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Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Episode 11 Review

Maria . 46


Hey guys,
i wanted something very very very different for this review so here it is. Thank you Sadaf for helping me on it :) and this is inspired by another infamous reviewer “The vigil idiot”.  ( For the record, i actually very much enjoyed episode 11 of the drama. I will leave my thoughts below. What do you guys think?

p.s. if the graphic seems soo small, please click on it and there will be magnify icon and zoom in to read the less legible parts here :) 
Zindagi Gulzar Hai review

  • Asra

    Is anyone going to review episode 12??

  • Roh

    Eagerly awaiting the review of episode #12 and the preview of #13!!! :) :)

  • nm

    i dun blv what you are comparing with WHAT ? hd hoti he.. its not repitetion at all .its what we call daily life. ask me how it feels to have monday, exactly similar to wedensday ;/ aur haan romance dekhna e to fatma gul and star plus dekh lo . adhy ghnty ki epi me hero heroin 6,7 frames share krty hen.

  • Fatima Awan

    I agree with Sadaf, Annie and Roh.

    @ Misty you did a great job, keep it up girl.

  • Sadaf

    Yes you have nothing to apologise for I am at a loss to understand

  • Roh

    @Misty: Ditto to what Annie said. Your review brought out huge comic relief, especially at a time, where we knew everything what was said in this episode. Only that everything was underlined yet again, and it kind of made the characters a little more unreal and extreme.

    Looking forward to the review of last nights episode. :)

    @Annie: just want to say that "ditto to what you said." :)

  • Annie

    Misty re: your last para – you are too sweet and kind for apologizing about your thoughts and reviews. Girl – there ain't nothing wrong with what you did :)

  • Misty

    Hi everyone thanks so much for your Appreciation and glad u enjoyed the humor. I really want to thank Sadaf, that her one liners for some of the characters (my fav one: if my shirt is any tighter, my eyes will pop) and even I was rolling with laughter while thinking about how Nigar could be depicted and should be drawn.
    @Nadia I used Adobe illustrator to do all of this :D I used a special font to draw all these figures :D
    @royter: LOL i didn't see the "masood" mistake at all, hahaha talk about working late at night :( …
    @k, socha Farhan bahi kaa ab tak sara ki shadi kay baad aik aur bal bhi pluck ho gaya hooga. As for talkhiyan, I have heard a lot
    about it but I am only following silvatain, ANC and ZGH.I am not sure if sadaf has been watching it or Fatima but they would be the one’s to ask for its review!

    As far as the episode content itself is concerned. I don’t think there was any plot development as usual, however I completely agree with Sadaf that they promoted the story very inappropriately. Its not a typical innocent romance that we have become spoiled to (e.g. Humsafar). Its about two people who are trying to come to terms with their battle in life and carving their own identity. Its also about how external forces that come into play while shaping our destiny as well and how well we fight them! the idea is quiet mature and indeed admirable. What Kashaf and her family go through is story of many women in our society or sometimes even worse, so even if we might not connect to most of the things sometimes, its important to realize that this is true for majority of people living in Pakistan and I agree with Sara and Roh that the execution of the story is a little muddled. The consistent repetition and more telling and less showing takes much away from the story that it really is testing our patience isn’t it? So I have decided to take ZGH with a pinch of salt while admiring the underlying efforts of some of the issues being discussed. If it had been a 14-15 episode drama like Durr-e-Shewar it would have been straight to the point and we would not ever think of characters as plain and meaningless (exclude junaid, asmara, maria and osama from the list).

    Hassan and Nik. I cannot appreciate your guy’s comments more, although the review was meant far from being an insult however. I was so hoping someone would see the abruptness or the less than well development in some parts of the review as well. It focused too much on the negatives and ends abruptly in telling audience the point of the drama (which is almost contradictory to the first part of the review). See the original idea was that we lay out all the narrative issues or the plainness of most characters but then also point that, we as the audience had to much expectations and maybe if this was less repetitive, edited more sharply and had a proper flowing storyboard, it would have made most of the characters look like less than those depicted above in the review and the essential and important underlying theme of working hard to make your life better, the lack of faith, the compromise factor, the maturity and ageing and coming to terms with life theme would not have gotten lost somewhere. I would blame the artist inside of me for shortcomings in the review, it was a failure at my part to exactly depict what I wanted to show or send a message across. Just like it’s a failure on part of ZGH team in dragging the drama unnecessarily. However, I do think that it is indeed one of the better dramas out their and it is a must watch for wonderful acting!

