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Zindagi Gulzar Hai -Epi 22- Tushhhh Pataka

Maria . 115



The latest episode of ZGH turned out to be just like my mom sometimes says when she is highly disappointed “khooda pahar aur nikla chooha” or in infamous words of apni Bilquees Kaur, “Tushh Pataka.” Let me start to say that disappointing is a lame word to describe this episode. From a few well thoughtful dialogues, this episode was a heap of mess and consisted of so well thought out bloopers that you had to wonder, were they deliberately trying to insult our collective intelligence? I was driving back home with my brother and I simply asked him what he thought about the mess that ZGH is and he might not be the greatest intellect on this planet but he said that apart from few good dialogues and great acting, there is nothing that makes ZGH worth watching. Today’s episode exactly highlighted the issues that ZGH had since the beginning both in terms of story timeline and storyboard, the editing and continuity issues.

Lets start first and foremost of all, a few of us agreed last week that Asmara flashback scene might hold some significance and make Zaroon reflect on his chauvinist behavior however, much like a lot of characters Asmara and the overall scene was wasted space and no clear outcome came out of that particular interaction. We only learned that Kashaf has natural ability to sniff when Zaroon is down or not feeling well.

The circus clown *ahem * Nigar Aunty’s bouncing head was back in full motion and god forbid if we ever come across such beautifully done makeup * cough cough * I hope this is not another wasted scene and I have a bad feeling that Nigar aunty is not going to stop coming over for a while to Rafia Auntys place and stop munching on those yummy kabab and giving us all a eye and head ache at the same time. I am really hoping however that in the next few episodes we have left, she really doesn’t adopts the “The Joker” style and we are subjected to this line “ you wanna know how did this eyeshadow…” Allah hamian maaf karay!

The crucifixion of working women was full on swing in this episode today. I love it how Ghazala aunty is made the punching bag of how and what not do if you are a working women! Your daughter will tell you how you were never there for her, your son and your husband will admonish your absence and never appreciate you. To top it all, Sara has come so far that she is willing to gladly marry a conservative guy! Are the Junaid siblings making some kind of strange statement that is passing over our heads by marrying in conservative or middle class clans?  One thing I truly learned from Zindagi Gulzar Hai and looking at all the Ghazala and Junaid situation was that if a women compromises, us ki balay balay hooti hai and if a man compromises for a sake of women having a career, he is a mazloom shohar. If someone has better explanation of Ghazala’s relationship with her children and husband please do share and explain. The best thing out of this whole scenario was that Ayesha Omar some definitely knows how to act; she just needs different types of role other then playing a OTT house breaker.

The high on Nitrous Oxide bestie was back in full swing. I have to give it to Kahsaf and Zaroon for choosing the sanest best friends on this planet. So Osama knowing very well of Zaroon’s nature and knowing how he can become aaag bagoola in less then under 10 seconds especially where things concern women in his family or his fiancé or now his wife, he can be very sensitive, he brings up the whole proposal thing and wait wait the Ashar bug was hovering around that instant and bit Zaroon. And Zaroon ko ho gaya Ashar malaria and he became a “touchy skrewet,” who through his words and actions started to lash on Kashaf. At this point I do admire Kashaf for not sitting and crying in the corner but straight up telling Zaroon (along with Ibrar Uncle) that he has lost his brain cells and needs to get them back as soon as possible. Kashaf is absolutely correct; Zaroon knows Kashaf has  flawless character (according to his definition), he married her knowing everything so why all the fuss now?  This seems like a very lame build up and this is where I absolutely lost it. I was really hoping that Zaroon and Kashaf were going to have a epic showdown and Kahsaf apnay Z ki khoob dhulai karay gi but but it all fizzled away between Sara and Ghazala and Junaid scenes. I was really hoping that we would hear something from Zaroon about why he felt that distance from Kashaf or why did Osama’s proposal suddenly made him this insecure. What was he thinking? That never came. To top it all, Kashaf and Zaroon without making up or having any kind of conversation, are both back in Karachi for Sara’s wedding and everything looks hunky dory. Huh? Please someone pinch me and tell me, am I the only one who missed something.

Behold the bloopers of all the bloopers. You guys know this will forever remain mystery until the next episode where we will finally figure out which of the two sisters is pregnant (yeah we know Kashaf is having twins BUT … I am still confused from Rafia aunty’s call as to if Kashaf is pregnant or Sidra. If Kashaf were pregnant than wouldn’t she tell Zaroon?  And if Sidra is pregnant how on the earth did she get pregnant in Pakistan? Wait didn’t she leave? So now is she back? Talk about awkwardness and hmmphhhh moment

The last above blooper certainly highlights why stretching ZGH and not constructing a proper storyboard was a humoungously insane idea. We were subjected to Zaroon and Kashaf’s maturity and romance for four straight episodes and this excuse of Zaroon acting like a touchy skrewet (as this is the best definition I can think of describing him, thank you Ron Weasly) is a little lame and a little out dated as well. To top it all, the whole scenario or the situation almost fizzled out and lost due to every other character’s issue taking screen time. The saddest part is that ZGH was apparently meant to address the underlying hypocrisies, the education matter, the gender indifferences prevalent in our societies but everything just blew into different proportions e.g. we never resolved the differences between Murtaza and his daugthers etc. ZGH has some of the best performances I have seen from some actors, some of UA’s beautiful dialogues still stick with me, however at the end, the technical, the writing, the editing and directing team just lost grip on the overall narrative and we are left with a kidchi which is half cooked and it is been out in the cold for too long that it is almost becoming stale.

p.s. my brother has one question for Kashaf! He want to know that why didn’t she ask Zaroon that what happened to all your promises and rules of not talking to each other? Couldn’t she have reminded him of that?

I am going to eat a BUCKET FULL of ICECREAM so I can get over this episode! BUCKETFULL…. *and get more sick again*!


  • Seema Gupta

    I would love to read the original novel, unfortunately ,I can’t read Urdu. If only it could be translated in readable form for so many audiences,, such as in English or in Hindi .I know many are well-versed in all these Languages…..Hope someone with the skills will make my heartfelt wish come true. Or is it in audio-read aloud form that I could download. I can understand spoken urdu, being from Agra and having many friends who speak this language.
    I think Zaroon is jealous of his best friend Osama. Subconsciously, Zaroon,as an intelligent person, even if he is in denial,knows that Osama is the best match for Kashaf. Osama is a sensible, balanced person and respects modern women and how they contribute to the growing expectation in modern times. Zaroon arrogance and pre-conceived and stereo-typed ideas about women of his class and other classes are his road blocks in understanding people. ZGH captured the universal issues ……

  • ahmed hassan

    yes totally agreed zgh is not that good a story to get mad about,and was dragged a bit too , it lost its essence a little towards the end , an average drama aver all

  • Tarannum

    Ur review was marvelous!

    I fail to understand why is ghazala not considered a good mother. She was worried about zaroon getting admission in cge( starting episodes), took zaroon's side when asmara's parents had a problem with zaroon's conservative nature.She looks after sara's marriage preparations. She is always @ the dining table with family. Inspite of her apprehensions she supports zaroon's marriage decision and is happy with Kashaf.

    Agreed that she gave a few wrong advices to zarron n sara ( but datz how ambitious women from affluent families are; its more to do with the class difference than 'galat tarbiyat').

    The writers wants to convey that working women's first priority

  • Sadaf

    @Afia but did he talk to you ?aap Gulzar hai key nahin?

  • afia qazi

    Sadaf, Thanks :)

    Roh, Happy to be of service :)

    He came out super in these interviews na? He's great to talk to, v humble and had a lot of patience with the hundreds of people meeting him.

  • SK

    Roh you beat me to it lol.Was about to put the links up:)

  • Roh

    @anwar suhail: Yes that was a fabulous one indeed.

    Here are links to the videos of that interview:

    and Part 2:

    He is just too good. :)

  • anwar.suhail

    Fawad Khan is on cover of Anniversary issue of HELLO Magazine, along with photoshoot and interview. Beautiful pictures and impressive conversation.

  • Roh

    @Afia: those videos were such treats. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for them. When I saw his still photos from the event, I was thinking that I wish there was a way I could hear him speak. You made it happen. Thanks ever so much! :)

  • Sadaf

    I watched Afia they were so good . Thanks for doing that … you have hidden talents lady

  • afia qazi

    Hey Misty! What a fun review, totally agree with you….could have been so much better but alas yeh na hona tha…

    I've been busy editing the videos of FK's Gala dinner at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. The 4 parts can be found here:

  • Roh

    @Faraz: rofl! you didn't have to say those rules were made by men. Its shouting out loudly by itself in every line!!!

    I think Zaroon has to read those rules too. You can't make rules and then not stick to them. If its only football and motorbikes you want to talk about, stick to those topics with your questions too! bwahahahahahaha!

    I have something to say for each those rules, but then you will start making exceptions for the rules you yourselves have made. So I'm going to ziplock on that one and have the last laugh.

    @Sadaf: What about those times (most of the times even) when they drive the wife up the wall? lol You missed that direction.

  • anwar.suhail


    You have made my day. Drama had been analysed, dissected, discussed ad-nauseum

    So refreshing to read your latest post. You have to add one more

    "Darling we need to talk, at 1 am" is not guys idea of happy life.

  • Sadaf

    @Faraz We women are really not that difficult to understand… All you need is an astronomical chart for the phases of the Moon .. our moods change accordingly ;)

    That was so funny and so true especially the directions part Ladies ,No husband EVER needs directions just keep that in mind while he drives you in the complete opposite direction….. You can either reach a place on time and get a divorce or you can keep quiet , arrive one hour later (after HE figures this out) and stay married … meanwhile keep smiling :)

    If you think explaining the colour Mauve or peach is difficult try telling him about Beige …..

  • Faraz

    The thing is.. a guy thinks in a complete different way :) i just came across this mazey ki post by a guy.. may be this tells you ourside of the picture..



    FINALLY, the guys' side of the story. ( I MUST ADMIT, IT'S PRETTY GOOD.)































  • laiba

    @twinks ; actually they did acknowledge QB, Sarmad said she was unwell i think n thts y cudnt make it… one thing tht i found a bit strange was when Mahira won the best actress award n said thank you for voting for me…because my family n frndz didnt…O.o

  • twinks

    Has anyone ever checked out the wiki pages for some of these Pakistani actors? I only started doing so recently and they are hysterical!!! On the same page you find completely different birthdates!!!! Someone is obviously trying to downplay their age, LOL!

    Take a look at this for Ayesha Omar. .

