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Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Episode 10 Review

Sadaf . 67

Zaroon and Asmara got engaged and  now my head hurts …… Watching Zaroon deliberate on this made me think of a prisoner being sentenced for a crime he did not commit. Later in the episode he has the…..ahem……. cough …cough… startling revelation that all the looks and hotness in the world cannot make up for the total lack of compatibility between him and Asmara. Now this is where my head begins to hurt… Why are Zaroon’s ’liberal elite’ parents pushing him into a relationship he so clearly wants to avoid? We are supposed to think Zaroon is in to hot girls and has to learn about the value of character… Well Zaroon has done nothing but put Asmara down since coming to college, I have not seen him give Asmara any kind of pass or margin of error due to her looks. If anything, he has constantly argued with her and put her down publicly on more than one occasion…so much for girls with looks being able to get away with stuff.

Sanam Saeed did a standout job this episode, and I am warming more and more to Kashaf’s character. I liked the way she did not complain about Zaroon and decided that living well was the best revenge. Kashaf is quite right, a person’s real adornment is their education and character rather than a piece of jewelry in a box. Towards the end we are shown a disappointed Zaroon coming home with third position and Kashaf pleased with having put him in his place by working hard and coming first.  The news of Zaroon’s and Asmara’s engagement rocks the female population of this supposed post graduate level college and every girl is disappointed Zaroon did not choose her… Really? Are all these supposedly intelligent young ladies really that air brained, is this High School? Remember we are now supposed to be at the end of an MBA course not matriculation. Not that we can understand the time scale easily in this serial, it is a constant test for the viewer to work out the periods between events.

I have to side with Sara, Zaroon’s sister, in all her disagreements with her husband. This was not a totally arranged marriage and Farhan knew exactly who he was marrying from day one. To suddenly expect her to change after marriage was bound to lead to conflict and disappointment. Zaroon is learning from his sister and Mother’s stubborn attitude and we can see he does not want to be the next Farhan. The sad part is that these attitudes are all too common. There are women, even in the blessed middle class, who see marriage as a game of one- upmanship, where not an inch is to be given without taking a mile back and all affection is measured by gifts and the amount of facilities provided. However the attitude of Men; who choose looks over character at every turn and expect obedient wives rather than life partners is hardly better.

Kashaf’s family is of course carrying on the” poor but saintly” theme and never a cross word is spoken between sisters. I personally want Sidra for my sister, that said, their constant pleasantness is making me feel quite inadequate .I was however glad to hear that Sidra is not quite the intellectual that Kashaf and Shaneela are but is still trying hard to achieve something in life. Thank God, there are some lesser mortals in this family.  Rafia’s little speech about halal ka rizq and was well worth hearing. It is easy to be impressed by wealth and glamour but these things are like traps waiting to spring if not acquired through our own hard work and honest means. I simply loved Kashaf as she determines to achieve success though her own efforts and on her own terms. If I have criticized this drama about certain characterizations, I can certainly thank Umera Ahmed for both Kashaf and Rafia ’characters. Both are strong, independent women who refuse to let anything or anyone compromise their dignity.

Fawad Khan’s performance was flawless as usual and one can only marvel at his screen presence and star power. Despite most of this serial being written towards Kashaf’s character he has not let our attention wonder from him for one moment. I am reminded of when I took my youngest daughter to see RAONE and then Dabang 2 each time the poor child would ask, “But Mamma, what is the story? why are they hitting each other ?” and I would hush her up and say” there is no plot just keep quiet and watch Shah Rukh Uncle and Salman Uncle, kitne achey lag rahey hain”.  To be fair, Zgh does have a fabulous story but it is sometimes lost in the continuously repetitive scenes and dialogues, Till that changes, it’s the Fawad Khan Show we are watching

Yes we know, Murtaza is a bad man, his second wife and son are selfish bad people …Got it, thanks!

Yes we know Sara, Asmara and Ghazalla are arrogant, liberal, elite class women who don’t know when to compromise….Got it, thanks!

Now, can we move on with the story?

Misty Aka Basanti will be back next week . I am just covering :)

Written by Sadaf








  • Roh

    @Misty: That will be some review to look forward to! :D

  • Misty

    HAHAHAHHAHAAH its almost 2:00 am in the morning here and i am laughing so hard at your comments and discussion. at least ZGH gives room to creativity. these last few comments i am going to be using for my next review, and all of you guys will make surprise guest appearance in the review :D

  • @Annie … Huge sigh of relief…. Mahirah and Fawad .. Two kamzori s in one drama?? I don't think my poor family would have been able to unglue me from the screen to do anything else…

  • Annie

    @Sadaf – don't worry your nightmare won't come true. We probably won't see much of the family swap parents after episode 18 or so. They will go back to their original children who know their daily routine ;) Plus Hina Bayat had mentioned how the story is about Z and K and Rafia.

    @Fatima – LOL nahi is right – I hope my predictions are wrong. But I think we'll still end up with the 'beta darwazay per kaun hai' scene ;)

  • Annie

    LOL thanks everyone for enjoying the comment. I had a good laugh reading yours too :)

    @Roh – yes that 'beta tone' oh boy – what can we say ;)

    @Anwar Suhail – yes all in good fun. I know she has worked hard directing it. Just wish there was a bit more work done while story boarding this all.

