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Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Episode 24

Maria . 49

I sat down to review the latest episode of Zindagi Gulzar Hai. I wrote two long paragraphs and realized that I was constantly repeating myself over and over again. So i decided to do something a little different for this episode’s review. A picture review :)

My favourite line of the episode.

ZGH episode 25

It is really true that in case of Kashaf she would never have turned out the bitter and guarded person if her father had not neglected and disowned them at such a young age. For Kashaf everything in Zaroon’s life is perfect or so it seems. However i loved how Zaroon reminded her that in life, for one to be truly happy, relationships are more important, especially relationships that are healthy and built on trust. Maybe this is the reason why both Zaroon and Kashaf have shortcoming in themselves or trust issues due to not having or feeling the lack of those relationships. this scene and each and every dialogue was the highlight of the show for me!


Privacy? Where does one draw the line?

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 1.42.12 AM

When one of my friends got married, an advice she received was that treat your husband like your best friend. I really wish someone had given the same advice to Kashaf. While i understood Kashaf’s rationals for maintaining space and privacy for little things, sharing Rafia’s issues and problems was a big matter and not telling Zaroon and almost giving him a shut up call was i felt a bit over the top!

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 2.03.12 AM

what do you guys think? Why would Kashaf maintain such secrecy about it? Surely she knows Zaroon doesn’t thinks about Kahsaf like his mother does e.g. she passes his money to her family.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 1.53.03 AM

on the other side, really Zaroon! do you think you can just accuse and cold shoulder your wife for months or weeks when she received a proposal, however its perfectly fine for you to go on coffee dates with your ex fiancé.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 1.55.35 AM


How do you guys feel about the rest of the episode. any particular moments or aspects that stood out for you? Next week:Trouble in gulzar land! hopefully its the final trouble.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 2.05.12 AM


  • anwar.suhail

    @Bushra, THANKS for being so polite and generous!

  • Faraz

    @Bushra : thank you for the feedback.. its valued a lot. however we at dramapakistani are more focused on the spirit of review writing and Faiza deserves brownie point for her spirits!

    keep it up Faiza.. we will be giving you more dramas to review and hope that you will build on the feeback that you take from here and polish that gem :)

  • Bushra

    There is no such word as "dint" in the English language, neither is there such a word as "koz" if you want to write an Urdu review go ahead …but stop murdering the English language. I would like to say how interesting or good effort but I would be lying.this doesn't add anything to the conversation at all .It just sounds like a string of random thoughts jotted down in a hurry .

  • Faraz

    Dear all.. Here is a Fresh review from one of our fans. ….. since it came in late so i am posting it as a comment… none the less i think its a wonderful effort from Faiza and i encourage everyone to writer their own reviews by submitting on the submitt your review page


    The drama is coming to an end……… by this zaroon's character shows a change,

    he gets more responsible and even his parents are happy with both kashaf & Zaroon's relation.

    In this episode we see how Ghazala <zaroon 's mum> realizes about the mistakes she did! by not giving enough time to her children and husband but

    it was too late to realize! We can learn one good thing here ——–> women should never neglect family responsilblities (or) you could say priortize

    things properly in life.Otherwise, its surely gonna affect others in family.

    When it comes to Rafia < Kashaf's mum > as a mum she held a strong role in this whole drama, whenever she meets her husband <murtaza> it always happens to be

    like she tells something or the other about her motherhood, how she struggled during that time (or) about her daughters what they have gone

    through…….. Her husband < Murtaza > is left with no words and there comes the atmosphere of silence between them.

    Zaroon keeping check on Kashaf's mails and messages was weird thing but he realises wat he was doing he did without thinking of it….

    Most important part–> I was waiting for a longtime & by this episode my wait was over =) …… i Was waiting for Kashaf's confession about her life (As we

    know kashaf has grown up with complexes). I wanted her to tell Zaroon about her tussling life ever since their marriage Kashaf never shared about it.

    Well in today's episode she has disclosed about that too as she says "Maine ek behad mushkil zindagi guzari hain khaas taur pai baap aur mard ke hawale se

    Meray liye mard par atebaar rakhna bahut mushkil kaam hain aur shayad isiliye main over-sensitive hojathi hoon aur over react karde thi hoon tumne toh humesha

    ek bahut hi asaan zindagi guzari hain kabhi kisi cheez ki kami aur mehroomika samna nahi karna padha. Tumhe meri baat kabhi samajh nahi ayegi aur shayad tumhe

    meray concerns hamesha se ghalat hi lagengai… and she was astonished by learning about what Zaroon had missed even though he lead a luxurious life as she

    always thought he lead a perfect life ……that whole scene was good.

    Segment nt 2 b missed!—–> Kashaf behaves rude when ased about loan.That element i felt was weird she is again not willing to share her problems with Zaroon.

    by the way Zaroon dint behave rude towards her reaction.

    Overall TOday's episode was good enough

    25th Episode Promo is Dhamaka it was expected things will be in mess cause of Asmara and on the other hand it's Zaroon's fault too he dint discuss anything

    related to Asamara with Kashaf there was no point hiding about it.The promo ends a conclusive dialogue "zaroon – aur agar meray saat 1 saal rehnai ke baad bhi

    tum mujhe itna ghattiya samajh thi ho toh mujhe tumhari sooch pai afsoos hain aur uske baad shayad hume waaqi soochna chahiye ki hum ye rishta rakhe ya na


    Kashaf – maine sooch liya

    i know ZGH fans r waiting for next epi and so i ..

