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Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Episode 18 “mubarak hoo”

Maria . 76



Its been an extremely busy week for weddings in media industry, and in our TV dramas (yes even Atif Aslam is getting married!!), meanwhile its been a hectic busy week for me as well as many of my friends have chosen the April long weekend to also enter into this new chapter of life. waisay app saab ko Zaroon aur Kashaf ki shadi buhat buhat Mubarak hoo. Finally, it took 18 episodes to get to today’s point par hum poohanch gay akhir-e-kaar.  aur kisi nay khoob kaha hai sabar ka phal meetha hota hai and we are all indulging in the meetha phal :

Last night I was at a friend’s bridal shower and we played a game where everyone had to write advice for the bride and she had to read it aloud and guess who had written it for her. As I was observing the trend of advice, some crazy ones, some very sensible one but most of them matched up much to today’s episode of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, which I thought was very interesting so I thought I would one of my favorite ones for the review. I think you guys can all help as well by thinking of some more post marriage advice for Kashaf and Zaroon in case things start to become crazy at their end :D please leave your advice in the comments section below.

Don’t destroy what holds for you two in the future, by turning back to the past” 

Both Kashaf and Zaroon looked like they could have easily walked off from a runaway ramp. Yes they both looked beautiful :D  I loved Sidra’s lines as she brought Kashaf to the stage. Mansha Pasha I have to give it to you, this character of Sidra was made for you, what a beautiful portrayal by an amazing actress. Also, I guess we finally saw Nigar and Murtaza aba’s other daughters as well! the wedding scene was done really well overall but I was left wondering where are aba and Hamaad?

Lets turn to one of the most crucial scenes of today,  the wedding night and Zaroon and Kashaf’s promises.   I wish someone had given Kahsaf the above advice instead of my friend. Its quiet interesting to note as a viewer how Kashaf subconsciously keeps on comparing Zaroon to the old Zaroon from university. Even on their wedding night, everything is being compared to university this and university that. Also I knew that it was demand of Sanam’s character to be emotionless, Kashaf seemed a bit to eased in Zaroon’s presence and alone.  she truly made Zaroon nervous instead, no wonder Zaroon acted like a total klutz the whole time! I however still thoroughly enjoyed their conversations and hopefully Zaroon and Kashaf live up to their promises.  what was your favorite line from their unromantic wedding night?

Favorite Scene:

My favorite scene today had to be the one at Kashaf’s home where Zaroon is helped by Kashaf to wash his face. Really beautifully acted, directed and a spot on expressions. I loved how Sidra budges into comment and check if there was any romantic words being exchanged but I loved Zaroon’s frankness about Kashaf being the most unromantic person on this planet. I am excited for her to become a little bit more optimistic and start to believe that life indeed is gulzar. And I hope she starts to look at that “chakoor moon” more often

Criticism: Ok so here is my big problem with today’s episode. I had no idea exactly what that wadu scene was meant to highlight but here the truth and here is something I would like for Umera Ahmad to take note of. I went to an elite elementary school in Pakistan and for goodness sake every single one of us learn essentials of Islam. I am sure people are strayed far away from deen and sunnah but on one hand we have Zaroon portrayed as a mighty fine adult, well mannered but somewhere while instilling all these values, his parents forgot to teach them about basics of Islam?????? It is a very unbelievable situation. Maybe if someone from you guys have a better explanation please do share.

Next week’s episode:

Zindagi seems gul-o-gulzar…. Hope it remains for next 2 episodes at least… Kashaf is smiling wohooo :D

Whose team are you on? I am all team Z!!!!



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  • Bobby

    Watched Episodes 14 – 18 yesterday. It is like having a comfort blanket over you and getting into a world where you get lost and melancholy. Don’t know what will i do once ZGH gets over. Before that finished with Humsafar. Its been a month now that haven’t watched or done anything else.
    Most of the scenes/lines already mentioned are my favorites too. A few which i loved and didn’t find mentioned –
    – Sir Abrar telling Kashaf that marriage is nothing but a RISK. Absolutely loved this. When Kashaf says that why should she take a risk knowing Zaroon’s past. It is so true one never knows how things and people turn out in a marriage. One has to go by ones instinct and make it work.
    – In the wedding night scene, Z asking K to say something. He literally pleads her – main bhi kuch sunna chahta hoon. I just felt so bad for Z – just couldn’t understand why was he so eager to get married to K.

    Some observations –
    – when Z and K first meet as officers it is Z who is behaving friendly and trying to break the ice. Shouldn’t Z have been angry as well with K with her having insulted him in the library scene.
    – how much ever one might justify Sanam’s acting as being in character with Kashaf. Can’t help but feel that no she is not a good actor. So many scenes would have been something else if there was a better actor in her place. The tea spilling scene, chand chakor scene, wedding night scene. They were all Fawad’s show all the way. Whereas in Humsafar one never got that feeling. Mahira was as good and made all the scenes complete and perfect. Here you just don’t feel that they both should be together. It is Fawad’s charm which makes the scenes work.

    To take the line from Episode 7 of Humsafar – Fawad you’re such a good actor ke aapke liye acting ka lafz chota padta hai.

    In the end one social comment. As rightly pointed out the sibling bond shown in ZGH is one of the most positive things about it. Be it Zaroon-Sara or Kashaf-Sidra. Their scenes are brilliant. Especially the Z-S scene in Ep 15 made me cry. But here is my thing. Why are parents having only 1 kid. Why are they doing this to their only child. Don’t their kids need a sibling in life. Friends can never take the place of siblings. Even Fawad Khan has only one child. I tell all my cousins/friends – PLEASE HAVE TWO KIDS or none at all.

    • Hey Bobby I agree with you sooo much , Fawad di carry a lot of the romantic scenes with his charm . I agree I felt bad for Zaroon in the wedding night as it seemed Kashaf was acting like Patthar key sanam literally . With time I have gotten perspective The problem however is not Sanam Saeed so much as with the direction and the way the story line progressed. Kashaf is a wounded should who hides behind a wall of cold indifference ..if I did not know better I would say she has attachment disorder but lets say she simply will not allow herself to trust a Man after the way her father treated her. This damaged psyche was not as intimately addressed as it should have been . Behind every zaroon Kashaf interraction the ghosts of Murtaza and to a lesser extent Ghazalla are standing in the wings . I hated the finale becuase I hoped Kashaf could mature and move on such luck ..Sigh .
      As to Sanam ‘s acting ..away from Fawad she is fabulous .I think a lot of women identify with her because the echoes of Fatherhood neglect and the ” you are just a woman and know your place” are in their lives . I love that she does not forgive Murtaza and she doesn’t do the mealy mouthed thing and suddenly forgive him. What I did not like is her punishing Zaroon for Murtaza’s neglect .

