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Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Episode 17 Review

Sadaf . 62


This is one of my favourite episodes out of many let us say “un favourite “ones which I sometimes felt I was enduring rather than watching. I am rather pleased that Kashaf did make Zaroon wait, in so many dramas we are shown men and elders making decisions about marriage according to their own convenience which the women have to adjust to .How nice then, that we see a grown woman making a sensible well considered choice. Zaroon is not a stranger to Kashaf and she knows his weaknesses quite well but what she doesn’t know is the positive, caring side of his nature. This episode we saw a battle between reason and emotion in Kashaf’s life and emotion won. Reason would never let her trust Zaroon but that one small incident where he protects her allows her to trust him.

The episode began on a rather negative note with a friend/rishteydar(?) conveying all the nasty gossip Nigaar Aunty is spreading about Rafia and her daughters out of jealousy at their success. The normally strong Rafia’s visible distress finally breaks down Kashaf’s resistance to the idea of marriage and she decides to accept Usama’s proposal. That would be the reasonable thing to do, after all Usama is a good match: even tempered, from a good family, kind and patient in fact, ideal on paper. When Usama calls her to tell her he is getting married she hides her disappointment well enough because there is no emotion involved. What I don’t understand was how amusing Usama found this situation , I get that he was happy about his upcoming marriage but surely a little gravity was necessary when speaking to someone you had hoped would be your life partner. This just goes to show the limits of reason.

The contrast between the two families could not be greater; Kashaf considers marriage out of love and respect for her mother and sister, while Zaroon chooses Kashaf almost in spite of his parents. Zaroon has an uphill battle with his parents, who have quite reasonable objections. Even Zaroon finally manages to have a few moments of self-doubt as he pauses to reflect how the world perceives him. His sister is not sure how her uncompromising brother will cope, saying” I am very interested in seeing key tum kistera aik parri likhi, professional aurat ko Allah mian ki Gaay banathey ho”. Aisha Omer has done a great job of portraying a more mature, sensible woman after her divorce. Mansha Pasha looked simply adorable as Zaroon ‘s vakil , I think Sidra maybe right somewhere deep in that protected heart of Kashaf’s there is a soft corner for Zaroon Junaid.

The best scene had to be Kashaf and Zaroon’s meeting, which was the Fawad Khan show all the way. I just love how he brings his characters to life. He literally swaggers in, full of confidence, wearing chappals and khaki pants like its Sunday morning. Kashaf has already started the case for the prosecution in her head and instead of accepting the tea offered by Sir Abrar, he orders dinner because, like every other time in his life, he has probably already won.  But when he does speak it is surprisingly sincere and humble, which is the first thing that catches Kashaf off guard. Strangely enough it is not his confidence or words which finally break down the high walls of defense Kashaf has built around her but an accidental act of simple kindness when he saves her from the hot tea. I think Sanam did her best but I felt that scene required a little more emotion. I realise that Kashaf is reserved and careful but this was supposed to be a life changing decision. Apart from that I think Sanam has done a fabulous job this episode , the viewer could actually feel a softening in her tone and body language as she slowly lets down her guard  Even .her diary monologue was so much better this week , when she realizes that she has accepted this person to be with her every day of her life .

I loved the engagement pictures, Kashaf and Zaroon looked so cute. Finally poor Sanam is allowed to ditch the scowl look happy. Ghazalla still looks disapproving but the funniest part was the wide smile on Murtaza’s face as he sees his once valueless daughters suddenly become priceless. Ghazalla’s trepidation I can understand, she may not have been the best parent but she cares for her children in a way Murataza never did .From the promos we can see Father’s other little family making trouble in Kashaf’s happy new life. However even that looks minor when I think how the “always first” in everything Zaroon Junaid learns he was second choice.


Written by Sadaf

I am covering for Basanti aka Misty , she will be back next week :)







  • Shalu Mehra

    Hi Sadaf/Misty, waiting for episode 18 review from you, this time round I will comment as well :-)

  • anwar.suhail

    TGIF. Wish u all happy Friday with ZGH.

  • Sadaf

    @Sherry good reminder

    Happy Holi to everyone celebrating it :)

  • Raaka

    @Faraz, Sherry, et al, thank you! Wish you all a very happy holi too. :)

  • Roh

    @Sherry: Thank you :)

  • Sherry

    Lol @Faraz. Pakistan mein bhi celebrate kiya jaata hai! Unko bhi wish kardo :D

    Happy Holi to everyone who celebrates it!

