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Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Episode 1 Review

Maria . 69

Zindagi aik bohat bara masla hai, itna bara masla kay is ko haal kartay kartay insaan khatam hoo jata hai …

Zindagi kiya khoobsorat cheez hai, har din naya, surprises, achievements, ups and downs …

Will Kashaf ever reach the equilibrium point to understanding that zindagi waqiya hi khoobsorat cheez hai and that ham saab ki zindagi gulzar ho sakti, baas apni apni perception ki baat hai? Can a pessimist and a Platonist converge together to make life gulzar for themselves?

And so we begin the journey to Zindagi Gulzar Hai…

A few weeks ago, after the first round of letdown when Zindagi Gulzar Hai (ZGH) was not aired, my friend commented on the hype building to its first episode with morning shows and constant bombardment of promos by summing it up in these words:

“the hype was soo immense and itnay dhool bajay bajaee gayee kay kay end result was that baraat dulha hi lanaa bhool gai”

So the grand wedding of the year became a mellow affair and all the pathakay became thanday thus in the last two weeks. Chaphar to phati wi hai of constant drama bombardments but asal cheez jo girni ti chapar main who aye hi nahi : ( At that time, I was quiet upset, zindagi did not seem so gulzar BUT I for one am really glad that this did happened because I watched this episode without any expectations and I am glad that every single thing exceeded was done beyond my anticipation, both as a viewer and as a critic. Back last year when I first heard that ZGH was going to be made into a drama, I was quiet excited, not because Fawad Khan was going to be playing Zaroon or the fact that our evergreen Sultana Apa was directing again but because of how I thought it would be finally nice to see a simple story of coming to terms with challenges and struggles of living from two people who perceive life in very different terms. Since I am also a fresh out of school undergrad, I have seen Kashafs, been Kashaf, been Zaroon, met Zaroons (live with 6 of them too) I felt that finally I would be able to relate to something on screen other then rooti dhoti aurat and ‘talaq hai, talaq hai, talaq hai.”

I wasn’t anticipating too much to happen either, other than introduction of characters but one thing that I am finally glad to see how much maturity has been instilled into a story that just seemed colloquial on paper. Zaroon and Kashaf might have been just some 2D characters and story was quiet rushed, without much depth. The concept of the story itself was fascinating however, its great to show boys vs girls story, from their perspectives how life unfolds and how each gender reflects their own thoughts on life. On screen, Zaroon and Kashaf become people around us, they become us and that is the beauty of ZGH. The editing of the drama was slick, the lighting was great and the direction was up to par and it seemed quite obvious that Sultana Apa had put her soul in the drama. There was nothing plot wise that happened, but there is so much to talk about, so much to breathe in visually and in concept that I am finding it hard to place it in words. And yes I do have criticisms, big ones as well.

Kashaf is the pessimist and her bitter thoughts about life’s struggle in a lower middle class society didn’t need much voice as the scene of her families conversation over “bijli ka bil” provided us with enough insight. I always felt that Kashaf on paper was to a large extent an extension of Fiza’s character in Daam (written by Umera and played brilliantly by Sanam): A father who leaves his family to get remarried only for sons (kiya jahaliyat hai hamari society ki), doest provides much financial support or emotional support for Kashaf Living in a house full of struggle, her every day is a battle with life itself. Why shouldn’t she be insecure of men and their promises when one man who is closest to you, who brings you in the world leaves you pendulous and discards you as a person just because you are born a female? I found it quiet amusing as Kashaf wondered that had to change two buses and I giggled because honey, even in first world taking public transit is a constant struggle..par koi na. What I love about Kashaf is how practical she is, her pessimism aside, I am glad she has not become aloof that no prince that will come and sweep her off her feet. She herself will stand up on her two feet, not only for herself but also for her family.  Partly, her motivation and her strength stem through her mother’s (beautifully portrayed by Samina Pirzada) optimism and hope for a better tomorrow, both for her daughters and for their sanity. She reminds me a little of my nanoo who has seen so much constant struggle through life but she never lost her faith and kept in intact just because her theory was that when one person in the house is hopeful, it’s a beacon of light that warms cold and dark hearts. The pasha sisters have been appropriately cast and their interaction and everyday conversations provide are more relatable, thank god we have been spared the maat effect of jealous sisters…After today’s episode, I think Sanam has silenced her critics that she is talented enough to pull herself and stand apart in a powerhouse of actors surrounding her. On my screen, she looked quite beautiful actually and it was hard to come to terms with the fact that she is an “aam shakal ki larki”.


And now to Zaroon! Mere dil ko chain agaya hai. I have taken a sigh of relief. Watching Zaroon on screen, I would never ever think it’s played by the same person that thrilled us with his filmy dialogues as Ashar. I am glad that Fawad Khan (FK) took this role and he never looks too old to play a 22 year old college student (although I have to wonder, itnay heavy dailouges 22 year old larkay nahi boltay) :P . He is the optimist, his only struggle in life are understanding women (well duh, if you have asmara for a girlfriend) and their mentality. I do agree with Zaroon though that what is a life without some struggle, some challenge? If there is no struggle towards something, no passion, how do you measure your success or achievements? Zaroon could be called, spoiled, brat, typical Pakistani mard mentality but beneath this layer he is a good person at heart. It is also obvious to the viewer that he is a by-product of parents who are together (unlike Kashafs) but their approach to raising their kids is where constant conflicts come and like most marriages it’s a compromise, a BIG FAT COMPROMISE.

Favourite Scene:

My favourite scene today had to be with Zaroon and Sara because I felt like I was watching a reoccurrence of last night’s episodic scene in my house where my car as usual won’t start and a dinner table fight over which one of my brothers will drop me off and wait should I add my parents constant bantering to my brothers, “parhtay nahi hain, koi guitar kamray main baja raha hai, koi basketball khayll rahaa, koi apni video games kay saath laga wa hai, zindagi kay saaath kuch kar loo.” Now how many of us can relate to that! Weather one belongs to an upper class elite family, middle, or lower class family, the constant sibling and parent bantering NEVER stop. So all in all the dialogues between the siblings were quiet witty and FK and Ayesha Omar have great chemistry together.