    • Roh

      Why Zaroon wanted to marry Kashaf and only her, is something that even I didn’t ever understand. All he knew of her was that she was more conservative as compared to his sister or his fiancee. He kept saying that he never wanted someone like his sister or mother, and the only thing he knew about Kashaf was that she wouldn’t go out late in the night, which meant no partying, and she would keep her distance from guys, and was traditionally dressed.
      He put so much emphasis on these things throughout, that he didn’t look at her inteligence or attitude to work hard to work for an honest living, valuing money and other things in life. Only with this, he felt she would be the ideal wife for him.
      They got married and then he found out that she is a person who keeps things to herself to an extent that she doesn’t even share financial loans. He is no less, in keeping his sudden revived frienship out of the blue with Asmara hidden either. And when Kashaf walks out on him because of this, he says that he made the biggest mistake in marrying her.
      Too many things didn’t add up.
      But I did like Sanam as Kashaf. She played her role very well, and I think that Fawad was able to carry out his as well here as in HS, because of the lead actresses calibre.
      Below the standard direction, glaring loopholes in the script, a flawed timeline gave a feeling of dragging the story and possibly thats the reason people got fed up with Kashaf’s focussed negativity and whining at one point in time.
      Watching it on Zindagi channel in India 7 days a week, didn’t bring this out as much as it did for people who watched it when it was on air in Pakistan, where it was aired once a week. The wait was longer, and whenever there were disappointments, it was more because of this wait.
      On a personal level, about your questions of having a single child, I think its a very personal choice/situation. Also there are absolutely no guarantees that siblings will be together forever. There are thousands of cases where adult siblings are not in talking terms with each other, and they think the kids who are an only child is much better off. :)

      • Bobby

        @Roh Maybe might change my mind about Sanam as i go along seeing the rest of the episodes. But even the Ep 19 which i saw yesterday, gave me the same feeling. The phone conversation, tea sipping worked only individually due to Fawad, but overall just didn’t feel so. Instantly thought of Ep 7 of HS and tum mujhe kisi naike badle mili ho… That was magic.
        True about single child – its a personal choice. Also feel tho that siblings not on talking terms is more in the older generation where there were 5-6 or more siblings. Can’t recollect 2 siblings (likely situation today) not being on talking terms.
        @Sadaf In fact a mature person would not want to repeat past family experiences. My father never had a good equation with his father, and so it has repeated b/w my father and me. I tho have made considerable effort to break this chain and am more of a friend to my kids and they actually come and tell me stuff which they don’t even to their mother. Tho its early days yet, still in their teens. Somebody has to break the cycle else the damaged psyche keeps getting passed on generation to generation.

        Thanks to you’ll for taking the time to respond. Makes the journey of viewing so much more beautiful. God Bless.

      • aman asha

        I would agree with your assessment Roh. Kashaf’s negativity is oppressive. her capacity to hurt everyone who cares for her, her mum, her sister and her husband is quite upsetting. In real life we would all steer clear of such a joyless, negative person. She is the real foil to Zaroon. We can love a flawed character like Z only because the other lead is totally un-loveable.
        The intended social message may have been women empowerment but methinks, what we take home is that never be an empowered but bitter woman.

        • Roh

          My biggest disappointment in ZGH was this whole thing being projected as woman empowerment, focussing on the importance of educating the girl child, so that she can be financially independent.
          That it ended with Kashaf wanting to go back to Zaroon so that her “girl children” would not grow up like she did without a father was, most disappointing. To top it all, the reason she walked out, was addressed in such a light casual “romantic” way, that the last episode ensured it was finally ruined for me, though it was slowly progressing in that route, given all the glaring faults.
          Fawad carried the romantic bits in the end to get all the “awwww….so cute! I want a husband like him” kind of comments, leaving out the message of education for the girl child somewhere out there.
          Somewhere in the discussions, someone said that the sympathies were actually with Zaroon, not Kashaf. She was a negative downer, and could ruin anyone’s mood.
          She was rude to everyone. Even her friend Maria, or her sisters who were at her beck and call at home. She was really something else. And the whole reason for her being so bitter, was never ever taken care of, or even addressed in that last hurried episode of self reaslisation. Her father was never a part of it, or how she dealt with that bit.
          You’re so right, what we take home is the bitterness. And the need of a man in a woman’s life. Thats not empowerment.

  • Guys Review for episode 19 is up…looking forward to all your comments :D

  • Roh

    @Raaka: just spill it here to start with! We'll move there as soon as the review is up! :)

  • Raaka

    Ok, Misty/Sadaf, I want a superfast review for 19. I just watched the episode live for the first time ever, and am dying to make a gigantic gushing comment.

    @Roh, join me? :P

  • Roh

    @ Misty: nothing wrong with you at all! :D You'll find many on the same boat, who have watched it many many times. Counting hours till tomorrow. The clock says 1 day, 3 hours and 20 minutes from now. :D

  • SK

    My point is misty that it did come out of the b, lue. Kashaf was never shown as praying namaz not even once…why did they not highlight that? Actuallly I didn't see anyone pray in this whole drama…did Rafia ever tell kashaf to pray and that she should…she told her everything else! But no the elite have to be highlighted? And that too compared to the hypocritical Murtaza who may pray, but has shyed away from his other family obligations.

  • Misty

    Hey guys, after watching this episode like 10 times (oh god, what is wrong me LOL) I cant wait till Friday but I have been really thinking about something with regards to the wadu scene. I think my criticism was pointed more towards the fact that the wadu scene seemed out of place there wasn’t anything much leading upto such a huge generalization that Zaroon is indeed very secular when it comes to religion as his character has always bordered into being conservative. It came a bit to late to discuss this issue now, however I think UA might be projecting to the fact that since this story is all about shukar, one way we forget to thank god everyday for his blessings are praying, especially praying 5 times a day. It’s one of the few things Allah has set for us, as Allah needs nothing from us but for us to be thankful towards the barkats and he bestows on us. Yes lots of us probably don’t pray 5 times a day, many of us have probably forgotten how to pray properly and lots of us have also forgotten the basics of islam.

    My point is that maybe the changed Kashaf might also realize as well as Zaroon that their life is very blessed and this gul-o-gulzar life is a very big blessing by God and remembering him and thanking him once in a while is not a bad idea at all. Shikwa bhi khuda say tha aur shukar bhi khuda say hi karna hai. Ofcourse I might be completely wrong here and you guys are more than welcome to give your opinions and thoughts.

  • mahvish

    epic episode indeed…wadu scene was totally justified..there are a lot of people who do not have any idea about the sequence and details of wazu and namaz, not because they are not taught of it but because they tend to forget, as it is not there routine to say prayers!!!