  • zara

    hey faraz

    thats my alllllllllllll time favourite song <3

  • Roh

    @Faraz: Thanks a ton! Trust you to come up with warm wishes that brings along laughter as well! :D Thank you! :)

  • Faraz

    so this is for our readers across the border.. ROH, Raaka.and any one from india reading this…

    Balam Pichkaari joh toone mujhe maari

    To seedhi saari chhori sharaabi ho gayi….. :P

    Happy holi guys!!!

  • yf

    @Faraz:LOL!!Sidra telling him' Meri shaadi hogai hay' so don't use your charm on me. I saw the episode again and believe me, it looked as if that is what she was ACTUALLY trying to say ..knowing Zaroon well!! Ha ha. That was amusing. Agreed Mansha looks very pretty.

    @Roh:Ya I too thought of that' Point of differnce'?? Is he talking about K and him?? I think so. That makes more sense to me…but then…they are getting married! Does that not freak him out????

  • Roh

    Question: Z's last entry in his diary. He ends with "point of difference. Again" Is he talking about K and him? Or the general differences in his own feelings and reactions to his proposal to K? Or is there another explanation?

  • Sadaf

    @Redmirchi thanks , I am not sure but I am guessing 20+ episodes

    @Faraz thank you , It is always interesting to hear your point of view… ;) I agree Fawad has played the role of Zaroon so well , The ultimate charmer. Glad you explained the scene with Sidra , your explanation made me laugh :). I totally agree Mansha is so pretty . I loved the look on Zaroon's face it was so confident when Sir Abrar calls him in , the way he walks over and is so relaxed because he has already won . You can even see it in the engagement pictures……the difference in Zaroon and Kashaf's attitude is obvious. Finally there is someone who can make Baji Kashaf at least a little nervous ….

  • Faraz

    @sadaf :) so here comes my Bro angle :D

    I really like FK acting man, seriously. I had thought it was only faisal qureshi who could depict the true to life expressions but boy was i wrong.

    i love the scene where he says :P mein to app ko churail bulata tha. i mean look at it. the guy is pershan kay yeh larki man nahi rahi. per adat say majboor .. see thats what a natural flirt really is.. a charmer… something that comes to u naturally.

    I also enjoyed his conversation with Sidra. I really love the way sidra speaks and in the last episode she said.. meri shadi hogai hai aur mein america say aii hoon :P matlab woh Zaroon ko bata rahi hai kay bhai please dont try ur charm on me ;) meri shadi ho chuki hai. plus i think she looks wow with her hairs untied .. khullay baloon mein mansha pasha kafi khoobsurat lagti hain :)

    and then there was the scene when sir ibrar says

    Sir Ibrar :chai pio gay ya cofee:

    Zaroon (shamelesly saying even knowing that its a pretty serious situation): Khana

    Sir Ibrar: hoskata hai baat khatam honay kay baad tumhari bhook hi ur jaye..

    matlab " ik Sair tou dosra sawa sair"

    mazey dar episode tha.. abb dekhtey hain kay baqi ki episode mein kya hota hai :D

  • redmirchee

    Such a lovely review !

    Does anyone know how many episodes of ZGH are there in total?

  • yf

    Thanks Haseeb and Roh. Will send the links to her :)

  • Roh

    @Sadaf: You are very sweet. :)

  • Sadaf

    @Roh thanks you really are the nicest person:)

  • Roh

    @yf: this person has all the episodes with English subtitles, in very good quality too. And he updates fairly quickly after the telecast.

  • Haseeb
  • yf

    Can some one send me the link to the english subtitled version of ZGH as a Tamil speaking friend of mine who knows very little Hindi wants to see it.

  • Sadaf


    I think the universe is about evenly split right now about the chai ka piyali scene. Hey at this point I think I have given up expecting too much ….

    @DA Thanks so nice to have you back , I really like d thos epics too I am getting fed up of too many wedding sequences and those pics do show a lot of things apart from the two ghost daughters and Nigar!