The scenes that were quiet clichéd and I could just snooze through them were those of Asmara and Zaroon. The madiha-rohail effect and quiet honestly I am sick of this forced “girl-boy” friendship, it looks fake on screen to be quite honest or maybe I have watched FK and MR enough times together to leave me with any impact whatsoever. Also, while I understand that it’s great to visually differentiate differences between different classes on the screen (e.g. a duppata clad middle class girl and tank top wearing upper class elite chic) and paint this picture in people’s mind to establish the plot and characters, I would say this that our producers, the art directors and costume providers really need to find a common ground and balance this out! Not every upper class elite families are that outgoing or wear skanky dresses like the ones shown in dramas and neither every middle class girl is dupata clad either… I could go on about this point but I am a little sick of this stereotype as are probably others! Also, the fact that while FK might have been spared to be typecasted, other actors and actress have not escaped the same fate: Mehreen Raheel, Hina, Javaid etc.  *sigh* we need new mommy daddys and another girl friend for Fawad!

Did the first episode live up to my expectations: Yes it did :D

Team Kashaf or Team Zaroon?

So after today’s episode, whose team are you on? Team Kashaf or team zaroon? Lets have a Boys vs Girls contest. Who will win their argument at the end? Team Kashaf or Team Zaroon. If you are commenting please indicate at the end, you are on team Kashaf or Team Zaroon and if you are just a lurking viewer, you can still give your input by voting in the pole below.

What did you guys like about today’s episode? Any highlights? Any scenes that stood out? Any criticisms? Did it live up to your expectation?


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  • Lol Sadaf!! Image of you hurling shoes at the script writers should scare the channels enough not to ever position any drama as a Humsafar hopeful.

    If we are talking of Zaroon Kashaf chemistry… sold after the second episode. There's fire there and am looking forward to more, hopeless romantic that i am :-)

  • Sadaf

    @ Neeraaja I agree , Nothing should be compared to Humsafer because when it does not meet our expectations , people like me weep into our coffee and hurl shoes at the script writer and any other easy victim in the way. ZGH is a very different story so there should be no problems :)

  • Basanti …nice to meet you…lol.

    I wasn't aware that the channel/production house were promoting it that way. If they have, they have managed to draw the crowd with the promotion but will the comparison stick is now completely upto the show.

    I fail to see the similarities between the two though. To be very frank I would rather not compare Humsafar with anything to save myself a heartache :-)

    But considering the fact that Humsafar is the only other Pakistani drama i have followed closely, i might trip upon some similarities along the way. I will be sure to mention it if i do. Two episode, so far …nada. no comparison at all.

  • Faraz

    @Maria AKA Basanti : the moment i read your new nick , i have had this uncontrollable urge of saying

    Basaanti!!!!!!! in kutooo kay agay mut nachna ;P

  • Faraz

    Misha thats a great idea. but youtube is still blocked in pakistan. so we promise once its open back again, not only we will comment but i personally will add the video on this blog as well :)

  • nighat

    finally its friday :)

  • Basanti

    Neeraja, thanks for your input. what made me upset was that they are trying to promote it like its the next "humsafar." not that they have spared anything much, beechara Ashar is plastered on the humtv banner and billboards for ZGH ads. isn't that just sad? i really do want to treat it as a completely different story but since they want us to think about humsafar, i always wondered what you guys thought about the comparison of these two serials!

    @Yf: thank you for your wonderful comment :) i think Umera is one of the best writers we have but i still find her characters a bit exaggerated from reality. life isnt so black and white and where there are good things about some people, there are bad things as well (which ever class you belong too). however in terms of ZGH, so far it is a much more balanced story and i am glad that is has been changed so there is more suspense than there was in the novel. Sultana Apa rocks as always! inshallah sadaf or faraz will be covering for me in the next couple of weeks as i am a little busy…you will see basanti's reviews in a while, i will be an active commentator though :D

    @sadaf: MR is beautiful, has potential to do much more substantive roles but i guess the poor girl has been typecasted to a point where i am not sure how she will pull of another role without being labeled, rabia, madiha aur asmaara. :(

    @Nosh: i am glad you enjoyed the review. from now on i will be basanti and the days i am not available, i am sure you will read all the other wonderful reviews by Fatima, Faraz and Sadaf as well on ZGH. we have such amazing reviewers that are doing other dramas as well e.g. ANC is being done by DB, Ghada covers Kahi un Kahi, Fatima takes on Barip apa and MBM and Sadaf reviews Daagh as well. please check out the other dramas reviews and comment their as well.

    and thank you for your wonderful comment :)

    @Rokhma: yes it is :D happy ZGH day buddy :D

    @Misha: hmmm lets see what others have to say about your new idea? what do you guys think?

  • Misha Khan

    Hey guys!

    So I started this Youtube channel to review and discuss Pakistanis dramas/episodes. Let me know what you think and please help spread the word.

    You can watch/listen to it right here:



    UPDATE: Please do comment underneath the video or here and do let me know what you think about it; i.e whether you liked it or not, where you think I can improve, etc. Thanks:)

  • Rohkma

    :) TGIF! :)

  • Nosh

    Opsss …… !! I am sorry Maria I thought i was written by Faraz as ever … Any ways it was amazing .. thank you Faraz to make me correct :D

  • Faraz

    Hey Nosh :) This review wasnt written by me :) it was written by Maria… but yes one thing is for sure.. the review is amazing as ever ..

  • Nosh

    Okay lemme say something …….. First of all amazing written by you Faraz as ever :D

    Okay as a viewer I am in Love with the first episode … It was awesome Fawad Khan 'Sanam and Samina ma'am were outstanding in that epi <33 FAK 22years old lolz .. I don't mind …. Even I gonna forget this … lolz ….