    @Sadaf – lol!! thankfully FK is not my kamzori yet. Now if it was FK+Mahira then yes I would have been glued to the screen every week. ;)

    @SK – haha yes I forgot about our one-dimensional evil father. I am sure he would make his entry at the nikaah table and utter some silly evil dialogues and FK would wonder that and go oh acha that's where K gets her ghussa from lol

  • afia qazi

    Enjoying this conversation :)

    I thought of something that I really liked in this ep (yeahhh finally!)- The part where Zaroon says "Khair maazi tha….. guzar gaya" The way FK said that – I like :)

  • Sadaf

    Thanks guys and thank you Annie :)

    @ Anwer Suhail thanks and, if you are visiting with Sultana Appa Please ask her when Hum TV will come back to the USA..? We are all desperate to have it back , we really miss it :(

  • Asra

    @ Sadaf – love your comment 'hamari kamzori oon ke pass hai' – so true!! If we could sit through Ashk for FK then this is not so bad…right??

  • SK

    Annie…how do you do it??? You always come up with some awesome side splitting nuggets!! You should add Murtaza storming in and ranting for an added melodramatic effect: Zaroon thinking…Yeh kaisa ajeeb ghar hai ki baap itna dominant hai, Maine to yeh sub kabhi nahin dekha!!!

    @sadaf…ROFL at hamaree kamzoree unke paas hain!!

    This discussion is so much fun…Thanks for the laughs guys!!

  • Roh

    @Annie: laughter is the best medicine, and what a rib cracking, side splitting, hilarious way to start my day! I almost spat the water I was drinking out on the screen! :D :D

    Rafia's "beta tone" is really getting to me too.

    If they followed your script, we would have had a good hearty laugh instead of wanting to whack this one, that one and the other one out of the screenplay! :D


  • Fatima Awan

    @ Annie lol AND a big nahiiiiiii bcz until Now all your predictions have been spot on so i really truly hope not;) heel wali jooti part too funny!! The Rafia part is hilarious, I could instantly imagine the tone she would say her dialogues in lol.

  • Mona S

    @ Annie: OMG! This is hilarious. This is funnier than Sadaf ' s review & I thought that was hilarious.

    I had to read it again because I was laughing so hard that I could not understand it the 1st time I was reading it. Thankyou, it made my day.

  • Anwar Suhail


    Sooo funny, so hilarious and so apt. Likely to have an encounter with director of ZeG on Saturday, your comments will come handy and believe me Lady has sense of humor.

  • Anwar Suhail


    "khair Jo marzi karley, hamari kanzori oon ke pass hai"…has made my day. 10 out of 10 for this nugget. We need to see more of this wit. Bless you.

  • Sadaf

    @ Annie Oh My God … that was so funny ..You have a rare talent ..I acn barely right a reply ok ….. Deep breath … another deep breath … I agree about Uncle Murtaza and Aunty Rafia . I feel really mean saying that as I love Samina Peerzada and Waseem Abbas is doing the best he can with this role but enough already . I pray the change in Zaroon comes about with a lot more Nuance. Since we are talking abut Nightmare scenarios let me throw my one in the ring too. After having dealt with Rafia and Murtaza the spotlight will be on bad NGO type lady Ghazala and her easy going husband Junaid . Their relationship and how they need to improve is going to come under the spotlight and perhaps we will get a bit of Zaroon and Kahsaf in between.

    Ok that was a NIGHTMARE scenario …hopefully it wont happen. I have read the English translations of the novel and they sound so much better than what we are watching .Khair jo marzi karley hamari kamzori oon ke pass hai :p

  • Asra

    @ Annie – your comment is hilarious about Z's awakening…..I had to comment…I was in stitches….but you are the right I can't believe the drama has so many side tracks…the discussions between Z and K in college were completely lost in the drama..whereas they were the highlight of the novel!!! However, I still enjoy the drama each week even though we have to put up with Rafia's utility bills and the evil Murtaza and his second wife:)

  • Annie

    can one of the admins take my comment out of the spam/moderation folder please.


  • Annie

    I am glad that you ladies are so hopeful about Zaroon's awakening. I hope that you are right. I have a feeling we'll get a watered down version of that one too just like we've gotten a watered down version of the battle of brains this drama could have been.

    I remember when I told my mother that they are making ZGH into a drama, she was so excited because she loved those K-Z interactions and how they would go head-to-head and one-up each other based on intelligence. As I had said earlier, the drama makes the novel looks like a masterpiece and the novel was boring! lol

    I wish they had invited Rafia to one of Shaista Wahidi's morning shows where she could have done the whole sad episode for 2 hours of the show talking about bijli ka bill, telephone ka bill, education expenses, grocery expenses, shaadi expenses (next week), and I am sure a few more expenses that I am missing and will be talked about at length in the upcoming episode. By doing a morning show for 2 hours, we could have been spared 7-8 episodes of paying our utility bills, and the callers would have pitched in to help out dear Rafia and her family. Because all it is doing for me when Rafia talks about her utility bills, I go put a reminder on my calendar for paying my utility bills on time. We could have had a similar show for Murtaza where Shaista could have asked for donations for a brain transplant. Please donate to replace Murtaza's pea brain with a real one, his 2nd wife's teeth with some new ones, and giving her a makeover where we don't see that cakey makeup and weird eyeshadow anymore. Again could have been accomplished in a mere 2 hours rather than spending 15 minutes each week telling us how EVIL the father is.

    I see the Zaroon awakening scene going something like this:

    Z is at the door and K opens the door

    K- aap yahan kya kar rahay hain. Koi aur kaam nahi aap ko?

    Z – mein aap ki mother se milnay aaya hoon.

    Rafia – arrey beta K darwazay per khaday khaday kis se baatein kar rahi ho?

    K – Ammi Zaroon aaya hai

    Rafia – Arrey Zaroon beta aaya hai – Ander lai aao bahar dhoop bohat hai skin burn ho jaaye gi mere betay ki.