    @Raka I was not reminded of Humsafar becuase Humsafar the characters and their premises were totally different but yes it is the FK show

    @Faraz no fair, just a picture…?we need the bro angle on this

    @Sana again I agree the Fawad Khan show but I think it may change after the wedding

    @ELI I cannot tell you how amazed I am that you make such an effort .. I think there is a youtube channel or website that posts Pakistani dramas with English subtitles

    Any questions and we are all available :)

    @Samia interesting comment , do you find this whole drama juvenile …hmm I am surprised care to explain?

  • yf

    @Faraz: Hilarious !!

  • Roh

    @ Faraz: I too thought it was the chutki of sindoor dialogue from OSO, but there was no Dev babu there, so I was a bit confused! rofl at the context here! I tell you, people come up with the funniest things!

  • Kiran


    Thanks for the explanation of the quote, but even without knowing that your pic made me rofl :D

  • Kiran

    @Raaka, love your comment! Please become a reviewer also :D You summed up a lot of the feelings I had about the proposal and your comments about Murtaza and about the chutni made me laugh :D

  • Faraz

    @ ROH : its from Om Shanti om :P ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya janu ramesh babu :)

  • Roh

    @ Faraz: rofl! which movie is that dialogue from?

  • DA

    As always Sadaf, you have written a very beautiful review. And I fully understood the hidden meaning in the episode (okay Idk if this makes sense) after reading your review.

    I also agree with Roh, the tea spilling scene had needed something more. And at least they should have shown Kashaf accepting his marriage proposal. Anyway at first I found the scene quite stupid but thank God, they showed Sidra asking her the same question that was on my mind.

    And I agree that Osama didn't have to sound SO excited for his impending marriage. You were talking to a girl whom you had not so long proposed marriage to.

    Pictures of Kashaf and Zaroon's engagement were so nice and lol Hammad seemed so excited. Thank God there was no sight of Nigar.

    I am pretty excited to see how K & Z's married life goes. The difficulties and challenges they face etc and seeing them romance, yes. :D

  • Faraz

    This picture sums up my comment for episode 17 :)

    <img src=" "/>

  • Eli

    @Sarah & Afia: thanks for the translation.

    @Sadaf: About Murtaza being so lovey dovey? Well one can hope that he has come to some sort of realisation of his actions towards his children and wife. In the last few episodes you can see that he is becoming aware and looking regretful if not repentant. In the pictures you can also see that there is a sense of obligatory tolerance when he is around (could be just my observation). And like I said earlier that when he places the garland on Kashaf there is a sense of vindication (all those years of seeing his daughters as failures and now he is felicitating her). I am not as vociferous in my criticisms of length spent on scenes etc, or character evaluations because it takes a lot out of me in just translating and understanding the dialogues and the nuances. Also I am unable to compare it with past shows as I have very little experience with Pakistani dramas. I love to read the responses and do sense that I lack on a lot of levels. The technicalities are not what I dwell on, as I guess I am easily persuaded by the flawless acting and the Austenesque story telling. However I am very grateful to all the comments because then I get to go back and look at it with different perspectives and I am sure I am improving albeit at the pace of a tortoise.

  • K

    @ sadaf and roh: thanks for the confirmation about "khaas"

    so glad I am not the oly one :)

  • Roh

    @Raaka: My thoughts too, when I said that I was left feeling with wanting more. Much more on the proposal scene.

    @Sana: Yes, to me too, ZGH is completely a Fawad Khan show. You are so right when you say that there is not a single scene of his that he hasn't done perfectly.

    And about HS being dragged into all conversations, I'm guilty too. But what to do, it was such a masterpiece that one just loves reading/talking/discussing it at any given opportunity. Now that it is over and more than a year since then, these are our only opportunities to sneak in a bit here and there. Just can't help that it has become such a big reference point for a lot of people, and the mere mention of it sets off another conversation altogether!

  • Anwar Suhail

    Nice episode and equally nice review. Thanks. Fawad Khan is perfect as Zaroon, no doubt about it. Despite minor improvement, Sanam Saeed is just aveage when it comes to subtle acting, she is in her element in loud aggressive encounters.

    @Sana agree with you on Sanam Saeed's shortcoming.

    @Royter Sorry but Zaroon and Asher are two clearly distinct and different characters, and done efficiently by FK.