    Episode was dame amazing <3333 Every thing and every one was perfect <333

    Eagerly waiting 4 next episode <33

  • Sadaf

    Basanti LOL

  • Sadaf

    Can we start a campaign for poor Mehreen Raheel ?

  • yf

    @Nighat: ab dramay ke saath saath aap key comments ka bhi intezar rahey ga.

    I loved the first episode. Kashaf's family, their unity and the sister's frustration with the way their father treats them and their mother is very real. Kashaf rocks and so do her sisters. Very good choice of roles and actors.

    Zaroon's family is materialistic and worldly wise. They go for their pleasure and are not bothered about other people's thoughts. Again very true characters from our society.

    Umera's grip on the observation of the evils of our society is very evident and so is Sultana's direction on this drama. Once the relationship of Kashaf and Zaroon develops I am sure this will be as magical as 'humsafar'.

    @Maria urf Basanti: Your review is very nice. Keep it up and looking forward to tomorrow :)

  • Hi Maria

    I wouldn't want to compare Maria for the simple reason that it would take away from what we are currently watching. There is no comparison really since the only common factor between both the dramas is Fawad Khan.

    I treasure Humsafar and always will. Right now, am looking at ZGH as another story being told with utmost honesty. That is my attraction to Pakistani dramas and am thankful that I get to enjoy yet another story. When i watch a show, am like a child sitting at my Grandmother's feet, all wide-eyed and eager, soaking up every word of the story – no expectations, just plain old story telling with utmost conviction, sincerity and love.

  • Maria

    @baby jaan: yes it was a very heartfelt and touching scene. It makes me wonder though why Kashaf is so pessimistic when everyone around her is quiet optimistic… ( I need to find new words for pessimism and optimism by the way)

    @Rehmat: thanks for always dropping by and commenting. I totally agree, the very first few scenes were done really well and I am glad they stuck with the dairy idea. We don’t have to sit down and second guess the characters thoughts. It will add a more artistic and narrative layer to the simple story. And I think FK and MR are great actors together but just like sanam-fawad Jodi got abused to the point of turn off, the whole FK-MR boyfriend-girlfriend effect in almost every other drama leaves a bad taste in the mouth and I see nothing spectral about their scenes..

    @Rokhma: don’t you think Hina is so beautiful? And she looks gorgeous in all her saris and attires. I feel bad for her sometimes because you know she is not much older than all the actors and actress she is playing mommy too… she and sanam are coming together in another drama…she plays a very different role and in Aik Nayee Cinderella she is doing such a lovely job as well.

    @Arfin: thanks for answering Rokhma’s question and comments … as I said earlier, I completely agree with you guys, If I hadn’t seen MR and FK together so much before, I would have swallowed their interactions much easily but khair koi naa…abhi 23 episodes hain and lets see agay hoota hai kiya and the big million dollar question is “is about time FKs character finally gets dumped by MR’s character?”

    I am seriously thinking about changing my name to Basanti …

    @ Neeraja : lovely to see you back at DP neeraja. Love your reviews … Would love to hear your comments and inputs as we continue to take journey with Kashaf and Zaroon. The question is will they be able to pull the same magic as Ashar and Khirad painted for us on screen?

    @Laiba: that’s the million dollar question isn’t it? Akhir kyoon?

  • Laiba

    I wonder…. Has mehreen signed a contract with FK …. Y is she always there!!!!

  • Hi Maria,

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your review. Very conversational and detailed….its a wonderful read.

    Am team Life!! :-)


  • Rohkma

    @Afrin: thanks for that.

    And ditto on your opinions on the cast and the episode. Ditto! :)

  • Afrin

    @Rokhma–Kashaf's younger sister is Shehnila

    Anyways, regarding the drama– I liked it! Period! Not everyone is going to like everything, but you cant say its not going to be a good drama, no matter what.

    I expected Asmara to be annoying, because it is played by Mehreen, and her only fault is agreeing to these repeated roles against FK.

    Contrary to everyone else's opinion, I found Ayesha Omar annoying too. A little overacting I think. But chalo, itna to chalta hai.

    Kashaf's family rocked all the way, headed by Samina Pirzada ofcourse.

    Zaroon's family is also right on, everyone acting their part well. Sir Abrar was awesome.

    And I am soo looking forward to how this story unfolds and all the new twists and turns that Umera Ahmed has added. Plus it seems like Maria's (or Basanti's ;)) posts are going to be an additional treat along with the way.

  • Rohkma

    What is Kashaf's sisters name? One is Sidra, and the other?

    I must also make a mention of Hina Bayat's choice of sarees. (In this episode, and some clips of the promos that I have see) They are gorgeous. And she wears them so well. :)

  • Rehmat

    Very well written Maria, enjoyed reading ur review :)

    i actually liked the episode more because of Sanam's brilliant portrayal of Kashaf and Sameena's flawless acting..the starting scene was really gripping in showing excellent contrast between the leads..followed by dinner scene.. it was indeed an enjoyable scene.:) Car scene was best one.. Fawad and Ayesha were simply great through out.. Watching Sir Abrar on screen, made me refreshed my memories of reading novel and how much i used to liked Sir Abrar's character :D

    only thing i disliked was mehreen and fawad scenes.. i am really hoping they turn on me very soon :D

    Looking forward for friday !!

  • baby jaan

    last scene was very sad samina n sanam's face experation was amazing…i was in paid after watching.:,-(

  • Annie

    thank you Nighat for posting the dialogues! They were so much fun to read :)

  • nighat

    @yf mery irady b is baar umera ks ary dialogs apni diary me note krny k hen :) aur agr ho saka to idhr b post krun aftr all APNI UMERA AUR APNY FK ka drama he :p

  • Sadaf

    @Rokhma , the results of an ill spent youth….. No really I have watched it maybe three times over the course of ten years . AAA though is kind of those bachpan ki yadein….. from family get togethers. when Hindi cinema was clean and family oriented.:)

    @shanzey there is something/someone in the episode we want to see…

  • shanzay

    hw can people get be obsessed by only a single episode?