  • Maryam

    I think the review was spot on! Im annoyed that it took 18 episodes for them to get together when we knew it was going to happen from the beginning so it was a bit of a drag. The wuzu scene really shocked me! I live in London and visit many 'elite' families in Pakistan regularly and I dont think anyone is as jahal as not to know how to do wuzu. Then again if u havent done it in many years then perhaps it is possible to forget the order of it.. is it?

  • Sadaf

    Are we really that old fashioned and boring …? I hope so ..Love is something that never goes out of style or fashion.There are plenty of overt displays of affection out there in the media but I think it becomes meaningless after a while…I liked that Wedding scene because it showed how affection is rooted in deep emotions of love and respect rather than a passing feeling which has little or no meaning save the so called pleasure of a passing moment

  • Sherry

    @sfk: Haha. Saaf suthra, hilal-ofied Pakistani romance! Totally agree!

  • sfk

    Watched the serial, read the novel and can say one thing: the TV version is way better. The novel ended abruptly at least for me.

    I LOVED the wedding night scene. After seeing all kinds of wedding night versions from a whimsical "Mora Piya" to a let -down "Durre Shehwar " to sterile "Humsafar" to a very weird " Ashk". This one was FINALLY a gratifying one. A true representation of a typical Pakistani wedding where two very opinionated individuals are thrown into a relationship through arranged marriage or through other circumstances. They begin their journey with a bit of curiosity towards each other, with a bit of attraction and a whole lot of nervousness. I watched it three times and felt the tingly feeling every time.

    This is what I call "Romance, the Pakistani way"

  • Zuleqa

    Is all I gotta say!!!

  • SK

    @ Sherry and huma…The wedding night was a combo of both dastaan and Des soundtrack… I have also heard durre shehwar in various other scenes,I recognised them right away. I wish they would keep it original though, getting fed up of hearing other dramas soundtracks!

  • @K: Yes we would love to hear more comments from u :D and smart phones are not soo smart at all :(

    p.s. this person right here was how i felt during the wedding week,… :D

    another thing, i want to kill the person who editing the music for the wedding night. the ambiance was suppose to be romantic and playful. they should have stuck with soft acoustic or slow piano!

  • K

    Ii think I will have to be more active commentator, these discussions are so fun and hilarious. And I liked the fact that sidra was changed to disease by over active smart phone. Lol

  • Misty

    @sadaf: thank you so much for your comment. Yes I cant stop referring back to my friends wedding but that was exactly something we all had a huge discussion, that in Islam marriage is a beautiful aspect of one’s life and a very sacred and holy relation between two people. However our TV dramas have started to depict it as a hellish experience for two people involved and I pray that ZGH continues to show that two people can make life truly gul-o-gulzar if they value each other’s opinions and hold each other in high respect even if they stand on opposite spectrums. And yes about the wadu scene, I really thought of it from that perspective as well but alas, it could have been done more subtly or this aspect could have been brought a bit earlier!

    Also the flashbacks as you suggested would have worked perfectly in this case and also if they cut down on all the uselessness, this drama would truly have been more massive :D

    @Zara: thank so much commenting. Yes I am envious of Kashaf, how can she still doubt Zaroon when he has indeed married her and he does truly love her :) but this is K’s journey to shukar and finally maybe Zaroon is her reward from God to have one person who will make her secure and instill trust back in “men”-kind :D

    @SK yes indeed yaar gulzar hai gulzar hai gulzar hai :D thank you for your lovely comment. Yes indeed FK is a natural in all scenes but I thought Sanam could have acted a little bit more nervous as a bride. Yes the trunk opening scene was quite well done :D it took as 18 weeks to get to this point, I hope they give us another few episodes before Usama makes a return… my favourite line had to be

    “actually she has got nice eyes, yaa ajj makeup acha kiya waa hai”

    :D cant wait till next week LOL I do love your phone though, it has kept us all amused for number of years now :D

    @Rakaha thank you so much for your beautiful comment. LOL I love your comment: “ It's like putting Harbhajan Singh and Symonds on the same team, and then wondering what they talk about in the dressing room.” Hahahahha oh boy! Yes you are absolutely right that these two have taken a plunge into something they both never thought would happen in a million years and now both are at loss to say much to each other. Here I am so much reminded of dear humsafar when Khirad and Ashar communicated with eyes, not words. It’s the same in this case, Z’s one glance just makes Kashaf glow. Dear romance, couldn’t you have come earlier? I am soo look forward to next week.

    About Usama, I pointed this out in earlier comment to Roh that Best friends share every tiny detail with each other, even boys. Osama truly is the weakest link in the story…

    @Sana: ofcourse, team Fawad Khan for the win!!!

    Royter: all I am going to say is that Zindagi is pretty gulzar right now :D

    @Roh: aunty and uncle is pretty common but it just depends on each family. Some people like my mom calls my dadi amma “ami” but my chichi use to call her aunty.

    @Shalu Mehra: welcome to dramapakistani and all the Fawad Khan and Zindagi Gulzar Hai discussions. You can ask all kind of questions and they will be answered and as for novel vs drama, I actually like the drama better in post university scenes.

    @Huma: thank you for your wonderful comment and welcome to dramapakistani. I agree with you on all accounts. I really like UA’s writing, however, she needs to explore outside the bonds of cliché descriptions already embedded in our society about different classes. Life isn’t so black and white as her writing potrays it to be!

    @K: HAHAHHAHAHHA I love it! Zindagi Gulzar hai …. Leechar sey husband tak ka safar… HHAHAHAHHAHA I am still laughing this is epic :D

  • Roh

    @Sherry: rofl! Yikes! What a reputation! :D :D Yes, I'm a proud addict! :D

  • Sherry

    @Huma: That was the Dastan soundtrack. I instantly recognized it, since I've seen that drama almost as many times as Roh's seen Humsafar! :D Almost…

  • Huma

    @Roh… you're most welcome :)

    @Imimac… i (and another friend of mine) thought they had the borrowed from the soundtrack of Daastan! :)))

    @Everyone… I think Z and O are not interacting because they are going to make that a base for causing trouble/misunderstandings between the hero and the heroine.

  • k

    Zindagi Gulzar hai …. Leechar sey husband tak ka safar…

    i just had to go back and look at the previews for next week's episode. it had me in splits.

  • Misty

    @Sherry: thanks so much for your comment and thank you for sharing your parents experience. I was discussing the wadu scene with my friend and since I had not watched Shere-e-Zaar properly, she was more upset that it seemed strangely similar to some scene in there as well.