  • Annie

    @Nafisa and Roh – funny I was thinking about the house setup when the mom and Kashaf were swinging on that bed-swing. Those things are mighty expensive :)

    I think they tried to show that they live w/in their means by not overly decorating the house and keeping the necessities to a minimum. But yeah more of a middle class home rather than a lower-middle class home if we compare it with other dramas.

  • Roh

    @Nafisa: I have also observed Kashaf's house and set up to be a little contradicting to the financial troubles that they have.

    I also really like what you have written about strong and resilient women. My thoughts exactly. :)

  • Nafisa

    Apologies, I've not had a chance to view any of Sultana S' prior directorial works and ZGH is a first for me. However, just going by ZGH, I feel her reputation as an ace director falls much short of expectations. She had a fairly strong plot to leverage, and sadly it was sadly diluted with every possible inane diversion. Your caricature-like review highlighted it all too well – repetitive, bland dialogues, weakened characters who could have been shown in far better light.

    Nothing about Kashaf's house, furnishings and clothes made her and her family seem to be utterly poverty stricken as they make themselves out to be. Sure, they are not in the lap of luxury, but not as destitute to rub it in every spoken word and thought.

    Strong, resilient women are those that gracefully deal with situations, not by compromising their beliefs, but by making the best of situations to their advantage and in a graceful manner. Not by crying holy tragedy at the slightest inconvenience.

    Enough said, I would have preferred the director to have adapted the ZGH story with more finesse than it currently does.

  • Asra

    Excellent review – very creative and funny..loved reading it!

  • Sof

    Hahah the best review yet! It is severely dragging now, and needs to pick up or else i will loose interest.

  • rida

    fit! :)

  • Fatima Awan

    @ k totally agree with you, Talkhiyan really is something special.

  • Sadaf

    @Em kash I was that good , all the work is misty I just made a few suggestions

  • k

    hey how come nobody is reviewing Talkhiyan – another sanam saeed play on Express …. i would love to read interesting comments and insight on it by everyone here, it is so far away from typical plays, and seems very fresh (based on god of small things). with a very good ost to boot. please someone start reviewing it…. sorry for this request here not sure where to go with. lol

  • Roh

    @k: thanks for mentioning Farhan's 3 baal on his head! I missed that details and I broke out into laughter again!

    Maria, the detailing is fantastic! Kudos, once again! This one is a keeper!

  • Em

    Congratulations Misty and Sadaf, you both did an awesome job! The stick figures are so cute and adorable!!! The show doesn't have much comic relief which otherwise your review has provided. I think I'm going to come back and read it again and again in the days to come.

    I didn't know that the drama was promoted on such different lines from what it is in actuality. As I had no expectation from it, I am not disappointed. Even though the promos for this episode didn't excite me I felt that it ended too soon! Also your review has made me realise that the promos should not be taken seriously and an opinion should be formed only after watching the episode.

    Parents are so important in a child's life. They're supposed to help you out, love you and take care of you. Isn't it true that what a child yearns for is the attention and approval of his/her parents? The three sisters – Kashaf, Sidra and Shenila – know that their father doesn't think or care about them but still want some sort of acknowledgment from him. They do well in studies thinking that their father would show some interest in them. Sidra says that she doesn't mind if her father is not bearing the expenses because he never has but at least he could have shown or even feigned some interest and concern for her wedding. Till her Nikah she's anticipating her father's arrival. It was heart-breaking to see her disappointment.

    The scene where Kashaf doesn't know whether to feel happy or sad after Sidra's wedding was beautifully filmed. You're happy for your sister as she's in a good home with a loving husband but the moment when you realize that your sister is not going to be there with you and you're left all alone…no one to confide in, no one to make you smile after a hard day…its a terrible feeling!