    PS- i know im late to put this review but i couldn't spare time koz f work

    Reviewed by


  • Misty

    hi everyone thank you so much for all your lovely comments and always such insightful discussions. I do apologize I have been absent lately from discussions as I have been busy with things that would make Zaroon very proud… anyway here is my 2 cents about Z and K’s current relishonship and please bear with me while I explain this.

    Ok since we don’t have a timeline (and lets take out all of Sidra’s pregnancy), lets assume its only been a few months that K and Z have been living togeather since Kashaf moved to Islamabad. Both of them are still adjusting to each other and learning marriage 100 not 101! In Zaroon’s mind a perfect wife is the one that gives all her time, her attension to her family, her husband and her kids. Since he doesn’t wants himself to be labeled a complete conservative or we say Taliban type, he insists that she also works and also takes care of the house, cooks for him, does everything for him. Plus her character should be squeky clean. Like Kashaf has a hard time trusting and understanding men, If it is to be believed Zaroon also has insecurities in trusting women. Like Hana mentio.ned, Usama’s proposal has him bruised and Kashaf is not exactly the perfection he was idolizing to be! Also Kashaf exactly has not really returned her feelings or vocalized them. Remember when Zaroon keeps on asking her if she loves him, misses him….she never says those things. Yes its not natural for her to suddenly melt but I am assuming that Zaroon tries to look for contentment and that wholeness, that attension that Kashaf just does not provides to him. And what does Zaroon do? He looks for all of it somewhere else and he seemed to have found it strangely in Asmara or maybe talking to her. Although your ex are your ex for a reason and Zaroon really needs to be slapped twice or thrice to realize that all rules that apply to his wife, apply to him as well. I really hope Kashaf just does not spare him for this hypocricy at least!

    I think this whole Asmara thing will wake Kashaf up to as well. Kashaf needs to realize that Zaroon doesn’t needs a wife to cook for him or polish his shoes (yeh kaam nokaar bhi kar detain hain), he needs a partner to who pays attension to his thoughts and his feelings as well. In next episodes preview we realize that Kashaf finds contentment in other activities around the house while Zaroon tries to talk to her and sharing her thoughts with him. While they might be adjusting and solving problems like mature adults, the communication gap between is still not removed and their temperments truly are different.

    While Zaroon looks for contentment in relishonships e.g someone to give him full attension etc Kashaf on the other hand is a different story. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a phyciatric councilor and she mentioned one time that there are two types of depressions that surface in people who are insecure and unsatisfied with outcomes in life. One type is someone who has depressive emotions and another is someone who ends up having a depressive personality. Unforftunely our Kashaf falls in category of depressive personality. People with depressive personalities find fault and negative connotations in everything. From the surface they might appear very strong but they are emotionally raw and highly sensitive from inside. There is nothing strong about a person who cannot find pleasure and happiness in small things E.g. Zaroon brings flowers out of love but Kashaf fails to see the love and meaning behind why the flowers were given, instead she focuses on the thorns instead. Isn’t that what exactly Miss Murtaza does everytime, looks at everything from a crticially negative lens.

    I think we need to give this much credit to UA that her characterization of Zaroon and Kashaf is still spot on. Their personalities are shaped because of people around them and it is easy to back track why. I think the message that they advertised was wrong. The message should have been that our actions and consequences, our judgements and treatment of people have very profound effects on how they feel about people around them. In long run these people develop trust issues and have broken relishonships with almost everyone around them. Also happiness is not found in material things but having healthy relihsonships makes life fuller and instills trust and confidence in us. Hapiness needs to come from within and a person and they need to realize that they themselves are incharge of their own reasons for finding happiness and pleasure in things and people. These are the themes that are the focus so far. The whole girls issue and the girls education was a publicity tarka nothing more. Kashaf in my eyes is a flawed role model. At the end of the day, UA wrote a good story that had too much potentional but it was excecuted in a strange manner and I think we have discussed that to death already : (

  • Annie

    @Sadaf – thanks so much for sharing your experience :) Great to hear that even the non-entertainment followers appreciated him. that is awesome! Looking forward to your 'video' – I think it might end up being the only one on the net and will get a million hits on YT ;)

    @Roh – I am at my wits end trying to figure out (as Ani said) the overall message of this drama since we started out with one story – Rafia and her family's troubles and are now on a different story – Z and K with their ongoing marital non-issues. I don't feel any empathy for any character in the drama and that to me is a HUGE failure from both a screenplay and directorial perspective. Wish there was much more a balanced approach to all of this. Right now both Z and K's characters are not making a whole lot of sense and it has left me wondering how the actors made sense out of their roles when playing them. If we are to be shown flawed characters, these are the most inconsistently flawed people I've seen in a while ;)

  • Roh

    @Annie: I know most of us have said everything there was, but I would really love to read more from you. Something else that might have caught your attention?

    @SK: I couldn't agree more on the G and Z bit. Please do tell us what else you loved about this episode ;)

    @Tinni: I see what you are saying, but all those things that they are repenting is so arbitary. There is no flow and consistency. They say, do and feel sorry and then again they don't.

    I find it amazing the lies and shaky foundation that K and Z's marriage has. She has sworn she will never tell him what he means to her. He will not tell her about meeting Asmara, but will freak on Usama's proposal to her. She won't tell him about her loan. He won't take her word for anything (be it rejecting Usama's proposal or saying she didn't know why she was crying when she found out about the pregnancy) , he'll keeping telling his diary instead. She is relieved her sister has not told him anything about the loan. He is so upset about Usama's proposal, but will beat around the bush.