    Z – As salaam alaikum Aunty – kaisee hain aap? Mein ne morning show mein dekha tha ke aap ko utility bills dainay mein problem ho rahi hai. I am here to help – knight in shining armor that I am. Mein utility bills bhi doon ga aur K se shaadi bhi karoon ga

    K – *furious* – Tum chotay insaan! tumhari himat bhi kaisay hui aisee baat karnay ki

    Z – *takes out his measuring tape and measure himself* – oh haan aaj heel walay shoes pehnay bhool gaya – jabhi I am looking shorter than you. Let me go grab'em from my car.

    Z goes and grabs his shoes and now he is as tall as K so he goes to Rafia aunty and says "mein aap ki beti ka haath mangne aaya hoon. Aur saath mein utility bills bhi doon ga – time per! promise!"

    K – acha aab aahi gaaye ho tow theek hai – I accept! but make sure we have this electricity bill that is overdue and this phone bill that is overdue as well that you pay them right away.

  • SK

    Sadaf totally agree with you, don't think Kashaf is at all dominating just for the sake of it, there is a difference being assertive and speaking for your rights and and she also values her family relations so I think very different from ghazala and Sara who are not willing to give an inch even to improve relationships. Just waiting for this engagement to be over and I'm sure it will become all dandy soon!!

    @Sarah loved reading your comment, eagerly excited for zaroons awakening too!

  • Sadaf

    " Anwer Suhail….sorry I really did not mean to offend all my brothers out there . What I meant was that young Men tend to go for looks. Men being visual was actually a polite way of putting it. I know not ALL men are like that but I think most want to find their life partner attractive .. it takes time and experience for young men especially to realize the importance of character and personality . according to a lot of scientific studies and some evolutionary Biologists men are visual creatures who rely on their sense of vision more than women hence use superficial characteristics on which to base their judgment Having said that , it does sound rude and flippant ,so I apologize.

    . Zaroon may well have an awakening but I think so will little miss Sara . She too will hopefully learn that relationships are about give and not a maidan e jung ..

    As to my MUJU well he is Mujtaba from Kuch pyaar ka Pagalpan who told kiran that Danees was beautiful because she had money to spend on herself . I and some of the other commentators tend to reference KPKPP and Humsafar almost unthinkingly

    I am actually expecting this serial to become much better as in A+ once the Asmara engagement is over… what can I say we will be patient

  • Anwar Suhail


    I'm really enjoying this discussion. Responses at times reflect our natural biases eg "most men being visual as genetically superficial".

    Pardon my ignorance but who is "my blessed MUJU"??

    Agree that more interaction between Kashaf and Zaroon in episodes 5-7th would have made the serial much stronger. I hope screen writer and director do better job on Zaroon' awakening.

  • Sadaf

    @fatima @Roh I may be wrong but I think Zaroon will find her attractive ..simple as that. From some of the book translations we see he is surprised at how different she looks ..In the words of my blessed MUJU "Jab thum ameer ho jaao gee thum bhi khoobsurat lago gee" chakker yeh hai key most men are visual as in genetically superficial and when Kashaf takes time and more importantly money to do her hair and dress well, he notices her . Her character was already good and her personality attracted him from the beginning just not as a life partner .

    I don't think Kashaf wants to dominate anyone she is assertive and does not want to lead her mother's life of even superficial dependence.

    @ Roh and @Em use your imaginations … I don not wish to

    @ Maryam @Emm Thankyou guys and keep commenting it makes it all worth while. ZGH may not have fulfilled its potential but it has one three things going for it great production values , good actors playing all the roles and FAWAD KHAN

    They could have avoided all or at least a lot of my whines by simply aloowing the leads to interact. Same thing happened in Ashk lots of laraiya j, jagra but no positive interactions. How did the Mother in law from Ek tamana lahasil start advising the producers ???

    Back to Humasfar ( who cares if anyone gets annoyed) it helps in love stories when there is actual interaction between the protagonists …. as in they could have shown us the in class debates and some college life instead of so much home life . Sorry I am like a broken record …you know I am not going to bother anymore ..have it your own way…

  • Sarah

    @Roh @Misty

    I love this 'FFF'. The only problem is this is my least favorite Fawad role of them all, I even liked him better in Ashk (his character atleast had some integrity.) Zaroon is a lost soul, so bigra hua rich brat. In reality my attitude towards him would be no different than Kashaf's.

    Definitely no movement for the Z and K relationship. But certainly some interesting character epiphanies. Khaas kar ke for Zaroon. We're beginning to see more and more that the women in his life have all set bad examples of what women are. Aur eik Kashf hai jo sab e aleda hai, he can't fathom her. He's thrown every trick at her and she's not fallen for it. Looks, money, attention, chivalry, brains… and yet nothing he has to offer is up to Kashaf's standard. It has been so satisfying to watch.

    And then there is K who isn't perfect and sanctimonious either (good!), she's arrogant and ungrateful and yet she has the core principles — integrity, values and dreams of being independent. It's admirable, and the more you're seeing Zaroon lacks the influence of admirable women like Kashaf in his life. Everything K said to Z in the library scene was correct! Which was probably why he reacted so aggressively. In each episode you see him yearning for something that is amiss and finally we're beginning to see that it's Kashaf. Episode 10 was the one where I finally felt it becoming a more substantiated truth and not just my imagination.

    I'm really excited to see Zaroon's 'awakening' and then the formation of this relationship. I'm hoping it will be really rewarding, and like Roh pointed out that there wouldn't be any glaring loopholes.

  • Roh

    @Em: very very valid question about the ages of Hamad and Shenila. What could the possible explanations be?