  • Rohkma

    @Sadaf: You've watched Sholay that many times? hehehe…I have watched it only once in my whole life!

    About FK playing a 22 year old in the 1st episode really does not make me think about it. So in my mind, if they are portraying him as one, its fine with me. To me all these people are actors – so when they pay their roles well, it goes unnoticed. Of course, that doesn't mean that if Behroze is playing a 22 year old, he will fit. But FK is young, and I think his real age and being a father IRL is what is influencing the thoughts. There are many 22 year old hunks out there in the world, and he sure can pass off as one, for this part of the story to set in, in my eyes. :D

    Today is d ay 3 after the 1st episode being telecast, and its time for me to watch it again. :) I'm really loving it, and I think this is going to be most likeable.

  • Sadaf

    @ Maria I know Sholay like the back of my hand. :) Basanti LOL :) How about Maria K? But you are so creative you can think of something I am sure :) By the way I might change mine to Zibisco as in "You cheat ,aysa guard keeya us ki body ko" from Amer Akber Anthony…..

  • Sherry

    DA, you were not the only one. The scene in which Zaroon and Asmara were in the restaurant together was reminiscent of the coffee scene btw Asher and Sarah from HS ki first episode. And yes, Ghazala reminded me alot of Mehrunnisa as well.

    Oh, and Team Zaroon FTW! :DDD

  • DA

    I just finished watching the episode and I really liked it. I have not seen Sanam's previous work so I had no expectations from her. She really played her part well of a girl from a middle class family. Though one thing that got on my nerves was the constant bickering about how life has been difficult for her. Arre baba ek sun liya, ussi baat ko hazaar baar doharaane ki avashyakta nahi hai. FK was quite good but he did not blow my mind. I hope to see his character shaping well in future episodes. And oh, he certainly does not look like a 22 yr old guy :P par FK ko sab maaf hai. :P

    Samina P and her other two daughters in the show lend excellent support.

    I guess I am the only one who was slightly reminded of Sara from Humsafar in Asmara and Mehrunnisa from SeZ in Ghazala.

    I am team Zaroon btw. ;-)

  • yf

    I loved the way Nighat has given a list of the important/interesting dialogues. They were so apt and diffrentiate between the two families and life styles. The background of Kashaf and the reactions people can have due to hardships were beautifully portrayed by Kashaf and her sister Sidra. One angry and bitter, the other docile and reconciled. Both characters played brilliantly by Sanam and the new actress Mansha.

    Fawad and Samina are as usual superb.

    Nighat made me smile with her ' jotay bhi ghaib hote hein as we are 7 sisters" reminded me of my young days. Ghabrao nahin Nighat , I am sure Umera Ahmed has many more dialogues in store for ZGH!

  • Maria

    Sadaf, i maria the reviewer can change my name to Basantiii :D you know sholay :D any other name suggestions?

  • Sadaf

    @Maria @Maria Could you guys do something to differentiate your names ? I am getting confused …..

  • LOL Nighat, Bhaaayyyyy Bhaaaayyyy is better then bakkkkk bakkkkkk yes was one of my fav dailouges as well!!! kiya baat hai yaar you listed all the dailouges here :D app ki to zindagi waqia hi gulzar hai

  • nighat

    1:in ka bs chaly to bijli k bil k sath current b bhaij den k banda mar hi ja

    2:"Jhooti umeedain ikatthi kar kar kay hawaayi qilay bana kar zindagi guzarnay ka kia faaida"

    "Per moajzay bhi tu hotay hain"

    "Moajzay kahan per?"

    "Ab exact location ka tu nahi pata per hotay tu hain na kahin na kahin"

    "Moajzay sirf Defence aur Clifton mai hotay hain,yeh Liyaari,Keemari aur Malir mai tu nahi hotay na"

    "Laiken hum tu Nazimabad mai rehtay hain.Hamara tu abhi bhi thora chance hai.":) :D

    3:"Khuda nay muje mard kun nai banaya. lekin mard ban kar bi maine kaunsay mararkay mar lenay thay"

    4:sara din to tmne Allah ko engage kiya hua hai by kashaf

    5: Mein darwazer per khare ho kar intezaar karner waler biwi nahin baan sakti

    6:4 baal hone se koi ganja nahi hojata

    7:Bhaaayyyyy Bhaaaayyyy is better then bakkkkk bakkkkkk

    8: jab bhi main boti dekhti hun tou mujhe maan ki ainak,bag ka strap,aur paon ka toota hua juta nazar ata hai

    9: kbhi kabhi to mjy zindagi itni buri lagti hai k koi had nahi ammi ny sari zindagi toti chappal hath me liye guzari hai…

    10: dunya ke sare mard aik se ho te hen… to phir kya kahn sare baap aise q hote hen

    11: Allah….jab bhi mai koi kaam shuro karne lagta hun , koi na koi aurat aa kar mujhe rok deti hai…

    ufffffffff saary diolgx to frst epi me hi bol diye aagy ki epix me phr kyya hoga ????? :))))))))))0 amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing:) m team zarooon and team kashaf both.. mery jooty b rozana suba ghaib hoty hen cox hum 7 sistrz hen aagy ap khud smjhdaaar hen :P

  • Maria

    @Marvi thank you and spot on! I think I mentioned in my review that the story wasn’t anything extraordinary however I feel that the theme projected towards the reader was that a girl’s character and personality should be strong as it outshines how beautiful one is! To zaroon that is what attracts him towards Kashaf. I hope you watch the episode soon and then tell us, kiya zindagi gulzar howi kay nahi?