    @Haseeb: Thank for your comment and addition of novel bits and explanations: Yes I totally understand that some of us are distant about prayers BUT I did find asking about time of prayer more realistic or which prayer it was since I live in a place that in summers, a day could be as long as 16-18 hours long and its very hard to figure out if its asar or zuhar. And I really felt that the wadu scene was a bit out of context. Hey when did Kashaf ever pray? And about Shenila’s dialogue, I think it was more realistic LOL sisters tend to be umm very blunt with brothers no matter how well mannered they are :D

    @Aparna: Yes we have been missing your comments and insights for past few weeks. Thank you for taking time to comment. Hahaha you know humsafar makes you want to get married. As long as one finds someone who values you and respects you, marriage indeed is a beautiful thing. I am not married and I have seen more good marriages than bad ones :D Marriages are as bad as they portray them in our drams. but I am hoping that they show positive side and aspects of marriage for at least 3 more episodes before we dive back into K and Z showdown! And yes I am so happy you are on team Z

    @Roh: thank you thank you always for your wonderful comment. I loved every bit of it. I totally forgot to mention about Osama scene and I am a little confused. I was discussing this episode with a very dear friend of mine and my dad had mentioned this before as well when Z in previous episodes calls Osama out of nervousness. Best friends share every tiny detail with each other, even boys. My dad was saying that sometimes instead of talking to parents, the boys usually tell their friends who negotiate the whole rishta process and also help tell parents as well if there is a problem. Also, facebook has been mentioned here before, so in this social media world, how on the earth could Z not have told U or U could have found earlier. That totally was very unrealistic and so was U not telling Z about the his proposal to K earlier. Strange naa… but I loved all the dialogues you mentioned. We should have a new name: Team Fawad Khan :D

    @shalu, thank you so much for your comment and joining in our discussions. Yes yes indeed zindagi is very gulzar and even more gulzar with FKs brilliant acting and the supporting cast as well and yes thank you for this little detail I completely missed, beechara leechad hahahahahah, now that was quiet realistic :P

    @Faraz: hahah yes reminds me of my parents when my mom requests something to be fixed and my dad’s replies: mazdoor banda khidmaat main hazir hai…

    whats up with all the men offering to be mazdoor and nookars :D yes FK fankaar banda hai :D its so strange how he is soo shy in real life though!

    @naaz: thank you so much for your comment and the beautiful wedding advice. Actually this was the one that my friend had received as well from a married friend and I don’t think this advice should be limited to marriage. It should extend to most relationships in our life.

    @Tinni: thanks so much for your comment. Agree with you on all counts and as I have already mentioned in reply to Roh’s comment that Z and Osama not interacting about this crucial aspect is a little strange and unrealistic. Ohhh we will definitely see Asmara from hell again…if they have shot that scene

  • Roh

    @Huma: Yes, they really need to spread the love a bit more for us viewers! :D well said!

    Seems like that finally began in this episode!

    That was me asking about the Uncle/Aunty thing. Thanks for your thoughts on that. :)

  • Huma

    Hi, This is my first time here, and like everyone else am loving Zindagi Gulzar Hai! I read the book after the drama started and have to say that the Drama is wayyyyyy better. More detail, more everything!

    In reply to someone above, no they dont text each other, in fact there is no such scene in the book. Also some ppl say ami/abu and some uncle/aunty and some khala etc…. depending on whatever! :)

    Everyone had problems with the namaz scene, but i had major problems with the water scene! Anyone who is living in Karachi knows the water situation is dicey there. even in Defence etc…. so that was actually less realistic than the namaz one.

    My favourite line was the one where he said she has beautiful eyes and thinks but maybe thats just the make up!

    What should i add? Everyones said everything! and rightly so! But this was the BEST episode, and what i really loved was the fact that the wedding night was sooooo romantic and yet so decent! Loved it! Looking forward to the rest of the drama … and although not in the book, i think Usama is going to be the cause of trouble between the two. But they need to spread the love a bit more for us viewers! :p

    And for the author: Umera Ahmed likes to show that the rich or the elite are usually morally corrupt (wrong!) and likes to moralize… and thats my crticism for her. Sultana Siddiqui has moralized in a way swallowable to everyone!

  • Sadaf

    @Shalu that is what we are here for lots of fun discussion . BTW you have not gotten started with us yet …..take a look at the Humsafar threads lol

  • Shalu Mehra

    Haseeb and Shadaf, I think that in the drama, they are going to show Zaroon's character adjusting to a lot of things as much as Kashaf, because of all those BIG promises he made to Kashaf on their wedding night. Also, it would be highly silly of him to get jealous of Kashaf's feelings for Osama, because 1) he thinks very highly of her character and 2) Osama proposed Kashaf but she did not accept his proposal, atleast she only told Sidra, she never got a chance to say Yes to Osama, as he moved on real fast….Oh well!! I knw we can wait and watch, but its fun to discuss the future episodes…..itni discussion school mein ki hoti to aaj I could have been a doctor, engineer :-)

  • Shalu Mehra

    Hi Raaka, good to knw that you too are from India….hamare yahan FK jaise actors KYON nahi hai?????

  • Roh

    @ Hasab: hmmmm…letters. That's probably the reason for choosing the song "tum kehti ho" (mere khat mujhko, wapas kar do ) in that College rock concert. Might be some connection will be made later again.

    Okay guys, my heart is breaking already. I know if I watched HS every week, while it aired, I would have become a complete loony bird. I keep thanking my stars that I discovered it later and watched it in one go.

    I guess, here I will have to live the agony now, every week. Thank goodness for small mercies, that I will have all these discussions to take me through!

  • Raaka

    @Haseeb and Sadaf, thank you for the information on the novel's plot. I haven't read the entire thing but upto the part where Zaroon sends his rishta to Kashaf's home. It hasn't really appealed much to me. Too much in the Taming of the Shrew style for me to digest. This is definitely a very half-baked opinion based on an incomplete reading of the work, but I think they have made Zaroon's character a lot more palatable in the show, and also toned down Kashaf. Though both the mediums have their pros and cons, whatever little I have read (and heard) about the novel didn't really sit right with me. Give me the show anyday.

    @Shalu Mehra, it was nice to read your comments. I am a newly-turned FK fan from India as well. :)

  • Shalu Mehra

    @Haseeb, thank you….I wish i could read that novel :-(

  • Haseeb

    1- Shalu in the novel Z&K have few adjustment probs after which there's a misunderstanding about kashaf in love with someone else before marriage so there's a major show down,in the drama they would most probably center it on osama and letters are also a part of that misunderstanding

    2- zaroon does not leave kashaf

    3- they do live happily ever after but with adjusting to each other and kashaf adjusting more

    4- in the novel they had two sons taimur and aibak

  • Roh

    @ Sadaf: "hanstaa hua noorani chehra" is by far THE best description of that poor chap! You never fail to give me chuckle of the day with your words!

