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Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai – Episode 6 Review

Maria . 6

A few days ago, I met my family doctor at a conference and she inquired about if my mother had started to pay attention to her own health as she recommended.  Towards the end of our conversation, she said something that came back to me while I was watching the new episode of Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai today. Said that she believes that in our South Asian culture, a woman’s everything in the world revolves around her husband, kids and if she lives with in laws then they also require attention. A woman in our society and culture feels guilty or is made to feel guilty if she pays attention to her needs, her space and she is deemed selfish if she chooses those paths. These wise words from my doctor were applicable to poor Haleema’s dilemma today especially when she thinks aloud: “Aik aurat kay liye sab say ziyada ahem kiya hai us ka ghar, us kay bhacay, yaa bachoon ka baap? ziyada zaroori kiya hai, aik man chahi dil pasand bewi ki haisiyat pana? ya phir ideal zimidar bahoo ka certificate hasil karna?”

I have been rather critical of Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai in my previous reviews because I felt that the story was mostly at standstill and I had enough of Saim’s repetitive dialogues and we, viewers weren’t given much access to Haleema’s thoughts, her insecurities into staying in this emotionally abusive marriage. Even Shumaila found herself in Drama Buff’s smack attack ladies volume II. Well boy has the drama changed since last episode and I am very interested to see where Saim-Haleema-Shumaila triangle fits in and how exactly will the narrative move there?

Continuing from last episode, Zunahirah (played brilliantly by Kiran) has taken steps forward to ensure and instill some much needed advice to Haleema about Saim’s and her marriage. Saim finally talks to Zunahirah about his intensions and as predicted she is not only taken aback but also tells him loud and clear that if she had gotten married to such a third class man, she would have divorced him in three days, not three years. We are still not spared from continuous taunts towards Haleema by Saim, however Haleema has started to listen to Zunahirah’s advice and is trying to take out time for herself, only to displease her MIL. On the other side, Shumaila although has gained trust of her family, she is still oblivious from Arsal’s hidden motives, and finally escapes from her house, intending to elope with Arsal through a court marriage. I am glad to see her having second thoughts about her running away like this.

Did I say before that I love Zunahaira’s character? She is my type of girl; she is such a great addition into the drama. I really like her voice of reason and explanations to Haleema and Saim. I was very impressed with the way she convinced Haleema that her mother in law doesn’t really loves her as a real daughter. Haleema is her need and if she had given Haleema that space and helped her come to Saim’s standards, their marriage wouldn’t be on rocks today. Zunahaira’s character is very rare to see on our TV screens. I love the fact that she is happily divorced and doesn’t hides under a rock due to this fact and is clearly empowered, intelligent and very observational. If this was some typical desi vamp character, she would be planning on eloping with Saim and what not.

I hope we see a changed Halima soon, and I really hope Zunahiarah isn’t really flown back to be taken out of the picture.  Looking forward to next week.

written by: Maria Khan

  • howzzat

    Very good review Maria. I'll prolly catch up with the episode over the weekend and post my views again. In the meantime, are you saying that the girl playing Zunairah was ''Kiran'' the co-host in JPJ? I suddenly remembered, I'd seen her somewhere, but still not sure about it.

  • I was looking forward to your review too Maria! Your family doctor sure seems like a nice person.

    Btw, what does Shumaila see in that lallu larka? Surprising to know that silly girls like her in med school.

  • I sort of really loved this episode. Best one by far. Was looking forward to your review :)

  • Fatima

    After reading your review i am definitely going to watch this episode, although i decided i was not going to follow this play. The play had potential but some of the actors r not the least bit impressive & the repitition was killing me!

  • Maria

    Thanks SZ :)

    I am really looking forward to how Saim accepts Shumaila and what infuriates him so much about her (kiya who haleema kay khandaan say nahi hai). Also I am dying to see Saba Qamar finally explode, her face contorted with anger as she screams “Saim ab tumhe faisla karnaa hogaa” finally I think YPNH has started phewwww :D

  • SZ

    Nicely done Maria!

    Enjoyed your review and this latest episode. I think there is so much to be mined here. Saba, Junaid and Humaira Zaheer are doing complete justice to their roles.

    You are right that the first couple of episodes were shaky, but I am really hooked now. Looking forward to more next week :)

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