    On the same page her birth year is listed as 1980 and 1993!!! And um, who seriously believes she was born in 1993, and that she's only 20? Puh-lease!

  • twinks

    Regarding why Humsafar didn't win, I am guessing maybe because it's an older drama and the nominees are from current shows? I don't know as I don't know of other dramas, other than what is headlined on this website. Is this supposed to be an annual award show or something? If so, then I guess every year there will be nominees from the most recent tv cycle period. I bet next year's award show will be filled with nominations from ZGH :)

    I think they tried to acknowledge Humsafar as having revived the industry on its own. The one thing I didn't get when they acknowledged all the folks from Humsafar, including the little girl that played Hareem (well deserved acknowledgment by the way), as well as the lyricist of the Title Track, and its composer, they never acknowledged QAB for her rendition of the song. That's crazy! Doesn't matter how well composed the song is, if there isn't the appropriate vocal sound to go with it, the song would have gone nowhere. And for me, the song was a character within the drama in its own right.

    Oh, and since there is so much talk on this comments thread about FK, I am wondering if there is a site out there where folks can discuss his work? I realize that this site is not necessarily appropriate for that as it is about all dramas, and not focused on one actor or actress. Out of respect for this site, I thought I'd ask if there is a site that folks can share which focuses on FK's work. Thanks!

  • Roh

    @Sadaf: "Murtuza ki rehab" took the bakery! rofl!

  • Sadaf

    @Marvi perhaps you have a few things mixed up . nadia jamil is said to be writing a project with that cast but….. that is some time away as she seems permenantly attached to her twitter . As to the length of ZGH it seems endless I know … abhi tho Aba yeneekeey Murtaza ki rehab ho gee :( I guess 3 or 4 more .

    I think Anjuman is on Dramas on line and several other websites I will find the link for you

  • marvi

    @Sadaf: Where can I watch Anjuman?!

    it was a really stupid episode but just wished that kashaf went out of her way even more to make it up to him…just because he went above and beyond to have her then she can kind of do the same. When is this drama supposed to end? Next week or the week after? :) Can't wait for "mein manto" and the drama with fawad khan, sanam baloch, mahira khan, and Humayun Saeed and directed by Nadia Jamil!!!!!=D THIS has to be GOOD!

  • Sadaf

    Ignore those comments we should not be speculating about stuff we don't know about anyway … the dramas are way more interesting than mundane stuff. Personally I cannot get over why Humsafar was not given the best drama award it deserves everything else was bogus .

    Has anyone seen Anjuman ..It was fantastic loved it?

  • twinks

    @Roh #81: Completely agree about celebrities and real life, I think if a male star is happy at home and a devoted family person that only makes him more attractive and as you suggest, swoon-worthy!! To those folks, I say God Bless! I am curious about rumors, I know absolutely nothing of Pakistani Celebrity culture or scene. I would like to see the interviews you are referring to, so I guess I must do some serious googling! I have found some pics of the hospital fundraiser you mentioned, earlier, but no vids. I do hope there will be some vids emerging from his US fundraising efforts.

    @84-86: you've given me a lot to consider, ha! ha! I don't know if any so called tension between FK and wife was related to work stuff for FK, or maybe personal stuff. I mean, maybe their kid was sick or something? But I haven't seen the full show, and I have no clue what anyone is talking about regarding FK at the HUM awards. Only saw glimpses of him in the audience with his wife, where at times both were shown serious and both shown laughing. Could also be wife just is not as comfortable at these public appearance event thingies, I mean, it's not her chosen career path is it? She just puts up with it for her husband's sake. In my book, any woman who puts up with all the nonsense she has to with the media industry for her husband's sake, is a saint!!!! Hopefully FK realizes this too. God bless her and "us ka ghar aur shaadi nazar say bachai!"

  • Roh

    @SK: Wassey Chaudhry was too toooooo cute. He has a new fan. ;)

  • SK

    Oh and vasay chaudhry did excellent and that hairclip scene could have been so funny and FK just killed it with his bored expresssions…I mean come on Fk you could have made it so funny and indulged us!

  • Sadaf

    @SK you do have a point though it would have been politer to agknowledge each other but I feel mad that Humsafar did not just get the best drama award and why Fawad did not get best actor maybe they were a bit annoyed at their work being ignored like that too.

  • Sadaf

    @ROH I agree with you . @SK yes thanks for reminding me I had forgotten that . We should not speculate about rumours anyway unless they are about Sahir Lodhi …then I am all in ;)

  • Roh

    @SK: I directed twinks there just to get to see him. He was so dignified and gorgeous. And he was with his wife. That was totally "ooooh -worthy" for me! :)

    I think it was very gracious of Fawad and his wife to attend the awards. I mean, I really don't know too much of the behind the scenes politics, but it was so obvious that there was a whole lot of it and loads of appeasements were happening.

    Its not possible that a drama which was responsible for bringing the audiences back, didn't have the lead stars even nominated.on screen couple nomination, and not being nominated for Best actor? And that too in the viewers choice? no way! It was totally rigged. And then getting prize for the most phenomenal drama was worse than a consolation prize. That means Ashar and Hareem and Khizar were on the same platform. Na-ah….We got so miffed, why wouldn't he? He must be knowing of the real dirt behind the gltiz and the glamour.

    @Sadaf: Yes what they show on the screen is fully edited. For instance, all that romance on the phone that got us giddy headed in the last few episodes, were all put together on the editing table. Some assistant must have been reading out the dialogues and Fawad must have been saying his bit, and look at the package we got! (No wonder, he can think of his wife while he says all those dialogues and make it look so real! :) )

    I too thought that Sanam and her were just cordial on that morning show. And she mentioned in an interview too, that she didn't know him very well.

    Coming to Mahira, I do think they have mentioned that they became good friends during the course of shooting of HS. But then again, there have been lots of other stories about her marriage. No idea what is true and what it not. She made it a point to mention her husband while getting the best couple award. Heaven knows why that was said. She won 3 awards, but chose to say it here. Where as Fawad stuck to his dignified gratefulness.I have a few thoughts from that, but maybe its is not right to say anymore.

    I'm happy with what my eyes got. Fawad was decent, extremely well mannered, and big hearted. I'm sure a lot of people in his place wouldn't even have bothered to attend that show. :)

    Coming back to ZGH, I watched the last episode again today. Most painful. Was wondering if I overreacted to being disappointed. But Sara tells Zaroon that there is no need to speak to Junaid about her 2nd marriage, because all he will do is either speak to Ghazala or Z. ***sigh*** what does that say? You can ignore me. It was a rhetorical question.

  • SK

    *jpj not kon sorry

  • SK

    @Sadaf from what I remember on the kon shows they were very comfortable and he even said that they had a great time working together,. and he even was making jokes about her. Even with SS I thought he was actually very friendly, he was laughing a lot and they made jokes about her Urdu. I did not see this level of almost rudeness like I did at the awards. I think you would at least say it was a pleasure working together, seeing as it was an award for onscreen couple. You are right there are 10 other people watching the scene, but then so are there in other dramas…have we seen any other couple like them?

  • Sadaf

    @SK what can we assume ? that both were entirely miffed at receiving such a bogus award probably? They were not that friendly on the Humsafar success show either .Fawad is not the friendly type as far as I can see , he was not that friendly towards Sanam Saeed on the ZGH introduction show either . I think people are just fooled by his on screen chemistry with his co stars but I tend to remember that no matter how amazing a moment looks on screen there were about ten other people on set with them at the time recording the images , the sound and directing etc… but I guess there are simpler minds

  • SK

    @ Roh agree with you regarding FK in real life, always so modest and decent.

    However do not direct twinks towards the hum awards, anyone who hasn't seen him before will think he was seriously rude and arrogant. I think there was something seriously going on , him and Mrs sfk were not the happiest. There are many rumors going around but you guys can can assume from how he and Mahira accepted the best on screen pairing award for humsafar there was something seriously wrong. They didn't even acknowledge eachother.

  • shama

    i just dont agree grace, forgiveness, tolerance, values cannot go together with independence , self reliance, some personal freedoms and a need to struggle for a more just and equal order. Anyways i just recently saw sez so couldnt resist commenting here…. but perhaps a proper discussion some other time…..

  • shama

    @ NK I agree with a lot of what you say but i think UA doesnt leave it at merely at the level of showing the realities of society , i think she does more in terms of the messages she sends which i find problematic.

    Here i agree with faraz – that sometimes it comes across as mazloomiyat and us par religion ka tarka especially in MZZBN and QET ….i simply dont agree that there is no choice for well educated well brought up women but to submit to the dictatas of what fate and family has in store for them and that is where i very strongly feel she sends a very regressive message vis-avis an earlier genre of pak serials and ptv classics where they are shown to have much more agency in choosing to fight their battles against both family and society to retain their independence with dignity and self respect based on strong principles and long struggles . And society and families then were as if not more conservative …… its this absolute abdication of their agency in UA's serials which troubles me – for the message it sends is that there is no recourse but submission , mazloomiyat and turning to religion – dont get me wrong i think spiritual quests are very important too but they need not come alongwith complete submission to injustice …..allah helps those who help themselves and submitting to what is morally and ethically wrong without even a struggle sometimes makes us equally complicit in those acts….a sense of justice and a struggle for is as important as personal spiritual quests – and they can both come together as they did in some of these earlier serials…i just didnt see any reason why strong well educated women should not try and strike their own path even more so in UA's serials where they often have all advantages of class and upbringing…

    As for religion vs liberalism – i think both religious orthodoxy and traditionalism as well as rampant liberal materialism are deeply problematic – but while UA shows the possibility of redemption through spiritual growth she does so by caricaturing both the secular and the religious ……niether secularism nor religion can be understood in the simplistic reductive ways its depicted in some of her serials- where the former is associated with vain materialism and the latter with conservative orthodox ritualism ….

    SEZ was different in terms of it not being mazloomiyat and escape in religion but a different kind of spirtual growth that was sought to be higlighted but again here she caricatured both secular values as well as the religious pathin many ways…

  • Roh

    @twinks: I have that issue as well in a big way that the real life personality really influences me. But let me tell you, there can't be a finer, more devoted family man than him IRL. ***swoon*** That's the reason I really like him so much.

    There are a number of videos out there on the HUM TV awards which were held a mth or so ago, but was telecast last weekend. There are some videos of his from the fundraising gala dinner at the shaukat khanum Fundraiser 2013, as recent as a couple of weeks ago. That is a must watch.

    And there are also a couple of videos of this interview in the hello magazine which are to die for. You have some google homework to do now! Enjoy!