  • Shalu Mehra

    @Roh, i agree with ur view about Kashaf's acting, its just that, when i start gushing about FK, I tend to forget everything else :-)

    @Sadaf, PHEW!!!! Good to knw that….Hansta hua noorani chehra-ROTF!!!!!

  • Sadaf

    @Roh I think that Aunty and Uncle thing is common for Zaroon's class not so much for middle class households but I may be wrong, that is my best guess. Not sure about where they live….

    @Shalu happy to have another member of the FKfanclub ;) don't worry about asking question that is what this site is for :)I have not read the novel because f my dpelorable Urdu skills but I have heard there will be some trouble between these two and I am guessing it will be Usama's hansta huwa Noorani chehra which will cause it. According to some people who have read the book Zaroon gets upset with Kashaf over her brother in law , who is not even shown in the drama but is in the novel. Yes I think they do live happily ever after and those two girls are their daughters , in the book they had two sons though .

  • Roh

    @Shalu: :)

    Just watched the last episode yet again, and I feel sorry that I didn't say this earlier, but I guess its grown on me only since I watched it over and over again. I really think Sanam Saeed is very very good as well. I'm convinced that all my favourite scenes (which actually is the whole episode!)would have been half baked if it wasn't for her. Her glances, small nuances of biting her lips, pausing, thinking, nervous smiles, even disbelief at times – that she is married to Zaroon Junaid! – SHE is Kashaf. I can see her journey to gratefulness has begun, and I think she is doing a marvellous job of just having stepped into that path. :)

  • Shalu Mehra

    @Roh: you are from India as well? Good to knw :-) I am hooked to ZGH, ok, lets be honest, I am hooked to FAWAD KHAN, what an actor!!! And i just love pakistani dramas, not all but some…as a teenager, I use to watch Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyaan thanks to my granny who was originally from Pakistan, so when I got a chance to see Humsafar, after reading about it on net, I fell in love with Humsafar, Dastaan and now ZGH…..I wish I could read Urdu :-(

  • Roh

    @Shalu: LOL! We ask so many questions – we fans from India! But everyone here on the site is so sweet, that you always get the answers. Even idiotic ones like mine! :)

  • Roh

    2 questions: (a)Why is Z calling his IL's Uncle and Aunty even now? Is that common? I have seen a few people who change immediately, some who do in time, and some who continue calling Uncle/Aunty forever. Just wondering.

    (b) So is K going to move location or Z will move? or both of them move to Karachi?

    Totally unimportant, but thoughts in my mind. As you can see they have been on my mind a lot – an outcome from watching this episode so many times over already. :)

  • Shalu Mehra

    Some more questions from my side, hope some kind soul who has read the novel will answer them?? I have realized that the drama is not following the novel completely but in the novel after Z and K's marriage, do they have marital problems? Does Kashaf leave Zaroon? What are these letters that people keep referring to, also saw in the OST, she is holding on to some papers(letters) while having tea? PLS tell me that they live happily ever after in the novel? Do they have kids, I saw one pic on internet twin girls with Z and K, maybe they have 2 daughters later in life in the drama??

    SIGH!!!! I wish i could read URDU, what a handicap!! The novel translation is also NOT complete on this website(I am sure its a mammoth task!)

    ZGH fan from India!!

  • There is such a rush for celebration, completely forgetting the arduous and sluggish journey of about 18 weeks to deliver the viewers the kind of drama they were promised in the promos. Alongwith this there were major technical glitches. There was no Shehnila, Hammad and Abba Murtaza in the wedding, and most of the viewers heard about the other daughters of Murtaza sahb for the first time, that conversation produced another error of all 3 daughters already married which is off course not the case. Probably actors playing Shehnila, murtaza, etc. were restrcted to certain shooting spell at single location.

    Well ppl in Pakistan watch drama for certain actors, like Fawad Khan, but outside of Pakistan the viewers won't ignore being taken for granted, as most of the details r left for the imagination. Sanam Saeed looked more confused than emotional and that wll remain the case for the rest of the episodes.

    The difference b/w the drama and novel is becoming quite apparent, and ppl who have read the novel, have been disappointed with the effort for instance the wedding night scene was too long and really cold compared to the novel. The other downside of this drama is that the good [or entertaining] bitsr smaller and at the end of the play. They should've cut the wedding night scene to extend the Kashf's homecoming part which was great. All the actors acted really well, Hammad was hilarious, portraying a "tokan" brother of Kashf really well. Sidra was mute most of the time. If this portion was prolonged it would've more or less compensate some of the suffering the viewer had to endure for the last 18 weeks.

  • Imimac

    Excellent episode. Enjoyed it fully. By the way, some scenes like Wedding festival and Wedding night had sound tracks from Dure Shehwar, which reminded me again of what great drama DES was.

  • Awosome drama,,, and wht a actors in this drama.. realy very talented both ZAROON & KASHAF….. :)

  • Sherry

    I loved the chand waala part. The fact that the chaand is gol and shining at Zaroon's end, but Kashaf appears puzzled and can't see it; it says alot about whats going on in their minds at that time.

    Z: "Yahan toh poora nikla houa hai.Koshish karo, ghor se dekho shayad nazar hi aajaye." Zaroon is happy and optimistic, while Kashaf is still paranoid and insecure, she's still not seeing the "light"

    And I loved the way the title of the drama was incorporated into the dialogue in the car scene. "Zindagi? Zindagi toh gulzar hai." Makes me realize we only have a couple of epis left! :(

  • Roh

    @SK: Very true. For the amount of screen time so many useless tracks had, this should have been given more time and dialogues. Because after all, this is the major reason for K being so anti-men and anti-marriage.

    I keep wondering if K and Z will ever talk about this very big issue in her life. I really hope so. It will make it realistic.

    I also hope Z has the motivation to go back to strumming his guitar. He has the motivation he needs now, and I'm sure this time round she will be impressed.***sigh***

    @Sadaf: I like the way you suggested how the screenplay could pan out. It would have really saved the anguish and the frustrations of many episodes.

    And K will be your friend soon enough. She is going to flip her lid on him next Friday. :)

    @Raaka: Friendship between guys are very different from friendships between girls. I'm not surprised that neither Z nor U figured out about each other and their interest in K. I won't say anymore, lest I invite the wrath of all the men on me! LOL!