    But now that she is expecting, everything is so sweet again. Gah!

    Yes, a lot of us who are married know that many small things make a difference, but when things which have no head or tail in a wishy washy relationship, then we also understand what a khichdi is being dished out to us. :D

    @ani: your comment made me laugh!

    I think I have taken over this article and going on and on about everyone's comments, but you know, I'm really enjoying everyone's interpretation and observations and its cracking me up. Atleast I don't feel that last few mths have been a waste of time. :)

  • ani

    I think Fawad Khan looks too old for Sanam Saeed.

    I hate the rule setting scenes too- if my husband did that (especially in that tone) I would have a hissy fit- relationships have rules but we don't number them like we do for a kindergarten class- irks me!

    Ok ..I think I' m done

  • ani

    I think the ZGH team may have taken on a topic way bigger than them (gender roles/relationships) and have failed miserably! Neither one of the main characters is likeable- one has double standards (secretly meeting with an ex and having a loyal 'farmabardar biwi' at home, dissing his mother to the point that he thinks marrying a woman like his mother would be criminal and yet he shows endless affection towards her). The other – sathwain asman par bati hai – really, so you had to work hard in life – boohoo -so did I!

    Hum TV messed up on the delivery of this one! I'm confused – what the heck was the message ?

  • Sadaf

    @Twinks I promise he is actually way nicer in real life , that rare species : a gentleman

  • twinks

    @Sadaf: Thank you for sharing your adventure with FK! We love you for it and are looking forward to more :) And now, I can appreciate FK without wondering if I am just supporting some random actor who really is a jerk and I would be so turned off by him in real life. I am just all the more happy for him now that it is turning out he is genuinely a nice guy, yay! We do not love him in vain :)

    @SK: love your comment #38 :)

  • SK

    Agree with all you ladies! Kashaf and Zaroon deserve each other! Kashaf still has serious issues and Zaroon still has serious double standards which should have somewhat been addressed by now and had them changing a little bit but no we have to wait till last episode…Annoying much?!?

    Oh and how predictable was zaroon dissing his own mom and praising Rafia…which son would do that and then he says he misses he…please!

  • Friends, I was pondering over the episode for last couple of days. What I could conclude is everybody here is a flawed character and nobody is perfect including Rafia who I think was too soft on Murtaza not demanding her and her daughters rights from him all this while. What I am liking is that these characters are ready to learn from their mistakes, Ghazala atleast realizing that she should have shown a bit more understanding towards her family (even though I find her character very superficial..cannot imagine a woman like her) Zaroon wondering what made him spy on Kashaf's mails and phone, maybe his fear that one day Kashaf like his mother will become too involved with her career and neglect him and his children. Kashaf doing housework does not make her a good wife as per me but at the same time she is showing her attachment through her gestures, though her mind is all bottled up with her insecurities…I would have hated her if they would have not shown the scene where she cannot sleep in the night for not sharing the information about the loan with Zaroon…

    Those who of us is married here will agree that there are thousands of small things which might upset us and then we adjust and rectify…that is how a relationship works, no relationship comes tailor made perfect.

  • Sadaf

    @Annie @ twinks report and video footage are coming up let me just leave you with this brief comment that sums it up , though. Yes I met him and I was very impressed he is an incredibly charming , well spoken , intelligent and cmourteous person. Having said that I am a fan and was ready to be impressed . The most surprising or perhaps not so surprising thing was thar even the slightly sceptical of actors in general ,conservative religious crowd were impressed . He has ZERO nakhras and was so humble and polite that the organisers who were not drama and or film fans asked us to pray for his success .

  • twinks

    Oh, yes! Echoing Annie's comment #33:

    @Sadaf: please do share if you got to meet FK while he was in the US! Or if there is anyone else out there who did, (assuming you're comfortable sharing :) )

    Unlike the vids out there from his fundraising efforts from April in Lahore, (courtesy of a super friendly fan who was willing to share *hugs*) I've not seen anything yet from this continent.

  • Annie

    Loved your 'whatevers' Roh!! Made me crack up! :)

    @Maria – I enjoyed your line about having to write the review and finding that you are repeating yourself LOL!! Seems to be story of this drama ;)

  • Annie

    Well said Sadaf and Sana Khan!! :) Completely agree with you ladies!

    @Sadaf – did you get to meet FK while he was on his trip to the US?

  • Roh

    @NK: my post about the invitation was for everyone. "We will glad to see you in Conference."

    Yes. We sure will. :)

  • NK

    Oh, crap! Roh – I realized now that that post was probably meant for Misty. And then I saw the pictures above actually includes a picture of the invitation. And then I read it – hahah. "Your are INVITING". That made my day. Lol.

  • NK

    @Roh: Thank you for reading through my endless rants! I just reread them and realized how angry I sound. Not too mention all the grammar mistakes I made! Haha. And please, by all means, nitpick away!

    Haha. I did not read the invitation that Z "accidentally" read. But believe me – I tried really hard to! Hahaha. What was Z thinking? That Osama was going to send Kashaf an invitation in the mail to have coffee together? *rolls eyes* From what I know, K doesn't really have any friends, so I'm guessing it was some coworker's invitation or something of that nature. Now you're tempting me to rewatch the scene on Youtube just to figure it out! Lol.