  • twinks

    @Roh and @NK: Well, you've guys have handled the whole double standard thing with Osama/Kashaf and Zaroon/Asmara beautifully! Love reading your comments, Rock on ladies! Rock on!

    as for the HUM tv awards that folks have been referring to, are these available online at all? And are these recent? I ask as I think FK is in the US right now doing some fundraising across the US. If anyone gets to see him, I'd love to know what he's like in real life. Hope he's not a jerk! Can't help it, I always wonder about that stuff. If there is a celebrity personality I like, I always hope they are nice in real life as well, otherwise I find I don't like their professional projects anymore, their real life personality then becomes a major turn off :(

  • NK


    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Umera Ahmed and her writing. All I know of Umera Ahmed are through the few Pakistani shows that I have seen here and there, but I am a fan, even though I don't always agree with her depictions. Here are my two cents:

    -It breaks my heart time after time when we see UA's female protagonists suffering and leading miserable lives even after being raised as strong, independent women. But I think she makes this depiction perhaps because to some extent this is an issue that exists in our society. Girls are educated, raised to be strong, independent women, but as soon as they are married off they are expected to be the traditional Pakistani woman. Sometimes they are married off into families that don't appreciate strong women. And sometimes they are just victims of Pakistani society. It's like when I meet girls that are highly educated but just sitting at home after marriage. They are/were med students or have their master's degree, but this education is not being utilized. They get educated just so they can say they are educated. After that, they are still left to do what pleases their husband and his family. A lot of times they want a wife in the form of a homemaker. What good is that education? What good is an independent girl if she still cannot make her decisions? First she is left to do as her parents deem fit and then do what pleases her husband and his family. When does our society give that girl a chance to actually be independent? So I do give Umera Ahmed some credit for that at least. She shows us that it's not just the poor girl who was uneducated and dependent on others that suffers. Our society is so cruel sometimes that it makes strong women suffer and lead miserable lives even when we, as outsiders, think they had everything going for them.

    -As for the spirituality front, I don't live in Pakistan. But even the Pakistani families I meet outside of Pakistani, I see two almost extremes. They are either highly conservative and "religious" (I don't like the word fundamentalists). Or they are too "liberal" and away from religion. Don't get me wrong – there are families that are moderate and even in Pakistan – I think I come from one of those families. But the vast majority, can be easily filed into one of those categories. And that high contrast in our society (which also usually comes with the rich vs. the poor) is perhaps what UA tries to highlight. But I do get your point about the spirituality and secularism and even agree to some extent.

  • NK

    @Shama: Thanks for reading through my long posts! :)

    @Faraz: So, in the future, if Osama and Kashaf run into each other, there's no reason for Kashaf to mention it to Zaroon, right? Osama was just a proposal for Kashaf. But Asmara was an entire relationship for Zaroon! If Osama is a big deal, then so is Asmara. And Asmara may not have been Kashaf's best friend, but they all did go to school together, so Kashaf does know Asmara at least in that reference. With your argument, one can also say that Osama doesn't mean anything to Kashaf, so what's the big deal? Zaroori nahi hai ke har baat batayi jaaye, right? ;-) Or is that only applicable to Pakistani men?!

  • Roh

    @Sadaf: ;)

    @Faraz: I'm comparing apples with rotten apples. :D But you're getting into a mixed fruit jam. :D

    Asmara and Zaroon were thick friends, best friends, childhood friends girlfriend/boyfriend and then engaged as well.

    Zaroon knew Usama had a thing for Kashaf, but he also knew that K never ever gave him any pata. Ulta, she used to snub him as well. From day one of college.

    So…….all the more reason that Z is being unreasonable and stupid. K has much more valid reason to get upset that Z has lied to her about meeting Asmara. And btw, she till doesn't know about it.

  • Faraz

    @roh : haha :) i guess you are comparing apples to oranges… as if Asmara was Kashf's best friend :P

  • Sadaf

    @ROH hilarious .. Faraz man your move :P

  • Roh

    @Faraz: now you need another goli! lol

    Ditto to what you said, BUT…with a few changes.

    QUOTE: whats the big deal about it? Usama is not so important.. so bataya nahi bataya kon sa farq perta hai.. kon sa koi woh Usama say shadi kerna charahi hai jo bataye… besides men get jealous of things that dont even exist.. tou zaroori nahi kay her baat bataye jai… bohat dafa khamoshi bhi bari bari larai ko rok leyti hai UNQUOTE


  • K

    @huma #60. I was sooo thinking that Fawad was saroo during the show, especially the part with Vasay and his hair clip ROTFL. but do share why he was sooo saroo… being away from it all i dont get all the juicy stuff. lol. He was not being a good sport, humayun Saeed and sarmad Khoosat on the other were, were receptive and I actually enjoyed their truth or dare but.

  • Faraz

    @roh: whats the big deal about it? asmara is not so important.. so bataya nahi bataya kon sa farq perta hai.. kon sa koi woh Asmara say dosri shadi ker raha hai jo bataye… besides women get jealous of things that dont even exist.. tou zaroori nahi kay her baat bataye jai… bohat dafa khamoshi bhi bari bari larai ko rok leyti hai :)

    yeah right now all of you can point that canon towards me.. but i am being honest :P

  • Sadaf

    @Roh Fawad and Sadaf did look cute , in fact they seem to have very similar expressions and personalities … Mahirah looked absolutely gorgeous and so did Mikaal :).

  • Roh

    @Huma: I loved seeing Fawad and his wife at the HUM awards. IF he appeared to be looking miffed, I have justifications for that. :) For that matter, I have justifications for anything to defend him and his wife. :D What are you hearing?

    @Asma Malik: So nice of you to join the discussion and take the time and effort to explain that dialogue between Rafia and Kashaf. I understand it better now, but I was wondering why Rafia said after knowing that Kashaf is pregnant that she is hoping she becomes a mother soon. That is what confused me. I mean, it will take its time of 9 mths at max. LOL.

    Normally when we hear someone is pregnant, I have not heard people saying "jald se jald Ma ban jaon" I would think one would say "I'm waiting for you to be a mother or looking fwd to it" I guess that is what confused me.

    About Sidra, what confused me, was that she was going to return to the US soon after K and Z were returning to their respective work place after marriage. She mentioned the flight was on the 5th. One would think that she has left, since K's transfer has also happened now. So were they talking about the 5th of December? ;)

    I didn't realise there was an added confusion of Sidra being pregnant!!!!! Thank goodness for that! It would have sent my mind on another wild goose chase of trying to figure out yet another why, when, how? :D

    @Shama: Don't we find that happening all the time that we women have to justify and substantiate our take and the men just way what they want! So very true.

    And I had no idea that NK was not married. She said so, and that's how I realised. Else, I would have never every guessed.

    @Faraz: Zaroon has too many double standards. Remember he didn't even tell Kashaf that he met Asmara? What was with that?

    Deepika: lol

    Really loving all the posts here. Its so nice that everyone takes the time to write out their interpretations and explanations and make the discussions so meaningful. :)

    Thanks. I think I will miss this the most every week after the drama is over.

  • anwar.suhail

    I stand by my words on Umera Ahmed.

    I'm not a fan of UA, and I stated my reasons in comment # 34 & 46.

    I'm pretty certain one can find better stories in Khawateen Digests.

    Yes I also stopped watching SeZ. Couldn't bear with Falak's depressive and hysterical outbursts. Felt sorry for her poor "secular" mother.

    No sorry, not my cup of tea.

  • Deepika A

    I would describe the episode in just one sentence- They tried to cook a tasty dish with a whole bunch of wrong ingredients. :)

  • Faraz

    wah :) yeh hoi na mazay dar aur zabardast kism ki discussion :)

    I stated my point because thats what i thought… in guys it is a big thing to an extent where a guy like Zaroon can have 2nd thoughts. look at it from a guys point of view.. kisi aur nay propose kiya hota tou koi farq na perta .. per in case of Osama think it like a guy.

    oh Osama proposed her.. means he like her. what would happen if i marry kashf now. how should i avoid osama from coming over to my house after marriage.. see small things like these do make some issues. it was the best for kashf to share it with Zaroon right there on the chai ka cup scene… proposal of Osama for Kashf is not the bigger problem.. but getting to know it from Osama and not kashf is the masla… even that can be cooled down. if kashf for just one min sit with zaroon and explain him instead of having her unchi naak.. which is for sure unchi in real :P infact hers and sidra both share the same naak style :D

    rahi baat double standard ki… i dont think Zaroon has any… he is crystal clear from day 1.. Kashf knows inside out of his flirt nature his affairs with girls etc.. so chuppany ko kuch bachta nahi hai…

    regarding UA being female version of Amir Liaquat.. I do stand by it. may be because i have grown up reading Naseem Hijazi . Allama Iqbal and now Maulana tariq Jameel… Its my own opinion and its okay if people dont agree to it.. but i feel she isnt the best of writers to have come out yet.. mazloomiyat ka rona aur usper religon ka tarka thats all she does.. i read man o salwa and i had to leave it in the middle. i started watching Sez and stopped it in the middle .. long debate hai phir kabhi karein gay iss per bhi baat :)

  • shama

    but coming back to UA . i disagre with you anwar and faraz on her not being a good writer because i think she despite some deeply conservative streaks , is also able to bring out why in a deeply patriarchal or feudal or even in a deeply materialist modern society , spiritualism sometimes holds a key to personal journeys, resolutions, salvations and catharsis.

    But i have two basic issues with her , one on gender counts and the other on the thin line between spirituality and religious fundamentalism in her works…

    In both MZZBN and qaid -e-tanhai for instance , i found it deeply troubling that well educated heroines with strong personalities chose to submit to the misery and degradation forced on them by their families, in QEH by the heroines slaving in her in laws family and in MZZBN saba's submittimg to being married off to a strange man in that horrifying manner……but i was moved by their spiritual quests to overcome the moral and physical degradations forced they were subjected to by their own people…..

