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Zard Mausam Episode 2

hina . 3

The second episode of this serial was in a way kind of disappointing, but at the same time, satisfying. Weird combination, I know. One of the two reasons why this episode was disappointing was because this episode did not move on too much. It’s understandable that it’s the second episode, so I’m just gonna let that go for now. You have to develop the story before delving into it. The second reason will be talked about later in this review.

After many arguments and disagreements, Hina decides to leave and go back to her parents’s house. She is firm on her decision that she will only go back if Mehru leaves the house. Since poor Mehru doesn’t have anywhere else to go, she has to stay. Henceforth, Hina refuses to go back and live with all of them again.

Furthermore, Aiman’s story is far more interesting at the moment than Mehru’s. She is such a naive girl, and her naive-ness makes her do the dumbest, and at times, cutest things. After her mishap with the bee hive, Waqar is ashamed of the maid/nanny that he has gotten Aiman, and rightfully so. After a while, we see a conversation between Aiman and her friends talking about stepmothers. Aiman’s friend’s father has recently remarried, and her friend (Maria?) is telling them how nice her stepmother is, while Aiman disagrees. Influenced by the book Cinderella, she believes that stepmothers are horrible and wicked and plain out mean. They go to visit her friend’s mother, and her perception completely changes. Later on, she talks about wanting a mother and siblings to her father, which worries her father even more about her.

Now, here’s the second disappointment/annoying part of this drama. The maid. If she’s a maid, why is she constantly complaining about her job? Her dialogue ‘Yeh larki meray qabu nahi aanay wali!” is the worst dialogue in the world. Especially the way that she says it, and the constant times she states it, is so frustratingly anonying. Like, ok, you don’t like your job, leave. Better yet, why doesn’t Waqar just fire her?  He can get so many other nannies out there. WHY HER? And then, she goes ahead and tells him to bring Mehru back home. Who is she to tell him what to do? I don’t understand this. Throughout the rest of my reviews, you will see me complaining quite alot about her  and her actions.

I just wanted to also add some corrections:

1) As Ash and zka said in my previous review, the other lady is indeed Mehru’s bhabhi, not her sister.

2) Waqar had a love marriage, but later on, his wife passed away, and Mehru indeed is his second wife.

3) The bhabhi’s husband is actually overseas looking for a job currently, and that’s why he hasn’t been shown yet.

Lastly, I think that Mehru needs to at least ATTEMPT to fix the problems. I kind of am siding with her mother right now, and that she should stop with her sarcasm. Just because Amna (the bhabhi) never talked back doesn’t mean no one else will. And she also needs to calm it down with her kids and stop going berserk.  I also really felt bad for her brother, and I don’t agree with Mehru at all. Enough said.

This is really lengthy, so I’m gonna stop now. Good episode, could be better. Let’s see what unravels next week! :)


  • Narmeen

    I think those who have read this novel Zard Mausam will get along with the play as I am. The maid is actually Waqar's relative living with him because of her son's wife. I must say that the adaptation of this play has been done so intellectually that the slow paced novel is growing with every scene I watch. I am impress to see the emotional graph which is building to start the story. The credit goes to the artists Saniya and Faisal Rehman. Oooops one more important character Hina, I don't know her name but she also deserves an appriciation for supporting the story so well. I am really waiting for further hoping it goes the way it is going.

  • Fatima

    Yes Mehru is the first wife with whom he never got along and that was why he married Sara.. He said to khadija b that it was Mehru's bitterness that made him turn to Sara. I think the maid is a very right portrayal , i have seen spoiled maids like that bcz they know they are indispensable!!! I am loving everything about this play. Love little Aiman…kids are like that and it is cute how the dad distracts her when she won't let go of 'i want a brother' demand!!


    I think mehru was his first wife and sara was the second wife?

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