  • Sana

    Just like every other episode, this one was nothing special at all. Failed to make a major impact on me. There's positives but the negatives completely overshadow them.

    I'd say ZGH is Fawad Khan's show. There hasn't been a moment so far where this guy has gone wrong at all. Perfect emotions each time.

    Sanam Saeed on the other hand started off well but with each passing episode her performance becomes weaker. I'd say this is a good performance in comparison to the rest but it's nowhere near brilliant. I sometimes don't understand why people say she's marvellous. She does the loud screaming part of every character well but fails to play the softer Kashaf with more emotion. She lacks while showing depth to her character. Putting up just one angry constipated expression on her face the whole time isn't going to do much.

    But along with the criticism there have been moments where she's been excellent. My favourite is when she tells her mom about her CSS result. Great emotions, delievery and timing.

    And just a kind request. I don't understand WHY Humsafar is dragged in to practically every drama thread and compared. PHS is a different kind of drama and in it's own way a masterpiece and I know I'm definitly not the only one who feels this wayy.

  • Samia

    Cute kiddie drama but enough with the soliloquies (dairies).

    Bring Usama back…. with Mariya!

    Sidra – the perfect sister. Will she have Virginian twins.. a wait and watch moment?

    Murtaza and Nigaar's daughters – mentioned but never seen onscreen.. why?

    Aysha Umar .. SO happily divorced… really.

    So many questions, so much time….

  • Raaka

    Am afraid I had very mixed feelings about this episode. Left me feeling only half-fed after a much-anticipated feast. Which is why today the usual ZGH-lover in me has taken a hike and the irritated other half is going to do a Kashaf and ungratefully complain about the show. :P

    Why did they end Zaroon and Kashaf's vital conversation so abruptly? Just why? I don't know if it's some maverick editing technique they are trying out to make the show look smarter or something but it pissed me off big-time. Especially when we were made to endure such detailed conversations between Zaroon's parents and the like. After so much of build-up for this moment, I felt very let-down by the actual scene. It started out brilliantly, with K muttering in her head, Z throwing this knowing, loving smile at her, and I was totally "Ja beta, surprise her!" :D But then, then, then, Zaroon said some filmy dialogues (though I have to admit even my hard heart did want to melt :P), chai ka cup giraa, I saw K give him THAT look and and thought, aha, here it is, now I won't even blink, and phir….Nothing. Nada. Next thing I know, Sidra is grilling K who has apparently said yes. I actually thought the link I was watching had cut off the scene – bekaar hi mein bandey ko gaaliyaan di – but no, that was actually it. Kyun bhai, supporting cast itna footage khaata hai, phir apne hero-heroine sey itni bedardi kyun? :( It's so annoying that so many of the important things in the show are just left hanging for us to imagine, adha-adhoora. K's family background, Z's broken engagement – the most important, substantial conversations are just mentioned in passing rather than being shown. Sometimes I feel the makers are deliberately taking the easier way out by leaving the hard parts out and giving us patchy fillers. Not done.

    Phew. Rant over. That felt good. & now the hopeless ZGH-lover re-enters.

    Sidra is so cute. Best Sister Ever. Really, koi award de do isko. & no Saara, though you've grown on me, you still don't come close. Also, I loved that tiny, veiled warning Sir Ibrar throws as a parting shot at an over-confident Zaroon – "Kahin tumhaari bhook hi na mar jaaye." It was hilarious. And applause for K's dialogue about women always being expected to give errant men a chance, though the favour is hardly ever returned. Also, K's conversation with Sidra – I loved her simple, but very deep reasoning for agreeing to the marriage. It is moments like these when Kashaf becomes such an admirable character. The whole garam chai ka test actually reminded me of the movie "3 Idiots" – spill chutney on a man's valuables to determine if he is a gadha. :D Chalo yahi sahi, finally we'll get to see some romance.

    FK, kya bolun ab. Fabulous. But yes, I had massive HS flashbacks at his lovey-dovey dialogues, which sounded very similar to Asher's. Not that I mind, of course. On the other hand, the Z diary must be great fun to read. :D SS was very good in most parts, but looked a little inconsistent to me in the Z-K conversation. & Osama definitely bathes in nitrous oxide, but he's sweet, makes me grin at even his serious dialogues.