    In SEZ however , i was more worried in the way the secular is critiqued in a very reductive way showing it merely as a blind empty vain materialism ….. secularism can be deeply ethical, principled and socially responsible too, and we see hundreds of individuals and families around us who despite secular upbringings live lives based on strong ethical and moral cores and a principled understanding of right and wrong , the need for compassion, mutual understanding and respect and selflessnesss….and on the other hand outwardly deeply religious , orthodox and ritualistic set ups where hypocrisy, misogny , dishonesty, intolerance , even cruelty flourishes… while different individuals may seek moral and ethical moorings in both secular lives based on strong principles of liberty, equality, fraternity ……others may seek it in religion and spirituality … long as both are build on principles of both justice, tolerance and love for humanity ………. sorry for this diversion because i was really moved by SEZ in some ways and found it very powerful ( loved your reviews sadaf which i read only recently after watching it all recently too ) and compelling in its spiritual message,

    However UA inabaility at times to bring out the difference between a strong spirituality which brings us closer to god and goodness from a very reductive ritualised normative understanding of how one can achieve it ( for instance some of nani's advices, the implicit criticism of falak's parents for their secular upbringing etc which i saw you and others have pointed out sadaf ) in SEZ disturbed me. So did so many of nani's comments and reservations while at the same time i loved the deep wisdom and understanding in her other observations…..i would have been ok if they'd just been shown as contradictions rather than as normative statements…

    Here strangely enough i was reminded of saba's powerful dialogue in MZZBN when afeen tells her how could his mother who is deeply religious and reads the namaz five times a day lie ? And she says

    " Allah to dilon main rehta hai , aap apne dil se puchiye …..main tavajjoguzzar nahin hun, na mein paanch waqt ki namaaz padti hun, na koi mujhse duaen karata hain , na koi mujhe nek kehta hai lekin phir bhi maine yeh gunah nahin kiya'

  • shama

    @ faraz, sadaf , NK, roh ….between you all , you seem to have covered various ways in which z's recation to osama issue could have been interpreted, recieved and understood. Again faraz while in general i can see your point that a wife's not telling her husband about his best friend proposing to him could become an issue ( by the way , it should apply in the reverse also i.e if wife's best friend has been proposed to by husband before her , it is also very important for wife to know and a sroh points out what about meeting asmara and not telling k etc…. which is why i found your comment a little biased faraz for you as usual were just talking from a guy's perspective ….i wonder why we women are always made to feel the burden of objectivity when we talk about women's issues while men openly state only their perspective without bothering to be gender neutral atleast and expect women to either understand or feel defensive if they dont :) :) …..but anyway i do understand that getting to know that can be an issue faraz in general as a human reaction , but something as everybody points out which should be discussed, talked about and argued and settled …..more so in this case where niether was O deeply in love with K , nor was K really interested in him, it was just that O liked and admired K and thought she could be a good partner and K thought he could make a reasonable husband if she had to marry later….and niether are Z and O those kinds of friends who would give up their partners just because the other was interested in her ( i used to find old bollywood movies based on this yaari theme where two best friends would vie to sacrifice their love for one woman so that their friendship remained intact , deeply misogynist where the poor woman ended up being this evil temptation or the root cause of disrupting sacred male bonds :) )…. so while Nk outlines the general reason why in a more realistic way this could become an issue whether legitimate or not, sadaf was able to point out beuatifully Z's pshyce behind his reaction and roh was able to bring out the double standards involved here …i completely agree with NK that life being what it is and men being what they are, they could have shown it being resolved far more realistically the way she highlights….

    As for shaq not being the real cause behind real everyday marital issues i think sadaf is spot on and twinks your comments are relevant on how it might be more of an issue in the west…. which is not to say that they dont happen in south asia but perhaps they are conducted in different ways and they become more issues which cause ruptures or breaks rather than being part of marital discord on an everyday basis – their far more mundane issues are the cause of most of the disharmony ….

    And i love what you say NK "A marriage is not just rainbows and ponies and nauseating romance. And neither is it all pain and suffering. If two people love each other and choose to be together, they can make it work. That doesn't mean it will be perfect " …….

    and how perceptive of you roh to realise NK's never been married to be able to say that :) :)

  • Huma

    Yes to no 61 on pregnancy issues :)

  • Shalu Mehra

    Thank you Asma, you cleared the pregnancy confusion real well, I also thought the same thing !! Sidra is NOT pregnanat, Rafia is talking about Kasaf's pregnancy all along !

  • Sadaf

    Who said That about Umera , I must have missed it ?

  • Asma Malik

    Assalam o alaikum.. First of all let me appreciate all of you.. Misty, Fatima, Sadaf and Roh jo bhi is site py reviews dety hein I really do acknowledge you all. And thank you so much for giving Pakistani industry your insights towards plays. I actually enjoy reading your reviews a lot and all the long long discussions that goes on sometimes above sixty comments :) Very well done and keep reviewing.. A token of appreciation to readers as well i wonder aap sb hr episode ky baad "mini-reviews" kesy dy dety hein? :) truly admirable!Now let me say why actually i come up with my comment today, as a common reader and as an individual I wanted to share my views on this particular episode :) please allow me to share the scene where most of us are getting confused.

    Rafia: Allah ka laakh laakh shukr hai beta kay wo aulad jesi nemat sy nawaz rha hai tumhein (saaf zahir hai k Kashaf is expecting)

    Kashaf: Aulad jesi ya bety jesi..? (as always biased attitude)

    Rafia: Beta ho ya beti kia farq parhta hai beta.. aulad ko naik hona chaheay farmabardar hona chaheay aur sehatmand hona chaheay..(trying to clear her thoughts) Bs beta meri tou yhe dua hai kay tum jald az jald maa bn jao..(indicating towards that FINALLY maa bn jao means god mein shahzada ya shahzadi ajaey)

    Kashaf: Pehly us bachy ko tou sambhal lun main jo nikah naamy k sath mila hai mjhy..(Zaroon ki waja sy ghussay mein) chaleay ammi is hafty main aur zaroon aengy Sidra sy milny..aap bta dijeay ga k lena kia hai..!(shows sidra pakistan i hue hai aur chunkay yeh aur zaroon islamabad rehty hein isleay usky leay kuch na kuch ly k jaengy jb milny janegy)

    I hope you got the real idea behind that :)

    As far as rest of the epi is concerned I found it like time to get some lessons on reality grounds. Osama bechary ka kia qusur wo tou tha he Zaroon ka dost and he seriously had no idea k zaroon itni se baat ko is trha ly ly ga. Lets not blame writers, why not give them freedom of expression and analyze what they are trying to say actually. Declaring Umera Ahmed female version of Aamir Liaquat is really unfair!

    P.S Do not consider my views as official statements by Hum Tv. These are my personal views that i wanted to share here :)

  • Huma

    I think that the wrong directorial/story turn has been taken because they've changed the story majory from the book and cant handle it properly. Although truth be told, im enjoying the whole serial, mistakes, marital shaq and all, cuz its still diff to thw rest of the plays…. and NK's comment at 53 makes sense.

    In the book kashaf and zaroon meet asmara together, after many years. As asmara was not his fiancee or a major significant other in the book, she (a) does not know they are married, (b) flirts with/hits on zaroon (can u blame her!) (c) disgusts him cuz of it (we all know what a priss he is on women) and he thanks God and shows his appreciation for Kashaf, to Kashaf on the same. In turn Kashaf also thinks how she is not jealous, aoppreciates Zaroon and their marriage, and their marriage is shown to be more solid and stuff. The "shukar" bit as in the caption blurb! The Osama bit is also changed, but let it go further, because i want to see how they handle it here… :)

    Also agree with Anwar Suhail abt UA.

    Meanwhile what was up with Fawad Khan at the Hum Awards? I have my theories acc to lahori gossip but really so sarra hua on stage?? :/ hmph!!

  • Roh

    @NK: No, I would have never guessed you aren't married. :D Your statements were very profound like those which come from a sensible married woman who has dealt with a normal husband (which IMO is a husband who is good but can be a real pain in the neck because he is a man! lol!)

    Apparently there are 3 more episodes to go. UA's official page on FB, as well as an online chat by Sanam Saeed, mentioned there were 4 more to go, and this was before #22 was telecast.

    A big part of my disappointment is what you mentioned as a "well constructed solution" when the reason is is lame and flimsy. I'm not sure what we are going to get which will eventually end in a satisfying "happily ever after".

    It has really dragged on for 2 long. If it wasn't for Fawad Khan, I would have quit a long time ago.

    @Twinks: I noticed that hanging up on the phone as well. And I rolled my eyes and thought "aha! that's Ghazala's bad upbringing there. Bad bad mother. Look how badly affected he is."

  • twinks

    @Sadaf and Roh: thanks for answering my question and not being offended :) I am still disturbed by this trend of showing extra-marital affairs. I tend to think that it is not as commonplace as the dramas are depicting, but again, as you said Sadaf, some of this is for dramatic effect for storyline purposes. I also am coming to believe that a big reason why this is being portrayed in tv shows is because the movie industry in Pakistan is kaput. I was told that they don't make movies anymore in Pakistan, I guess the studios are shut down or something? So the actors have gone either to India or Pakistani tv. I figure a lot of those scripts/storylines etc. which may have previously been produced and portrayed in films are now being shown on tv. What are everyone's thoughts? For instance, I think the remake of Armaan, some big hit that is legend or something from Pakistan film industry, is actually being made for television now, with dance/song routines, everything etc. that has usually been reserved for films.

    @NK: I too wish they would show K learns of Z's last conversation with Asmara

    I wish the show stuck with the whole K daddy issues thing, and before Z became such a jackass I really did want him to read K's diaries, but now….

    Oh, and did anyone else catch how Z hung up on Sir Ibrar!!! What a rude young man! I hope Juneid kicks Z's butt in the next epi!

  • NK

    Does anyone know how many episodes are left of the show?

  • NK

    @SK: Oh, no! I didn't realize they will drag this for so long. I hope it ends by the end of next episode. If they spend so much time building conflict, when are they going to get any time to actually show a well-constructed solution? That's the crux of the show – they show the viewers how to overcome these conflicts. I want them to focus more on Kashaf's flaws in her marriage as well. She needs to start trusting and opening up to Zaroon. To see him as more than her male counterpart that she has to answer to and to realize that he is her partner in this journey of life. Someone she can share her thoughts with, someone who will support her and be there for her no matter what. But how is she supposed to do that when he is always throwing the "man of the house" card in her face?

    @Roh: Thanks for appreciating my thoughts on marriage. Can you tell I'm not married and never have been? Haha. And I enjoyed reading that quote! Trust me, I agree with you. I really do. I was just trying to put another perspective out there. Zaroon is being ridiculous. If they wanted to make a serious issue out of this, they shouldn't have shown this scene. I think it all comes to Zaroon's personality. He really does think wives are supposed to go around their husbands 24/7, doing everything that is asked of them. I hope Kashaf knocks some sense into him.

  • Roh

    @twinks: Most people of SEA origin brought up in the west grow up with this notion that nothing ever goes wrong morally here. Which is a form of denial in some form.