  • Annie

    ROTFL!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the caricatures – so adorably cute and Maria you have a gift for writing and drawing! Totally creative! I enjoy the Vigil Idiot so totally LOVED your depiction of ZGH (and Sadaf's ideas and concepts too :)) – this is my kind of stuff lol! I guess some people can't find humor in anything whereas it is the opposite for me.

    LOL @ Nigar's tight shirt, Rafia holding pom poms, Madamara wearing a tiara, Junaid and his casual cameos w/out a spine – bohat maaza aaya :)

    On to the episode, the repetition kills it for me personally but I know coming from UA every thought has to be beaten into our heads 20 million times before the next thing happens. Some directors like Mehreen, Sarmad and Haissam KNOW how to handle a UA narrative – shorter scenes, good editing, devoting less time to useless characters etc. Unfortunately for Sultana Siddiqui and her editors, they are still learning how to master that craft. Going back to SeZ, Daam, and DeS – they were all preachy because that is UA's style but the directors knew how to manage the preachiness and make it palatable. I hope we get better edited episodes moving forward with some focus on how much time has elapsed between scene 1 and scene 5 rather than me going "13 minutes se Murtaza bol raha hai oh wait now Sidra is dulhan and married off".

  • k

    I love love how farhan is shown to have only 3 baal (3 hairs, lol) whereas in one of the first few episodes zaroon said he has 4 baal. lol.

  • Roh

    I too agree, this is most definitely not Ashk. Ashk made no sense at all.

    ZGH not only makes sense, there is a strong message there. All the characters, even Murtuza and Nigaar have something to contribute. Not even remotely like deenga and ajjo!

    The characters in ZGH have been quite well established, and we understand their mindset and thought process. I guess one is now looking for the story to move on, which it is, but quite slowly at the moment.

  • Sadaf

    @Roh Glad to hear Mehreen Raheel is doing something different and hopefully better. That Daagh e Nadamat sounds interesting if only to see her doing a little better. She is actually quite pretty and not a bad actress,I so want her to dump Zaroon .

    @Anwer Suhail @Fatima Awan Yes I agree this is not ASHK , because Ashk went down hill around episode 11 or 12 . ZGH is doing much better and but it has been horribly repetitive Now we have gotten the perspective on how this is about the development and maturity of two very different individuals who will eventually marry.I think the promotional department at HumtV need to take their fair share of responsibility. If they had not built up such expectations we would not have been disappointed.

    @Hassan @Nik come on Guys I adored HUMSAFAR but I loved the Parodies too. You may not think it but Misty and I are fans ,just not blind fans. The fact that we are actually taking time out for this drama compared to a hundred others we could review etc…..

    We are crazy FK fans I even hung on to Ashk …….,Hum tho Chahtey hain Key FK ka har drama CHah Jaaey p)

    As to HUMTV , I literally miss it like a friend everyday

    Though I may not always agree with her perspective I like Umera Ahmed's writings , Durr e Shehwaar and Sheher E zaat , Qaid E Tanhai , Maat and MZZBN are cherished memories in my heart and a standard for other dramas to follow. So lighten up guys

  • Anwar Suhail

    @Fatima Awan

    I agree, it's injustice to draw comparison between ASHK and ZGH. It's more than a love story. I'm interested to see how life treats all of them as time passes by. That will make the serial more wholesome. I hope they focus on time frame and editing in addition to the script.

  • Bina

    Good job Misty. I'm enjoying this show but not as much as I thought I would. Maybe its my own fault because i had high expectations frm it. FK is the only saving grace in this show. But this week was better than the past 10 weeks, so that means it is improving & story is ,owing forward.

  • Faraz

    Aray baap ray :) misty aka basanti aka maria… you have such a creative mind :) we all feel blessed to have you on our website. things like this makes Dramapakistani what it is!

    waisey :P i have started to enjoy Zindagi gulzar hai now.. and i agree with Anwar suhail, ZGH now a story of different lives. its a story about each individual's zindagi. for it was gulzar from day one. while others had to work hard to make it one.

    i also like the fact the the story is progressing. Kashaf's stand and rafia;s will that they will marry Sidra even without the Naam ka baap was good. it was encouraging. and i also liked the fact that at the end it was murtaza who was asked questions instead of people saying oho baap nahi aya.. people said Baap ko ana chahey tha.. thats a nice change. small things like this show the evolving society.

    for me. the boring track of Sara and farhan is starting now. i have never personally liked Ayesha omar. so here goes my reason not to enjoy their track.

    shabash misty!!! yeh hoi na creative cheez..!

