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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 14 – Let the story begin!

Maria . 88


Asmara and Sara both vanished in a poof of smoke and there wasn’t a sign of them throughout the episode. Nigar’s bouncing head made its weekly appearance however but I want to….hmmm… I don’t know take the elevator to the 23rd floor of my university and shout standing on the balcony:


Clearly, if I am crazy enough to do that, it means Zindagi truly is gulzar and I am still trying to figure out how much I absolutely loved this episode. Sabar ka phaal meetha hota hai. The episode not only contained witty dialogues, superb acting and plenty of our dear Z and K interactions but also provided sufficient insights into K’s thoughts and her reflections on her nashukri, something we all have been questioning and contemplating about for quiet sometime.  Zaroon ko pata nahi koon sa machar kat jata hai every time he is around Kashaf, larka bilkul pagla aur deewana act karta hai. I mean in one place you are preaching your girlfriend about how you dislike her going out with guys for dinner, and here you are my dear Zaroon, trying to make a utter fool out of yourself, trying to ask Kashaf for lunch. Zaroon tum nay too hypocrisy ki haad paar karna shooro kardi!

For me however the biggest surprise was Osama and Kashaf’s secret doosti throughout all these years. When did Kashaf become so acquainted and close to Osama that she would accept his offer for dinner without any qualms or second thoughts. We have been made to believe throughout this whole time that Kashaf dislikes the upper class, the elite and yet here we are, sitting having a nice pleasant dinner …… but we have to give to Osama, he has guts to propose and make a case for himself. And now I am more curious to find out what the outcome is of this proposal!

So for now i am just opening the thread for all of us right now to talk about the episode. I am doing something very different for our review today and I am a little nervous as well in uploading it. I will put it on a little bit later in the day, as I need a little bit of time to edit it. Meanwhile you guys are all more than welcome to share what your favorite parts were in today’s episode? What your favorite dialogues were? If you guys were Kashaf, would you accept Osama’s proposal?

Some of my favorite dialogues were:

Z:Bayhatar hai kay app mujhay app kaha kar bulaian…”


K “Mere liye zindagi main haar cheez mussebat pehle hoti hai, asaani baad main..”


K: “Main adhi raat taak ghar kay bahir nahi rahati”

Z: “Abhi Tak?”


Z: “agar app ko itiraaz na hoo to main app ko ghar choor sakta hoon, expereince hai mujhay”


K: “Thank you”

Z: “shukar hai mujhay app ko yaad dilana nahi parha”


Whose team are you on today? Kashaf or Zaroon? 


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  • Sadaf

    @Raka There is simply no comparison between Asher and Zaroon unless I am proved wrong later. People say Asher was not a jealous person but we can see him goiing from putting Khirad on a pedestal to knocking her down to the ground(metaphorically) a couple of times in the events leading up to episode 11. Each time Khirad is able to reassure him and all is well just the last time Fareeda is able to ensure she is not around to explain and Khirads hurt pride takes care of the rest..I agree there is that element of the fatal flaw .Zaroon is such a different character, he is a manipulator of events not one to be manipulated.

    @Anwer Suhail I am now translating the book and More and more I realise Mahirah did a great job but obviously she is not Meryl Streep yet. Khirad was not the communicative kind i the novel either and where other's see flatness I see someone hesitant to react or even believe that Asher could really love her that much. All his over the top dialogues about love and how special Khirad was to him turned out to be just words and I thought back to the hesitance in Khirad's face …she was right to be cautious. I

  • Anwar Suhail


    And thanks for reminding us of Aristotle's Poetics which leads us to Oedipius Rex and Hamlet, and now Asher.

  • Raaka

    @Roh, strangely I have no such confusions when it comes to the characters of Ashar and Zaroon. Which is weird because they are being played by the same actor and so ideally should make me compare them more. But I very clearly dislike Zaroon's character till now – nothing he has done endears him to me and I totally want Kashaf to agree to Usama's proposal. But sadly no story there, unless of course we're willing to see Zaroon becoming HS's Saara. :P Ashar, on the other hand, has a very tragic quality about him. In classic Greek literature there's a term 'hamartia' – a fatal error or flaw in the essentially good hero. Ashar does remind me of it a little, in his love for Khirad which I might not understand but cannot dismiss either. Very interesting for me, when compared to Zaroon, who I feel is not that well-drawn.

    @Anwar Suhail, yes I am enjoying ZGH a lot, thank you. Mainly because of the banter between the two leads. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    @Sadaf, I know, that scene gave me painwa in my headwa! I've seen similar scenes in too many dramas now to even get outraged at it. Which is why Kashaf excites me more – that is one woman who will never beg.

  • Roh

    @Raaka: I agree watching both of them together can confuse the mind about the characters a bit. I sometimes find myself going ummm… Ashar, no Hassan…lol! Enjoy ZGH for now. It sure is on a roll now. :)

  • Anwar Suhail

    @ Raaka

    Nice, fair critique. I'm Humsafar fan but I agree with you on lead actress going flat. Mahira khan is beautiful with strong screen presence BUT limited acting skills. However she tries her best. Hope you enjoy ZGH.

  • Sadaf

    @Raka yes enjoy HS slowly I promise you will understand it more. I think we don't realise the strength of khirad's character till later, after she comes back. Well we have one thing in common, I could not stand to see Khirad being brought so Low by Asher,that I avoided that episode for the longest time I actually lef the house so I wouldn't have to see it. I think I have now seen it but in clips. It makes my blood boil to see her begging Asher and he is not believing her, I don't care what he saw…. I find it so disturbing ,..when usually this kind of melodrama is cause for laughter and endless nakal taking in our household..