  • Roh

    Okay, I don't mean to nitpick, but did you read the invitation card for K, that Z was snooping on? lol

  • Roh

    @NK: I did read your post and that you didn't even want to talk about K and her blessed loan! rofl! I thought I would still try and nudge you into sharing your views, :D and maybe understand this fiasco of a relationship, because my brains now are past the level of basic comprehension! lol

    I have to say ditto to all that you said and asked. I mentioned last week, that I had a 1000 and one questions, and you covered a whole lot of them. :) Its very good to read from you! :)

  • NK

    I think my frustration with Kashaf has increased tenfold lately because I'm not exactly sure what she wants anymore. We started off seeing how she was unsure of this marriage. Then we see her falling for Zaroon but I specifically remember the dialogue (as she's writing in her journal) where she says that she likes everything about Zaroon, but she'll never tell him that. And how she's getting so used to have him around her. But even her thoughts are so contradictory in the last few episodes. What exactly does she want from this relationship? Does she still feel the same way about Zaroon as she did earlier? Has her opinion changed recently and she doesn't think he's as great as she believed him to be? Is she happy in this marriage? If not, why? Because as far as I can see, nothing major has happened aside from the whole Osama business. And in that case, is she still hurt that Zaroon got mad at her for it? Or has she forgiven him? I get that she is uncommunicative with Zaroon and refuses to open up to him. But at least before, she would tell us (the viewers) through her thoughts how she really felt. But lately, even that is absent.

    The issue of Ghazala's bad parenting is so absurd that I can't help but roll my eyes every time it's mentioned on the show. It's ridiculous how much our society expects from women. Being a good mother entails slaying over the hot stove in the kitchen and cleaning despite how many servants you have. Nothing about raising your children in a way that teaches them to be strong independent children or educating them and guiding them to a career of their choice. No. Just teaching girls how to cook and clean, so they can become good wives. Really Zindagi Gulzar Hai team? Because as far as I can see, the first half of your show was spent trying to convince the viewers that despite Rafia's amazing cooking and cleaning skills, her husband left her because she didn't bear him a son. This reinforcement of the gender inequality that already exists in our society makes me sooooo angry! If they wanted to show Ghazala was a bad mother, they could have compared her to Rafia (NOT Kashaf!) – showed how Rafia, a working mother, raised her daughters to be strong and independent but also taught them how to be a homemaker (minus Kashaf), while Ghazala on the other hand didn't teach her daughter the art of compromise, which resulted in her marriage ending. THAT should have been their focus! But instead the only message I get here, is that rich, educated boys like Zaroon will readily date and flirt with "modern" girls like Asmara, etc but will never marry them because a) they don't know how to cook and clean properly and b) because of the way they dress. That ridiculous notion makes me sick! So much hypocrisy in our society. Is that all a girl's identity comes down to in Pakistan – a dupatta on her head and the length of her sleeves?


    Sorry guys. Rant over. I do realize I sound extremely angry over a television show. But I just have such high hopes from shows like this, that it makes me sad when the opposite of what I would like happens. Haha.

  • NK

    @Roh: Didn't you read my post? I said DON'T get me started on the loan drama! :D Hahaha. I don't think there is any deeper or more reasonable reason for Kashaf hiding the purpose of the loan from Zaroon. I think she doesn't understand what a marriage entails, and she thinks her life and "personal matters" are still different matters. In my opinion, a marriage requires sharing a life together, and you cannot share a life if both of you have "personal matters" that are kept secret from the other partner. That being said, I do think that personal space and to some extent privacy are also important. But if that's what Kashaf wants, couldn't she just say to Zaroon- "hey, look, I want to buy this house for my mother, and I need a loan for that. And I know you probably have the money to help me do that, and you probably will willingly do it for me if I ask, but it's something I want to do on my own terms. I'm telling you because I need you to respect and support my decision." Now, is that so hard? Kashaf's lack of communication is so frustrating for me as a viewer!

    @Hana: I actually have a major problem with Zaroon checking Kashaf's phone and her mail. Those scenes made me cringe because Zaroon's intentions were so low. What exactly was he hoping to find by doing that? I'm so glad they had that scene where he realizes and admits that he made a mistake. He found a "shareef ladki" unlike those "modern" sleeveless-wearing girls that he used to flirt with in college, and now he's suspecting her of what exactly? Especially when HE is the one talking to his ex-fiance! I think intentions mean everything here. If a husband picks up a wife's phone because it's ringing and looks at it – okay. But if he makes a habit of checking her mail and phone on a regular basis we have a problem. Relationships are built on trust, and things like this shake the very foundation of a relationship because there is a lack in trust. (I think we are saying the same thing – I just feel much more strongly about it! Lol.)

  • Sadaf

    @Roh ditto your comment #21

    @Shama YAAAAY we agree :) I understand theat this whole drama was billed as a journey from Shikwa to Shker…. but where ids the journey … tired of the dialogues , I need to SEE Kashaf changing .I Sheehr E Zaat we saw how indifferent and lacking in empathy Falak was . But after she realised her faults we saw her softening and caring for those around her.She goes to the poor relative's wedding , she considers the lives of her servants and then she takes care of the young boy who was injured … not i a huge way but enough to show she has changed. Even then I complained that they should have shown more about Falak's personality maturing but of course I never realise when I have it good. Along comes Kashaf and ZGH to show me how well directed and written SEZ was. Kashaf is supposed to be part of some fancy Civil Service group in Pakistan , even that has not taught her how to speak with kindness or courtesy ….So she is suddenly going to improve in the last episode and we will all heave a sigh of relief …Jaan chuti jagra mukeyaa

  • Sana Khan

    I've tried so hard to warm up to this drama, but despite watching all 24 episodes so far, I just fail to find a connection. There's great dialogues, beautiful character's like Rafia and and somewhat of an average portrayal of realistic characters, however I can't find the essence or soul of the drama. I understand it's supposed to be the realization of Zindagi being Gulzar to Kashaf, her finding security in life and reaching the point where she can warm up and share things to Zaroon, but I can't feel this. Perhaps it's because of all the dragging and insanely slow paced episodes, but it's so hard to find that connection, especially when I hear all the hype about this show. I think a lot of you here can which is great but I'd say for now this is just another average drama for me.