  • yf

    @ Fatima: Thank you for that insight. I think any one who can see things from other people's perspective will be able to understand the story of ZGH clearly. If we only see it from one angle( Romance and FK ) then it will always remain disappointing for us. The story focuses on other points besides Romance. I think more and more people are deviating from watching this serial from a myopic view point and are hence enjoying it.Of course there is no comparison with ' Ashk'. Some people just want to critisize for the sake of criticism.

    @Misty and Sadaf: very refreshing review. Loved the humour in it. Made me smile through out the day. Great effort… was glad to know that you actually liked the episode Misty!!!!

  • Fatima Awan

    I guess people who go through all the problems that Kashaf's family is going through in real life can relate to this drama better than people like us who are blessed with everything. I cried for Rafia/Sidra & Kashaf while watching this episode and also realized what these girls who come to our houses to tutor our kids etc go through. I am glad that ZGH is not just a love story.

  • Fatima Awan

    I wish people would stop comparing ZGH with ashk, that is soooo unfair!

  • Roh

    After having another hearty laugh at the picturised summary from before the drama went on air till date, I think Farhan and his thoughts, was hilarious! Summed him up completely for me. And then Junaid, giving his spine away! lol

    Awaiting your thoughts on the episode, Misty. After this "review" was posted, I was grateful for this episode being what it was -a breather, a step back, a repeat of stuff we knew, a bridge, a whatever. Because if it was action packed, we would have most definitely missed the lighter side to the whole thing as in this review!

    Was looking at Asmara's crown for playing the same role over and over again, and I had to mention that I have been watching Daag-e-nadamat, and her role is completely different. Not only from a Madiha/Asmara, but totally different from any role that I have seen. She has done a good job there, and it was good to see her in that role.

    I guess, I too should accept ZGh as " not an epic romance and university life" and get back to enjoying it like I did till episode #9.

    I just hope that the story falls into place nicely by the end of it, and is neatly tied up. There seem to be so many questions right now, and hopefully everything will have an answer and the contradictions will be addressed and we'll have a full package by the end of it. :)

  • Nice and a different attempt, to make an unusual pictorial review regarding the characters, I do agree with most of the commentary regarding them.This kind of a review would've done really well if done in earlier [pre-episode 7], and last time I checked its Mossad [Israeli spy network] not Masood but does'nt matter they officially don't exist, still i find it amusing and informative at the same time, well done.

    There were expectations with the episode 11, especially from its ardent fans [supposedly] who've read the novel, even though the preview had dim hopes that there willl be more of the same story which happened b/w episodes 2 to 7 but still there were sum expectations that there will be some improvement in pace of the story, Zaroon/Asmara's futile relationship is going to end, less of the family problems and even less of Mr. Murtuza, and [due to wishful thinking] some kind of an encounter b/w Kashf & Zarun.

    Well the drama story went in a totally opposite direction, Half of the drama's footage was devoted to Kashaf's father, whom v all know is an evil person, but still the writer is'nt convinced and the torture continues. Asmara track did'nt get the amount of footage but still it continues to drag on the expense of ppl's interest, instead an interesting character Sidra was chucked out thru her marriage and eventual move to the States, did'nt know the visa process has become so quick. I hope that they turn taya abba into an imaginary character like his son Sajjad and Sidra's husband but the next week's preview does'nt look promising, they'll be dragging even further with the CSS story.

    ZGH is looking more like Ashk that never before. I feel Sultana Siddiqui is repeating the same formula what she did with her previous drama Marvi (1993) alongwith writer NoorulHuda, preaching on the message of girl education. But the behind that drama's success was that Marvi was more of a window to the urban viewership, it broke stereotypes that Sindhi women r illiterate and backward. I doubt there is an urban audience that is not fully aware [ thanx to the overloaded newsmedia ] of the present situation of our society, preaching the same message does'nt work in 2013 it also is spoiling a wonderful story frm the novel.

    Next week episode also looks dull and disappointing as the current one.