    Everything happens here too. How much it happens in the open and how much is flaunted is the difference. Certain things are human behaviour (as dusgusting and sordid as some things might be), and yes, there are human beings here as well.

    @Sadaf: very well said. Again. :)

    @Sheema: I too think that the technical things could have been much better and have been a huge let down in the overall experience of following the drama.

    @NK: Enjoyed reading your explanation of why Zaroon was so angry/hurt/offended. It probably makes sense, but again we come back to direction and execution. This could have been showed in a way that people would understand that this is what it was. First off, we are dealing with double standards, then the scene is not clear, so many similarities to a blockbuster of a hit drama which everyone remembers, the obvious conclusion one arrives at is "shaq" and anger thereof.

    I totally agree with what you said about marriage as well. I once read a beautiful quote and I will share it with you : " Marriage – as its veterans know well – is the continuous process of getting used to things you hadn't expected."

    Z and K were doing a good job of this till the last episode till smiley boy Usama grinned and yapped. And now, however hurt Z is, (if that is the story) K has clarified to him, hasn't she? besides then they go on to show that all he does is wants to be manaaoed?

    So its a non-issue after all?

    @SK: My thoughts exactly. So many SAHM's are busy with their kitty parties and chiffons and pearls. They have no clue what their kids are doing inspite of being at home. The 1st place a mother is absent will be at a meal. G was there at most meals at the dinning table. Other than one scene, which now in retrospect, I think it was so that Junaid and Zaroon could talk about her.

    I really cannot figure out what Ghazala did for Junaid to say the 3 of them were "badly affected" in such a serious tone. ***rolleyes***

  • SK

    Great Analysis Sadaf…enjoyed reading. Yes housewives can be bad mothers too, doesn't mean theeir being at home makes kids perfect. What if you ate at home but you constantly yell at your children, you think they will grow up normal?

    For one each child is different and having bad personality traits does not mean your mother worked. I see working women try to do even more for their kids, yes some do get spoiled but obviously Zaroon is not spoiled so what exactly didghazala do wrong??? Anyways could go on forever but you guys have discussed it pretty well!

    @NK enjoyed reading your comment. Totally agree, yes he was hurt but could have been solved after one discussion and like you said not dragged. In Saras shaadi they are going to still be mad at eachother from pics I've seen, so I think it will get even worse!

  • NK

    I'm a girl, but I'm afraid that I have to agree with some of the boys on the discussion board here. While I agree that Zaroon needs to stop being so hormonal and grow up now (frankly the mood swings are getting redundant and annoying!), I do think he has a point. Zaroon is showcasing anger, but really, I think he is just hurt. Your best friend proposed to your wife. Your wife rejected him, yes, but you know they have/had some form of a friendship in the past. And neither of them told you. Two people that you feel are close to you, perhaps even the closest. His mind automatically jumps from rationality to negative forms of human emotion: jealousy, betrayal and hurt. Perhaps he feels awkward now about Osama and Kashaf's friendship. Kashaf rejected Osama, but Osama always had a soft spot for Kashaf and probably still does. At the same time, Kashaf rejected Zaroon (I almost typed Ashar! Haha) at first as well. But ultimately, she married HIM. And Zaroon should remember that. I feel like the emotional turmoil was relevant to the plot but I do think it was portrayed incorrectly. The episode started hinting more at Zaroon suspecting Kashaf of betraying him/being unfaithful and questioning her character, whereas I think it was the lack of communication that hurt him. That she didn't tell him herself. And that she didn't understand why it was a big deal for him even when he brought it up. That's the issue that the director should have focused on. And they should have solved it at the end of this episode instead of dragging it out for another week! *rolls eyes*

    It's unfortunate that Pakistani dramas always have to touch upon someone in a marriage being unfaithful or someone being wrongly accused of being unfaithful. A marriage is difficult enough without these issues being brought up in every single show! I was excited about Zindagi Gulzar Hai because I thought – finally! A show that focuses on what happens after marriage (because happy endings aren't real!) and how two people (BOTH husband and wife) must put in the effort to make a marriage work. I wish the show would stop bringing up new plotlines and really focus on Kashaf and Zaroon's marriage. This show could have left viewers with a good social message if only they got their act together earlier. A marriage is not just rainbows and ponies and nauseating romance. And neither is it all pain and suffering. If two people love each other and choose to be together, they can make it work. That doesn't mean it will be perfect – because there will be ups and downs, but they will work things out without engaging in extramarital affairs or getting divorced. Communication. Communication. Communication. That is what I wish this show would focus on. People need to see that more often.

    Kashaf needs to open up and let her guard down. Zaroon needs to be kicked off his high male horse and reminded that Kashaf will not tolerate his male supremacy attitude. It's almost sad of how forgiving I am of characters like Ashar and Zaroon just because Fawad Khan is playing them! Haha. I felt bad for Zaroon's mom in this episode. A long life of thinking you're doing things for the people you love and then the realization that you have done nothing but disappointed them. Sigh.

    P.S. I will be extremely angry if Zaroon doesn't tell Kashaf about his meeting (even if accidental) with Asmara! The hypocrisy needs to stop.

  • Sheema

    @sadaf , I really appreciate your input , and agree with your observations and analysis , I guess Hum TV dramas are generally gearing towards this shaq, extra marital affair etc etc … even if it s happening then its happening in very few numbers, us Pak TV viewers ( most of us ) are so use to see REALITY in our dramas that we don't like to see this FILMY scenarios, and rightly so as our dramas use to be very intelligently done , mixing entertainment with food for thoughts. ZGH touched reality very appropriately but then came in the commercial aspects and this is where MD productions loose there focus, so much emphasis on the lead actor then then the characters and that irritated me personally big time….. The damage is done , after giving good episodes in the beginning , they tried to drag it to 26 episodes rather then sticking to the time line and story wasted atleast 3/4 episodes in useless scenes , now there is no time left for a clean finish … I wold not say its all bad but unfortunately technical mistakes have been made despite having actors who did there character flawlessly .

    On the side note , I was watching Hum TV awards ( forwarding as much as I could ) and ROFL on seeing Sheheryarr ( or what ever his name is who is doing Osama,s character ) getting BEST NEW COMER !!!! Ha ha ha ha …OMGEEEEEEE Hum TV has gone mad….

  • Annie

    Great comments Sadaf. We were all wishing there was more to the fight than the nitrous oxide (thanks Maria!) Induced Osama. UA has written much better scripts than this.

  • Ehsan

    @Anwar Suhail: I respect your opinion and agree to some extent but more for her work I appreciate her contribution for the revival of Pakistani dramas as she has played a great role, anyways this is a long debate, let's just enjoy ZGH for now.

  • Sadaf

    @twinks I am glad my comment gave you encouragement ;) I can see where you are coming from in your analysis , I used to think the same way when I was younger especially as I have lived in the West most of my adult life, But Human nature is a starnge stubborn thing which refuses to conform to any culture or heed any adminshen from God or society. As I got married and the the screen provided by my parents and family was removed , I realized that people are the same every where. I used to be incredulous at dramas in which a woman was unfaithful or seemed to show any kind of sexual independence … South Asian culture seems to make it impossible..? er… WRONG there are plenty of women out there who do the same thing as men And yes I have witnessed cases ….Don't underestimate us desi girls ;)

    All this Shaq stuff is pretty disgusting and is constantly used by writers for dramatic effect. It worked in Humsafar because as I said Khirad and Asher were comparative strangers and even then it required a huge conspiracy on the part of fareeda to make it work . Even then , Asher ka zameer nahin maantha that Khirad could actually do that …(Uh Oh on a Humsafar jag……will stop now ) I cannot answer for entire swathes of society but I think the way Sara and Farhan's marriage broke up is more realistic of Divorces these days, Marital problems a re way more mundane than you would suppose. Usually it is about expectations . The bride and groom are so excited about the wedding they forget about the simplest quetions to ask about the actual marriage . In the old days people tended to tough it out like DUrr Eshehwar but now people take the easier option .

  • twinks

    @#37 and #38, great points!!

    I think that the show is indicating that if a woman works out of necessity (ie Rafia) then it is ok, but she must still do all the housework and be a domestic goddess in the words of Roseanne Barr. But if she works for any other reason, especially if her husband is rich (i.e. Ghazala) then she is selfish. Any thoughts on this?

    @Sadaf: Thanks for bringing up the issue of "shaq" I have been dying to ask a question been afraid to, but your comment has given me courage so here it goes….I was not raised in South East Asia (SEA) but was raised with the belief that cultural issues, including those in marriage, are different between the West and SEA. In SEA in-law issue and joint family system is a HUGE source of marital discourse, thus it is often portrayed in dramas, (Sas-Baouh, sp?), whereas in Western cultures (especially those folks who are non-Muslim) marital discord more commonly stems from other issues, like extra-marital affairs. So I have always held firm in my belief that extra-marital affairs basically do no occur in SEA or in Muslim households. Once in a blue moon, but EXTREMELY rare. I mean, geez! A male and female don't routinely/traditionally even shake hands in Pakistan as matter of introduction, so how the heck do you get to the point of an affair? However, I have only seen 2 recent dramas (Humsafar and ZGH), both of which are addressing this issue with 'shaq.' So here is my question….has this become a big problem in Pakistan? If not, why are they showing it in dramas, it looks like it is becoming part of main stream life over there. If you consider all those Sas-Bhau dramas, that really is true to life because so many marriages endure that problem. I am wondering is there a rise in this extramarital affair stuff, which is why they are portraying it with this frequency?

    I personally do not know of one case where a Pakistani women betrayed her husband (at least not in my circle of community, in the area where I live) but it seems to be commonplace of an issue that it is accepted in Pakistani dramas. Is that because it has become a common enough of a problem over there? Men cheating on their wives however, is another story, unfortunately, and I am familiar with some of those cases.

    Thanks, don't mean to offend any Pakistanis out there. Just trying to gauge where the society stands right now.

  • Faraz

    and i feel that UA only sells emotions, as well as religion to stay popular… thats all.. i can go up to an extent and say that she is the female version of Amir Liauqat..

  • anwar.suhail


    Thanks for polite reply. But I'm not judging her on basis of ZGH. In fact I'm enjoying ZGH despite it's flaws, and I was actually more critical of SeZ.

    I'm well aware that UA is popular writer and I do apologise to all her fans. But I find her biased, judgemental, dated and retrogressive.

  • Roh

    @Sadaf: I couldn't agree more with both your posts above. Very well said, indeed!