  • twinks

    @Roh: Forgot to say, thanks for answering my question about how many epis left :)

  • twinks

    @Roh: glad that to know my comments bring a smile or two to your face :) Yes, as you can see I have had it with UA's craziness, *rolling eyes* I swear, does she forget her own story and dialogues?

    Ah, yes! Asher! I have to be honest, I was really ticked at him for how he treated Khirad during those 4 years, never even giving her a chance to explain. But alas! The boy did learn and work to fix things. And as for his relationship with Hareem, yes, Asher gets the swoonworthy prize for a lifetime :) I think you said it best, Humsafar is a masterpiece!! Too bad folks at Hum TV haven't learned from their own show how to make a serial where everything actually falls into place. Ah, Humsafar, you unparalleled serial, *sigh*

  • Roh

    @Shama and twinks: really love to read from you.

    Shama: I agree with what you say about Kashaf, but love is such a beautiful and powerful emotion. She has had one person in her life, her father, who made her so bitter and hard. But she has had unconditional and unending love from her mother and sisters. Her sisters never turned out that way. Okay, personality differences, and K must have heard and understood much more as the oldest child. BUT, with her academic achievements and success at public examinations and being well placed, and then a life partner who seems to love her as well, one would think she would stop being a petulant child and would be able to look at her life as an adult. She is going to be a mother soon, and its about time she moved on with counting her blessings.

    Did you also notice, that she must always have her way? Whether it was in her ouse before marriage, or in the university, while working, before marriage, after marriage? ugggh! Its all about her! She is really thinks she is the centre of the Universe!

    @twinks: rofl @ point #3 in your post! Honestly! I have nothing more to add to that! take a bow! :)

    Apparently there are 2 more episodes to go. And don't even get me started on Humsafar and Ashar. :) That was a masterpiece. There cannot be another like that. ***swoon***

  • twinks

    I totally agree with comment #3.

    and just for fun here are my other thoughts :)

    1. Yeah, I am sick of how all of Z's or Sarah's perceived poor behavior is only Ghazala's fault. I am really annoyed at the writer because the message I keep seeing is that women are expected to be superwoman…raise the kids, handle all the household chores, and have a career. Whereas the guy, well he only has to have a job and anything he does beyond that is bonus.

    2. I am really ticked at Z's character. the double standard here is really taking me beyond annoyance. He loves to give these big speeches about how K should behave and meanwhile he turns around and does the exact opposite thing himself. Case in point, ticked off about Osama/Kashaf situation but for some unknown reason is still friends with Asmara his former fiancé? And K knows nothing about this? WTH?

    3. I am especially ticked at the writer for having Z say to K that her mom didn't let her feel the absence of a father. At this point if Umaira Ahmed had been standing in front of me I would have punched her lights out!!!! Seriously? Doesn't matter what Rafia did, of course the girls felt their father's absence. Does UA not remember how K's father offered no financial help whatsoever and in the midst of K's schooling they were literally forced out of their home with no roof over their head because her FATHER wanted money from selling the house? Or how about when her father never bothered to show up at Sidra's wedding? You don't think a girl feels the absence of her father at her or her sister's wedding? Where the heck is UA's brain? Or how about when K had postpone her career and ask Sir Ibrar for help in finding a job to help pay for Sidra's wedding, Shaneela's schooling, and household expenditures? Or when K says to herself after Sir Ibrar calls her "beta" that it is the first time in her life that a man has ever addressed her like that and how she ached to hear such words from her father? She even reflects in her diary with such anguish "Patha nay voh larkiyan cone hay jin kay bap jaan daytha hain un kay leyain? " I don't remember the exact line but it was something to that affect. And after all of this, K lets Z's comment stand without any response or refutation? Puh-lease!!

    4. Forgot who said it earlier, but I totally agree that whenever we get to something deep, the writer dismisses it with some sort of trite line which ends the conversation before any real discussion can even occur

    5. @Roh: yep, the whole 2 girls thing will be dismissed really easily with Z making some sort of silly comment. I think your guess will be right as to what he will say, I was thinking he may say something to the effect of "I'll be outnumbered in my own house! God help me!" LOL!

    Well, show had a good start but the past few epis really have tanked. I thought there was only 1 epi left? Am I wrong? I just don't see how this can all be wrapped up in one epi in any reasonable way. Oh, how I ache for the days of Humsafar where the story arch actually had completion at a pace that made sense :) If only Kashaf had a dad like Hareem, every girl deserves a dad like Asher!!! (Well, that is of course once he accepts you as his, I am choosing to dismiss the whole Asher-didn't-answer-Khirad's-calls-when-she-was-pregnant, ha! ha! But he made up for it later:) )

  • shama

    @ misty – love these creative ways in which you work around reviews , while still managing to hit the nail.

    @ sadaf , for a change i agree with most of what you've said about the flaws in kashaf's character today. I didnt agree with your earlier remarks about K looking for emotional self reliance etc , drawing from lessons of sher-e-zaat etc which i felt were somehow off the context, for kashaf's problem is not lack of self reliance – emotional or professional or personal but the opposite – its the lack of trust in others. She is not looking to anyone to complete her or even provide emotional or other support even where all of us look for it and should look for it – in intimate relationships , in friendships, in family because she just can't bring herself to trust others . Infact Self assertion borne out of inability to trust , fears , insecurities can actually be a problem as K's character demonstrates. Because it leaves you outside the cycle of giving and recieving love, warmth, support, trust which forms the mutual basis of any relationship .