    Lastly, Papa Murtaza ko party mein kisne bulaaya? Was that Z-K's engagement or the Murtaza family re-union? Sigh. Another one left to the viewer's tired imagination. :)

  • Sadaf

    @K I think it just maybe a coincidence. Personally I am glad that we have moved on from the "bepanah Mohabbat " dialogue I used to here in dramas … ;)

    @Afia yes it was a bit mean but I think sometimes people have to be pushed into the pool to learn how to swim.

    @Roh Humsafar hamarey leeye kuch Khaas tha ;)

    @ Haseeb Hey we missed you , glad to have you back. I agree so much I here about the novel seems better than the drama but at this point I am done arguing and will take what I can get.

    @Royter What you mean by Asher mode ? It is a testament to Fawad khan's acting skills that he manages to differentiate each of his characters. He was acting like the typical "I conquered the world " Zaroon in the engagement pics while Kashaf was actually looking nervous and vulnerable. I cannot recall Asher Hussain giving that kind of look in any episode of Humsafar QED

    @Pino so disgusted with Murtaza in the pics forgot his wife , btw WHERE are his other two daughters?

  • afia qazi

    @Sadaf, you have a point wrt. hard headed people…cud be otherwise it was pretty mean.

    @Eli 'baaz daffa' means 'sometimes'.

  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai has been such a slowww journey full of useless tracks of other characters, the sudden jump in the track has mixed reviews. The acceptance of Zaroon's proposal by Kashf which was a vital part of the story, looked so downgraded. as in the book, Sir Abrar giving Zaroon the news about Kashf having no opposition for his proposal, there was nothing of that sort in the episode, which made it look rushed and incomplete. Engagement ceremony in pictures was another example of a rush, they should've added footage of a minute or two, even as they have been forcing Sara scenes into the plot.

    Fashion ind.'s Sanam Saeed wooden acting has been exposed again,she simply looks detached fails to show any emotion. Whether her reaction to Zarun's proposal infront of Sr. Abrar or her response to Zarun in current episode, she lacks big time in expressing any emotion, works well being stoic, cold and indifferent.

    Compare that to Mansha Pasha, she is such a natural actor and effortless. Samina Pirzada also acted well, problem is they are'nt the main leads. Fawad Khan returned to the Asher mode, which fared well. Behroz Sabzwari [sir Abrar] was great as always and deserved more screentime this episode.

    The promo or the next episode preview is manipulated in such a manner for viewer interest if they would've done the same with the whole episode. The reception of this drama would've been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Haseeb

    this ep was quite captivating and interesting.however,having read the story,i was little disappointed with the scene where kashaf finally agrees to marry the story it was the logical way that zaroon convinces her that she is rejecting him cauz she knows his past and would be accepting someone just because she won't know his past, what if she came to know about his past after marriage what would she do then would she forgive him or leave him? if you would forgive him then why not forgive me.he also said that he respected women and the max he did was take out a girl on a long drive or dinner/lunch,other than that he had set limits for himself

    and kashaf agreed cauz she found honesty in zaroon's words and since no one's a saint in this day and age she decided to take a risk on zaroon.she also felt that she's not one of those who are blessed by Allah so even if the decision proved to be wrong,she's ready to brace it

  • Roh

    @K: the word "khaas" always reminds me of Ashar's feelings for Khirad. So I'm on that bus with you. :D

  • K

    Is it just me or the "us larki ko koh diya jo meray milye bohat khaas thi" dialogue during the chai scene reminded people of "tum bohat khaas ho" from humsafar?

  • Pino

    Great episode :) loved it! Let the romance finally begin! I did find that this episode was rushed with a lot of unanswered things…

    1) Murtaza in family pics? Where is the wife Nigar? Should have had a scene where Kashaf finally gets closure with dad. Rafia discusses the rishta with him, he gives his blessings and apologizes to Kashaf for being a bad dad but encourages and supports her as she starts her new life – An emotional father daughter patch up was needed ms director!

    2) Osama who was interested in her since college days suddenly in a month moved on?? Seems strange. He should have given some reason that although I love u, my parents are getting me married blah blah…or why make him move on, let him find out she chose Zaroon, be shocked hurt but moves on and remains friends.

    3) yes would have been nice to see Kashaf accepting saying yes to Zaroon. An emotional romantic scene was needed here very badly…. Come on me director why did u cheat us of this beautiful yes scene!