    I am so glad you are enjoying ZGH, kashaf is not likely to beg for anything and saey Khirad key badley uttarey gi I am sure …. In that respect GO Kashaf, I may not Like your nashurapan but you will not be begging for someone to believe in your character either. I still honestly sometimes say ,Damn, damn …HOW CPOULD YOU ASHER???????

  • Raaka

    @Roh, I am planning to take a break, enjoy the ZGH epi and discussions for the next few days, and finish HS sometime next week. Actually I think that because I am watching the two shows simultaneously, I've been subconsciously comparing the characters of Kashaf and Khirad. & I somehow like Kashaf with her idiosyncrasies more. It's not the best approach I know, par kya karein? :)

  • Roh

    @Raaka: I have to agree with you on Khizar. He was by far the most annoying creature in this, according to me, and I was really glad to see him buzz off the screen.

    But I differ with you about Khirad. I think Mahira was absolutely wonderful. Her reserved nature, and keeping to herself, because of being the quiet, kind hearted, simple, and honest person she is supposed to be, was brought alive to me because of her. I never found her "flat". I found her to be full of emotions and I think she portrayed the role perfectly. I remember reading reviews after I watched the episode where she got a lot of flak for her acting, and I didn't agree with a single one of them.

    But HS is something, IMHO, that one HAS to watch all over again at least once, to get the whole emotional experience. I have watched atleast a bit everyday since August last year, and my thoughts still open up to somethings that I never thought of before, or a possible explanation for how things came along.

    I know what you said about Ashar not trusting his wife, and those were my 1st thoughts when I watched it the 1st few times. Now I :) have :) an explanation :) and understanding :) and reason :) for that too :) : ) : :)

    Thats exactly what HS does to me. Puts that smile on my face. :)

    Can't wait for you to move on and reach the end now. :)

  • Raaka

    @Roh I cheated quite a bit with the saas and the saazish scenes. :D One of my friends, a die-hard HS fan who has been trying to make me watch it for ages, has the whole series on DVD, and practically erupted in joy when I asked her for them. So, umm, 11 epis was really no big deal. :P

    Now for the things I liked. The whole falling in love part after the arranged marriage, obviously. It was beautifully done. Very realistic, very poignant, and super-cute. The small gestures, the hesitant smiles, all of it was very sweet. Like K asking A in the car – "Jaaoon?" and A is all (loving eyes, small smile)- "Nahiiin." I went awww. Then sigh and swoon over FK. It has been quite some time since I have enjoyed PG-13 romance this much. :P

    I wish they hadn't killed off Ashar's father so early. I loved seeing his interactions with all the characters. Also, Sara. Yes she's a meanie and I hate her for OCDing on Ashar, but the actress has done a fab job, at least until now. I have been very disappointed in the one playing Khirad though. A LOT of beautifully scripted scenes could have been so much better if she hadn't been so flat. I waited and waited for some intensity, some expressions, but she totally missed her cues in some of the best K-A scenes. Ashar jumping on that bed, for example. One minute I have this big stupid grin on my face, and the next, I am shaking my head at K's nonchalance at her hot husband's moves. But yes, she's very pretty, and the pair look stunning together in the same frame. That does make up for a lot of things, and I'm hoping she'll get better in the latter part where the angst is really going to escalate.

    The other things are okay. Like I said, I don't like the saazish at all, but it's a necessary evil for the plot to move. The story's been done to death, but I really like the presentation. Refreshingly crisp and realistic, minus the customary hawaa ka jhonkaa and trip-fall-catch routine I'm used to seeing in love stories on telly.The conniving saas I just about tolerated.This Khizar guy is annoying wonly. And I'm still wondering just why A was so insecure about his marriage in the first place. Didn't sit right with me, especially because he had been projected from the beginning as this very liberal sort of man, who himself has a babe for a best friend *rolls eyes*. Also because he never had any trouble either realising K's feelings for him or verbalizing his own love for her. I completely understand why he made faces and glared at Khizar – the guy just wouldn't shut up about his wife, to itnaa to banta hai. But why take it out on Khirad? When she has told you clearly that you are her only apnaa in this world now? Confusing.

    I think I'll complete watching this next week and get a few of my questions answered hopefully. Till then, I'm hoping the HS fans here will not throw jooti-chappals at me for criticising the lead actress a bit. :)

  • Roh

    @ Annie:That is so true. Never hurts, does it?, Especially something that brings in smiles. I believe it is a year since it completed all the episodes. Maybe its time for a re-run of discussions of all episodes. :D

    @Faraz, please start something that we can all start yapping about it again. I can see quite a few of us participating, especially since Sadaf is also translating the novel for us at this time.

    @Raaka: I'm so thrilled that you caved in. so! What do you think? 11 episodes already says quite a bit about what you do. :) I'm all smiles just thinking about all that you have seen so far. All I can say, it only gets better and better and takes you through a journey of emotions that leaves one spellbound. The magic of Ashar and Khirad. ****sigh***

    @Em:So glad you got to watch the full episode. The reviews are really a support to the drama. As addictive as the drama itself. Weren't those scenes just too good? :)

  • Em

    @ SK and Roh – Thank you for mentioning the links. I had to watch the episode thrice (not that I am complaining!) and was finally able to watch the complete episode. Previously I had missed both the telephonic conversations between K and Z and they were two of the best scenes, among many other scenes, of the episode. So if not for this forum/review I would have missed them. Thanks once again.