  • Raaka

    ^^@Roh, I had typed a mammoth comment on my phone, and it vanished into thin air when I wanted to submit it. Talk about overexcited devices…:(

    I had a lot of complaints from the previous episode, but thankfully most of them were washed away in this one, pyaar se. The scenes were well-rounded instead of ending abruptly, the characters were, umm, in character, and they paid attention to the small details. I loved that Zaroon finally started noticing Kashaf's looks (Zaroon ke looks ki tareef sun-sunke I am bored :P), and that it was so well-done where it could easily have become cheesy. He notices she has pretty eyes, and then immediately thinks, "ya phir make up achha kiya hoga…" ROFL! & what a fabulous wedding night! It was funny, touching, realistic, and so many other good things that I couldn't stop smiling. The whole lack of things to talk about was so adorable. These two have spent so much time battling each other, and suddenly find themselves in reverse gear. It's like putting Harbhajan Singh and Symonds on the same team, and then wondering what they talk about in the dressing room. :D Loved the entire Junaid family the next morning, where everybody was trying to put Kashaf at ease. But humaara hero took the cake with his dialogues – "Retirement ke baad mein apna saara waqt apni biwi ke saath bitaoonga." Aha. Koi mujhe ye newly wed, nervous lekin romantic Zaroon de do, bada pyaara bandaa hai. FK, hats off. Meri vocabulary kam pad jaati hai when it comes to this terrific performer. Amazingly natural and fluid expressions.

    Sanam Saeed looked gorgeous, and was excellent throughout the episode. I love that Kashaf does not yet blush at Zaroon's compliments, nor is taken in by that deadly charm. One day that will happen, and I will love watching it, but for now, I am very happy at K's small steps. Loved Zaroon and Kashaf's conversation in the car, about each other's view of zindagi. Ek ke kiye ajeeb, ek ke liye gulzar. I smirked at K's thoughts when Z talked about the front-seat fiasco and ladkiyon se be-izzati during their university days. CouIdn't help agreeing ki jhooth kitna bolta hai yeh. :P Wish K had thrown that googly at him where she thinks "Tab aage baithti to ab na baithi hoti…" Zaroon ki shakal dekhne laayak hoti. Poor guy. All that charm, and he had to go and fall for the one girl who hits it out of the park without batting an eyelid. K2 abhi duur hai, but he's getting there. :D

    I don't really get Osama's angle in the show. Somehow I've always felt that considering the street-smart guy Zaroon is, he should have at least suspected long ago that his friend had a thing for Kashaf. Osama has given him enough hints over the years, moreover Zaroon had this knowing expression during a lot of their conversations about Kashaf. Somehow seemed a bit far-fetched to me, also that Osama was missing in the wedding too. Strange considering his friendship with both Z and K. Par chalo koi nahi. For me, the best man did get the girl.

    Papa Murtaza defending Kashaf's character to a venom-spewing Nigaar gave me a lot of satisfaction. Dil ko thandak pad gayi. Also liked K's and Sidra's coldness towards him. Made sense, whereas in the last episode all these things had just gone for a toss. Rafia and Kashaf's pre-wedding conversation made sense in some parts to me, in others it did not. Or maybe I just got distracted by the repetition of the word 'options'. :P

    Also noticed that they did a copy-paste job with Z's dialogue – "Point of difference. Again." He had said it in the last episode while writing his diary, and I could not make head or tail out of it. This time around though, it made perfect sense during the wedding night conversation. See, editor sahab, apni kainchee ki keemat samajh hi lo ab. :)

    So yeah, basically, episode 18 is easily one of my favourites till now. Can't wait till next friday. As for wedding advice Misty, have none. Haven't been there, done that, kya karein? :D

  • Sadaf

    @SK I so agree it seems like all those episodes could have been cut in half and copy pasted.

    All they had to do was begin the entire serial with Zaroon and Kashaf meeting during their Civil Service tenure . Zaroon is interested in Kashaf and and we the audience could slowly learn about her objections by a judicious use of flash back . Also we needed to see her pain as a little girl suffering from that so and so Murtaza's neglect so we could understand the depth of her pain and realise why she is so cool.

    I am so annoyed that Murtaza was even let into the wedding …do not understand women like Rafia … oh and his horrible smug smile about how well "his daughters " were doing AAAAAAARGGGGHH!!!

    @Roh yes I would recoil at such a father too .I am definitely with Kashaf on that one. Now if only she would be nicer to my Zaroon we could be friends :)

  • SK

    @Roh yes you are right but they could have shown a short scene with her discussing her feelings about it, and why he was at engagement and not wedding. A very silly mistake if it was one, or if purposely not there why didn't they show why?

  • Roh

    @SK: So gulzar! Yay! :D

    Yes, Murtuza was only missed at the wedding because he has been drummed into our faces for such a long time now. But he is back in action now. Atleast, Kashaf still recoiled at his touch, so that track is the same. She hasn't forgiven him and all is not hunky dorey like it appeared at the engagement slideshow.

    and LOL at "Sidra" becoming "disease". These smart gadgets are sometimes too smart for their existence, especially when they cannot handle human excitement! :D

  • SK

    *disease should be sidra…sorry!

  • SK

    Gulzar Hai….Gulzar Hai….Finally Zindafi Gulzar Hai!!!! What can I add to this brilliant reviee and everyone's comments that I myself absolutely agree with@ Was a great episode, also watched the scenes so many more times. Fk and SS were at their best….so natural and sizzling together! Wedding scene was so different and perfect…just loved it!

    Sink scene and car scene also two of my favorites

    @ Faraz I also loved the trunk scene, so true how naturally he did it. Actually he is just a natural in every scene…superb actor and unforgettable!

    @misty and Zara Also disappointed with Wudu scene. But I am hearing that many kiids whobare never told or enccouraged to pray even though they learn it in elementary, would tgey remember it by the time in their 20s?? Maybe they would get confused in steps. I just don't like the fact that this a regular theme in UA dramas. SEZ and Falak had the same scene! Maybe there are many rich elite people who dont pray, but their are a lot that do too:) Also when did we ever see Kashaf pray in this drama…I mean seriously?? What was the point of showing that?

    @ Sadaf totally agree about Murtaza doing the rituals but not practicing what those ritusls are supposed to instill in you! Anyways rant over!

    By the way where was murtaza in wedding? How come for disease wedding every minor detail about him coming or not coming was discussed and that for the past 17 episodes kashaf has talked about abba with her sisters or Rafia and now it comes to her wedding actually even the engagement and we heard nothing about what she thpught about whether he should come or not come….really glaring miss in my opinion, since this was a major decision in her life. Just goes to show how many useless scenes we had tp endure and got so used to him being there, that it just seems strange now!

    Anyways next week looking awesome!! Honeymoon looks like and from leechar to husband lol!