    She treats life as an obligation for thats her defence mechanism of self protection borne out of fears of exposing her vulnerabilities lest they end up hurting her , its like have no expectations out of life or others but just treat it like a duty you are fulfilling minus expectations and hence minus the warmth of human emotions and desires.

    I do think the point about wanting some privacy even in married life is valid though – especially when she can sense that Z's checking them is not casual or innocent of any other connotation…. even otherwise, ofcourse voluntarily husbands and wives can share their correspondence, their mails, messages with each other but that doesnt mean that they should not have some breathing space in their relationship and some privacy – it cannot lead to complete identification … even in fairly conservative families , i've seen that people do not read each others letters etc in their absence unless they've been asked to or they are sure it would be ok with the other ….

    But hiding about rafia's house issue i also feel was really taking things too far ……he's your life partner after all and has done nothing to make you feel he would not be supportive if you discuss it with him….

  • aiyesha

    @Roh u r absolutely correct. There is no positive message in the drama, unless it is taken with accepted gender inequality.

  • Roh

    @ani; You said it! :)

  • Roh

    @hana: That is an interesting thought about Z's lack of trust. But "shak" can be a disease. It is not the be all and end of a reliationship, but can cause tremendous damage. And if he is bruised by the whole Usama proposal as you say, (which in my opinion is completely bizarre and blown out for proportion, because he spoke to K about it, and she cleared the air) how can he be so normal with her all over again.

    Suspicion is an emotion, which will creep into every aspect of life. Even the happy notions of expecting a child. If all he is thinking of "catching" Kashaf, I don't think a relationship like that can warrant roses, and general chatting and sharing and anything remotely normal in a relationship.

  • ani

    Kashaf s character is super annoying – at first I had sympathy for her but lady please give it up! As has been mentioned already, I also am not sure what these two even talk about – blah what a lame couple- mostly due to Kashaf's 'whoa is me ' attitude.

    Zaroon is a typical male- he married Kashaf because he believed she would be a 'good wife' which he measures with 'how much house work have you done for me lately'…

    Totally disagree with Kashaf's closed off personality- should have shared the loan matter- what happens when she has her babies- Zaroon pays loan off?

    And I don't know what's wrong with Ghazala as a mother – I think she's fabulous! And just because a mother is at home doesn't mean she isn't or can't be neglectful… The attack on Ghazala annoys me…

  • Hana

    I think there is absoloutely no issue with a husband checking his wife's mail or looking at her phone for that matter. The issue is the intention with which it is done. Zaroon does it with this real lack of trust and element of 'shak'…he is still bruised by the whole Usama proposal. He now thinks that K is not as perfect as he originally thought she was. He thinks he might catch her out with some other character flaw by checking her phone/mail. He's prob thinking, if Asmara can call me and flirt with me while she is a married woman, couldn't Kashaf do the same with Usama? He's got to know that he is hurting K in communicating with Asmara…I don't see how he thinks that's ok… Just my thoughts and observations:)

  • Roh

    @sfk: was great to read your POV. Indeed this episode can be chai one! lol (And eating fruit! ;) )

    I agree that the Mr and Mrs. Junaid are really pleased with their daughter-in-law, That would also mean that in the remorse Ghazala is now feeling she has changed her doubts that K might be passing on money to her family. And K is still holding on to that and is hiding such a big thing as in a loan from her husband? Didn't he apologise to her when her mother said that? so why is she hiding from him? I can understand making sure her IL's don't know.

    And how is Ghazala such a bad mother is my pet peeve. Zaroon tells her he misses her on the phone? I mean no kid who has had a "bad" relation with a parent will ever do that. K has a bad one with her father, and she still frets even knowing that her father has been told about the pregnancy.

    It all goes to show that Ghazala's bad parenting was never ever shown. And the "dialogues only" which indicate that are completely contradictory to the actions.

    @ Shalu Mehra; Ditto here. Its been headless for a long time. And now at the tail end, its really going no where.

    @Sadaf: I agree with you wholly and soul-ly. Kashaf has some of the worst qualities that a wife should have. Has Rafia not taught her the importance of trust and communication and not hiding things in a marriage? She apparently has only taught her about cooking and cleaning and sewing.

    I will never forget that dialogue when she tells K that she must cook, because all men love good food. ummm……excuse me, what about us women?

    @aiyesha: Maybe that is what the message is, but then why was is hyped as a drama that was supposed to send out a strong message for a girl child?

    Agreed with you on all your points. Makes complete sense.

    What message has been given so far, other than a woman must cook and clean along with working to be a good wife?

    That no matter how much a girl educates herself, she will still get married to cook and clean and only then will qualify as a good wife. God forbid anything else, she will become a bad mother like Ghazala.

    That a man can be completely career oriented and stuck to his study when he comes home, but he still has the right to tell his wife that her career has been the reason for them being "badly affected"

    That a man who left his wife because they only had daughters was not told categorically that he is responsible for the gender of the child?

    That a woman who has borne the brunt for having only girls, is now a bit worried if her daugher has only girls?

    I don't think there is any positive message in this, unless it is taken with accepted gender inequality. In that case, I'm sure a lot of people will find a lot of messages in this.