    @Sheza: I totally understand your sentiments. I don’t think one for second that most upper class families they depict, in terms of behavior and clothing are like this at all, there is a spectrum of all types of people, I have met families that are elite upper class yet they are quiet conservative and middle class families that are ultra-liberal as well. However, when my little cousin asked me, how come sara is a Muslim and wears these kind of clothes? I just didn't have an answer other than the fact that some of us have different perceptions of limitations and clearly some people have different concept of limitations. I mean Naveen had a little more tasteful wardrobe in Humsafar then what we are seeing in Zindagi Gulzar hai..

    It makes me question our society’s sanity that while one of part our society completely goes towards fanaticism and becomes talibinazined, the other part of our society is become ultra-liberalized to the point where it’s easier for them to adopt western notions such as clothing, luxury items just to name a few but their mindset remains the same. I have a name for these kinds of people. PBCP’s (Pakistani born confused Pakistanis).

    @Royter: my only response would that then we should then also criticize each and every single actress, I mean lets pick Mahira for example she looks much more beautiful in khirad type attire but in real life she adorns western type of clothing and is quiet outgoing and loud. Does that make her real life personality shine into her character? I don’t think so! I for once think sanam is beautiful and in this drama she has done a great job. However, on the morning show her personality was nothing impressive (but who am I to make that judgment when I am not well acquainted with her or what she does behind camera right?) we could then start to attack everybody in this manner

    @Farah: yes no more ashk memories. Lets bury it far far away!!!!!

    @Sherry: YES I miss Muju and Hassan (beginning few episodes). Oh Fawad how much I have missed him playing these crazy roles :D) & Sherry, no there is no saas bahoo, no crazy girlfriend drama here thank god (oh and I hope and pray that kind of drama is not added here) :D in fact on Nadia’s blog I mentioned that there is a possibility it’s about time Mehreen Raheel dumps Fawad Khan :D I have a big feeling that it’s going to be the other way around, zaroon won’t leave Asmara, she will leave him by her own choice. And of course Samina is the best isn’t she? Every character she plays, it’s a cherry on top of a scrumptious chocolate cake :D

    @Sadaf, my god you are right….the name “ashk” makes me shudder …. We all need PTSD counseling after watching ashk (even though I left it at episode 4 or 5)

    @SNS and Shanzay, good to see you both here and yes spot on comments about SP’s acting and SS character and depiction of it.

  • Maria

    @ Rokhma, so glad to see your comment and your enthusiasm reminds me of the time when there use to be super intense conversations here about humsafar. Oh boy! How much I would love to be on team zaroon as well but I think he still needs me impress me hard enough to vote for him heheheh lets see who wins, the boys or the girls and of course because its FK we are all sooo biased. Yes his interactions with every character and actors were perfect but I still felt that the most forced one was with Mehreen Raheel. I think they both themselves have had enough of playing besties to each other as well! E.g. dastaan, Ashk and now ZGH.

    Believe me you are not the only one who was surprised by Kashaf. I was worried because SS has done a similar role in Daam before (which is a wonderful play as well) and then mera naseeb but her dialogue delivery was not so well received. Here however she has great screen presence and her pain, the loneliness, the pessimism in her voice is shown in her body language as well. And about Samina, she is evergreen, amazing and no wonder she is Umera’s fav actress because she is mine as well.

    And about the brother sister dialogue, I am sure Umera took it from my and my brothers conversations :P heheheh

  • Maria

    @Faraz …you know to a certain extent you sound like Zaroon my friend, itni self importance or self opinion: P hehehe I joke jokes BUT see I came back home and I wanted to watch ZGH again but this time my brothers were around and you can imagine how muchhhhh they loved zaroon. Thank god they made a character that most guys can relate to a certain extent. I remember having similar conversation ot my brother when he said that he would marry a girl who could not boss him around and my reply was exactly what sara had said to zaroon :P My favorite scenes had to be between Zaroon and his sister because their conversations and interactions are ditto copy of all the hapolla that I see at home everyday.

    Coming to your comment about the opening scene. I will disagree with you because the way it was done here was classier. Flashbacks are very cliché in film making these days unless you have a wonderful way of intergrading them in the plot. It could have worked but the priority of this episode was to establish the environment, the stark contrast and the personalities of characters…agay dekhtayn hai hota hia kiya! :D Thank god they are going to meet next week at least….i wonder what the 24 episodes hold though :O

    and hopefully I am not wrong, the color is called turquoise :D

    @SK: thanks for coming and commenting. Always love hearing from you! its very interesting that you point that Zaroon might have very high opinion of himself but deep down he is as insecure as Kashaf (but not cold hearted as you pointed out). I love the contrast in the first scene right from the first few shots, I think one writing on computer and one on a frail piece of paper said it all naaa

    @Fatima: thanks so much for your comment yaar. Loved your review as well. Hahhahaha yes I am sure you know why I can relate to zaroon and sara so well. If you want to know, in revenge I did puncture his cars tire… anyway going back to drama , I hear you are hundred percent right. Kashaf has so many people encouraging her , are more optimistic around her despite of their circumstances. Aren’t you glad to finally see a normal family who is struggling through every day life in our country…I mean they could have totally done without the unloving dad scenario and maybe the dad could have died and no one was helping their mother? This scenario of leaving a full family to marry off to have sons, could have made sense 50 years ago par aj kaal kay zamanay main this is almost unheard of!

  • Maria

    @royter Thanks for your comment. you are right that for many people (I am sure you are the only one), the whole excitement towards ZGH thawed especially after the delay and if it had started two weeks ago, it could have seemed much more appealing but promos had given so much away, the OST, the hype and bombardment of “watch it watchi it!” by the time it did air, it was like “oh itni khaas baat kiya thi?” I guess it also depends on how much one can relate to the drama and its characters as well.

    I think Sadaf has voiced my thoughts and opinion about your comment on model vs actors pick very neatly

    @hoorean: thanks for coming and commenting, yaar I think we should have another tehreek, aik youtube on karoo aur Fawad Khan ko nai girlfriend dilwaooo

  • Maria

    @Mona I totally agree with you because I was not expecting SS to act so well but she won me over completely. Also she has great chemistry with Samina P and Mansha Pasha as well. She totally rocked Kashaf.