  • Em

    @ Sadaf, Your review made me laugh out loud! Your points are very apt but the serial doesn't bore me…yet! As I have been following this drama for less than a month only, I don't feel the same but I can understand everyone else's frustration. The promo of the next episode didn't impress me much but I'm still waiting for Friday. :)

    I liked the scenes of Kashaf and her family in this episode. They made me smile. Kashaf took her sister, Sidra's advice and did not complain about Zaroon's behaviour to Prof Ibrar even when she could have done that. I also liked Kashaf's acting when she's writing in her diary about how she defeated Zaroon in studies. As for her job did she get it in the same University where she did her MBA? What would she teach? I wish we could see more of the beautiful college where this was filmed.

    I think this was the last episode in which we got to see Maria. She seemed naive and I hope her two years with Kashaf has bestowed her with some sense.

    By deliberately not mentioning the time space clearly, the director wants the viewer to pay close attention to details. In one of the earlier episodes we see Hammad getting a second division in his class 10th exam (which he and his mother had passed off as a first division) and now he has completed his 12th. I didn't knew that Hammad and Shaneela were of the same age group. Did I miss it in the earlier episodes?

  • Maryam

    Amazing review Sadaf! Its like U'v written my mind out. :D

    I Agree To Each and every sentence u said..

  • Roh

    Oops I hit the submit button too soon! It seems Farhan has issues about Sara socializing, which Z agrees that it is not wrong. I don't understand Farhan. He used to drop Sara home way after midnight, and she had told him in the very 1st episode not to expect her to sit around waiting for him, and she had even made it clear she was not giving up friends because he suddenly was having issues with them. Looks like he was the immature one and should have thought well before heading into marriage.

    And what a guy! I mean he wasn't present for Z's engagement? It was evidently a small family do, he should have been there.

  • Roh

    @Fatima: I really hope it is primarily for her intelligence and strong and clear mind that he will rethink of all that he thought of her in university. If he is going to see in her only the differences in dressing, it will mean he has not grown up.

    I too was wondering who came 2nd. Maybe one of those girls who beat him in the admission list ;)

  • Fatima Awan

    I think Z will fall for her when she gets into foreign service too… A wild guess!! Her intelligence maybe what impresses him. By the way who came second;)

  • Fatima Awan

    I have never seen K cooking by the way:))) Sidrah does all the cooking maybe because she is not studying. I really hope and also don't think Z will fall for the cooking and sewing bit. Z is a clever boy he must have observed there is much more to K than the shouting etc that is why he does not put her in the same league. Sara is an extension of her mom, making your fiancé wait for you for hours just to feel good about yourself does not sound very genuine.

  • Roh

    @Sadaf: the point you raised about K being able to cook and sew a button is the thing I was thinking of but not saying. Is it that, that will make Z see her differently? Because as of now, like I said, she is not different from what he is cribbing about. She dresses differently from Asmara, and she is not going out to the beach in the middle of the night, but she doesn't mince words when it comes to saying what she feels. And nor does Asmara or Sara, for that matter. And at the moment he has issues about the women refusing to do what they are told.

  • Roh

    @Fatima: Agree with you fully. That's how the audience sees Kashaf. And that is how she is. But Z only sees her from his horse blinded POV. That is why her good qualities are not visible to him at all right now.

    However, the issues that are hassling him right now about his sister and wife and fiancée are about them not being "obedient" and putting up a fight for their way, which according to his lop sided opinion is feminism. K no different on these issues he is pondering over and those that are now bothering him.

    I'm thinking he will see things differently when he "grows up" and opens his eyes and then see K the way you say he will. :)

    And about the 3 women, Ghazala is a bit of a bulldozer, Asmara is a nitwit,(I don't mind if she follows Z's disgusting advice of good looking girls keeping quiet, though :D ). but Sara comes across as a very honest and consistent person. She speaks her mind, knows what she wants and doesn't want, calls a spade a spade and sticks to what she is saying. Not in the least confused like her brother.

  • Fatima Awan

    @Sadaf, I think Kashaf would not want to dominate her man because she is perfectly capable of compromising for someone she loves, she just doesn't love a man like that just now that is why she feels the way she does about men. It is not about making dinner etc but having the right attitude, lots of women who cook & clean for their husbands don't respect them. Like I said I think all the women Zaroon has in his life are very self centered and Kashaf is not that.

  • Sadaf

    @Anwer Suhail cannot disagree with you . Yes Hammad is not bad he is not as bad or as good as he should be

    @ Fatima I agree , to make any relationship work there has to be give and take . What I meant was that Farhan spent the engagement period running around with Miss Sara instead of talking about the things that really mattered and evaluating whether Sara was ready for married life or indeed whether he was . I hate that term "wife material " .but to tell the truth Kashaf is really not that different from Sara , yes she might know when to keep her mouth shut and make the dinner and sew a button but she is not going to be easily dominated either. So many young Men feel that dominating their wives is somehow part of married life…NOT I know Of a couple whose divorce originated in an argument over the TV remote… problem is Married life is not a continuation of single life .

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Roh don't you think Kashaf is very very different from Asmara/sara and Ghazala? Sure she is very opinionated and has proven that she is just as capable of giving a man a shut up call as Sara etc are but what sets her apart from all these other women is that she does not fight over petty issues, Zaroon knows in his heart that he was wrong, what he did to Kashaf was in no way right and he deserved what he got. and also later on whenever he gets to know her better he will realize that she has worked hard all her life to do something constructive for her family and not just for her own self like his mother etc who don't give a damn about their families and it is always me me and me! I think it is these women's self centred attitude that bugs him more than anything else.He has never met an intelligent and confident girl in his life who would compromise and sacrifice for her family so i think that is what will make him respect kashaf…i could be very wrong of course!