  • Hasan

    I agree with Nik..This is not a review this is mock,taunt,insult and ridicule..

  • marvi

    good job Maria :)

    I'm actually starting to like the drama and i was a bit confused about the time frame from last episode but it cleared up after reading other people's comments for episode 10.

    Sadly, I'm going to miss those university scenes, even though they were a bit high-schoolish but they were still entertaining, and its always sad when one moves on from one chapter of life to another. I just wish they had shown that a bit more clearly. Maybe, they could have shown by the end of second year, they've matured and kashaf actually holds no grudges against zaroon(like some sort of sola safai) so it would be more natural when they start taking interest in each other in the work force. Also, they could have shown that Sanam would maintain her friendship with Maria and even Sherry(because he was the nice one after all). I do hope Sanam Saeed gets the credit she deserves for the performance she has showed in this drama, because this drama would be so blah…if it wasn't for her. I don't htink fawad khan ne koi aisi kamaal ki acting ki hai, haan buri bhi nayhe ki, lekhen i don't think there has been one scene so far where i can say man, fawad khan's performance was mind blowing.

    there's another drama coming out of hers: kadoorat? that didn't start yet right?

    I hope they show in this drama how kasha/zaroon both will make compromises in there marriage and its not a one way street. Its a joint effort in order for a marriage to be successful. If they can kind of show something like Hum Dil de chuke sanam, how Ash chooses that other guy over salman khan at the end. If they can just use that overall concept that hopefully Kashaf starts to appreciate Zaroon because of the way he sacrificed to change himself to be with her and vice versa. Also, another lesson i hope they emphasize in this drama is that first few years of marriage are actually the toughest and how the honeymoon phase fades away fairly quickly.

  • Anwar Suhail

    Thoroughly enjoyed this innovative review, well done. But having said that, I think ZGH deserves some praise as well. Finally, though a bit late, we have realized that "it is not an epic romance and university life" but more about life in general. We can sit and enjoy it as the time goes by.

    I'm interested not just in Kashaf and Zaroon, but most others, to see how life treats them. Saving grace if Asmara dumps Zaroon and at some stage Rafia kicks Murtuza out of her life and her thought process.

    @ Maria and Sadaf…fantastic effort.

  • Sadaf

    Everyone this is Misty's brilliant work I just made a suggestion or two , so full credit to her :)

  • SK

    This was hilarious!! Wow this must have taken a while, no wonder we had to wait so long lol! Thanks Maria and sadaf for giving us a fun laugh.

    The thing is we are all still watching it, and I would not say just for fK. Ashk yes that was primarily for FK, but here everyone has given superb performances, and the story is much more interesting! Some scenes in the beginning were annoying and repetitive with madamara and of course murtaza but I feel it's getting better and moving forward and I actually thought this weeks was good

    @ Sadaf I loved your comment and feel the same way, when we stopped expecting an epic romance like they promoted with all the hype it somehow has now become more appealing as a struggle and comparison of two different classes of people and how they get to be successful and have a gulzar life. I'm still enjoying it even with

    murtaza, I want to see him put in his place next week!

  • Nik

    Hmmm i usually come here to read ur reviews but never wrote any comment. However this review made me write my opinion here. I know this drama has some repetitive dialogues and they have less college scenes but still its not that bad ke aap log is terha se is drama ka mazak urayein. Novel must have been very different from the drama thats why ur expectations were very high, and this does happen when you try make a short story into 20 + episodes drama. But still i think yeh drama is terha ki review desserve nahi kerta.

  • LOL! This is so cool! How did you guys create this? I love how you guys were able to give personalities to stick figures!

    My favourite one has to be Rafia: ab beta apna computer band kardou, bijli ka bill zada ayega ga!

    Good going guys!

  • Sarah

    Haye! Kasam se, I love this! It is SO apt. Everything!

    While I'm still very invested in the story and am going to be patient with all the durm and drang of 'abba ki beyhasi' and Rafia's insistence etc etc etc. I realize that this show continues to cut TOO many corners in a 'tell' rather than 'show' way. Budget ka masla hai, kya? That we are not being shown things like Zaroon sitting his exam? Kashaf's job? (Though I did like the way they filmed the roadside scene, really showcased Kashaf's stark vulnerability as well as her relentless determination.) Or Sidra's wedding? Her husband? At least they could have shown her husband!