  • Shalu Mehra

    Thank you Haseeb, appreciate it :-)

  • Zara

    This episode has left so many of us with this heady feeling..excited,exhilirated and unable to stop drooling over the most desirable FK !!!……:))) Both Kashaf and Zaroon looked so beautiful together..kisi ki nazar na lage :))Hope we will b lucky enough to see many more episodes of Zaroon charming,romancing and melting Kashafs heart and she reciprocating his love awwww :))). I hope this drama does not end or we can soon have a sequel , cant bear the thought of not seeing my dashing, ooh soooo good looking Zaroon .Though One would envy anyone who Zaroon can love sooo much..Kashaf truly deserves this Loving, HANDSOME Man…. Her inimitable strength of character,forbearance..she is truly deserving of lot of happiness…only hope she learns to offer ' Shukr' finally!I

    kept wishing the wedding night scene never ended!! Loved every bit of it…Zaroons nervousness , his irresistible SMILE..his softness, fabulous romantic interludes..Just wish their love blossoms and Kashaf can be seen truly in Love!!! Gosh! Watched K Z scenes Umpteen times,will go back To watch it again!!

    Surely Zaroon not knowing how to do Wudu or which namaz it was was definitely the only let down..implausible & disappointing….how can anyone who has lived in Pakistan all their life not know which Azaan it was or how to perform namaz??? even if they don't regularly pray…my Sis in laws grew up in Europe & two of them don't know how to perform namaz which for someone like me raised in India was quite astounding. For those of us totally smitten by Zaroon ….his suave, well mannered attractiveness….it is quite disappointing & surely a flaw in his character that he never had any semblance of Deen in his upbringing ??? hope they show him also thankful to God or Kashaf can change his Bedeeni!!,

    Nevertheless, can't wait till next Friday..till then will keep dreaming of Zaroon & Kashaf….wishing for more feel good episodes!!! .Zindagi gulzar rahe!!

  • Roh

    @Sadaf; You can have the last word. Literally. Humsafar. :) ****sigh****

  • Sadaf

    This was so good I forgot to be mad at Kashaf for her nashukrapun . If everyone is giving their fave line well my one is one Zaroon says she looked beautiful Kashaf wont believe him. For so long the poor girl has acted like the man of the family and been told that women are worthless: that she has literally forgotten all the pleasures of being a woman, or perhaps she never learned. I loved every scene , especially after the wedding ….it brought back so many happy memories.

    As to the wudu scene I was a little annoyed then I though well perhaps we are taking it the wrong way. Murtaza and Hammad are weak , selfish people who know the rituals of religion but defy it's actual spirit. Zaroon and his family may not by into all the rituals but their manners and welcoming gestures to the new bride and each other are all Islamic. Ghazalla may not approve of Zaroon's choice but she kisses her sons' bride on the head and welcomes her through out. I hope it lasts . I am tired of possessive mother in laws …it is not always the case.

    Marriage is the most beautiful institution created by Allah , it seems to get a bad rap in so many dramas ..but I am hoping it will be shown as the wonderful pakeeza bond it is just as in Humsafar.

  • Haseeb

    Shalu Mehra in the novel zaroon played a waiting game that night he came in the room and saw kashaf waiting for him in her bridal dress ,he went into the dressing room and changed clothes,then he sprayed air freshner in the room and then eternity perfume on his night shirt,to make her wait further he took out a chocolate and pepsi can from the fridge and had it while kashaf waited for him, after finishing it he went to the washroom and brushed his teeth,then he came back and looked at her for sometime,he said 'had i been an egoist my treatment with you would have been different,good for you i am not like that',he took her hand which was trembling and put a diamond ring in her figure.

    'how are you feeling here' zaroon asked but kashaf did not respond he joked that if he held her other hand would she still not resist,she put her hand back immediately showing her confusion

    she changed clothes and then zaroon asked her 'i know you did not love me before,would you love me now?' and kashaf said 'yes' which comforted zaroon.he kept on assuring her of his love but she didn't say much

  • Sadaf

    @Faraz that is a typical Husband line …Humaap key driver ha when, hum jo hain na nauker ki jaggah ..:)

  • I was waiting for the review to be up :) A great episode where I guess Zaroon is learning all over again how to flirt with a girl and that girl happens to be his wife now too. I loved all the interaction Zaroon had with Kashaf, specially about the 'gol chand' and him confessing of being nervous on the Shaag Raat, though Kashaf is not speaking much I feel she is getting surprised by Zaroon's acts and dialogues.

    I point I felt they could have shown a bit more is Usama when he learns Zaroon has truly got engaged to Kashaf, I felt they could have shown a telephone call where Usama softly complains to Kashaf that he deserved to know from her atleast. Asmara sends Zaroon a text wishing them in hell but I would like to see Asmara in the future where she failed and why Zaroon went for Kashaf instead of her….

  • Roh

    @naaz: loved your post. So true. :)

  • My wedding advice would be to never go to bed angry. You can be angry all day if you want to make a point, but by the end of the day, you need to talk out your differences and go to bed happy with each other, waking up with a renewed understanding of each other. Too many times, people hold a grudge and don't talk for days. You can choose to life your life smiling or frowning, and smiling is so much better. This whole thing of only women compromise is old theory and men in our culture need to learn to compromise as well. I think Zaroon is doing very well on this matter with his unromantic, new wife. :)

  • Faraz

    my fav scene has to be the one where he is pulling out the suitcase from the trunk of the car. such natural acting :P

    The way he delivers the lines while wearing the sweater.. and says..hum hain na mulazim app kay :P bara hi koi funkar hai bhai…

    yup misty lets hope the next 2 episode remain gulzar as well now :)

  • Shalu Mehra

    Dear Roh, agar baar baar za kar episode dekhege, how will ANYTHING escape our eyes :-)

  • Roh

    @Shalu Mehra: That was another thing that had me in splits!!! Leechad to husband! Poor guy! I tell you the details we notice!

  • Shalu Mehra

    BTW, in the next episode promo,Kashaf is editing her contact list(guessing after Zaroon's call to her), from LEECHAD to HUSBAND – ROTF…..does this happen in the novel as well? Can anyone who has read the novel, pls tell me briefly, how was their wedding night scripted in the novel?

  • Shalu Mehra

    Hi All, my first comment on ZGH drama, though I am glued to you tube on Saturday morning to watch the episodes….today's episode was brilliant, NOT just in terms of a tight script, acting, eye appealing visuals etc but for me it was because of a LOT of scenes between Kashaf and Zaroon, their chemistry is BRILLIANT! I have always felt a little cheated, after watching the last 17 episodes, hamesha, there was a feeling of something missing, but this time round, it was complete. I loved Kasaf's wedding outfit, very glamorous and Zaroon looked at his HANDSOMEST BEST self :-) Like million other women, his smile just melts my heart (sigh!!!!) And I cannot wait for the next episode!!!

  • Roh

    PPS: Not a dialogue, but Asmara's sms almost choked me with laughter! Loved the way the spite and the venom and the anger was brought out! She must have felt good to vent it out too! :D :D

  • Roh

    Misty, lovely review and very well written! Thank you for doing this inspite of your busy schedule.