  • Roh

    on a lighter note, little does Usama know that Kashaf will attend his wedding as chief guest WITH Zaroon. As fiance! lol

    And I loved the way Sidra pointed to the phone while saying this was her number and her could save it. awwww! She has been such a delight in the whole story so far. I think Mansha Pasha deserves loads of accolades for an important role played so well. :)

    I wish there were more scenes between Z and Sidra. She must have given him some tips on how to reach K's heart. Now we can sit and imagine. :)

  • Sadaf

    @Marvi I don't think we shall have to wait to long she really has a soft corner for him anyway no matter how much she would like to hide it and my goodness who has the strength to resist that much charm?

  • Sadaf

    @Afia I think Rafia did the right thing, reason was not working on Kashaf . sometimes hard headed people need their heads knocked a bit to see sense.

    Those engagement pictures were simply so cute. needless to say FK looked ab fab but Kashaf actually looked nice too ,apparently smiling does help :)

  • marvi

    Great review Sadaf! I completely agree with you about how they should have focused more on aftermath of Kashaf saying yes…like how did Zaroon react? How did Sir Abrar react?

    Sanam Saeed is absolutely fabulous in all scenes, but today I was a bit disappointed in her as well. It's only natural for anyone to change their state of expression into more of a softer look when someone is completely humbling themselves down. Nonetheless, it still was a good episode. I think I can definitely say that first half i was team Kashaf(when she was getting her degree), but now its Team Zaroon all the way.

    I can't wait to see her actually falling for Zaroon :)

  • Sadaf

    @Mona I hear you about 17 episodes …..

    @Eli I am so glad you are enjoing it so much but what do you think of Murtaza being so lovey dovey when he let the girls down most of their lives ?

    @Tinni , hmm very true perhaps they should have spent time on that instead of so much on the Murtaza track

    @SK yes I think that was exactly it because the whole tea thing was not rehearsed it seemed genuine to her

    @Sarah I think we are all informed by our own experiences and as you say you seemed to connect with Kashaf's character whereas that same character is my biggest hurdle in connecting with this serial. WELL Sarah we shall have to agree to disagree this is in no way comparable to Humsafar in my eyes at least.But I am so happy you are enjoying this .

  • SK

    @ Roh true they could have had another scene on her saying yes to zaroons face…would love to have seen that! Maybe they have edited some sscenes out?? but yeah too much reiteration of evil Abba earlier and Sara key maslay…not quite the right balance when it came to this!

  • Roh

    @SK: Yes, that conversation with Sidra did explain it, but I still feel something was amiss. K's dialogue that no one had ever shielded her struck a chord with me too. And I understand that. (If she opened her eyes earlier, she would see that even Usama stood up for her in the library scene. She had overheard the whole conversation, where he clearly didn't agree with Z's horrible plans then. And he apologised to her for what happened too!)

    Maybe it was too rushed or maybe there wasn't enough screen time, I don't know what, but I think it could have been given a little more. After all, they have given other tracks which have been thrown out of the script without any official farewell, much more time in the past.

    I too think that Z and U don't know about each others proposals for K yet. Maybe that is what will caused the rift in the future – when Z gets to know about it.

    And Usama sure did move on very fast. Like Farhan. :D

  • Roh

    @afia qazi: I fully agree on the Rafia bit. Seems like her pushing is going unnoticed for whatever reasons. Cannot forget how she always raised her daughters hope by trying to involve Abba in their lives, and then how they were let down. Each and every time.

  • SK

    Great review Sadaf…..a very enjoyable episode…just to see Kashaf smile and be happy was all worth it! I have to say Zaroons words did totally throw her off though and she had somewhat melted so the chai ka cup was the icing on the cake!

    I loved her analysis of it, that dialogue was excellent between her and sidra. For her it was very deep and meaningful. She felt that he was actually sincere which she had never thought about him, as it was a totally spontaneous act. He let his hand burn which means he genuinely wanted to protect her and was totally unselfish.

    @ Roh don't you think her convos with sidra where she explains it gave her decision depth? She finally found out he was genuine towards her and not an act, that someone would actually shield her from pain meant a lot to her, as all she has ever recieved is pain from her father and that's why she thought all men would be like!