  • Fatima Awan

    Sadaf what an awesome review, I can tell that it came straight from the heart:) About Sara, well I don't think she is right, if your husband gives you enough love and respect and in return expects you to change a little for him he isn't exactly wrong. I think everyone changes after marriage.Maybe Farhan loved Sara a lot and thought he could make some changes in her lfestyle after they got married, i think there is nothing wrong with that. Sara is an unreasonable spoilt brat and she should not have gotten married to start with. Marriage is a two way street and if one partner is unwilling to compromise completely and expects the other one to bear with it than he or she is the one at fault whether it is the man or the woman. having conflicts with your husband does not mean ke ama ke ghur aa kr beth jao with all the shikayati, she is a grown up and not a ten year old who has to come crying to mommy!

    ZGh has some wonderful characters and an intriguing story , I just wish that they won't keep us waiting for so long to see the good bits. The obsession with dragging the plays to 20 plus kills half of the fun. But thankfully ZGH isn't putting me to sleep just yet and it gives me something to look forward to every week (and it's not FK lol)!!

  • Mona S

    You had me at hello.

    Wonderful review Sadaf. I love your start & the end as well. Hilarious.

    I agree with everyone here.FK is the only reason I'm watching this show as well. After a wonderful last episode, this week again was a yawn. Scenes were too long & repetitive.

    I'm still confused about the time passing. Is it a few weeks? A few months? Or years ? Okay , now my head hurts as well.

    I'm glad to see Kashaf was shown as a strong, but not bitter woman in this episode. I liked her much more in this week's episode than in the past ones.

  • Anwar Suhail

    Sorry I meant to say Hammad NOT Umair.

  • Anwar Suhail

    Thanks for putting so much effort in this timely review. I enjoyed this episode and previous ones mainly because it's nice team work. Secondly, I decided few weeks ago not to analyze too deeply into story line but to concentrate mainly on it's execution. That's why Zaroon's thought process or Asmara's lack of respect doesn't bother me because that's how their characters have been written for this production.

    There are minor flaws here and there. Time line isn't clear, they really need to concentrate on editing. Some scenes are too protracted and repetitive, Sheheryar and Maria being wasted, Fawad Khan's dialogue delivery at times really tests your hearing(he just mumbles at times). But overall it's a refreshing serial with good acting, decent story nice dialogues. Fawad khan is running the show even when Umair and second wife get more screen time. Moreover drama is generating superb reviews from Sadaf, Misty, Fatima. Looking forward to next episode of ZeG and Fatima GUL.

  • Roh

    Good to read your opinion, Misty. :) Always love the little extra bits relating to real life situations from you. :)

    The engagement doesn't surprise me. Many people want a formal commitment, especially when it comes to daughters. One of the things is because then the proposals stop coming and parents don't have to keep on refusing them, by making "lame" excuses.

    Because of the repetitive stuff, one has "got it" (Sadaf, your message is in my head) that Zaroon is abundantly confused. Other than, thankfully, knowing what he wants to study, there is no clarity of thought on any issue in his life. So he is confused if Asmara is the right person from him, there is some discomfort when he hears about her getting another rishta, and he probably is confusing that discomfort, for whatever the reason is, and going ahead with the engagement. It didn't come across to me that he was being forced. It was to be his decision completely. I think his confusion decided for him.

    Add to that, he even admitted to himself that he never found anything wrong with Kashaf and that he had really wasted his time there. Maybe that bit of not finding anything wrong with her, and finding every thing wrong with the 3 women in his life, will confuse him further in the future.

    I also think the engagement will break off because he will just be an unreasonable chauvinistic double headed pain in the neck :) Not because he grows up and sees things more objectively, like we can see it. :D

  • Sadaf

    @Afia . Yes you are right we will always watch because it is the Fawad Khan show and we are dedicated fans :) I hope the story will pick up soon .

    I am glad you are enjoying Ghao , I love it . One minute I think I know what is going on , then it all changes . Alizey is certainly a very complex character . I guess it shows how revenge can make you as bad as the person who wronged you . I just figured out that Shaneela is Alizey's younger sister I mean it is the same actress.

  • Sadaf

    @ Thanks Maria A hug right back :) I loved all that info on your brother :) bless him . If academics were everything all the professors would be millionaires ;) That is why I love Sidra she is smart but not brilliant like me and most other people. Maria bechari came ove r as particularly silly especially in front of Kashaf's sensible comments

    I hope Sheheryaar M improves . He is definately handsome and could be a a really good actor but he should take time to learn his craft

  • afia qazi

    While I will always watch ZGH – the only reason is (sadly) Fawad. He's the only force which brings life into the show. Otherwise I'm sooo disappointed by the whole treatment meted out to this drama. I mean how come such experienced people like Umera Ahmad and Sultan apa are not aware that they are going round in circles all the time. Plz give us a break with all the repetition.

    I remember when the whole 'tooti chappal' scene happened, it was carried on from one ep to the next. I'd found it useless to talk about the chappal for sooo long. Apparently that was omen of what was to come.

    Apart from the repetition, the whole story doesn't make sense. Why would Z get engaged to A? (nothing like that happened in the book). He's never shown to like her romantically. Being a sensible boy with a mind of his own, why would he blindly do what mom wants? Why would he be labelled flirt when all he really does is talk pleasantly? No (half) normal mom behaves like Z's mom.

    Plays like Daagh, Ghao, Siskiyan, Na kaho tum mere nahin, Mera pehla pyar and others all relay the story well- the screenplay/story board makes sense. There are not any scenes which are totally useless in the narrative. Surely ZGH team could have also paid a little attention to these things.

    What a waste of an opportunity :(

  • yf

    @ Misty: Ha ha that was hilarious.'chipkali ki tarha chipki hui thi" and Maria bhi to kashaf key saath chipkali ki tarha….. :) Maria and SM remained odd and awkward through out. Maria and her hyperactivity.. SM and his long strange pauses!!