    @NK: Valid point that maybe this is trying to show the marriage between K and Z. Seems plausible. Given that, would love to hear what your possible reasons could be for hiding the loan factor. :)

  • NK

    Thanks for the review, Misty! I enjoyed reading it. I think the show has achieved at this point what it was aiming for – the viewers are on neither side now. This is not a Zaroon vs. Kashaf war anymore, and instead, I think we are all rooting for Zaroon and Kashaf to be a happily married couple. Only one good thing came out of this episode, and that is that now everyone knows that both Zaroon and Kashaf are at fault in this marriage. They have learned to share a house together after marriage, but they have not learned to share a life together. And that is where the problem lies. I hope they will do a good job in whatever's remaining of the show to show how Kashaf and Zaroon open up to each other and confess how they truly feel instead of keeping it bottled up inside and assuming the other person won't understand where they are coming from.

    All that said, Zaroon is so idiotic. Why is he checking her mail and phone so suspiciously? It was so out of the blue! The ex-fiance coming back and ruining the main leads' married life is such a been there-seen that track, but I guess they need something like that to show Kashaf's reaction, and hence her true feelings for Zaroon. And don't get me started on the whole hiding the purpose of the loan thing Kashaf's pulling!

  • aiyesha

    @ Roh May be the writer wants to say that 'if its a man's responsibility to earn for the family, its his wife's task to take care of her husband n kids whether she is a working women or home maker'. I wish i could ask her these ques…

    1) When you have servants, Is there a need to do the household chores?

    2) A working supposed to go to office n come back home.Is it a no to official functions/parties or kitty parties or late night parties ?

    3) If Junaid a perfect father;then why r Zaroon n Sara more attached to their mom?

    It would have been better if they emphasized more on Sara-Farhan's break up and what makes Ghazala a bad wife/mother; Rather than showing the unnecessary dining table scenes n senseless Nigar aunty's dialogues.

  • Roh

    Loved the picture review, Maria. Summed up a “whatever!” episode for me perfectly!

    What an episode! Just consistently carried on the incoherence of last week!

    (My fav dialogue and part had to be when Z said that it makes him nervous when she asks if she can ask him a question.)

    The most annoying thing that anyone in the world can do is start a sentence or conversation and then say “nothing” half way and leave it like that. Kashaf does that so often, and she always answers a question with a question.

    She has to be on the top of my list of whacks this week. While she can want her space, and it is justified, how can you take a loan and not tell your husband? And then refuse to tell him the reason? He has been very supportive of her family, and she is keeping big secrets. Well then, she deserves him who keeps Asmara as a secret from her. They are made for each other.

    The other one on my whack list. Junaid. So he admits that he never gives his family time and is always in his study. I guess that makes him a great father and he should have no remorse.

    The 3rd one is Rafia. She actually said it would be good to have a girl and boy kid and complete the family!!!! I often think that women are women’s worst enemies, and these are the situations which most definitely make me think like that. She has faced the brunt of not bearing a male child. She should be even more strong about the fact that a male child is not everything in life. Like she has said earlier to Murtuza. It was a crying shame that she didn’t come out strongly in her conversation with Kashaf, and K actually said something like everything is not said, but can be heard.

    What is this about the complete family, I keep hearing about here too? One girl and one boy is complete? How? Why? Whatever!

    Ghazala. That poor soul. She was blamed all along. For what? The story never told us. But poor thing has now admitted that she has been a bad mother and her priorities will change now. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have school going kids to do what she apparently should have done and never did because of her career. She proved a point with her dialogues that the child is the father of the man. Whatever!

    I’m sure Zaroon’s masla with having 2 girls will be how he will have to guard both of them like a hawk while growing up, because they will need to be protected more than boys. Whatever!

    I’m also sure Murtuza will surprise his daughters and Rafia by buying the house for her and redeem himself in everyone’s eyes. Then they will all chant “baap hai hamare” Whatever!

    This episode was like a buffet of leftover food. Whatever! Here’s to episode 25!

  • mazhar

    This drama is going nowhere ,looks like Kashaf and Zaroon take turns in getting upset with their each other , It was Zaroon last episode and this episode it is Kashaf's turn.

    By the way looks like" beaten to death" kind of track bringing back annoying Asmara to create more rift between the couple and may be when the Twins come along things will change for again (hopefully for good ) . Nothing really new or creative.

    By the way why does Ghazala goes on these guilty trips every now and then ?

    Was she really such a negligent mother ??

  • Watching yesterday's episode I was kind of swinging in between hating Zaroon and Kashaf and then when it was over I did not know who was actually more wrong or more right. Zaroon is trying but Kashaf is not trying enough is all I could conclude. Ghazalla is inspired by Kashaf and at long last decides to follow her daughter in law..Rafia has found her voice against Murtaza and saying on his face that he has given her nothing other than some thorns….but now lets come to Zaroon and Kashaf….well for me trying to see your wife's mail is not a big deal if you are open about it and without the intention of spying, much as I agree with Kashaf that even husband and wife needs their own space I somehow hate the thought of my husband peering into my mails but yes him seeing one or two things and wanting to know who has send this invite etc is something not wrong after all it is not curiosity but sharing of information, likewise pahar nehi tut parega if he picks up her phone to see who is sending her a message once in a while since it was lying near him but yes if he makes this a habit then why Kashaf, no woman should tolerate the same…and vice versa. Regarding Kashaf, well we understand her insecurities, I did see her pondering over the issue not sharing the loan matter with Zaroon. Zaroon on his part did what was right, offering her his support…Kashaf on her part refused it saying she will handle her own issues..I appreciate since she is a working woman and with so much of self respect she wants to help her family with HER money but refusing to share why she is taking the loan with Zaroon is again her insecurities speaking…I would have been really upset with her if that scene where she was pondering what she had said to Zaroon was not shown…I want to see her sharing after all marriage is about sharing, a bit of it from both the sides will not do any harm but hearts will grow fonder…

    Last but not the least I wonder was Asmara is upto, with full sleeve dresses what is she trying to tell Zaroon?