  • Ehsan

    @ Saima and @ Anwar Suhail: It is true that ZGH has not lived up to the expectations in terms of script and perhaps Umera Ahmad had disappointed this time but it will be wrong to make a petition or judge her on a single show. The messages in daam, MZZB, SeZ and DeS all were logically strong and had brilliant dialogoues, the scripts were widely appreciated and were convincing enough. And let's not forget that it were her these works that made her popular and hence made us look forward to this show. So let's not be critical of her previous works which have been great but ZGH certainly is not in the same category, I hope she continues writing scripts better than ZGH.

  • Sadaf

    @tinni I think we are expecting too much of Zaroon to simply be that sensible but really a small argument was all that was required.,if anything . How about not having this "shaq" issue at all . Zaroon has known Kashaf for quite some time how could he suddenly become suspicious? Men are not that stupid . Umera Ahmed's heroes are never really heroes , for some reason they are always some kind of jerk waiting to happen. To some people Farhat Ishtiaq's heroes may seem unbelievable (I have been told)but I personally find them more true to life. Yes some men are bad and some are good. The majority are just like us women with a piece of saint and sinner inside of them . Again this is all about Kashaf being totally perfect and everyone else making mistakes not her. Even Khirad had her weak points as in pride and and inability to communicate her feelings because of it .Not Kashaf though despite the glaring faults in her personality as i cynicism , inability to trust ,ingratitude etc… but she faces no consequences of her own actions only the consequences of other character's actions.

  • Sadaf

    I thnink Sheem's comment has got to the heart of the matter. I agree that it seemed Like Umera Ahmed had taken a very interesting topic that of working women and balancing life but some how it all changed to show Kashaf as nonstop perfect and Mazloom. I really liked the contrast betwen Ghazalla and Rafia. Ghazalla did make mistakes but she was not Murtaza and when are these adult children going to take any responsibility for their own actions?

    I had really expected that since this was about Kashaf's insecurities that it would be her career oriented attitude that would ultimately upset Zaroon. I had thought Kashaf was so afraid of being a "rate ki Dewar" she would become a bit like Ghazalla and concentrate too much on being independent and would slowly come to the realisation that no, Zaroon was reliable and it was OK to be vulnerable and that not every wife suffers by being a little dependent . That she would allow for the importance of home and family without losing her sense of self protection which she tries to preserve because of her father's neglect. That would have followed the overall themes in the story . I realise that Umera Ahmed is the writer and she can do as she pleases but this "shaq" thing is so totally non sequitur and that "Zaroon falling into suspicion scene"so reminiscent of Humsafar that Sultana Appa may owe Sarmad Khoosat royalties on it.If Umera Ahmed'd other work was like this I might understand but Dramas like Daam , Qaid E Tanhai , Durr E Shewaar and SEZ MZZBN show what a good writer she is and I am at a loss to understand what is going on .

    There are plenty of working women out there who do great jobs of being a wife and mother and some who don't . There are Plenty of housewives who are bad wives and mothers and plenty who are great wives and mothers . Given the power of this medium and it's reach to all strata of society I had really expected more …perhaps I am too demanding but the high standards of previous dramas have led me to those expectations.

    I am an old married woman , I know buckets of married women and have done my fair share of counselling newly wed relatives and friends BUT I have yet to meet ONE , Just ONE married couple in which such Shaq aur Shubahat" played a role in their problems … Ok maybe there was one couple but that was it and they quite rightly got divorced. It seems Hamarey beycharey Fawad Ki Screen wives itney Najkhrey karti hain key voh har waqt shaq mein hi parhey rehtey hai…. Yes I know angry Fawad makes for good viewing :p But please enough already

  • fariha

    beautiful drama,love it,episode 22 was closed to real life situations,congratulations to the whole team.

  • Mona S

    ZGH is just an average show at best. You can not compare it with UA's previous work like Daam, DES & SEZ, which were all great.

  • Roh

    @Annie: I can bet you are bang on target, as you have always been. After all that, we will be left with a "happily ever after".

    Well at least we have 3 more weeks of all this fun together.

    @Sheema: We all took a few moment to react and then as you can see, our hearts have come pouring out. Glad you chipped in with your bit as well. The portrayal of Ghazala's character only getting the blame in dialogues and nothing else falling into place with the accusations have been one of my pet peeves right from the beginning.

  • @Sadaf: Well it seems the credit of bringing up Sara and Zaroon goes to Junaid for he is having all the love and sympathies of his children. I mean they are suddenly realising that their mother is worhless and father a martyr of all sorts…grrrrrrrr…..this is one character which is very badly written…When Ghazala is giving so much importance to her career she must be having made quite a bit on the top, Junaid is a businessman and it is well known business can go up and down and many a times wives take up alternative career to support her husband and family, maybe Ghazala does something like that…they could have easily shown how proud her children are of her…I mean her being very different than Rafia but somewhere they both doing it for family and making their children proud in the process. Zaroon wants a working woman as a wife, it shows he is open minded in many respects.

    Regarding Osama's proposal to Kashaf and Zaroon getting upset over it…well I wanted Zaroon to act like the way he did it with his mother when she told him about the money …he could have told Osama no I do not know about it and it does not matter as it is her life….I also accept Kashaf not telling Osama's proposal to Zaroon is kind of awkward but at the same time him wanting to know is not a big deal…if he would have asked her casually instead of making such a huge issue I am sure Kashaf would have opened up more readily and maybe confessed the whole issue including her comtemplating of marrying Osama to avoid Zaroon!

  • Sheema

    Hello every body !!! After watching the episode I was like " am I watching the wrong tape ??? They must have wrongly put the tape or cd of whatever they use , of "IRRELEVANT" or " CHOPPED SCENES" …. what was that ??? Only one thing comes to mind , just like in the real world it's all about "OIL" , the treatment of ZGH by HUMTV is all about " TRP" and MILKING THE COW until its dead ….. I am refusing to believe that Sultana Appa ( Appa iss liye likha as Siddiquie likhna mushkil laga ) directed this episode , did the all deliberately do this ??? they are all intelligent people themselves , I mean the actors , didn't they say something ??? All the issues came up in one single episode on top of each other , all these scenes could have been easily pointed out in last three episodes or even before that when they wasted time after b/w episode 13 to 15 or some where .

    The other major disappointment is that I am yet again refusing to believe that UA has to do anything with the write up of each episode , her novels clearly gives to time line , as in you are always part of the plot , you feel you are in the scene with the character , but here it's more to do with " let's get more and more and more "out of 26 episode … The novel clearly showed the time line through diary writing " 3 week Kay baad" , even months , you still felt you are there with the character ….

    I want to know the meaning of CONSERVATIVE ! What is being conservative and LIBERAL … I am confused …. and also working women scenario … I think what UA was trying to portray was the way Rafia and Gazals differs and are similar ! I don't know what to make of it , but I am some what offended , I am an extreme working women , extreme in a sense that work both at home and business and like me most of my friends are , and I refuse to take the blame from my kids in future that I was not there ! They have ruined the whole great effort in one single episode …

    After the episode I was looking forward to " what would misty say , what would Rooh say , what would Fatima say " but yaar you guys were late toh I thought " everyone seems to be in shock too "

    Enjoyed each comment more then the episode .. I guess they just wanted to give FK angry hero look again … But for me Sanam Saeed is getting better and better in acting .. If it wasn't for the actors this would have been worst … I am highly highly disappointed with Sultana Siddiqui and her team ( minus the actors as they followed what they are told )

  • Sadaf

    @Annie most of your predictions have come true so I now bow to your prophetic vision BTW cracking up at the Preggo reference :)

  • Sam

    While I agree with the rest & most of your review, job well done. I do think that Zaroon could have a stir of jealousy / misunderstanding as its still an arranged marriage out of choice (he did not date Kashaf, right) no matter how long he knew Kashaf from a distance. I also think Kashaf needs to start acting like a wife and return Zaroon some love and reassurance. I am sick of her stiff neck attitude.

    Zaroon is being a cute darling.

  • anwar.suhail


    Totally agree with you. UA has always been judgemental, and rather confused about class difference. For a minute I'll ignore these obvious flaws. What I can't ignore is that she writes only for "undergraduates" , lacking any depth or profoundity. Her stories lack any lesson, completely devoid of critical thinking.

    Apologies to all her fans but I find her a mediocre writer.

  • twinks

    Okay, so I have lost my comments twice now, ugh!

    So real briefly now:

    @Roh, you are hysterical #22

    @Misty: thanks for sharing the comment from youtube, lol!

    @Sadaf: thanks, yes, I get it now what Chalak means, lol! (sometimes the whole Urdu-English is confusing), Anyhow, I thought it was the name of some sort of magazine where FK made the comment you referred to. Is there some sort of interview of FK out there? I do wonder if those comments were made as a clever CYA attempt :)

    @Roh: I have always thought the best way to bring the story to full completion would be if K has a daughter and Z at this point has finally figured out his wife's daddy issues and K is very secure in her marriage and sees Z as a great a dad to her daughter, (to me, Asher gets the Olympic gold medal for that! Every girl deserves to have a dad as tender and devoted as Asher was to Hareem!)

  • saima

    Awesome review to a third-class episode!! I have one request to people.Once ZGH is over, let us make a petition to stop Umera Ahmed from writing further screen plays. This drama had a huge potential to become a success with the social message and romance but UA's judgmental and politically incorrect narrative just ruined the show for me :(

  • Hana

    Glad at least that Kashaf is no Khirad!!

  • Hana

    In the promo for the upcoming episode, Z asks his dad something like 'how would it make you feel if you came to know someone else had proposed to your wife before you?' Junaid's answer is spot on: 'I would count myself lucky'… Really if Zaroon thinks about it, Osama always held a candle for Kashaf and in their university days, was always looking out for her. It's not entirely surprising then that he would propose to her. The fact that she rejected him to begin with and ended up marrying Z speaks volumes, particularly as she had some long term reservations about him. (You've got to wonder though, if Osama had not announced to K that he was marrying someone else, would they have ended up together?)

    K did downplay the extent of the issue with Z when she spoke to Sir Abrar. Not sure whether this was because she was shy about it or because there was a speck of guilt on her part?

    Agree review was more entertaining than ep, thanks Misty. Z has definitely morphed in to Ashar!! Lol.