  • Misty

    Sadaf, it is such a treat to read from you. I think you articulated all my thoughts really well into the review that I am a loss to comment. Perfect is the word I can find :D and thank you for taking my last minute request. I know you were quiet busy as well and lots of hug from my side :D

    Coming to the episode itself, i am surprised at myself but my favorite scenes had to be the one between hamad and the sisters and his parents. Hamad was casted perfectly and he plays the part really well (compared to the other talent that’s lost e.g. maria, osama etc). The reason why I love Hamad because he is so real and is a carbon copy of my youngest brother’s dilemma that how do you get a kid to study who is not academically strong. And my mom and dad always encourage him to try other activities as they have to a conclusion that from their 6 boys, not everyone can be a genius, yet he is still loveable and well not spoiled like Hamad at all (thank god). Coming to the rest of the episode itself, lets be realistic I might say I am criticizing for sake of criticizing but upper class engagements definitely don’t look like that, and that is coming from experience. Second of all, Sadaf, you are spot on that no parents will push their son or daughter especially if they are well to do and educated family into an engagement, those that will last longer than 2 -3 years. If I was Asmara’s mother or father I would refuse right away as well. Long engagements (those that are longer than 2 years) are disastrous emotionally to both parties, as an engagement does not bind both partners legally by law. And I think I would have really liked (like in the novel), that Zaroon never gets engaged to Asmara. The reason why because I feel strongly that this would have shed Zaroon into a better light that he did stood up and did the right thing for himself and Asmara. He already knows he does not needs another copy of Sara and Ghazala in his life and has known for quiet sometime about Asmara as well. Second of all, I don’t know what Asmara and Zaroon talk about with each other and how on the earth are they child hood best friends if they do not understand or know their interests or career and future plans. I have my childhood best friends and believe me I can predict the next move they will make. I have one my best friends and I have known for so long that I can exactly predict what she is going to do next and I know her interests inside out that when she does share something surprising or new, I can connect to it right away. I am sure many of you have similar experiences as well so I wish they had just left the whole “child hood best friend” thing aside.

    Jahan tak Sara ki baat hai, its 100% correct that farhan already knew about Sara’s personality so why change now but I guess Sara will learn the very hard way that not every single little thing needs to be about independence and one also needs to listen to another person. You cannot always have your own say in the world. Har baat ko anaa ka masla nahi banana chahiye!

    and why is everyone at university surprised to see Asmara and Zaroon engaged? larki chipkali ki tarhan to us kay saath chipki wi thi :D end result to phir yehi howa naa and when did Zaroon really flirt with other girls :s :s ..other than that sad phone call to that forgettable girl…

  • Sadaf

    @ yf Thanks , points noted :) and I do my best but sometimes people get carried away and perhaps they do not even mean to be personal . Now I think we have all agreed to just focus on the dramas will not be a problem keep commenting :)

  • yf

    @ Anwar Suhail: I totally agree with you. Some of the comments made by disgruntled people do distract us from discussing the drama ZGH. I wish people would refrain from making personal attacks and focus only on the acting. SS is doing a fantastic job as Kashaf and let us discuss that instead of what she wears as a model!

    @ Sadaf: fantastic review. You have made valid points and had they been considered while the scenes were being shot, it would have made the episodes tight and gripping. Still, I think it is currently one of the best serials and I would not miss it for anything.I also feel you should put your foot down when the comments become too unsavoury! It is your duty to keep the forum from becoming a mud slinging platform.Your review was very witty !!

    @Roh: I also noticed Fawad's look of surprise. I think he is just brilliant! I too feel Sir Abrar's scene could have been quite significant if done in a different way.I also agree with you that their should have been a mention of Kashaf's letting go of Fawad in front of Sir Abrar in Zaroon's diary. I too feel very irked that I have to wait for a whole week for the 'fix'!!!

  • @ Royter Yes you have a point there are is more than one form of extremism . Lets stick to dramas , that might be the best decision . I like your analysis and insights into the dramas we review, in that respect I look forward to your comments .
    @ Anwer Suhial .Thank you and we love hearing from you.
    @ Neuroholic That is so kind … I will be printing it off and plastering it on buses and and billboards till every one is forced to agrees ;) I wish I had that much patience and talent. I love Pakistani writers they are wonderful. I love English literature but am constantly amazed by the intellectual depth of Urdu writers more power to them !

  • @Sadaf, Sorry u got the wrong idea but I think i was talking abt. the unacceptable kind of content produced in Pakistan not the current politics or the issues faced by Pakistan Firstly there are'nt one type of extremists in Pakistan rite now, and the section that u blame for all the issues that r going on in Pakistan, r part of Pakistan , older than pakistan itself, they've co-existing peacefully and still do. All the violence starts after 2001 when a country occupied our neighbour and wherever it went and got involved it only destroyed the peace there.

    If there r models who for personal gain strip with tattoo ISI on their arm trying to riidicule and spit on Pakistan r harmless, then I'd like 2 disagree with u. Pakistan channels r not operating under a code of conduct if they r let loose to produce offensive material and promote ppl who participate in producing anti-Islamic and anti-Pak content that influences youth wrongly, if expressing about our own opinion and pointiing to that is wrong so i'm sorry for that.

    Anyhow my bad I probably should'nt have started about the issue, and our focus should be the Pak drama that we adore. I've said what i wanted and I won't mention her again.

  • Anwar Suhail


    You have summed it up brilliantly. "No one group can decide who to include or exclude." Poverty, injustice and corruption are the real problems facing the society(in addition to intolerance and self righteousness).

    Sorry for not commenting on the review as I got distracted and irked by few responses.