  • Raaka

    Has caved in. *sheepish smile*

    I have watched the first 11 episodes, and have a few things to say. More than a few, actually. Am I allowed to clutter the ZGH thread? :)

  • Annie

    With hum tv awards just around the corner a little Humsafar nostalgia doesn't hurt. Even my smartphone auto corrects anything that I type with a kh to Khirad lol

  • Sadaf

    @ROH Me too me too nothing can ever compare

  • Roh

    @SK: lol! Lets make her! I watch a bit every single day. Its compulsive.

    @Raaka: please let us know when you cave in. We're ever ready for a HS chat! :)

    @Misty: its HS for me all the way. I have to keep washing down every other thing that I watch with a dose HS. :D Yes, I'm crazy like that. :D

    And Misty, ma cherie, waiting for your thoughts on this episode of ZGH and all that has been discussed here. Where art thou?

  • Misty

    p.s. i personally think that the best performance by FK was in Dastaan :) he showed his shararti side, the romance, the heartbreak…oh so beautiful.

    p.s. Do you guys remember Nadia Khan's bandhan where Afaaq comes home and she has made chicken for dinner and he asks her paar chicken kahan hain and she is like "woh urrr gai"…thats how i feel about this review, kahin mera surprise urr gaya :(

    love all the discussion and comments :)

  • Misty

    sooo much peer pressure of HS :D

  • SK

    @Roh…LOL I feel like watching it all again too!!! I am sure she will cave in, we will make her!

  • SK

    @Raaka Indeed welcome to the club:p Once you watch HS..

    (which will probably be in 2 or 3 days once you get started)…. there is no turning back!! Forget Evil saas ….FK and MK will spellbind you:)

  • Roh

    @Raaka: cave in, cave in, cave in, cave in, NOW! :D :D

    I have known people I have introduced Humsafar to, who have finished 23 episodes in 2 days! Maybe you can break that record. Search for Humsafar DVDrip on youtube and you'll get the best print to watch.

    Cave in, cave in, cave in, cave in! :D

  • Raaka

    @Sadaf, that is one long list! :D

    @Roh, Fawad Khan's screen presence has been steadily eroding my dislike for evil mothers-in-law. I really am going to cave in any day now and watch Humsafar. I just checked out the OST. It is beautiful!

    By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Pakistani shows have run for such a short span of time. Keeps them from dragging, no? Out here, the longer a show runs (dragged, in other words), the more successful it is deemed to be. *rolls eyes*

  • Roh

    @sadaf: ghoom phirke, we always come back to HS, don't we? :)

  • Roh

    @Raaka: Yes, Sadaf has listed all the Fawad Khan dramas which are in the "must watch" category.

    As much as Humsafar is the evil mother-in-law story, not only will you love the way it has been shot, narrated and presented, you'll also be amazed at how such a common and simple story can turn into what they have made it. Please do watch and let us know how you're coming along. I can only smile, thinking of it :)

  • Sadaf

    @Raka the evil mother in law only does ONE BIG thing it's not about loads of mind games and manipulation . I promise you will be doing yourself a favour . Watch Humsafar and Dastan and if you like Punjabi Akbari asghari then graduate to Kuch Pyaar Ka Pagalpan …. Long list but worth every second:)

  • Raaka

    @Roh, yes I've heard lots of praise for Humsafar. It's very popular everywhere. I have consciously stayed away from it till now simply because I cannot stand evil, plotting mothers-in-law, who I hear plays a pivotal part in that story. But yes,I do intend to watch it someday, if only for the romance. Being a Fawad Khan phanki demands it, I suppose. :)

  • Roh

    @Raaka: I like what you wrote about what Zaroon brings out in Kashaf. He really does bring out a side of her, that is possibly new to her as well!

    Its going to be intriguing to see what makes her accept the marriage proposal. I hope it is done well, because I'm already becoming dreamy about the romance. :)

    If this is the 1st Pakistani serial you are watching, maybe I please goad you to watch Humsafar with Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. It has just changed my world of romance, and I'm sure if you're loving ZGH, you will be besotted by that one.


  • Raaka

    Thank you for the warm welcome Faraz. I have already caught up with the book translation, and am looking forward to reading more. The differences in both the mediums, text and television, are very interesting to look at. Thank you to all of you who have taken up this initiative and made the novel accessible to non-Urdu readers like me. :)

    I have been reading the views on Episode 14 (needless to say I loved it to bits :D), and like many others, have been wondering just how Z is going to make K agree to take him. More importantly, why would she agree, especially given her past experiences with him, where he has given her every reason to distrust him? I From what I've seen of Kashaf's character, she did not come across as a person who takes up challenges just for for the heck of it – it has always been more about fulfilling her responsibilities, and she never fails to complain about having to do it, at least to her diary. :D So just why would she let go of her carefully controlled life now? But I guess every person gives in to impulse now and then, and Zaroon has always brought out that side in the reticent Kashaf. Her anger, her extreme dislike, her sharpest retorts, everything has been directed at him. So I'm thinking, maybe we'll get to see the emergence of her 'good' impulses now? Provided Z stops being such a jerk, of course. And gives her some way to trust him.

    Zaroon, on the other hand, is fiercely, sometimes needlessly, competitive. Part of Kashaf's appeal for him does lie there – she's one real challenge to him, in every way. And if that wasn't enough, now he has a perfect paragon like Osama as the front-running rival for K's affections. And a broken(???) engagement with an annoying friend. Marriage seems pretty far away to me for now. That's one uphill climb, buddy.