    Loved FK in all his scenes…besharam about sharafat was hilarious and one of the best monologues. Actually loved all the dialogues…getting excited for the marriage episode!!

    Sidra was fab as usual…just love her energy and convincing of Kashaf… Mansha was brilliant!

    Yes I also don't think osama knows about z and k…but he sure wasn't sad that kashaf had rejected him, did move on very quickly lol wasn't that into her …thank god though…his smiles were too much!!

    Waiting for next Friday:))

  • Roh

    Loved the dialogue about Zaroon's diary probably reading like a man man's diary. lol I really hope they share their diaries with each other. They will realise in retrospect, that they have been in each others thoughts almost everyday since the day they met!

  • @afia – I don't think so Zaroon told Usama about his pursuit about Kashaf, all Usama was saying since he thinks both of them as his best friends, they both will be the chief guest of his wedding and also since they did not get along he was somewhat forewarning them of each other's presence…my two cents :P :P

    Sadaf spot on review and like you I also feel the Usama part was a bit emotionless, maybe Usama could have started by saying since you refused me, my parents blah blah…the scene was hurried through and I am not complaining though. I am still upset with Ghazalla, no I don't see her as a nagging mother in law and yes maybe she understands her son better than anyone else but I feel she should shown some sort of curiosity as to who is the girl her son is so desparate about….may be having a talk with Sir Abrar herself but she is so opinionated that she will not even spare the girl a thought and it is time Junaid grows a backbone for himself. After the tea cup scene I felt Khasaf was visibly looking mesmerised :) I think I will write a short fanfiction on this scene for our forum, registration is free, all you have to acknowledge the email goes to your registered mail just once to enter the forum.

  • Sarah


    Baaz dafa means quite often.

  • Sarah

    Sadaf, I SO agree on so many fronts with your review. Thank you!

    I agree about Fawad's confident swagger, and then the stark humility and sincerity he showed with both Rafia and Sidra and later Kashaf. More often than not I can relate to Kashaf's cynicism towards men, I myself am jaded towards them, I want to high five her so many times! I love that everything 'could' have been a calculated move on his part and she was poised to recoil but the move with the hot tea was purely instinctive and it was this that which finally broke through her resolve. Brilliantly done.

    This episode was so lovely. As much as I agree that this show slowed to a trickle and felt laboured, there are apparent small flaws and that there is a presence of characters we would be glad to see the back of; this is still a better show than Humsafar. I'm REALLY sorry to resurrect the passe debate here, but I have been simply bursting to say this since this show began. Humsafar had nice couple interaction, some nice, heart-fluttering moments but ultimately it followed all the fundamental tropes of a sickening Star Plus saga, it was just packaged in a much more classier, palatable package. Zindagi Gulzar Hai, however flawed recalls fragments of Hallmark 80s-90s PTV drama replete with its social commentary and iron-willed women, with Fawad Khan's Zaroon Junaid bringing this thing bang up to date, because there's no denying it, this current era of Pakistani Serials are OWNED by the iconic Fawad. And I must say MashaAllah, I wouldn't want to jinx him. LOL.

    And I must stop to comment on Sanam Saeed, previously I liked her in her past stints whether modeling or in ABC's Favourite Dream music video, providing backing vocals at the Coke Studio, her supporting roles in Mata e Jaan, Mera Naseeb but this was a breakthrough for her. We have seen her go from strength to strength, I adore this actress and will continue to root for her in her future projects – but for now I still have episodes of ZGH to watch!

  • Eli

    Great review Sadaf. This week went rather slow for me and it came down to counting every second for Friday to end so I could wake up to episode 17! I watched it 4 times to make sure I got everything but to be quite honest I could even watch it in mute because the acting is so spot-on, you wouldn’t need a voice to put anything into perspective. Zaroon (Fawad Khan) is fantastic. Actually every character is so perfectly executed that you could have separate stories revolving around them.

    The photos were so perfect. I couldn’t help tearing up because Rafia and the girls have come such a long way. And to finally see Kashaf looking so radiant and happy. Murtaza putting garlands on the groom and Kashaf was ultimate vindication.

    Thank you to Usama for not dwelling too long! I am so pleased he did find his own share of happiness and therefore sending Kashaf closer to Zaroon.