  • Annie

    @Roh – btw LOVED reading your comments!!! I was laughing when you were trying to make sense out of the nonsensical ;)

    Prediction wise – next week is Sara's shaadi and a little more of the fighting mixed in there along w/ K's preggo news. 2 weeks from now Z somehow finds out K is pregnant – probably thru Sara or Sidra and is ecstatic, realizes his mistake and becomes a changed man! Last episode – K has twin girls, freaks out that Z would leave her because they are not boys but then Abba comes back in the pic and apologizes for his 25 years of negligence. K forgives him (almost) now that Zindagi is gulzar and Z promises that he will not forget the rules marte dum taak.

    @Misty – my advice for Z on another forum was that he should join the Silvatein sisters as he would fit right in ;)

  • Sadaf

    Chalaq means clever in a bad way

  • superb…

  • a girl

    i agree a wasted episode…. editing and direction flaws

  • Misty

    I had to share this with everyone, someone commented on a youtube video and it had be in splits:

    "zaroon's mood swings over meaningless issues indicates he himself got pregnant not kashaf :( "

  • Roh

    @Annie: thanks for the chuckle – keema is perfect. What are your predictions for the next 3 episodes?

  • Annie

    LOL! OH MAN MARIA YOUR REVIEW HAD ME IN SPLITS!!!!! Thank you for reviewing this qeema of an episode. What a complete waste of time.

  • Roh

    @twinks: I gave up trying to figure out the timelines many many moons ago.

    Chalo, let me give you something more to think about. So Murtuza left Rafia because she had 3 daughters and no sons. In the maze and madness of the timelines, Shenila and Hammad ended up being the same age. So……that means that……yes, what does that mean?

    lol. I'm not even going there.

    And never mind that Z told K so confidently a while ago, that she doesn't have to be jealous of his girlfriends of the past, because she is his wife now. Obviously, the same is not reciprocated to K, even when she tells him that if she was interested in Usama, she would have married him. He is her husband, but I guess nothing makes sense to him now because there has to be a story. ****rolleyes****

    The more I think about these glitches and loopholes, the more my brains pain.

  • twinks

    @Roh: Once again, I agree with you like a million percent! Rock on sister! Rock on!!!!!

    I am wondering, is there any way to get some of these comments to Hum TV? I think they need to get a clue as to where their audience is and how critical editing is. It always amazes me when there are such huge holes in the show. I mean, we are lay people and see them, why can't the professionals?

    @Sadaf, what is Chalak?

    As for Z's behavior, well, the epi just confirmed for me that he hadn't changed at all, all the evolution and growing up in terms of the relationship has been coming from Kashif's side. And regarding his thoughts that K should tell him everything, well he wasn't exactly up front with how things ended with Asmara. I think so much of this nonsense would have/should have been figured out during the engagement. But, since there is no real time line here, I would say it could be everything between the engagement and now is happening over 3 months. Why do I think that? Well, that's based on some realism. Sidra showed up from US for Shaneela's engangement and hasn't left yet. K got engaged and married to Z during the same time, if we assume that Sidra didn't go back to the US and make another trip, but rather was just still in town. Well, the US to Pakistan air ticket is basically valid for 3 months round trip, unless of course you pay extra extend trip etc. Given Sidra's hubby is a med resident, well, I'm thinking he's saying "come back after 3 months honey!" Ha! ha!

    Seriously, the time frame and everything is so whacked! Plus, this whole K being pg had me burst out laughing!!!! I mean, she's been married for what, 1 month? and half of that time living in a different city than Z. On the other hand, Sidra has been married longer and no such news yet (maybe her doc hubby was making sure of that, ha! ha!), and of course Sarah was married to Farhan and divorced with no baby. Guessing that Z and K haven't heard of protection, lol! Sorry, don't mean to get too crass here but this storyline at this point in the show is just nuts!

  • Sadaf

    I constantly hear about the attraction of " bad boys " personally I hate them . When I hear stuff like this about people who value relationships , who are sincere and loving that is what wins my admiration .

  • Roh

    @Bina: lol at the big bad wolves! :D

    @Sadaf: I'll never forget how much I laughed when I read that in your review!

    Oh yes I heard those comments about thinking about his wife for his onscreen romances. Nooooooo! He's not a maqar, he is one of those sweetest, most devoted, non-zaroonish husbands in the world. And I really think they make the sweetest couple.

  • Sadaf

    @ROH how sweet you remembered … yes only a feather for Fawad nothing more but everyone else is going into the cement mixture . Has evreyone read those Chalak comments about how when he is romancing on screen he is thinking about his wife … I think it was at the shawkat Khannum fundraiser or something …. Now either he really is the most Maqar person in the Universe or its true and it is just too adorable …They are such a cute couple and I for one love them both .

  • Sadaf

    @Faraz I hear you man … we need that male perspective now and then to keep things in balance… hmm actually I can understand this thing making Zaroon uncomfortable even upsetting him but as I said it should have been dealt with in one episode as in they talk , argue and get over it because if that s an Issue Asmara is an even bigger one .I think the real issue is Zaroon holding Kashaf up as a paragon . He married her because she was this spotless mirror in which his image alone was going to be reflected. I remember saying something to the effect a few episodes back as to how MR always first Zaroon Junaid will handle finding out he was second choice after Usama… as yet he does not even know he was second choice and yes he is handling it badly . Kashaf is a living , breathing , human being with thoughts and emotions not a decoration piece with a peerless history. This is the trouble with bad boys they cannot stand the thought of marrying someone else's girfriend even though they pass their own on to everyone else.

    Poor old Kashaf all her life she did nothing at all but still has to face this third degree questioning .Usama is a complete idiot , how are they friends again?

  • Badia

    I think only plausible explanation to zaroon's stupidity cud be the fact tht he expects a lot from his wife as he himself saud in one of the earlier episodes. So he expects kashaf to tell him everything from A-Z esp abt things tht concern him. Coming to knw tht his dear friend osama proposed to his wife before he did is something hard to digest fir somebody like zaroon. It places one in a v awkward position if ones friend has proposed to ones wife. Believe me its really really different if ur friend lived ur wife n wanted to marry her.. Had it been anybody else it wudnt hv mattered to zaroon but knwing his friend liked his wife to an extent tgt he went on to propose to her has hurt his pride and might eventually be an end to his friendship wd osama. No matter hw much i hated zaroon fr picking a fight on such a petty issue i cnt agree wd him more fr expecting from his wife to tell him everything. Honestly i think a husband shud knw everything abt his wife so he may b in a position to protect her if need be just as wife has a right to knw everything abt her husband.. Having said tht mutual understanding is v imp as is trust to build a strong happy relationship..

  • Bina

    @ Amwar.sohail; LOL, my sentiments exactly. At 1st I thought u were serious, but then I understood u were being sarcastic. Loved how uve put ur comment. Just because this drama is written by UA, produced by MD & directed by SS, we can not say anything bad, bcoz big bad wolves will come eat us….hehehe.

  • SK

    Maria…great Review!!.. Totally agree, more later!!

    Faraz… I think Roh answered you very well. Maybe Osama being his best friend should have told him earlier…what was the point now???

  • Roh

    @Faraz: :D Now you're asking for it! :D Leh, ab goli kha! :D (as my husband would say!)

    What makes you think its not important for a girl to know about the guy's past? Didn't Kashaf say that to Abrar when he was convincing her to marry Zaroon? Didn't she say that she too wanted a guy with a clear past and a record of good character?

    If guys get miffed about that, let me tell you that girls can really get miffed about the small white lie of evasion that Zaroon met Asmara and was evidently disturbed. We could see it, and Kashaf could hear it.

    And till the last episode, they were still getting to know each other and had begun communicating more. If Zaroon was so obsessed with Kashaf's "good character", he should have asked her in the beginning itself about all the proposals that came for her, and whatever else he wanted to know, before marrying her. Its a pretty common thing in arranged and love marriages. So he presumes she is the perfect wife for him, has all the qualities of a "good wife". Based on what? The way she dresses and because she doesn't stay out till late? And now all those qualities are gone because a friend also proposed to her and she rejected it? Zaroon needs a good shake. But quoting Sadaf's review of Ashk, he needs a gentle one with a feather, because he is Fawad. (and the others need it in the cement mixer!) :D

  • Maryam

    Your drama review was hilarious and spot on! Im disappointed to say the least where there was so much potential.

  • Faraz

    Kashf is sooo wrong here …. and rest of you as well who think it wasnt a big deal. for a guy to know that his best friend had proposed Kashf earlier is a big problem. Kashf should have told this to Zaroon even before accepting his proposal. its a big issue man i dont know why you girls are taking it lightly..

    Zaroon is hurt and his ego is hurt as well.. and to be honest i am telling you right now how serious is this thing for a guy…. serious to an extent that if kashf would have told this to Zaroon before their marriage,. zaroon would have thought over this rishta twice despite liking kashf alot..

  • anwar.suhail

    Nice Review BUT I've to disagree with you on all points.

    Best episode so far. Unbelievable, superb.

    Thanks to UA, story is beginning to make sense eventually. Zaroon and Osama couldn't find one 'shareef" girl in their class. Now Sara had has also selected a conservative guy. Ghazala being stoned right left and centre for perusing a career.

    Zaroon is balanced mature guy who is laying down ground rules only for ladies.

    Grateful to Hum and Umara Ahmed for this captivating, enlightening episode.

    Icing on the cake……Nigar's eye make up, absolutely divine, I 'm still ecstatic.

    We are going through Renaissance

  • Roh

    I need to add. Kashaf again talked about Zaroon being a bachcha today. Sometime ago he was a baby. ***rolleyes*** then she may as well go and manao him, right? Why is she expecting equality and whatever else from him?

    uff….contradictions, contradictions, contradictions is thy name, ZGH!

  • Roh

    Misty! Your review was marvelous. It actually was the only thing that made the episode worth the painful watch. I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I am. I agree with you, Sadaf, Tinni, Shama, Twinks and Laiba, on every point.

    Nigaar and her eye shadow made me cringe. Maybe Rafia was looking frightened because of that.

    Other than Nigaar and Kashaf, every single character was inconsistent. There were contradictions after contradictions. If not in the storyline itself from episode #1, then in this very episode. Only Nigaar stayed around food, and Kashaf stuck to her stance. Thank goodness for that. I loved the way she let Z have it. (If compromise is the main message, “baithe bithaye” are the key words, then contradiction is my grouse!)

    The bloopers stole the show and left me feeling really sad about the execution of the drama. I guess we made excuses for the whole thing, given that the king of romance Fawad Khan, made us swoon over Zaroon in the last few episodes, and we hoped that it would not go back to square 1 in terms of treatment of the script, but sadly it most definitely has. Today, even the” romance and the building of a new relationship” seems to be forced and shoved in for the heck of it.