    I couldn't go without saying this, Fawad Khan as Zaroon is just fantastic. About the best I've seen on TV (Indian tv, that is, since ZGH happens to be the first Pakistani show I've seen). I am amazed at how he has made us all adore this smooth-talking hypocrite of a man who has oodles of charm on the surface but also seems to have a gigantic ego and a violent temper. I am beginning to understand why the actor is such a superstar. And now I'm hearing, join the club…:D

  • Annie

    @Roh – wow 25 epis – I was hoping for 22 (max 23 if they stretch it). I agree with you that this week will be the "apology" episode guessing from the preview, next week would be when Sir Abrar calls Kashaf to his Humsafar library and talks about Z's proposal. We could possibly see a wedding by end of episode 17 if the editing is done properly. So an episode or so earlier than my initial prediction.

    @Sadaf – 25%! you're giving Z too much credit ;) but yeah I agree with you maybe we'll see a happy K in about 5 more episodes since Sanam did mention in her mini-chat that Z is K's knight in shining armor.

  • Faraz

    Hey Raaka , sure you are more then welcome mate.. :) when you comment just give your own perspective to how you looked at the episode. that's the best part of our website. we always encourage people to speak what they think.

    sometimes you might not agree with the review which is good but the what would be great is if you can mention that you don't agree. this will let others also give their support to your argument.

    our website is a platform for regular TV viewing people who want to share how they felt about the episode..

    We have done book review and as well as translating the novel in roman urdu for those who cant read urdu :)

    here are the links

    Happy Reading :D

  • Raaka

    Hi everybody. Newly turned ZGH-ian. I wanted to read the novel, actually, and a Google search brought me here. Some great discussions on the show happening out here, and would love to join in sometime.

  • Sadaf

    @Annie I have to agree with your analysis . The wild card is that 25 % that secretly gas the crush on Mr bad Boy Zaroon … well we will see :)

  • Roh

    @Annie: hopefully it won't be long. This week or at most the next week. When do you predict the much awaited wedding? we have another wedding to attend after theirs too, right? Sara's 2nd one?

    Apparently there are "almost 25" episodes of ZGH. Whatever that means. So things should start moving pretty quickly now.

  • Annie

    @Roh – exactly! I am having a hard time convincing myself as to how Z will convince K ;) LOL confusion confusion! Looking forward to "that" episode.

  • Roh

    @Annie: Very valid question. And knowing what she does about his background and his reputation of being a total Romeo in Univ as well as his attempt to pretend to woo her and dump her in those years, I think she should have a tough time believing any promises he makes to her about commitment. (not to forget, he was trying to take her out to lunch as of the last episode on a bunch of lies as well! :D :D )

  • Roh

    So………if both of them want each other to fall in love with them because both of them have apparently not done so till now, then the story is right there staring in our faces! :)

    I'm sure she already fancies him deep in her heart. Sidra had indicated that she felt that a few episodes ago, remember?

    I still think she will be under pressure from Sir Abrar and mother and maybe even father dear father and will not be able to say no.

  • Annie

    LOL Faraz at your polo shirt explanation. You always manage to make me laugh :)

    Regarding Kashaf – I don't think she wants to conquer Zaroon. She is not even interested in getting married and being subjected to a male who will dominate her and make decisions for her, and leave her if she doesn't "fit the bill" because that's what she has learned from her parents' relationship. Her biggest fear (to me) is abandonment. Having said that, there is probably 10-20% of her that is like any other girl who wants to be swept off her feet and pampered because she's never had that in her life apart from the attention Sidra has given her.

    The question that I am looking forward to is 'will Z be able to access that side of her and convince her that he will be able to take care of her till death do them apart" Will she be able to trust him and let go of that fear of being abandoned by another man.

  • Faraz

    hahaha :) see we got the ball rolling ….

    i just think women who are overambitious have this thing. they want to beat the best. conquer the one who everyone desires for. its not with every other women though. most of the time women look for the qualities that Osama has. any girl would die for him. however Kashaf is different.. like i said. she want him to fall in love with her FOR REAL :)

    @sadaf: dont you think Zaroon is playing the same game? he is after her because she is the only girl who didnt fall for her? what will happen when she surrenders? Ego clash i tell you :)

    per whatever i said was meant to be funny :P per i soo not want zaroon and osama to end up fighting…. friendship is a beautiful thing…

  • Annie

    @Haseeb – I enjoyed SM in the Bushra Ansari play and he wasn't so bad in Tanhaiyaan either. He has done well in some of the scenes in ZGH – for example the coffee shop scene last week.

    No need to get so uptight about his acting abilities. We always tend to joke around on the review sites. After all it is entertainment and it's OK to have some fun as long as you're not hurting anyone's feelings or beliefs.

  • Anwar Suhail


    I was referring to your hypothesis on "why Kashaf will choose Zaroon".

    And thanks for providing information on polo shirts.

  • Anwar Suhail

    @ hi Faraz,

    You have made my day by being philosophical yet comical. Yet I have to disagree with your hypothesis.

    I think Osama/Zaroon friendship should survive this minor hiccup. Cheers.

  • Sadaf

    @K not hating at all ….go check it out then tell me what you think …It provided me with endless hours of amusement this weekend ..all I can say ;)

  • Sadaf

    We all know she is going to choose our alpha male Zaroon ,believe me I totally understand her there even though Osama would be the better choice.. But sometimes I think we women should step back and think why we choose to put our hands in a hornet's nest ?

    I guess human psychology is very complicated .

    @Faraz yes you may well be right Kashaf does have a secret soft corner for Zaroon and she resists it because she wants to feel as if she is better than all the silly girls swooning over him in college.but in reality she is not … that is a very male perspective hmmmm I think I might agree with you on the conquering thing though but hasn't she already won if he is chasing her for marriage but she is not chasing him ? Am I making sense?

  • k

    @sadaf: why you hating on tanhai? elaborate please …. lol

  • SK

    Farad you might have a point…sweet and nice doesn't always work lol. But interesting about the outcome of the friendship, I think each person will not know about the others proposal, until it's final otherwise that would be to weird like roh said.