    LOL I was forlornly wishing it should have been Sara instead of Asmara and maybe Ibaad could have also joined the family dinner table :P upar say Farida aunty disturb karnay ajaati …

    @Hammu: thanks for your input…yes let the wait for Fridays begin again :D woot woot …I forlonely wish it was a weekend drama though so I could watch it sakoon say ☺

    @Annie thank you! I am looking forward to more comments from you as well. LOL maybe we should have a mummy pole as well, don’t you think?

    Team Kashaf’s mom

    Or Team Zaroon’s mom :P

    @ Sadaf!!! Oh the wait is finally over and we can indulge into ZGH and yes I so want to be on Zaroon’s team but but but I feel more for Kashaf right now! About the dialogues I strongly feel that when one becomes as pessimistic and has a existence like that of Kashaf, insaan ki sooch bohat mayoos hojati hai but I am looking forward to seeing how Kashaf will begin to see her life as gulzar and how zaroon will find obstructions and challenges along the way! About the dad’s character. Its too OTT for me because simply I have never met vain fathers like this or come across families that treat their daughters lesser then their sons (in Pakistan or here). I liked how it was done in Daam better. I have a great story to tell next week with the review. I had dinner with a older couple last night and the treatment of daughter’s vs son came up and they told me a story very similar to Kashafs. I am soo SOOOO excited to share it with everyone (next week)

    @Maria! Hi maria! love how we have the same names. Thank you for commenting and yes I am surprised by her acting as well and who ever says she is not pretty needs to get their eyes checked! Sigh about MR and FK… too late to change it now! Imagine would they have done this pairing if Ashk had come last year?

  • shanzay

    great review,and thts the beauty of an actor even he/she dont have any experience of the similar situations they fell in the character so well that we just fall in there mystical performance,and they create an aura around them.and in this case the girl is able to do her job

  • SNS

    I so agree with you Sadaf and Sherry. An actress is supposed to portray the role she is playing. What does her background have to do with it? I think Sanam has acted beautifullly as Kashaf and suits the role beautifully. The sisters too have done justice to their roles. I loved the last scene. Samina is fantastic in it.

  • Sadaf

    @Royter thank you I feel flattered :) We may not always agree but your analysis is always interesting and sometimes gets to the heart of the matter like no other. As I said I am a Neelam fan but she has to concentrate on her roles more.She is still very young and it takes time to mature into a great performer. OMG I hear you on those boots and Coats in Ashk. Has anyone noticed how much we all reference ASHK? I think it inflicted some deep mental trauma on all of us Someone was arguing about it on my Daagh review too. I feel so sorry for the entire ASHK team as their one mistake will not be buried despite their other works of brilliance.

    I really do not care to judje Sanam Saeed in this way. She was amazing in Daam, good in Mera Naseeb and the only reason I watched Mata E Jaan hai tu.Sanam has exceptionally beautiful eyes and great screen presence, In fact I am so jealous of her gorgeous hair. Let us go by her acting skills, which so far are great. Yes some times her dialogue delivery is a rush of words but in general I have no complaints.

    As to the youth going astray is already too late ;) this is what Socrates said over two thousand years ago “Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”

  • Sherry

    Royter and Maimoona Ejaz: Did you guys enjoy watching Ashk by any chance? Just wondering…

    So what if Sanam Saeed doesn't where Shalwar Kameez? How can you judge her like that? You're watching a drama, backgrounds don't matter, only what you see on screen does. Alot of Pakistani actresses expose themselves in ways which are likely to piss conservatives off. I'm pretty sure your Neelam Munir does too. Stop hating.

    Anyways, my mind says Team Kashaf, but my heart says Team Zaroon, mostly because I miss Mujju (or Fawad's lighter roles, Rohail left me with a bad taste). He's got a very mischievous air about him, I can't wait to see his "interactions" with Kashaf.

    Kashaf is so whiny, God. Lol, but its cool.

    The episode belonged to Samina Peerzada. She was brilliant throughout the ep. The last scene was the cherry in the cake.

    Why do I get the feeling that Asmara is going to be another Sarah from HS? I mean she's gonna throw a fit over Zaroon and Kashaf's marriage, and then go crazy with hate and conspire to break them up with the help of Zaroon's mom. No… Please…. nooooo…..

  • Maimoona Ejaz

    Did I hear that Zaroon is 22, if he is then i am sorry very bad dressing, it was not boyish at all. He looked 30 plus, yes kashaf's sisters speak urdu with heavy accent. Poor casting. Bad show!

    I agree with you Royter. Neelum would have done wonders. Did u notice the dressing of 22 years old Zaroon???

  • If ur personal life and lifestyle is on the internet, than its not an issue ppl would avoid, especially those who try to pose what they are not, and can be an influence to our younger lot.

    Acting wise Neelam aside there are many actresses currently on Pak tv who would've done a far better job than what Sanam Saeed is doing. If they needed a simple ordinary girl, from theatre they could've gotten a stronger actor who still would've looked better than Sanam Saeed. Her dialogue delivery is weak and there is no connect the viewer mite feel with this person.

    Ashk's major disappointment was that its script did'nt do justice to the onscreen chemistry of FK and Neelum, which actually was a strong factor in that drama. And repeating this couple would've only benefited the project.

  • SK

    @ Royter shouldn't we just be focusing on how someone portrays a character, I don't think you should be attacking what she does in her private life, its very rude. How someone dresses in their own life is their own issue, I think she is playing the role of Kashaf very well, her dialogue delivery was superb and she looks the part.

  • Farah

    I think sanam saeed suits perfect to the role. They need an ordinary looking girl, simple, sad, someone we would not even think Zaroon would fall for. Neelum would not have done justice besides her dialogue delivery needs major improvement. Besides If neelum, Fawad and mehreen were casted again we would be crying Ashk again and please no ashk memories!!