    Zaroon gets away by lying about why he was sounding low on the phone after meeting Asmara, but he’s freaking on that proposal from Usama? Where have his rules gone? He finally spilt the beans and told K what was troubling him, she explained and gave valid reasons and justifications, as well as told him that he was making a mountain of a mole hill, but no! Seems he wants an ego massage! Go Kashaf! Don’t give it to him. He deserves to be ignored.

    Then Kashaf, who doesn’t talk to anyone, confides in Abrar about a row, and he in turn tries to play counselor. Zaroon hangs up rudely on an Uncle/teacher. I suppose that is how “badly affected” he and Sara and Junaid are from Ghazala’s bad parenting and being a good wife.

    Junaid needs a whack. They must have celebrated 25 years of marriage by now, and after the silver jubilee, he decides to agree with his chit of a daughter on what kind of marriage he has? What in the world is his definition of “badly affected”? Is parenting only a mother’s job? The father is a wimp, has no voice of his own, and he gets away with it? They say boys emulate from their father, in that case, Junaid needs a harder whack because of his egoistic, insensitive, rude, insecure, chauvinistic son.

    If Ghazala was such a bad mother, Zaroon, would have been a spoilt brat and wouldn’t have stayed an hour in Rafia’s house, let alone a night without electricity and with machchars.

    In this very episode, listen to conversation 1 between Ghazala and Sara and then again at conversation 2 between both of them. Once Sara says it’s her fault, and Ghazala says it was Farhans. In the next Sara says she is not blaming her mother, and G says it was Sara’s fault too! Sara is insolent and rude. She has no business to tell her mother about what her parents’ marriage is.

    I have to vent, and this might be long. But here are my questions, which I think have no answers, but I will be happy if you want to chip in with your imagination.

    So was Asmara in Islamabad last week? And did Usama also land up there this week? If I’m not mistaken Nigaar has been with food/drink or in the kitchen in every single scene. What’s with her and food? What did Zaroon say he knows about when Usama said that Kashaf must have told him? And Sara now wants to marry another childhood friend because its over a year since his divorce and he doesn’t have kids and she wants to settle for a “conservative” life now? What was that friends name? Khufraan?

    Didn’t Rafia speak to Kashaf as though she (K) was pregnant? And then she says she hopes K will become a mother soon? and then what happened? K will find out in the next episode that she is going to have twins (Lip sync) or did I not understand the dialogues there at all?

    When K is talking to herself she says that no matter how hard she tries to make the relationship work, there is always something from his side. Ummm…..have I missed something else?

    I can go on and on and on. Too many things like Humsafar – some dialogues and the music as well, when Zaroon hangs up on Abrar.

    Like Sadaf mentioned above, Ashar didn’t know Khirad. Here, Zaroon chose her for whatever and then he acts like this 2 year old who is not getting his way. If, for whatever reason, his kaata had khiskoed, they spoilt it again with that puppy dog dialogue of “if only she manaaoed me, I would have got manaaoed?” Really?

    For a man who handled his mother and wife in such a mature way, on money issues, this is so lame. It just seems to be an excuse because we have to have some trouble. Makes “Chai ka cup” the big thing to accept the proposal loaded with reason! ***shaking my head***

    I don’t mind the story and would have even accepted the stereotypes, if only the story was consistent. Very, very disappointed.

  • Laiba

    U said it all =D …. All I can say is… Ur review was sooooooooo much better than the episode itself …. It cracked me up …lol … Dnt these ppl watch the episodes after shooting them??? O.o

  • shama

    @ misty . great review as always :) , you touched upon all the things which ticked me off .

    @ sadaf . I agree they should have shown specifically what was wrong in ghazala's upbringing and in what manner did she neglect home at cost of work in a way that doesnt discriminate in sending the message that its basically the women's duty to sacrifice career for family and anyone who doesnt is selfish and a bad mother and wife. This is such an old cliche argument women have been protesting against for so long in terms of its double standards, the way it discriminates so deeply against women that it wearies me out even to state the obvious : why is it ok to celebrate workaholic self made men who are often bad husbands and fathers because of the material comforts their earnings provide while its not ok if women do the same. Where both husband and wife work ,they BOTH have to balance work and family and share duties in terms of household work, bringing up children , providing emotional and moral support and so on.

    Infact except for some degree of assertiveness and wilfulness and a certain class conciousness, there's nothing so wrong with ghazala as she has been portrayed. She's fairly liberal, has been there engaging , discussing with her children on all important career and personal decisions they've made, where she's pointed out her reservations and given her opinions but also ultimately allowed them to make their own choices . And despite expressing all kinds of reservation to zaroon about his marriage with kashaf and some degree of class conciousness, she's been overall couteous with kashaf and even acknowledged and appreciated her efforts.

    Maybe they are showing how difficult it is for women in any set up , however liberal, to escape such judgements – in which case they should show some vindication of what she did right also instead of blaming all flaws and faults in Z and S's characters on her.

    As for sara , i couldnt agree more with all you've said sadaf and what you've pointed out misty – i just dont understand this – realising that marriage is about mutual accomodation does not mean that you go ahead and then go to the otherr extreme of marrying a conservative man where presumably only you would have to make all the compromises….

    As for zaroon's idiotic behaviour , i have no words….

    Though i liked the preview – both junaid saying he would have felt lucky if he'd come to know what zaroon's come to know and the way Kashaf was having that tit for tat bedroom conversation with Z letting him fume while dozing off herself – made me laugh :) ….. also loved what K said in her own self reflection – how not bowing down and begging or compromising in this matter was both a question of principle for not only did it attack her dignity, it also was deeply hurtful that Z could make an issue out of something like this…..

  • twinks

    @Misty: Fan-freakin-tastic review!!! Pretty much agree with all that you said and the way you said it has me laughing :) And Kudos to your bro for bringing up the marital rules set by Mr. Z himself *thumbs up* Isn't he lucky that Miss k didn't even throw them in his face?

    This show could have chosen to stick with 2 main issues and bring the stories to full completion in a well fleshed out story line: K's fears about men and daddy issues, and Z's chauvinism/double standard, 2 real life issues that truly impact millions. And embedded within both of these stories the whole 'be appreciative for what you have" core message could have been included for both Z and K. However I feel like we are all over the place.

    I think this is a major flaw of far too many shows….build up a storyline and then throw in a bunch of other stuff and then quickly draw the show to a close in a few epis. Looks like that is what we will have here, I think there are only a few epis left, and yet we had how many epis of them in the university? Feels like we have more episodes devoted to building up problems and hardly any to actually resolving them. So for me, the show will feel rushed in its conclusion. In contrast, I feel like Humsafar did a good job of story developing and resolutions, you know the 5 parts of a plot: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution/denouement. And it kept its focus.

    Like you said Misty, the dialogue of UA are good, but the plot development and movement are just really nonsensical to me. It's really a shame, as ZGH had great potential but got lost in the last 2 epis for me.

    Time line is out the window on this show, as so many others have said. Sidra supposedly already left, which is why Z came over to their home the last time. to say goodbye. And now she's here? And why the heck didn't she show old Nigaar and bro the door if she was there?

    @Sadaf: I've been laughing about the long sleeves on Sarah! I guess when you get divorced that is what you are supposed to do…go from wearing sleeveless to sleeves in order to land a man, LOL! And I can't help but think, if this new guy is from a conservative family, are they really going to support a marriage with Sarah, given the life choices she's made and her history?

    Regarding the larger question of working women and being "too liberal," and the preachiness of this show to the female audience about this topic, I do wonder what do the female actresses involved with the show think of all these messages, especially as to how it may relate to how they choose to live their own lives?

  • Misty

    *ate half the bucket of icecream* getting a fever again just because i stared at Nigar aunty's eyeshadow a little more closely! serves me right!

  • Sadaf

    @Tinni this whole Ghazalla thing is so unreal. If she was a bad mother they should have shown it better it is so half baked . Zaroon and Sara have better manners than Kashaf . Both are educated and their family seems more close and communicating a lot more than Kashaf's family yet they were badly brought? I agree about Ghazallas behaviour in those scenes but then there is a fault in the story line by not showing the effects of it . Besides this is getting old and boring it is too much Deja VU from Sheher e Zaat .

  • Sadaf

    Thanks for that great review Maria but we need them sooner rather than later Please … Having said that good things come to those who wait and you have raised some very valid points . First the Ghazalla track .after wasting our time with the murtaza love triangle ( Rafia and Nigaar) we are now sorting out the Ghazalla Junaid marriage. This is completely stupid , having little miss Spoiled princess telling off her mother for not being a good wife or mother, as if Sara had no part in the ruin of her own marriage.At the risk of repeating myself from a comment on another blog , what suddenly makes Sara better? The full sleeves she is wearing ? What has she done to grow and mature as a person .. as far as I know she has no job , hardly anything above the standard BA and still wonders around the house or buys new clothes. What is this …ahem cough cough new higher spiritual plane she is inhabiting , the one where you magically find a conservative new man ? So since this is not an arranged marriage newly improved Sara and Mr conservative must have been dating to get to a point where they are now considering marriage …well sorry that makes no sense to me .One thing I will say is that Ayesha Omar is a good actress and has done her job well.

    Then we have the trumped up excuse for Kashaf and Zaroon's argument . Ok so Usma was an idiot and told zaroon . Zaroon was an even bigger idiot and started brooding over it , he and kashaf have it out and it should have been over .. so over This is so not a realistic argument to have for a married couple.What I could not stand was the way the camera Zoomed in and we had that suspicious Asher Scene.please why would she marry you if she wanted Usama, Zaroon you idiot .

    Zaroon has known Kashaf for a long time whereas Asher hardly knew Khirad so it was not hard for him to be insecure. I had really thought since this serial had themes of female education etc the conflict would be balancing home and work life.

    At laest Kashf had the strength to tell him off unlike poor Khirad …who could forget that scene "mera kasoor kiya hai?" . sigh this is not Umera Ahmed's best work…

  • Yesterday's episode was a big dissappointment as you said Misty. What the heck…it was only a proposal…not even an engagement like Zaroon had with Asmara…grrrrrrrrrrr…in which times are we living? Kashaf is absolutely right….regarding Sara…well I did have problems with Ghazala's attitude that she hated to be questioned about her whereabouts but women normally wherever they are on the earth normally call back home, talk to their children and keep in tab…I was upset about Ghazala not doing this but what the heck….so why didn't Junaid put his foot down before…what was he thinking then?? Trying to gather all the sympathies…bechara pati…grrrrrrrrr

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