  • Roh

    @Faraz: Exactly. I think the triangle could have been avoided. As it is there are so many complications. Phir Z and K have to get married. And there are things in the pipeline to be sorted out before that. I hope their friendship survives it.

  • Faraz

    @ Roh , only time will tell i guess :) per i would hate it if Z and O split just because of the girl..

    yeh larki beech mein nahi ani chahey dosti mein … bohat ghatiya baat lagti hai mujhye yeh…

  • Roh

    @Faraz: if that is the case she chooses Z over Usama, I, for one will be extremely disappointed. The way the character has developed so far, that reason from her will be like a total let down.

    I think she will be under pressure to accept the proposal. And won't be able to get her way with it, and that's why she will give in. Somehow, that too doesn't quite make sense to me given what we know of her, but you never know how the story is going to pan out.

    Meanwhile, I'm on my stuck record – what will happen to the friendship between the guys? Will Usama attend the big wedding? :D

  • Faraz

    I was having a chat with Sadaf. where i told her why Kashaf will choose Zaroon .and Sadaf is in no mood to agree with me :) but let me share with you what i feel and this is totally from a guys perspective.

    Girls like Kashaf. who have gone through alot and seen too much negativity get used to of the hard life. sweet. simple and easy things don't excite them. it can be said about human beings as well but lets focus on kashaf .

    they like challenges. they like the feeling of conquering. what i feel in kashaf is that she has always envied zaroon. For her ,Zaroon and many other guys/girls like him have had it very easy.

    osama may be very reasonable and sweet. but a girl like Kashaf will only choose someone like Zaroon because she wants to conquer him. make him fall for her in real. the element of taskheer..(urdu word)

    so lets see if thats the case with her or not.. :)

  • sheereen

    afsarni ho gaee humary bachi lekin filen student ki tarah hi uthaye phirty hai

    and to the question i would bandi ka dil baree fazool cheez hai zaroon jeson pay bhi asakta hai. phir osama jesa banda b naee pasand ata,

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Sadaf totally agree with you. Haseeb I always look forward to your comments, keep them coming:)

  • Sadaf

    @Haseeb You are not Dumb and though I disagree (because you know why your point is perfectly valid) You always make very insightful and to the point comments Haseeb I hope no one ever feels apprehensive about making a contradictory conmment or post,so long as it is not personal.. I wish Royter would just take things lightly

  • Fatima Awan

    lol @ the price!!

  • Roh

    I have to add another moment I loved. After Kashaf goes with Sir Abrar into his house, and Zaroon's lunch plans are killed, the way he raises his hand indicating to K's driver that he needs to move his car! :D Too good! Only he can do that so casually! :D

  • Faraz

    @ Annie, Roh, Sadaf :P i actually have lots of shirts like those.. infact i am wearing one right now :D i used to buy them from thailand. but now even in zainab market they have excellent polo shirts.. all different shapes and sizes..

    they kinda look really good when you wear them. perfect fit and hides any fat that you may have :D feels like a hero wearing them :D

  • Roh

    @Em: Kashaf getting into the SUV after they appear to have finished their "field trip" :)

    Dailymotion and Youtube both have the full episode uploaded. Maybe you can try there.

  • SK

    @Em in some uploads the phone call scene was missing. I also had to go looking to find it. Daily motion has the full episode uploaded.

  • Em

    Zindagi is indeed gulzar…made the lazy sunday afternoon even better. It was a wonderful episode!

    But after reading the review and the feedback I think I didn't see some of the scenes mentioned! Now how is that possible? I missed that telephone scene between K and Z and I didn't see Kashaf getting in a car…whose car?

    The official channel has not uploaded the episode and I want to watch the full episode once again. Can anyone suggest a link for the complete episode?

  • Anwar Suhail


    You are not 'plain dumb'.

  • Haseeb

    the point was that everyone's new at some point and many people learn or mature with time.moreover,no one has the right to call me 'plain dumb'.there should be space for all kinds of views and enough intellect to understand what's being said.

  • This is hilarious, comparing this piece of wood to fawad's debut in 2001. If I remember Fawad replaced another good actor still working in the bond role that was Jibran,. It was an amateur production by freshly passed college grads who had'nt had much to do. It was early times for private channels who decided to take up this nonsense content as there was'nt much content available. The environment was very restrictive when it comea to telecasting foreign content.[ such policies should've continued ]. That channel has also gone off air unable to compete.

    Whom is mr. smile ( Shehryar ) working with? Veteran like Sultana Siddique his another serial is also from a good production house, and the times r different and lot more professional. Comparing the resources this Colgate boy has to a person [Fawad] who rather wanted to sing[ at that point of time ] then act, is plain dumb.

  • Haseeb

    sadaf much that everyone loves fawad he wasn't perfect in jutt and bond and that's a fact

  • Sadaf

    @Annie let us just sayTanhai has to be seen to be believed …..

  • Sadaf

    @ Haseeb yes I agree Sheheryaar is def improving , (come on yaar Annie lets give him a chance:) , but don't push it with the Fawad comparisons you may find blood on streets Jutt and Bond was meant to be a silly comedy and yet he was perfect ………

  • Haseeb

    there's quite a lot of smoking in this serial and since it has a large youth following,they could have done better to avoid it.secondly,shehryar munawar is not that bad.give him a chance and those complaining about his acting should go catch a glimpse of jutt and bond,the earliest work of fawad it goes

  • Annie

    @Faraz – I was thinking Lunda Bazar. Glad it's available at Zainab market. ;) lol @ quoting the exact price

    @Sadaf – does Tanhai have SM in it too or is it just as bad as SM's acting? It's Faheem Burney so we can't expect anything even semi-normal.