  • @sadaf Btw I follow u guyz commentary more than the reviews themselves, especially urs & faraz. My point was her posture, mannerism, even her acting did'nt feel like she belongs from a middle class family. Even if the person who was wearing jeans in Shehr Zaat was supposedly playing a role, same can be said about Neelam Munir.

    Given the director of meri Behan Maya, Azfar Ali is known for unwanted cheap glamour over substance and is a renowned 'tharki' of Pak tv industry, given the extremely bold advances of the Pfizer guy who copies Sajid Hasan, and the rest. I don't think the glamour look is Neelam's fault.

    I think Neelam's personal dressing sense is neither glamorous nor bold, its actually idiotic. If one can remember from Ashk the male jackets, silly cowboy boots and the overcoat that she shared with Fawad Khan. Anyhow she would've made a much more believable and a prettier Kashaf.

    Personalities behind the roles do influence, if u don't believe me just google Sanam Saeed. Sanam's dressing sense indicates that she actually does'nt wear shalwar kameez, and these recent appearances are promoting hypocrisy and a fake personality. She is working in hum dramas for sometime now but still is known as a ramp model considered rude and obnoxious, the ZQ types who neither have the looks or height but are getting gigs for the 'bold talk' and 'skinshow'. A sanam saeed a person with no good looks and no acting skill would've been characterised as a "parchi" or "sifarshi" on PTV.

  • anny

    I have enjoyed the every bit ov drama.. I hope it will rock INSHAALLAH!

  • sheza

    dramma ws good but the dresses of ayesha omar (zaroon'sis) and mahreen raheel (zaroon' friend) were really very cheap and vulgur i knw thy both r reflecting elite class but director should atleast keep it in mind tht afterall its a pakistani dramma n all actresses r muslims furthermore people see it with family usually so they should avoid such type of dressing .

  • Marvi

    Btw Maria: Great Review, keep up the good work! :)

  • Marvi

    I haven't watched the first episode yet but I definitely will vote for Team Kashaf! :) Why? Well because, One: I've seen the promos and she came off really strong and two: She's a women, (throw your hands up in the air) =D

    You know a lot of people have been commenting on the fact that since she's not pretty(Which I think is not true) and she shouldn't have been casted in this drama with Fawad Khan. I think that is kind of mean and shallow. Personally, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think its a lesson for every women that your character is what makes you beautiful.

  • Rohkma

    I have to add I loved the dialogues between the brother and sister in the car. "The cow's bhaa bhaa is better than the aurat's bak bak!" What a conversation! so typical of young unmarried people! :D

  • Rohkma

    Thanks for the review, Maria. Its now become a habit to read reviews on the episodes to complete it for me. :)

    I really enjoyed the 1st episode. I had this feeling in my tummy that it would be good, and watching it made that "feeling in my tummy" come true and alive. And brought such a smile to my face.

    I liked the way all the characters were introduced, and understood their stance and perspective of this great thing called zindagi.

    I especially liked Kashaf. I remember watching the very 1st promo and her voice not appealing to me at all. And then when I watched it over and over again, it grew on me. In yesterday's episode, she fitted the Kashaf bill completely. She brought out the pessimistic cribber very well. I too think she is very attractive in a very dignified way, if you know what I mean. She has arresting looks and is quite a stunner.

    Zaroon was …. :) Well, what can I say? :) His acting is effortless, and I loved every scene with him. :) Whether he looks 22 or not didn't make a difference to me. He looks great! :) He was perfect. 10/10 :) His interaction as a brother, son, friend – what a treat! :) So happy that FK is going to be on screen every week :)

    Samina Peerzada, was fabulous. I know she is going to outdo herself, if its possible! I loved the simplicity in that broken chappal scene!

    Everyone portrayed their characters well, and there was no doubt left in my mind. But I was not very impressed with Sara. And Asmara grated my nerves. Already! There was too much visible effort in playing the role, and that was really putting off. She would become the mehru-bilal-ffwd track for me, but since most of her scenes are likely to be with Zaroon, I will have to bite my lips, roll my eyes and watch those parts.

    I'm sitting on the fence. Looking at team Kashaf because she is a woman, and I feel for her. Most definitely following team Zaroon, :) because FK will give him the character perfectly :) and Zaroon is a nice guy after all. :)

    I can't wait for next Friday already. :)

  • Fatima Awan

    What a lovely review Maria… Thank you so much for it. Lol yes I am sure you could really relate to the Zaroon/Sara relationship! I am definitely supporting team Kashaf for now. SS was fantabulous. But I do think that Kashaf is luckier when it comes to family, she has a mother who loves her kids and would do anything for them, the perfect role model. Her sisters also want the best for each other, the only problem is the dad. On the other hand in Zaroon's family everyone goes their own way. Mom has her own life, sara has hers and Zaroon his, they may sit down to have dinner but I don't think that they have the kind of relationship with each other that Kashaf's family has.

    @ Mona I think Behroze Sabzwari should have played the Dad and Javed Sheikh should have played the uncle. I definitely had the MeJ feeling too and Asmara reminded me of Sara too. Had Ayesha Omer played Asmara's character things would have been different.

    But yes absolutely loved this first installment. The direction and acting was perfect.

  • SK

    Really enjoyed your review, love how its broken up. So agree with all the criticisms you made, spot on! I thoroughly enjoyed it otherwise, acting was very good especially by sanam, fawad and samina. Loved the first few scenes, contrasting the totally different personalities, it was very well done. I have to say sanam wowed me with her acting even though kashafs dialogues were just bitter and unthankful, but I'm team.zaroon…he had some intriguing was a lot of attitude but it wasn't like he's evil or anything…there's goodness too somewhere..let's see what happens, eagerly looking forward!