  • Roh

    @Sadaf: there was this line that Z said when he was writing his diary after the results were declared, where he talks about K. Something to the effect that among all the girls who have come into his life he has never met another like her. He could not find any fault or weakness in her from the day he 1st saw her. I think that is an important realization in his life, which will possibly be the basis of the relationship in future. But then again, I go back to my thoughts in my post # 9 above. She is really no different from the grouses he has about the 2 women in his life right now. Wonder what will make K different for him later.

  • Neuroaholic

    Bravo! really enjoyed reading your views. Your rendition was in fact more enjoyable than the actual episode. Made me feel so proud. Good going! I feel it is time you consider writing a book. :)

  • Sadaf

    @Roh @ Sarah hmmm I don't think I saw a growth in the relationship but I did see some character development . Last week kashaf was in two minds as to getting zaroon punished but this week she was not bothered. Zaroon too learned from his third place and his stupid engagement about looks and character etc…

    @Roh I may have missed that look . I will re watch

    @ Anwer suhail thanks for commenting .But what is your opinion on the play?

  • Sadaf

    @Royter. Here we go again. I am two minds to ignore or to answer. Well I agree with your analysis about the serial. Yes the serial is a NOT going to go the way of Ashk but Ashk only got crazy around episode 11 to 12 , before that despite a few bits and peices it was well directed,well acted and the cinematography was beautiful.The amount of effort put in by the Ashk team while the shooting was in the village in Pakistan was tremendous and it showed. This serial has been going round in circles since about episode 3 or 4. But I expect it to pick up now that the the college stuff is over. If I am guessing right this story is about when you go to a college reunion and suddenly you see a couple whom you thought could never get along ,are married . Umera Ahmed is trying to fill in the blanks of how they connected.

    While Sultana Appa is not bad and has done well in parts , there is a difference between her and say Sarmad Khoosat , Haissem Hussain and Mehreen Jabbar or Javed Babber. Just close your eyes and imagine what this would have been like if one of those directors had worked on it. at least the viewer would know what the passage of time was.

    As to Sanam Saeed ,I think it is time we realised that one or two people wearing a few daring outfits are not ruining Pakistan . Models do not bomb mosques and parades. Models are not involved in target killings . Models are not part of successive corrupt governments who cannot provide education or electricity to their public. Models are not extremist mullahs who riot and set fire to KFCs . Perhaps it is time we all focused on the real problems facing the world…Poverty, injustice and corruption rather than the presence or absence of duppattahs and sleeves. Pakistani culture is a lot ,ore diverse than you suppose, more conservative people such as you and I do not own it and we cannot decide who to include or exclude.

  • Roh

    @ Sarah: Your bit about seeing a significant growth and maturity about the foundation of this relationship got me thinking. Yes, its not overtly obvious. And we really don't know how its going to pan out. The library incident was traumatic for K, and all we know is eventually they are going to be married and there will be love. And there is no doubt that K carries a lot of baggage in life generally. It seems unlikely she is going to forget the ordeal from this. Evidently, there seem to be a lot of complex feelings and situations emotionally, which will need to be addressed. From that POV, it just seems that the aftermath was very casual. I love my Friday Fix (of Fawad, if I may add :) and as my family calls it my FFF) and I really hope that given all this, everything falls into place, every aspect is tied up nicely and that there are no glaring loopholes by the last episode. :)

  • Sarah

    Oof. Sorry about typos, still can't type properly with touchphone.

  • Sarah

    This episode was so heartening. I lost myself in some of its moments and I hate that I'm becoming so adducted that I loathe to see an episode end so quickly where I have to wait another week till my next fix. The library scene last week was good but this week the dialogue and character's emotional beats was the best I've seen of UA's writing this serial- we're seeing significant growth and maturation in both our leads in ways that are not overly obvious . It feels the most compellingly writ yet episode yet and thr perfect foundation on which to form Zaroon and Kashaf's relationship.

    Finally Zaroon beginning to wake up. And Kashaf's stirring dialogues had me almost choking back hot tears and superb performances by both Fawad and Sanam.

    Kudos also about the halal rizq wali baat, I continue to wholeheartedly adore all scenes involbong Rafia and daughters.

    Yes, other than some repitition and relatively flat writing with Murtaza's doosri biwi and Zaroon's mother — ok, Asmara too — everything else is solid.

  • Anwar Suhail


    With all due respect I really don't understand your dilemma and your disenchantment about casting of Sanam Saeed. Please enlighten us once for all, so we can discuss only her acting skills instead of her life style.

  • Roh

    Watched that bit again – Z writing in his diary and not being able to fathom women and feminism and other related stuff apparently going above his head.

    His ideas about azaadi among women. Women who can shout louder than men, and who don't want any restrictions, even if its for their survival. hmmmm…. food for thought. How come he associates his mother, sister and Asmara only in this category? Kashaf shouted louder than him in the library, she refused to sit in the front in the car with him, she refused a ride with him on the way home from University….so why does SHE not fit in his category, with rules and beliefs for women, that HE has created. I wonder.

  • Good review, in my opinion the vast majority of viewers r disappointed with the current episode. The more close this drama remains to the novel, better it will be for Hum tv. The additions in the screenplay r not helping the drama, apart from increasing the no. of episodes. I do understand the script has been devoted to the importance of girl education, and many educated Pak viewers already agree with the message, but it is being preached at the expense of the entertainment aspect of the drama.

    I was expecting the story to progress slowly, but the story again has stalled. They have gone back to the family woes and the problems of the 2 families, they r again repeating the same mistakes which they've done in episodes 2 to 7. They have drifted from the most important of story, that is the relationship b/w Kashf and Zarun.

