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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 5 Review

Maria . 32

As soon as the credits rolled at the end of fourth episode today, I immediately thought that Asmara really needs a reality check, I mean seriously come on woman! Think! I do understand and sympathize with her fascination and infuriation with Zaroon, he is a childhood friend, rich, has a same upper class family background, is getting educated, the most good looking boy in class (even our Kashaf admits it, although subconsciously),  so what is there not to like? Right! Clearly what Asmara fails to see is that the guy is simply not interested in being pushed into this commitment. To begin with, in the past four episodes, Asmara and Zaroon are unable to clearly establish proper communication between each other. Her needs or attention come second to everyone else’s in his life and he sees her as nothing but “time pass” and to sling more mud at Asmara’s self-respect, he even admits to flirting with other girls, makes it clear to her that his education and career are placed way above her and he even has the nerve to let her know that he does not likes her interactions with the opposite gender, nor the way she dresses. If I was Asmara, I would really sit down and have a good self-reflection and reality check with myself if I am able to make a long term relationship work with someone like Zaroon! Sometimes, being childhood friend or knowing someone for a long time doesn’t really cuts the deal! Asmara wake up and dump him already!

Zaroon on the other hand is not warming up to the idea of taking a huge step and responsibility of a long term commitment with someone who he has established a split mind about. Zaroon admits to his sister that he hasn’t left out the thought that Asmara might just be perfect for him but Zaroon also understands that underlying all his so called liberal personality, is a very conservative and an insecure man who consistently is in need of an “ego massage”.  He doesn’t want another Ghazala or Sara in his life. From what I have concluded in the past four more episodes it that Zaroon wants someone who will yield themselves to his wishes, needs and pleasures and in turn also pushes him to move forward and challenge him, maybe someone like Kashaf. It’s ironic how Zaroon says “us churail ka kis ko gham ho gaa, zindagi main aur museebatain kam hain kiya?” yet that churail influences Zaroon subconsciously more than anyone else currently in his life. The irony is that in Zaroon’s thoughts we have heard about everyone else that is important and matters to him, Usama, Sara, his mother, father yet he doesn’t spares Asmara a single thought and writes more about that churail. Someone please go give Asmara, Zaroon’s computer or link to his blog :P bahi jaldi mukaooo is qisay koo!

Kashaf might come out as really crass and rude to her classmates, but in one of the most poignant scenes of today’s episode, Kashaf lies in her bed and stares into her thoughts and even though she doesn’t admits to herself, it’s clear that she could trade places with Asmara if she could. At the end of the day, we are all humans and we all have this yearning, to be loved and wanted and are fascinated by materials or relationship that we don’t have e.g. I always wanted my own sister, even though I have been blessed by friends that people cannot even imagine, in my heart I still wish I had my own, apni sister!  I hope Kashaf comes to see soon that Asmara with all her designer clothes and looks has not done anything for anyone but Kashaf breathes life into other people. I think that UA has presented an interesting contrast between Asmara and Kashaf.  Asmara fascinates people because of her background, her materialistic goods and god gifted beauty yet Kashaf without all the worldly materials, still stands tall because of her strong sense of self, personality and a passion to move forward and achieve a valuable sense of identity not only for herself but for her own family as well. Kashaf doesn’t need a man’s love to validate her existence, yet these thoughts don’t escape her mind either. Kashaf is one of the most humanized character on screen and I hope to see more of her and Zaroon together which brings me to my next point.

Has ZGH managed to live up to its expectations at episode 5 concludes?

ZGH in my current book is almost at the deep end and if the story doesn’t picks pace soon well good luck to it trying to retrieve viewers back. The pace of the story is very slow and even though it’s understandable that Zaroon and Kashaf’s personalities, thoughts and character developments are by products of other characters that interact with them, I just wish we had more of the scenes like the one today in which Kashaf insults Zaroon. We had quite a bit of discussion last week and from what I have been hearing from everyone else; there is a general consensus that the whole beauty of the story was in the university life or K ashaf’s and Zaroon’s nook jhoonk. That very first scene in the novel where Zaroon establishes himself as Mr. arrogant snob in front of the entire class, which was the highlight of the story for me. It clearly established a very negative view of Z’s arrogant and over confident nature in Kashaf’s mind and that is where they butted heads. I know the novel is not the same as the screen play but we have too much telling at this point and when it comes to establishing a proper setting in a university, we have 0 showing.