  • Faraz

    So heres the deal . I could not watch the 1st episode sukoon say . but thanks to me again :P that we have now added LIVE HUM TV USA, i could watch it araam say and plus i have connected my computer with my TV:P so now i can actully have the feel of watching it on the TV now :)

    to be honest. if i would have been the editor, the opening scene for episode 1 should have the last 5 minstues where Kashaf wakes up and they are headed straight to the university. and while sitting in the bus they could do a small flashback of her life. and something similar like this could have happened with Zaroon where he is on his way to university and on his way things unfold for his life. per chalo koi gal nahi:P mein kon sa koi SS hoon :P

    coming back to royter. i think kashaf ki family atleast Daam ki zara wali say tou bohat sahi hai bhai. if you would have watched daam, tab tou banda bus hadh say zyada depress hojaye:) they live in nazimabad which is kinda a sufaid posh area. middle class who are always struggling every day. much better than Daam i would say.

    I also enjoyed that one scene of Behroz sabwari , Javed Sheikh, and Fawad. i am just going to ignore that he doesnt look like 22 years old. chalo agar 22 ka nahi lagta :) to atleast 30 plus bhi nahi lagta :).. itna sab tou chalta hai..

    i am on team zaroon, why? obviously i am a guy so i am biased.. thats all..:P and tell you what:P i know a way to cheat the polls so i am goona vote over and over again to zaroon :D bhuhahahaha :D

    nahi baba dont worry.. koi cheat weat nahi keroon ga :)

    btw i dont know what you guys might call me. but i actually like the color of kashaf;s dress in the last episode. what do you call it? sea green? sea blue?

    so is zindagi gular hai? hmmm NOT gulzar hai tou nahi hai atleast. lets wait and watch now :)

  • hoorean

    Very interesting and wonderful review maria. Enjoyed it a lot just like the first episode.

    Sanam, Fawad and Samina Perzada were best today. And 100 percent agree with you on finding a new girl friend for Fawad i wish someone else was playing Asmara or what if Sultana Siddiqui exchanged Ayesha and Mehreen's characters :D

  • Sadaf

    @royter perhaps you are confusing roles with personalities. The girl wore jeans in Sez because that was her role. I am a fan of Neelam Munir she is beautiful and talented but after Ashk and Meri Behen Maya she needs to reflect on why she is concetrating on glamour rather than fitting into a role . As to Sanam the role is not of a conventionally pretty girl but one whose character endears her to others. Sanam looks lovely in her simple role.

  • Just saw it, nothing fantastic about it. Kind of wondering what was the brouhaha all about. To begin with the doses of depression, was quite lame.They probably tried to put every problem happening in Pakistan in the Kashaf household. Its just starting so hopefully the drama will get better, within the expectations.

    For me casting of character Kashaf is a major issue here. Don't understand why ppl like Sultana Siddiqui prefer misfit models from fashion industry over actual artists from theatre or the current lot working on tv.

    I've seen Sanam Saeed from the start when she used to be a rude and offensive vj on a music channel which is now extinct, after that I saw her next wearing outrageous clothing for the elite serving fashion shows where Sultana Siddiqui is mostly found. Never ever saw her wearing a shalwar kameez, and her dressing proves it[her clumsy recent appearances to promote this drama]. She not only looks awkward in kurta she looks like a 'maasi'.

    Her sisters' don't look that believable to be of a poor household. One of the sister was sporting jeans in the previous drama Shehr Zaat some days back.

    If they really wanted someone from fashion industry then they should've picked one who was actually good looking. A Neelam Munir would've looked the part and entirely believable, but anyhow lets see how this drama progresses.

  • Maria

    Great review. Loving the drama n lookin forward to Fridays now! Team kashaf it is… I ve always liked Sanam n her acting. And I agree Maria I find her beautiful..about fahad n mehreen, had enough of em in ashk, I really wished there was someone else instead of her.

  • Sadaf

    Maria what a wonderful review ! It was a really good first episode ,setting out all the characters and their perspectives very nicely. I have to say I am team Kashaf because Sanam managed to carry those rather intense and age INappropriate dialogues really well. @MONA I totally agree , Sanam looked really nice, no way is she "aam larki" whatever that means. Hopefully if she teers clear of that dreadful red lipstick and emphasises her own natural elegance she will do fine. I so want to be team Zaroon because he looks sooooo good and did not disappoint in any way . I loved that line about women ruining his plans all the time and why would he let another one in to his life "aik aur museebat " it was so cute and just typical .Yes it was a bit of a stretch imagining all these actors as college kids but not that difficult.I think they pulled it off. Samina Peerzada was great as the ever positive mother a welcome change from her recent appearances. One thing I am sick of is this "you didn't give me a son so I am marrying another woman" track in every other drama. Stop it just stop. There are plenty of ways to be "kamina " but this seems to be everyone's favourite in TV Land.

  • Annie

    LOL @ talaq hai talaq hai and we need a new girlfriend for Fawad! ;) totally agree!

    Fab review Maria! You really explained things well and looking forward to reading more from you in the coming weeks.

    I am team Samina Peerzada lol I love her attitude – arrey loag kya bolay gai yahi na ke chappal tutti hui hai tow bolnay do :-)

  • Hammu

    Team Kashaf.Or Team Sanam.Both will work for me because Sanam and Kashaf both have won me over.Her character is very powerful.Zaroon's scenes were less catchy than Kashaf's.People have understood what type of girl she is in the very first episode only.Really loved the drama and waiting for friday week by week starts again.But this time,it's more anticipated than ever ;)

  • Mona S

    Definately team Kashaf. Really enjoyed her scenes much more than Zaroons scenes. I did not expect SS to act so well, but she owned her role & looked really pretty as well.

    The entire cast of MeJ & HS was present in the 1st episode. I kept waiting for Fareeda Aunty & Hania to pop in from somewhere & say " Hi guys".

  • Faraz

    baraat dulha hi lanaa bhool gai…. :) bus theek hi thi yaar episode 1. itni koi dhamkay dar nahi thi… per for me the real HERO of this drama was sameena peer zada's acting. she brings so much reality to her life.

    in most cases episode 1 is just to introduce the characters so it was a good one but its a buildup to what will come later… so lets see how it goes in the next episode when the college starts…

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