    The current episode was literally wasted on the character of Asmara, on a relationship who everybody knows by now is not going to work. If the same family issues with Kashf's evil father, wasted focus on Asmara and Zarun's self destructive mother-sister duo persist in the next episode. the ratings of the coming episodes will be effected. I don't think ZGH will suffer the same outcome as Ashk due to ppl like Momina Duraid who r associated with this drama but if they tread along the same path as Ashk, viewers will lose interest and most won't remain to watch the buildup to the Kashf/Zarun relationship this drama's success depends upon. The best performance in this episode came from Sheheryaar Munawar, he looks a lot better when he is'nt delivering dialogues and wearing the same expression in every drama. He should try to concentrate in field of commercial modelling, he'll do well there.

    Before I give an opinion on another issue, I'd like to clear that I have nothing to for or against Sanam Saeed, and know her from before her gigs in Daam, Chicago etc. I actually haven't been following her and I really don't care. Professional production houses bound artists by contract in not making media appearances which eventually affects the project. For e.g., YashRaj Films agreement w/ Anoushka Sharma, as they knew that she is a fashion model and her appearances can have an impact on the project film Rab ne Banadi. as she was playing a role which creates a totally different impression, they literally banned her from appearing in the media.

    When they were casting her for this role they should'v assessed this beforehand as this can be cosequential for the drama and her portrayal which is world apart from her real self. After watching this drama if one googles about her, not only the viewer would be unable to connect with the character but also in my opinion most in Pakistan would label her as a BAD influence as Pak drama is watched by all sections of this society. I know that ppl will say foreign influences already exist and r watched by Pak households, which is shameful argument, so these folks should be provided a local platform to futher decimate our culture.

    Also Pak Drama artists making statements against Foreign notably Turkish Dramas invading our muslim culture look stupid when they keep their trap shut on Pakistani artists like Sanam Saeed, Veena malik or other fashion models that are cast in pak dramas doing the same kinda stuff

    Pak dramas doing the same thing on Pak platform, all knowing of the culture of Pakistan, hypocrisy at its best.

    PTV used to take artists from theatre nowadays channels r taking likes of Sanam Saeed [lite-Veena Malik]from fashion industry which definitely is bad for the channels as well as for the society.

  • Roh

    @Sadaf: I thought I saw split second of Zaroon being surprised and relieved. But then I read too much into everything. :)

  • Annie

    Ok for a second I thought Misty maa kaab baani Indian movie ishtyle ;) shukar hai I read your name. This was a barely ok episode and the next few don't look so promising either. Maybe sultana Aapa and the sound editor and the scene editor will surprise me – NOT!

    I am glad they are keeping the CSS theme intact.

  • Sadaf

    @ Roh I think Zaroon is so arrogant he is not even relieved that Kashaf let him off easy . In fact I think that probably annoyed him more

  • Roh

    Thanks for filling in, Sadaf. Always look fwd to reviews here, and its sweet of you to do this for us. And of course, its a delight to read from you. :)

    This episode felt like a wet blanket of sorts after last week. There seemed to be no "dum" in. Just seemed like bits and pieces were thrown in.

    Considering this is Z and K's journey, I thought critical parts like Z's relief but surprise when K refused to discuss the matter with the professor was not given any after thought. Maybe a mention of this in his diary would have given some more depth to such a big incident. Instead, they focused on Z and Asmara making faces when they saw K back in Univ, but after nothing after she evidently took the higher road.

    Similarly, the fact that such a big chapter is over, them getting their degrees, had to figure it all out with scant dialogues.

    And those girls getting upset about Z getting engaged? really? even Maria?

    So now Z wants to do CSS. K mentioned she wants to study further as well. Is CSS what she wants to do to? Did they mention that?

    I too stand by Sara completely. Farhan knew her very well and she had also told him that she is not one of those women who will be at his beck and call at home. Z is just making an issue about things. He also apparently thought for the 1st time that Asmara is not "wife material" for him because she is like the women in his house.

    What's with these men? are they blind? Now we have another one in the party to whack – Farhan.

    The bouncing head of Nigaar was back, and was there for too long. That scene went on and on and on, with no new development there other than Hammad is a liar too.

    I enjoyed the little scene with Rafia and her daughters when they were packing Shenila's suitcase. That was sweet. With due respect to Samina Peerzada's fabulous acting, her "beta" tone is getting very repetitive. It didn't help with all the other things being repeated. Truly Sadaf, you nailed it. We got it. Loud and clear even.

    and thanks for the chuckle about Ra1 and Dabang. You nailed that too!

  • Sadaf

    @ SK Thanks for commenting and thank you for that Sir Antarctica it was hilarious … I am sure there is some Freudian nuance somewhere in there .. lol I hope they move on with this engagement track too . Yes I am liking Kashaf a lot more since she acted assertive rather than aggressive and thank God no more jealousy

  • SK

    Omg I don't know how sir ibrar became Antarctica…sorry lol

  • SK

    Haha love your ending…yes we most definitely have got it….a million times over too!!

    Also can't understand why Zaroon was so confused…he knows Asmara so well and knows she is like Sara and his mom whs opinions he is not comfortable with…but he goes through with it and he's still having 2nd thoughts…oh lord!!

    Agree with you farhan knew what Sara was like, why issues now?I think Men do think their wives change will change for them…. had a friend went through same thing, they don't care what they are like before but expect them to become different after. I think after marriage both men and women have to compromise and adjust but you should be on the same page on major things at least!

    I like that Kashaf beat him at what she's best at, but to let him go totally Scot free in front of sir Antarctica after what he tried to do was a little to sacrificial! He should have got some sort of punishment, he didn't even apologize or anything!

    Hope it moves forward next week and doesn't dwell too much on asmara arguments with zaroon, hopefully the break up already!! Still enjoyed it even though it was slow, kashaf had done more meaningful dislogues rather than just complaints ..glad you warmed up to her Sadaf!!

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