  • Roh

    @Faraz: which shirt? the red one or the striped one? :D

    tch tch… :D…now come on, they did try to change the look with that dinner jacket he wore. ;)

    Yes, he was better in this episode. He made eye contact with Kashaf while proposing. Shifty eyed people are not to be trusted, they say. :D So good for him that he looked into her eyes. Now a love triangle. The last scene of the preview had an intensely thinking Z.

    How many days to Friday? :)

  • Sadaf

    Uss Ghareeb Osama ki shirt ki keemat tak ka pata chal gaaya ha ha ha

    I think he deserves a break , his acting is improving there I said it

    BTW did anyone catch Tanhai ,I have literally not stopped laughing since I saw it

  • Faraz

    Osama wali shirt zainab market mein milti hain :P 375 RS per shirt…

  • Bina

    I'm glad most of us have stated to enjoy this drama as we were eagerly waiting fr this drama to start. It took us 14 weeks or so but finally, story is not dragging anymore. I hope the pace continues bcoz audience will lose their patience. I mean how long can Fk hold our attention? Any ways hoping nxt week will b as good as this week.

  • Annie

    @Fatima – glad you agree ;)

    I think Osama bought those shirts from the same store. It was the same kind but in different colors.

  • I was hoping for the best and this week was better [sans the hilarious and unusual background score of Bob Mcferrin "don't worry be happy"]. Good to see, the producers of ZGH take heed of the viewer response and chuck out Asmara from the plot. I did see the scene in video of title song where Asmara returns the ring to Zarun, that scene was probably also edited, but I doubt anyone would miss it. There was quite alot of rambling going on, for the past 3 weeks, and the viewers had enough.

    Finally the buildup to the Zarun/Kashf marriage has started, but the real problem stays on that is progress is still quite slow, and they've added another person in the mix, after Asmara, the guy whose only talent is showing his teeth on everyy occasion playing char. of Osama. Whose playing the character actually matters, Sidra [Kashf sister] is'nt a major character which is played by Mansha, still ppl were glad to see her again, cos the actor behind the char. actually did well.

    Coming back to the slow pace whatever happens in the next episode, whether the Shehnila/Osama track becomes true or Zarun asking her hand, expecting the story to go at snail's pace. Fear is we won't see post marriage plot till the 17 episode, nearing the end of the drama.

  • Roh

    More dialogues I loved

    Sidra: abhi bhi utna hi good looking hai

    And that whole phone conversation. "khana kha lo or paani bhi pi lo" :D

    Shenila: "shaadi koi fantasy nahi hai"

    And Rafia's reply to that nothing is a fantasy. Everything is a responsibility.

    Murtuza: "yaar, akhbaar padne dogi, ya nahi padne dogi?"

    And Hamad's admission still not done huh? Must have lost a year in that. Kashaf went for training, and now has a posting. Surely that would take more than the time a student has for admissions between 2 levels.

    Achcha, and now what about this new development of 2 good friends being in love with the same girl? Will the friendship survive it?

  • Roh

    One of my favourite dialogues, (in addition to all you listed) which HAS to go with the guy's expression who said it :D "dimaag ab bhi usi tarah kharaab hai iska. Balki shaayad pehle se jyada ho gaya " which follows "Ms. Kashaf or is it Mrs. Kashaf?"

    I would have l-o-v-e-d to see Zaroon's expression in a close up when she got into the front of the car! I'm sure he would have been something else! :D

    And when K comes to meet Z for an 8 AM call, where did they meet? in his house? or guest house? Didn't make sense – her coming into the house. Especially with the soundtrack of "don't worry be happy" :D

  • Fatima Awan

    Thank you so much for a wonderful review Misty, I will be looking forward to what you have in store for us. These were my favorite dialogues too. I so want Zaroon to grow up, when is that ever going to happen? Zaroon turns into a baby whenever he is around Kashaf. I cannot understand the reason behind the funny/weird music in the background.

    @ Annie I agree with you Osama needs some new shirts and no more lines, yellows and reds please.

  • Ehsan

    I do not know but for some reason I think for Zaroon`s mischievious and a playboy attitude, the funny music in the background suits the situations.

  • Annie

    Such a fun review! and we got it on the same day – yayee! :)

    Glad you plan on taking the elevator to the 23rd floor and not climbing up the stairs – shukar hai zindagi ITNI zayda gulzar nahi hui ;)

    Overall a really good episode with the back and forth one-liners – well done Umera Ahmed. I got so tired of waiting for these Z-K scenes that when they came, like Kashaf, I wasn't as thankful as I thought I would be.

    Agree with everyone that only Fawad could make an idiot like Zaroon seem less slap-worthy then a guy like him would be in real life :D For me, it is just fun to watch Fawad play Zaroon because we know how shy and reserved he is in real life and when he comes on TV. I am sure it took a lot for him to do a complete 180 and play this obnoxious delusional hypocrite and still make him a swoon worthy desi-George Clooney.

    Can someone buy Osama new t-shirts? Poor guy is wearing similar ones that he had in college and they are mighty ugly.

    Adding to your list of fav dialogues:

    aab chehray pharna bhi seekh liya hai

    Z: haan, occupational hazard :-D lol

    and even though the whole "I am such an idiot" scenario was completely immature but hilarious nevertheless :) And yeah I was totally swinging to the beach music during that sequence lol

    oh thank you team ZGH for giving us such a comedy of errors when your intention was not to do so at all.

  • Sarah

    Thank you, Misty!