– could Zaroon perhaps shed light on the fact that what makes Asmara attractive to him other than the fact that she is a childhood friend?  In the novel, he like hanging around with her because she was outgoing, bold and confident (other than being described as very pretty).

– has anybody who worked on this production team ever attended graduate or undergrad school? I mentioned last week in my review that it looked like the narrative was taking place in an American high school! This was one of the best chances for them to highlight the ever growing rivalry between Kashaf and Zaroon. Let them join some clubs, debate teams, let kashaf have a few more friends…there was a lot of potential to grow the story within this integral setting but alas, they never took advantage of it.

-I also would like to slap the continuity director for the obvious mishaps that are so clear that your head spins e.g. when Asmara and Zaroon have their engagement discussion dinner they are in a completely different get up, yet in the next scene when they are both in the car continuing their discussion; they are in a completely different getup! What the heck was that?

-Congratulations to the Durr-e-Shwear music sheets and compositions for making a regular appearance as ZGH background score. Like the mommy night gown blinds the eyes, the DeS music becomes an ear sore after a while as well, because it has no place in the drama here, it was specifically made for DeS.

All in all, even though ZGH is not the top rated drama in my list, I won’t give up on it easily. Next week’s episode promises to be more happening and I sincerely hope we move the story forward a little bit more and we are not stuck on Rafia’s dilemmas now! Please spare us the asmara scenes and lets please add some more Kashaf Zaroon interactions: D

What was your guy’s favorite scene today? Do you agree or disagree that the dramas pace is quiet slow, if so what other factors do you think are contributing to it?

I am team Zaroon today, do you guys know why! Because at least he is not leading Asmara on and he honestly upfront told her that he is not ready to make a commitment! Go boy go!

p.s. A very humble request to MD productions and HumTV!

I emailed, messaged and did everything to ask the humtv youtube channel to also upload the subtitled version of the episodes and majaal hai kay in kay kanoon main koi baat jatii hai! Please upload the subtitled versions of the episode along with the non-subtitled one! Buhat guzarish hai app logo say…agar app logoon say hooo sakay tooo


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  • Bobby

    Just started watching the ZGH Marathon on Zindagi. Since there are no episodes per se can’t figure, but think have seen till Ep 5. Have just finished watching Humsafar and thus this might be more of a comparison rather than comments purely on ZGH. Was so deeply attached to HS that just had to pen my thoughts whether somebody read them or not.
    ZGH and HS are two completely different products with only Fawad Khan and the class difference between him and his wife being the common factor.
    HS has a epic feel to it with its brilliant dialogues and OST. Its fast paced with some take away dialogues and scenes from each episode. Each of the characters and their acting is finely nuanced. There are so many dialogues from HS which i remember and starting maybe from the first few Episodes itself. So no justification for that much time leeway to be given here.
    ZGH on the other hand is contemporary but lacks so many things. Its slow with nothing much having happened so far. The acting except for Fawad Khan and the lady playing Rafia is extremely flat. Don’t know the names yet. But found the lady playing Kashaf also extremely flat and one track dialogue delivery and expressions. Most of the side characters too don’t leave much of an impact. Production values are excellent, with the university building really well chosen and money spent.
    Tho Fawad looks to be trying to hard to play the young college guy. But when really required his acting does shine through. Loved the scene where his mother is leaving for the airport and he casually says you didn’t say you were going to Malaysia. Seeing his mothers reaction the way he backs of and moves on was excellent.
    Hopefully things will pick on from here on when more Zaroon and Kashaf scenes come up.
    But honestly at this stage cannot figure why would Zaroon fall for Kashaf. In HS Asher was forced to marry Khirad and they were also related. Here there is no connection. Looks like Zaroon wants somebody more conservative for his wife which he might not find in his strata but then the class difference which they have shown between Zaroon and Kashaf is far too wide.

    • Your analysis is spot on . We were all really frustrated with ZGH . Yep that flat delivery is Sanam saeed’s style .however she is a good actress and yu will see things improve . This story was based on one of author Umera ahmed’s first novels and beleive me the novel is MUCH better . Kashaf and zaroon had a lot of interraction and huge debates so the audience was flabbergasted when that did not happen . Anyway you are right however angry Zaroon is with Kashaf he actually respects her a lot …and he is quite conservative ……I dont want to ruin the story but it is actually quite good . just the side trachks were given way too much importance in the beginning to build up the psychological problems both protagonists had.

