tht my parents could even tolerate let alone enjoy the pointless n dragged starplus shows after watching such gems on television O.o …btw y rnt u guyz writing nymore reviews on old dramaz…..wht happened to this segment???

  • Thanks a lot faraz for replying back did you use capo as well or just these chords alone :)

    also send me your utube user name i'll find you via a proxy :)

  • Faraz

    Hey Junaid :) i am glad i could assist.. Use E and A chords with small usage of C in it… the strumming pattern is more important though.. i wish youtube was on so i could send you the link as well.. but no problem… use these chords and you should do fine :)


  • Hey Faraz it would be great if you let me know the chords of this song since a friend of mine has asked me to sing it so do let me know :)

  • wayne benson

    where can i get a copy or watch the series, im in illinois, please let me know

  • DF

    @Faraz : thanks :) I am going to Pakistan next week. Will definitely grab that drama. And btw , Its really nice to see a completely new section for old dramas. Thats what I am thinking to suggest to you guys at DP. Do post in this section on regular basis.

  • zka

    @Faraz: I just love the writing style. Adding the colloquial bits gives it a different touch. You should start doing some of the reviews too. I am definitely going to get this next time I am in Pakistan.

  • zara


    mere farmaishi programme ne tum ko hit bana dia hai :P……lolz


  • Faraz

    @DF: i tried to look for it online… couldn't find a proper link :) if you live in karachi then you can easily get it from rainbow center in saddar :)


  • DF

    I searched a lot on internet but couldn't be able to find this drama… :( Can anybody point me to url where I can find it.

  • sani

    you know something? i had stopped commenting on the reviews because they got monotonous.. but this piece is amazing. it makes me remember the time when you were the only one writing reviews and i would just come to the website to read what you said from your perspective…you have this amazing ability to write about even an ordinary thing and make it look large…..

    i was in college when i had watched this drama and i fell in love with it.. the locales of LA . the charisma of Veeniza , the stature of atiqa odho… all were simple marverlous.. i just miss those time when we had only PTV and STN and we would have soo much to do in our life!!! ahhh good times dont last forever..

    thank you so much for writing this Faraz…. thank you for making me remember all the memories associated with this drama…..

  • Annie

    LOL Faraz your review was hilarious!! I don't remember much of Tum hee to ho but I remember I really enjoyed watching it :) And yes Vinnie used to be Hot during that time along w/ Humayun Saeed even though I don't think Vinnie could act to save her life! ;-)

    I also enjoyed how you repeatedly brought in Katrina Kaif into your review ROTFL when she had Nothing whatsoever to do with THTH!!!

  • Faraz

    @ Zara: bus dekh loo.. hoon na mein sweet :P

    @ Tania: thank you .. i am just natural! :P

    @ Saira, and Mehr… App duno ka naam mujhey kisi ki yaad dilata hai ;)

  • tania

    hahaha…. you are so funny man… you guys are doing a great job!

  • smk

    oh yes!!! i so remember this drama.. great review yaar!!!

  • zara

    ohh my GOD……Faraz…cha gaye ho :D one of the best reviews ever…..faraz ab to i'm thinking of rewatching this drama :)……you really made my day.

    loads of thanks to the one and only FARAZ :D

    and thanks for the ost mujhe youtube per nahi mila tha pehle……

    Shukar hai meri sab se bari Khawahish faraz ne puri kardi although 4 mahine laga diye aik review likhne mein :)

    Tension na lena faraz ab tang nai karun gi :p

    And thanks once again…….you are the best :D

  • saira

    i loved this drama Faraz… It was one of those random dramas that stick with you no matter how old you get….excellent review! your review has complemented the drama beautifully!!

  • Mehr

    Faraz!!!!!!!!!!! where have you been all these days?????? you know that you are good at this? or yh kya baat hoi bus zara kay liye likho kay review?

    i can not tell how how much good i felt after reading ur review..its really hilarious.. jab review itna mazay ka hai tu drama tu phir mazay ka hoga hee….

    you should write often yaar!!!!

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