    What a “head spinning with hearts” episode! From the 1st scene till the end. Before the episode, I was wondering if Z and K would address the “aap and tum” issue and right enough they did! That conversation about the chand was so cute! The most obvious and simple things, but made it very sweet! Z was so trying to make conversation!

    Rafia's conversation with K, was so heartfelt as she actually talked about her compulsions in her marriage, without putting the blame on anyone. They say a wise man learns from others' mistakes, and I saw that message in the conversation.

    Thank heavens! the wedding was not a slideshow. Ghazala and Junaid, for all their reservations were so nice and welcoming to K, and nice to Rafia too, it was heartwarming. Murtuza’s absence in the wedding was only noticed because we have got such an overdose of him so far, otherwise, it really didn’t make a difference to me.

    Bechara Usama! The smile finally went off his face! I’m giving him the benefit of doubt, since he so happily announced his engagement last week, that he was not as disappointed as shocked at (1) the alliance and (2) how in the world K agreed to marry Z of all the people in the world, when she said she didn’t want to get married at all! (and I have to say that SM looked very handsome while he was thinking) Z, ofcourse, is blissfully unaware of whatever his thoughts were! :D

    The wedding night scene was lovely, and I wouldn’t mind more of it. Every second, from how he dusted his leg before sitting on the bed to the smallest detail, I didn’t miss a thing! I laughed so loudly, when he came and said “hello” to her! In that same tone he used to say it to her in Univ!!! nervousness on both their faces, their promises to each other. Especially Zaroon’s promise of not living up to her expectations! He sure knows what she still thinks of him! And that other one of changing her unemotional ways in few days. I think he is going to be very successful in that!

    Don’t know if my eyes were reading too much into it, but I felt that K was constantly sensing disbelief in the whole scene, as though it was constantly going in her mind “really? Me? And HE is my husband???”

    The family breakfast scene was lovely too. Didn’t miss how Z raised his eyebrows in question to K, and openly showed affection for her in his words.

    I completely flipped on the conversation in the car about that sitting in the front incident! I missed it on the recording I watched, and was sooooooo happy to have got a link to watch it all. That was really sweet, that they actually talked about the past.

    The tap running out of water was done so well. The way all the difference were blended in, for so many issues, was beautifully done. The way he didn’t have a care about the running water, and how it was bothering her, probably knowing that it will run out. She was so uncomfortable and maybe even embarrassed, but he was so nonchalant about it. Even when he insists on opening the door when Murtuza and Hammad arrive. Rafia was right. He is a well brought up guy. I stand by whatever I have said about Gazala in the past. She was not such a bad mother after all.

    Kashaf had no love lost even now for her father. I hope Z and K talk about that factor and they do show us that. And the Namaaz scene? Fawad Khan! A 100 bows to you! Only you could carry it off so well! You are beyond a master in your craft!

    The way he looked at her while he was leaving. Oh yes, he has fallen in love – hook line and sinker. Now to get her to have emotions, which he has promised her that he will do.

    Dialogues that made me laugh out loud:

    K: “iske paas kitna faltu waqt hai”

    Z: gol hai? (about the moon – the shock in his voice! Lol)

    K: Itna bhi idiot nahi hai

    Z: kitna ajeeb lagta hai ladkiyon se baat karna. Mushkil. (really Zaroon??? You sure have done a full 360⁰palti!)

    Z: Kashaf, tum yahaan ho? K: nahin!(in the bathroom. Rofl!)

    Z: Kashaf and romance?

    There is no doubt that Fawad was the only reason I ever started watching this drama. And though everyone has done their part well, in my loyalty I’m compelled to say that it was him who made this episode what it was, for me personally. Have to add that I just love the way he says “walaikum assalaam” to his screen wives, in both ZGH and HS!

    I don't think I have ever forgiven a male character like the narrow minded bigotted Zaroon was earlier, in reel or real life, or have stopped being suspicious of his intent.This is most certainly the 1st time, and I know fully when how and why too. :)

    This whole episode is dedicated to a big smile, love and happiness in the heart, and so much excitement for next Friday, and all my reasons are dedicated to Fawad Khan!

    PS: this might be the longest I have yapped in a review, but kya karein? The episode was completely what we wanted, and so fulfilling, that I didn’t put any restrictions on myself!

  • Aparna

    and yeah.. for the first time ever.. its Team Zaroon for me ;)

  • Aparna

    Hey Maria…

    Remember me?

    I feel so bad that I missed the reviews and hence failed to comment also for last few weeks. I relocated to a new city for work and it is taking time to settle down. But I have been following all the ZGH episodes religiously. Today's episode had me smiling throughout. I did not want it to end. I don't know why & how but today's episode made me feel like getting married, something even my parents have not succeeded to convince me about :D

    Honestly, I was so much in awe & love while watching today's episode that I didn't watch it from a critic's eye at all. It was all so sweet & simple. The wedding night scene as well as the next day scene in the washroom were brilliantly done and worked great. The last scene when Zaroon leaves Kasaf at her mom's place, she doesn't say anything but smiles looking at him was also nice. I am eagerly waiting for next week's episodes as the dialog "mujhe is aadmi ki ajeeb si aadat hoti ja rahi hai" left me asking for more :)


  • Haseeb

    btw i found shehnila's dialogue a little uncivilized to say 'koi bakwas na karna' that too twice.the way samina peerzada had grown up her daughters,wasn't expected of them it could have been replaced by koi fazool bat na karna,koi ulti seedhi bat na or am i missing something here?

  • Haseeb

    as symbolic of elite class,i do not agree with zaroon not knowing which prayer was the one to be offered and the wuzu method but yes i do know of lots of people who do not even go for jumma and eid prayers what to talk about daily prayers so if he didn't know the wuzu method it wasn't awkward but not to know which prayer time it was sounded awkward (atleast to me)

  • Sherry

    Great review as always! Loved the episode, apart from the fact that few of the scenes appeared cut off. But wore a huge smile on my face throughout the epi and a few hours after as well. Brilliant!

    As for the wuddu scene, I think its very realistically done. I come from a family of contrasts. Whereas my Mom's family is very conservative and religious, my father's is completely the opposite. My dad was literally giggling throughout the wuddu scene due to a sense of deja vu. He too didnt know how to perform wuddu and my Mom had to teach him how to after the wedding to stop him from embarrassing himself infront of her very conservative father. :D Anyways, a person who offers his prayers only occassionally tends to forget the precise order of wuddu, how many rakats there are in a namaz etc. And since Zaroon came from a family who is very lax about religious duties, just like my dad, bechara, he must have been confused. I'm pretty sure there are still people like this. I, too get confused sometimes (Not proud of myself!!)

    Oh yeah, and FK and SS are mighty fine actors! 20/10!!

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