    • Roh

      If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll think I’m completely biased. But I would like to think that I was so happy about ZGH when it was finally on air, after much heartache and delay, that I actually kept myself going positively for many weeks.
      Unfortunately, the loopholes in the screenplay and direction became bigger and bigger, and today its seems even more that it was a HS wannabe in the making.
      At the risk of repeating myself, the core issue was ignored and the storyline went haywire with a lot of dragging. The last episode was wrapped up so quickly, I remember everyone was shocked when the announced the last episode suddenly. There were so many things to be tied up, and no wonder many of the issues were simply abandoned.
      And I never ever understood why Kashaf agreed to marry Zaroon. The reason could have well been because the sky was blue. :D
      Nice to read from you, Bobby. Hope you’re going to jump in and share your POV, even though these are older posts.

  • Roh

    @Basanti: Was inundated with visitors over the festive week, and that's the reason for the delay in responding. But I still watched this episode as it was telecast, and was itching to get my hands into the discussion as soon as I could!

  • @Shama thank so much for your thoughts and inputs, infect I took your questions and incorporated them in episode 6 review. Please do comment :D

  • @Roh lovely to hear back from you and I was wondering where you had been? I absolutely love how you find positivity in most of the episodes. For me the positivity is all because of FK :D you are never too late to comment and I look forward to hearing your comments on the next episode. Also I borrowed your kindly put term madihaasmara :D

  • shama

    Also i find it surpriing how nobody pointed out how deeply misogynist Z remarks while writing in his diary where – he thinks K fought with him to get some male attention ??? he really needs a reality check – K might be sensitive about her class and has good reasons to be – class differences are a reality for her , but how could he dismiss her remarks as mere attention seeking out of pique ? Despite all his modernity , he is turning out to be deeply conservative and arrogant in many ways.

  • shama

    My two penny bits.

    K was getting personal i admit but you cannot but get personal in a discussion on class background given her own class location in this university. I feel it was quite natural – and Z was asking for it in that blanket statement on an entire community without even bringing in a passing reference to the role inequalities and class conflicts play in preserving the status quo . He does have a cocooned life and some bracing on these matters is not such a bad idea- he already has a great opinion of himself and his capabilities. All of us belonging to even priviliged upper middle class backgrounds often overlook all this so a shock is good.

    I found the comment on Asmara's clothes objectionable for its a person's right to dress the way they want to and i feel its high time men of all persuasions got that whatever their motivations and feelings about it . From burqa to head scarves to mini skirts – you cannot impose your choice on others. Just like K has the right to wear salwar kameez and dupatta as head scarf, A has a right to wear what she wants to – it can be aesthetically appreciated or commented upon by friends but in a manner that does not hurt the others sentiments and not because it creates exposure. I found Z's similar comments on his sister's dressing up and going out very objectionable too – he can but his sister cant? And people say he's not conservative?

    The only other thing i have to add is that i do not agree that K is more suited to him as a partner who will "yield themselves to his wishes, needs and pleasures and in turn also pushes him to move forward and challenge him." K is simply not that type of girl – she has far too strong and independent a personality and will , and she can only be an equal partner with a man – be challenged by and challenge him in return – she will never be the kind to mould herself to the others desire – if Z wants that and falls for K as he clearly will – he shall have some unlearning to do and some negotiations to make.

  • Roh

    I am late with my 2 penny bit. But am I the only one who quite enjoyed this episode?

    I enjoyed the fact that there were many more scenes of Z. I like the way he told his mother it was her headache, what she told A's folks. I also loved that little bit about him asking Sir Abrar about what he and K were talking about. That had to be my favourite scene.

    I loved the fact that Madihasmara got one dialogue brilliantly and it was apt, perfect and just what we needed to hear "I'm mentally sick" It just cracked me up!

    I also liked the little chatting between Z and Sara. That was nice. :)

    And that bit about K wanting to remain unmarried, and why she was so averse to marriage. That was nice too.

    And that bit of K kind of admitting without saying the words that Z was the good looking guy in class, and she quickly defended her acceptance with calling him a loose character.