    Thank you to the tea guy and to the cup and saucer that came through for Zaroon! Despite all the cajoling and pleading, a simple cup of tea did the trick! Too beautiful for words.

    I was so pleased to see Sheyneela and Sidra busy readying the house for the upcoming engagement. It felt good to have the girls in the house with their mother. There is a sense of sadness because I do worry about Rafia when they have all moved on (yes, I am too involved with these characters!)

    Just a very beautiful episode and I really don’t want the show to end.

    Can you please explain the words 'baaz daffa'. I have been hearing it so often but don’t know what it means. Thanks.

  • afia qazi

    Thanks for the yummy review Sadaf!. I agree with Roh that there could have been more showing but nevertheless, enjoyed the ep. Loved the chaye scene (K looked pretty in pink and FK knows his craft!) I think Sir Abrar told the bearer to spill the tea… or maybe Z tipped the bearer to do that…

    Also liked the Z's shirafat-sharmindagi dialogues.

    One thing that I didn't like was the way Rafia made Kashf feel guilty for not accepting a proposal….knowing all her issues, knowing the bura baap stories R has been telling K, knowing how much K wants to better the family's circumstances, she bulldozes her no end. Tsk Tsk Rafia, buri baat!

    Another thing that irked me- when and how did Usama and Zaroon tell each other of their respective proposals for K? Or atleast Z told U…. again, no one bothered to show us that.

    Why did Sidra have a dupatta on her head suddenly, at the engagement?

  • Mona S

    Lovely review Sadaf. Thanks.

    I loved this episode as well, phew, finally we can all breathe. It took 17 episodes or so for the main protagonists to interact but our patience paid off. I just wish it had happened 4/5 episodes earlier & we hadn't have to wait that long.

    FK looked so gorgeous in this episode, is that possible? Especially in the scene with him & Kashaf baji & the tea cup. Kashaf also looked good, she was allowed to do some makeup. FK acted great in the proposal scene but it was hard for me to make out Kashaf's reaction. She really needs to work on her facial expressions.

    Hoping that next week will be even better :)

  • Sadaf

    @ROH I agree that was indeed a very good dialogue about How women are expected to change. I agree totally. As to the sharafat part I loved the way Mr Zaroon brushes that off with a little laugh whereas that is actually THE most important qualification for any rishta or woman.Yes there was something lacking and I am sorry but I think it was the direction ,or the camera angles but some how it was not quite there .having said that a really good episode and I think those diaries maybe someone's undoing when they are read out of context

  • Roh

    P.S. A thought – will Z and K ever share their diaries with each other? I do hope they have some reference to the fact that they both religiously write diaries. :)

  • Roh

    Loved your review, Sadaf, and it brought a smile to my face.

    You are absolutely bang on, about the scene between Z and K. Every detail you mentioned in that scene caught my attention, and I have to go totally "haan mein haan"

    Fawad Khan has outdone himself, if that is possible.

    I cannot say this was my favourite episode, though I was thinking last week, it would become one. I was a wee bit let down. Maybe I was expecting a little more validating of K accepting Z's proposal. A lot was left to our imagination, and I do wish we saw her accepting it, and his reaction when she did. Many other places too, I wish we saw a bit more.

    Looking back, I feel that too much time was given in reiterating things and these important parts of the main track, didn't even get full screen time.

    I am left with a feeling of wishing there was more. The chai spilling scene, needed something more, not sure what, but it didn't quite clinch the proposal effectively for me. Infact I thought Zaroon’s confession to being in love with her was beautiful. So simple, honest and meaningful, it will definitely find its place in my book of dreamy declaring love confessions (which btw, probably doesn’t fill up even one full page! Lol)

    Rafia telling Zaroon that sharafat was important – he was visibly ashamed. I wish that scene also had some more flesh with why Rafia was convinced that he would be good for her daughter other than the 2 cliché dialogues from him. Seems Sidra and he have talked a lot. Maybe a little more of those dialogues would have helped.

    One of the dialogues that pulled a string in my heart was Kashaf telling Abrar that men will never marry women to change or improve them. But it is expected of a woman to do that for a man in marriage. Kudos to that brilliant dialogue. It is the truth in our society, and very valid from what all is expected from a woman.

    But whatever, I'm really happy to see the story move on. This waiting of Friday to Friday is making the year go by fairly quickly, I must say! :)

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