    Zindagi aisee rahi to beshak gulzar haiiiii!

    This episode made me sweet and happy, too. Something about the Sindh villages trip made me think of a scene from Dhoop Kinaray – this one:

    Sigh, unfortunately our lead couple are no Dr. Aamer and Zoya with their moony-eyes, clasping hands and draping cardigans on the shoulders of the other, but Kashaf and Zaroon, whose bitter, warring egos overlord over their every interaction. But I like them the way they are, lol.

    I did like Kashaf's mologue this episode, it may not have been new, but it was stragely stirring and truthfully speaking I can relate to/empathize with her – I've had similar thoughts run through my head several times, and she's true to her realist character, she can't suddenly become whimsical and soften her fortress of resolve, and Zaroon, he does deserve her disdain, especially for his chichori harkatein in this episode alone, haha.

    Lekin yeh sab cchoro, wow, Osama. Nahee, Sheryar! Kitni handsome tha iss episode mein! I swooned over the dinner scene. He kind of looks like my long-term crush Ali Hamza of Noori. LOL.

    And as Kashaf said, he's 'reasonable and stable' reason enough to be worthy of her remaining a friend with him. Don't get me wrong, I'm still firmly on board the Kashaf and Zaroon ship, but what a sweet distraction! Lucky Nashukri Kashaf!

  • Anwar Suhail

    Lovely review to an enjoyable episode peppered with nice short one liners. Fawad khan was superb. I'm losing patience with Kashaf- still ungrateful, stiff and even rude. I find her rather annoying. Zaroon/Osama and Zaroon/Kahaf scenes were nice, and guy(Shaheryar?) didn't do a bad job. Looking forward to next episode.

  • Sadaf

    @Indiafan Yes, you have a point Sheheryaar may actually have improved… yes he was smiling again but a lot less ,hmmm I hope this continues ,He did such a fabulous job as Arooj it would be nice to have that Sheheryaar back . There is the problem with being so good looking it lets you get away with stuff and then you coast. .Glad to see him making such a good effort

  • IndianFan

    Phew! What an episode! Zindagi FINALLY gulzar hai..!! Fawad Khan, hats off to you for making a highly hypocritical, pompous and slightly confused character like Zaroon immensely cute and likeable. No one couldve played this role better than you have. SO many awesome moments this episode, the best in the drama so far.

    Couple of things:

    1) What;s with the comical background music anyway!? I could barely concentrate on what was going on in the drama!

    2) Its good to see Sidra again :) She does look happy and radiant! Glad to see the camaraderie has not changed between the sisters!

    3) Good to see Kashaf's soft side too, her tone was so much softer and gentle when she was talking to Osama. Surprising how he managed to keep in touch with her. I;m sure she thinks highly of him if she took time off her busy schedule and met Osama for lunch. As much as I love FK, I would really want her to say yes to Osama's proposal :)

    4) Hypocritical Zaroon surfaces again! So its wrong when Asmara goes out with her childhood friends (albeit without bothering to inform him) but he can be as chichora (lovably so, but still chichora!) as he wants to with Kashaf and expect her to go out for lunch/coffee with him? WHY Zaroon!? Time for some contemplation?

    5) Head-bobbing Nigar will not change, but looks like Murtaza is, ever so slightly. Chalo Afsar bitiya ke aane se kuch toh changes hue is mein!

    6) I'm not even going to get to the timeline and location confusion..

    7) The interactions between Z and K were outstanding. Their chemistry is amazing and FK is fabulous, be it his chichorapan at Sir Ibrar's house in spite of being a foreign officer, their banter when they were out with the UN group, calling her and making a fool of himself, his reactions when Osama told him that he was in touch with Kashaf, his expression when Sir Ibrar tells him "lunch toh hote rahenge" and dismisses him off. His reactions were perfect and spot on! **end of drooling**

    8) OMG Osama actually LOOKED at people;s faces while talking to them! That's a first! But seriously, his acting has definitely improved!

    Loved the precap, but its left me completely confused! Osama proposes to Kashaf, Zaroon wants to marry Kashaf, he tells Sara he's interested in another girl, he wants Sir Ibrar to convince her to marry him (well that escalated quickly!), Rafia thinks the proposal is great… ermmm…. Where did they bury Asmara's engagement with Zaroon again??

  • SK

    Yes agree with rehmat! What a fab review:) Yes the plot thickens…who will send rishta osama or Zaroon…maybe kashaf thinks its osama but it was Zaroon Rafia is talking about…let's see,getting interesting!

    Agree Zaroon is still the same….Kashaf has not forgotten and he is still doing the same sneaky things so agree with her distaste for him. Zaroon unless he totally changes, I am wondering how will kashaf marry him….they still have the same banter going on but I think Zaroon this time actually likes her , but he is just too full of himself!

    Maria…loved those dialogues too, also I like how they are very quick back and forth with each other, that shows good chemistry and extremely good acting. Fawad was just superb, also loved when he slaps his head thinking I'm such an idiot!!

  • Rehmat

    A great one to read Misty!

    after so long i came back to ZGH to see whats happening now ;) and i surely wasn't disappointed that much except of that idiotic background music.. hated it to the core!

    Sidra is surely one lovable character.. loved that scene so much :)

    Zaroon and Kashaf scenes are good to see only if i don't go into much week it will be more exciting and interesting how plot thickens :)

    I just once again heard OST and seriously can't wait for those awesome scenes :D

  • Fozia

    If I was in Kashaf's place, I would make the most sensible decision to marry Osama..he is truly a nice guy & also very handsome,successful and has always been attentive and caring about Kashaf…I know most girls if they had the choice would fall for Zaroons's always the naughty hero,whose mischievous charm seems irresistible & attractive to most girls..a mr.perfect like Osama loses to a more colourful character like Zaroon…but in the looks department Shehryaar Munawar and Fawad khan…too tough a choice :)) .zindagi is truly gulzaar at the moment…just loving the drama,hope to see more of the threesome FK , Ss & SM , a feast for our eyes..