  • Sadaf

    @sfk just read your comment and you put Ghazalla's case really well. Junaid just stiopped short of saying Ghazalla should go to Kashaf's house to learn a lesson on how to be a good wife … it was in the air .. and totally unrealistic because now way is Kashaf a good wife.She is the worst role model after Asmara . A good wife respects her husbands opinion and is loving and interested in his concerns … Too bad for Zaroon there were no other "shareef girls " in his aquaintance.. Karachi is just full of loose women unless you go to Nazamabad ? Funnily enough Usama seems to have found that needle in haystack or did he too wonder the streets of Nazamabad till he found a shareef woman?

    A friend pointed out the scene where rafia notices the roses Zaroon has brought and our laraki baji dismisses them with some comment about Zaroon always bringing Flowers for no reason . WHAT A WASTED SCENE . Her was the point where Rafia could point out what a loving husband Zaroon was . Samina Peerzada is such a good actress she conveyed the entire message with her eyes and demeaner…. poor thing , she never got this treatment from Murtaza. Her wistful looks rermembering her past and yet happiness that at least her daughter is being well treated should have been a wake up call for laraki baji .As ususal Murtaza gets away scott free ..without any responsibility .

  • afi

    Agree whole heartedly with the review and that scene with its dialogues was the highlight for me too.

    Am surprised at SFK response-Are you kidding!! I was team Kashaf but Zaroon won me over in this episode This episode showed Zaroon as way more mature than Kashaf. Yes he is human, and was wrong to have checked her mail-but he apologized.In fact even when Kashaf was over prickly with her loan response and her phone checking argument. He handled the situation with much more maturity.

    I am so glad Kashaf opened up to Zaroon at dinner.I was starting to get annoyed with her till that scene.

    At the end good relationships are not about perfect people, but about recognizing ones own shortcomings and having frank conversations.

  • anwar.suhail


    You have put it all so well. Completely agree with you.

  • Sadaf

    I agree that scene was perhaps the crux of the episode. My biggest question is what do these two talk about? These two live alone in Islamabad, no in laws to distract them on either side and apparently Kashaf is at home a lot and spends her time "looking after" grown man that is Zaroon yet they have only just had the most important conversation in their married lives ? So what do they talk about ? Any conversation we are treated to is usually headed off by some damping comment by Kashaf which steals the joy out of anything Zaroon says. Thank you Zaroon for telling Kashaf Baji she is not the only one with problems i this world and she should be grateful for what she has . But At this point I am so sick of Kashaf's character ,"Frankly my dear I couldn't give a damn."

    Kashaf is the queen of over reactors , so what if your husband sees your mail ? what kind of a relationship is this anyway?

    I don't care how much Kashaf baji cooks or polishes the furniture ,Zaroon has servants for that. The really important part of marriage is the actual relationship and it seems as if at least on Kashaf's side there just isn't one . Being a wife is just another obligation she is fulfilling . If Sara got divorced for ignoringher husband's needs and wishes , in the real world that is the exact direction Kashaf would be headed. Her complexes, angry attitude and sarcastic retorts are not natural or normal for a loving wife.Cooking , cleaning and sewing buttons may well be part of married life but they don't make a relationship ask Rafia. ..

    Beychara Zaroon thought he was marrying a Rafia's daughter but ended up with Murtaza's daughter.. Kashaf does take after her father , not an ounce of humility or kindness in her , just obligations to be fulfilled everywhere .

  • Shalu Mehra

    All I can say is that I did watch this episode BUT with ZERO expectations!! No expectations, no disappointments!! Truly, this serial had a LOT of potential, but unfortunately, it no longer works for me….stopped working since the last few episodes :-(

  • sfk

    I was very disappointed after watching today's episode. I mean Zaroon is turning out to be a typical mard was all the annoying qualities. Really if he had to open her letter, he could have done so in a more discreet manner. The scene where he checked her text was even more dumb. I am sorry Zaroon's character is not my cup of tea.

    On the other hand, Kashaf's blunt reply when Zaroon asked about the loan felt discomforting. She knows her husband is her partner, it's about time she should share her history and background with him. I felt the soul searching conversation at the dinner table fell short. Kashak I wish you had opened up a bit more about your dad.

    The red gown that Kasahaf wore was too much for my taste.Somebody please tell her to lose it.

    This episode was all about tea drinking.

    And a cord phone used by Sidra! We have phased out of cord phones in US a long time ago. I think a doctor husband of Sidra would be more up to date technologically. Kya Sidra phone Pakistan sey ley kar aye thi?

    The next episode is an explosive one. We are nearing the end but I am worried how are they going to end the serial. The novel ended abruptly for me. I still don't see any sign of shukr in Kasahf's mindset. However, the Junaid family definitely is beginning to get thankful about their good bahu.

    I am bothered by two things; Ghazala was supposed to be a negligent mother but she was available in every family scene. Kashaf was supoosed to be a very responsible and caring wife yet we haven't had a good fortune to glimpse her hard at work doing any house chore for that matter.

  • this episode was owe sum i really agree with marvelous review

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