    The director is superb in more intimate, introspective moments, but we are being very badly deprived of bigger, more macroscopic moments. Again, it might be that they are working on a tight budget.

    Also, please let it be that Asmara breaks off the mangni? That would be brilliant.

    Otherwise, I'm still caught up in this jaal of ZGH and can't wait for the next episode. Yippeeee!

  • afia qazi

    Misty, Sadaf, Thank you for this fun review! What a great effort you put in here- I love the brewing pot. Yes, each ep looks the same with all those ingredients put in. And yes, we will need a lot of patience for this show….If only they'd tried to wrap it up in 15-17 episodes, it would have been so much more palatable. Was bored by the ep this week paar chalo, ab toh I'm getting used to the boredom….yawn…

  • Amna

    This is so funny…..I was in splits…quick question…what is vigil idiot?…anyways..this epi was better than last week…I hope the story keeps moving forward….n doesnt drag like it has done in the past 6-7 epis….although there was no interaction bet Zaroon-kashaf this week but I enjoyed the scenes they were in.

  • Roh

    I'm back. Forgive any incoherence because that means I cracked up again. No wonder the review took a little longer than usual, but it was totally worth your effort and our wait. I saw it and thought of Vigil idiot, and it didn't disappoint me.

    Nigaar's bouncing head reminded me, that you did mention we would all feature in your next review, and what a fab job you and Sadaf have done of this!

    If the last episode was a wet blanket to me, this was a soaking wet blanket. I don't think I would have missed any part of the story if I jumped to the next episode.

    The time frames baffled me, and we were jumping and galloping and crawling and I had to spend sometime trying to figure out if I was coming or going.

    Yes, there were beautiful moments, but loads of moments which contradicted all that has has been established in the last 10 episodes. Now to unlearn what I have learnt.

    Ghazala actually showing maternal instincts. She didn't think she owed anyone any answers in one episode.

    Zaroon now freaking over Asmara's friends. if they were such great pals, I'm sure they had common friends. In fact, Noufal was mentioned in episode #1, where Z was talking about being roped into doing a gig.

    Kashaf took up a part time job to be able to study, now she takes up a full time one, and puts CSS on the back burner. Apparently she completes it in the next episode.

    Asmara, who always agreed with what Z said and did, finally has stood her ground and has given a fitting reply to Z and what haq he has where she is concerned. I must admit I really liked the way she gave it to him. I'm sure she will dump him, and knowing him, he will be relieved! ****rolleyes***

    The only things that didn't change were – Murtuza and his wife. Their lies and whatever else you mentioned in the review about their character stood firmly on steady grounds. And the other one constant was Rafia. She went on with her requesting and asking. I feel sorry for her girls. They appear to be stronger and tell her not to go to Murtuza every single time, but she always does. I think that gives the girls some hope always, and they are so let down every time. :(

    But I'll still say Zindagi Gulzar hai, and I'm looking forward to the next episode. Hopefully, it will pick up for me and won't be another downer.

  • Sadaf

    Oongli kata key Sheedon mein naam liq wah deeya . This is a fantastic effort ..I am so proud of you Maria . beautifully done , it makes a wonderful, fun change from our usual analysis. I actually enjoyed this weeks episode because I have realised this story is very different from the one they promoted. This is not an epic romance ,university life etc… this is more like Kismet thuj pey hayraan hoon. How we find our lives change as we mature and grow in life. How are priorities change ,how are personalities mature till we can almost laugh at the person we used to be .

  • Fatima Awan

    I was so eager to read the review i forgot to read the intoductory lines… Thank you Sadaf:)))

  • Fatima Awan

    Lol Misty, you nailed it!! I may disagree with a few things but I must say this was the most fun and innovative review ever!! Love the nigar, ghazala, junaid, farhan, hammad and maria/osama bit in particular. Good job, keep it up. It was worth all the wait:))

  • Roh

    @Misty and Sadaf: Let me catch hold of my breath, calm my nerves and get some control over my cough, while I'm rolling on the floor laughing and trying to hold my sides which are splitting……and I'll come back here!

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