  • Faraz

    I think Kashaf likes Zaroon.. just like tom and jerry. I think its safe to say that the story has shifted to 4th gear now.

    Fawad khan is an amazing actor. He is really nailing it down..

    but i have a small problem with background music.. it seems that there is some sherlock holmes going at the background

    Misty abb kya naya dhamaka kernay wali ho:) bring it on!

  • Zuleqa

    I actually feel like the drama is exciting and poignant because there are so many levels to it that affect our daily life, as good Muslims/patriotic citizens of our country/good humans trying to fulfill different kinds of relationships. The fact that Miss K is having a conversation with God, about God all the time means there is a healthy dialogue going. It may not always be in 'Thankful' mode, but at least there is a conversation happening. That is what keeps me hooked. That she is a character, that not only takes action in what she believes to be true, but then ponders on her actions. If more of us did the latter, the world would be a better place.

    As for Zaroon…two words…hot dang! Why must us girls be subjected to this torture, where we dislike his perspective on what constitutes the role for a woman in today's world but want him to take all those liberties with Miss K, regardless of whether Miss K can or cannot resist his charm (she seems to be doing that well…although I'd like to really get into her mind on what she thinks of Zaroon, superficially, even!). Talk about a run-on sentence. Sorry about that!

  • ali

    drama k strt ma, jub wo us kachi abadi ki tarf jaty hain, tu eik buri maaan nimaz ada kar rhae huti ha…yeh dekh k meri ankoun ma aansu aa jaty hain…. itni poverty k bwjud wo ALLAH ku yad kar rhae ha…. hum logoun k pas sub kuch ha, phr bi humri ankoun sa jalaht k parda nae uth rha….. es dramy k vierws millions ma hain …ALLAH ku kal qayamt k din es dramy k btao gay???? un kachi abdoiun ma ja k shooting kar rhay hain ….ksi na un logoun ki help ki…… jitna paisa es dramy pa lgya ha usk 10 % bi un logoun ku day dety tu akhart bn jati…a mesg to hum tv and their viewrs

    dekhnay k baad kahn kahn dicussion hu rhae huti ha……. kabi Islam ku discuss kia???? kabi Quran pak ku samjnay ki koshsish ki ???? kia hu gya ha hum logoun ku

    KHUDA k khuf khao aur Islam ku follow karo…

  • Sadaf

    Good Job Maria ! Looking forward to your surprise addition . I really enjoyed this weeks episode and have decided to put sarey gilley shikwey with the time line etc to one side and take what I can get . Totally agree with you @Roh . Fawad stole the show . That forced conversation and then regretting it afterwards,the manipulating conversation to try and take Baji Kashaf out to Lunch were all so well done . Fawad Khan has brought a lot of charm to a character like Zaroon I normally would dislike.

    I too am surprised that about Osama and Kashaf's friendship , Khair it was nice to know Kashaf actually had a softer side , Umera Ahmed has written Kashaf's character as very unyielding and resistant to any external influence. It was nice to see she had a friendly side , even in her scenes with her mother there is a rather commanding attitude to her dialogues.. Well that was pleasant enough and we shall see what unfolds . I cannot help but feel sorry for Kashaf at this point ,all her hard work and effort to improve her life and she will marry Zaroon ,who might easy on the eyes but is a whole parcel of trouble and insecurities ..inside.. Looking forward to next week

  • Roh

    Maria, loved reading from you, and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us, while we pour out our thoughts here! I couldn't agree more with your instant views!

    I think this was the episode we were all waiting for. One witty exchange after another between Z and K. Phew! Finally!

    I have thrown the timeline in this gulzar zindagi out of the window, and I also just threw out the locations. Can't figure out where they were while meeting Abrar, nor how Z and Usama landed up meeting where. Who was going where? Zaroon said he had to leave, and Usama got into the car to drive away. Oh well. Like I said, all that is discounted, and I lingered on the dialogues between Z and K. They were not only fun and perfect, but also I watched them a few times in the course of viewing, because I had terrible connection, and by default, I would have to rewind to get the thing to move ahead.

    I simply loved loved loved Fawad Khan. Only he could do that bit so brilliantly, when Kashaf got into the front seat of the car! I found myself laughing out loud many times today, and I realised – Yes! this is what we wanted for such a long time!

    And that facepalm? when he called her late and night and didn't know why he did it? ufff! Just too much! :) :) :)

    Zaroon is an insufferable pompous fellow, if I may say so, with a smile. :) Smile, because I cannot tell you what I think Fawad has done to this character! He is just outstanding!

    When Kashaf hung up on Zaroon, when he asked her why she was concerned about his girlfriends – I thought I saw a guilty look on her face….and reminded me of that conversation between Sidra and K, when Sidra said she had a feeling about something, but did not quite share what it was with Kashaf.

    Sidra in the episode, made me realise that she is being missed. Glad they brought her back today. I also realised that with the mention of Maria, she is not being missed! :D

    I feel a lot is going to happen in the next episode. Z is going to announce to Abrar that he wants to propose to K, he is going to admit this to Sara. I'm guessing its only fair all this happens after his engagement is broken off. And sooner or later, K is going to say no to Usama's proposal. Seems everything will be hurried now. I wish they had hurried up till now and then taken it leisurely from here.

    I have to more to say, but I have to watch it again in one piece.

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