    Yes the other tracks were repetitive, with the bijli bill, and K's whining, but there were many more bits and pieces thrown in, so it kind of worked for me as "another episode"

    I was hoping to see more Z & K interactions, which didn't really happen. the last one, really made me mad at her. She was most definitely getting personal and offensive, and getting away with it, thinking the professors silence was in support of her. Poor Z! :( K's friend Maria (Had to specify, Basanti! :) ) is as annoying as Madihasmara. When she was standing there flapping her hands while K and Z were at each others throats after the class, she was totally OTT. I thought Maria had also lost it because she kind of saw where K was coming from. And then K goes on and on about how badtameez Z is. Poor, poor Z!

    I'm not able to figure out the Z and Madihasmara (I have to type out her full name, it makes it more meaningful for me! :D ) relationship. They are, they are not? he does, he does not? she does, and she does!!!!

    Z also has one dialogue completely in place that she is like a stuck record! :D

    I was thinking about the continuity aspect in the dinner scene talking about the engagement and then in the car in different outfits. I just put it down to 2 different occasions.

    Hamad must have ducked quite a few times to be a big hulk like that who rides a bike and has just passed matric.No wonder they are celebrating! He finally cleared it!

    And what was wrong in Asmara's outfit, I couldn't figure out for the life of me too! The colour combination was hideous, but I had to watch the scene again and again to see if she had some feather or something that I was missing.

    In the process I had to hear "hello boys! don't I look nice? sab log mujhe compliments….." Puke! That whole conversation didn't make sense. She didn't get a compliment from Z, and thought he was being conservative…. and then she got offended because he commented "sab ke saamne"…..say what? She should have stuck to "I'm mentally sick" I think all her scenes still have the Ashk effect!

    I can now kind of understand why Z will be attracted to K eventually, but I'm not sure how K will agree to marriage in the 1st place, given her strong views, and then end up marrying Z himself!!!

    Basanti, thanks for your review. I noticed the DeS score too. I wish they would keep that exclusive.

    Nearing episode 6, and I'm all eager beaver to watch. I've still kept my hopes pinned.

    Wishing all of you a very happy new year and that zindagi is gulzar for everyone!

  • k

    @maria… i have seen ppl pull off colored denim,in neon shades even but asmara couldnt… it felt like she stuffed herself… lol @ crime against humanity. oh and maybe zaroon objected to her dressing because he didnt want asmara to look like a watermelon

  • Maria

    @Sana: As pointed out earlier, asmara has been wearing stuff like this since we have seen her with zaroon, infact in her very first appearance, that lopsided shoulder shirt was more inappropriate than this? At least she was covered with a shrug or a shawl?

    @SS: thanks for your comment SS. Believe me in the novel, asmara had a very small role, even than she was a more likeable character and here she sounds like a attention seeking high school teenager. Like you I am at a lost for words as to how hard it is to believe these people attend university and an MBA school,,. Her character would be much better and believable if she had more substance in her other than looking pretty or getting on Zaroon and our nerves!

    @K: thanks for your comment. LOL as sadaf said, it was a crime against humanity, that green denim! The inappropriateness of her clothing logic has failed most of us as well!

    @Bina: thanks for your comment Bina. Great expectations indeed! Here is hoping the drama gets better and fingers crossed for upcoming episode!

  • Maria

    @ Nadia so great to have you back and thanks for your comment. I fail to understand much of logic in university scenes. As Nafisa pointed out it would have been much better if they had translated this story in high school first and then send them to undergrad school. I mean I went to university and I might not have dressed like everyone else, but I never felt that I was unwelcomed in any group that belonged to a particular class. I wish they could have highlighted that regardless of people’s background, beauty etc, what matters is your wit, intelligence and intellect. I really hope that Kashaf learns this and so do her classmates because like that brain dead drama “gossip girl” all that is highlighted is how important it is to belong to a certain class and how only pretty girls with rich backgrounds have everyone spinning on their fingers…! And plus people have friends, all types of groups, there is class assignments, group assignments as well so I fail to see how they plan on dragging Kashaf as a loner throughout grad school, especially in MBA classes where most work is done in groups. At university people are more at ease with themselves then to pretend who they really are not! Plus there is more to life in university as you pointed out especially in grad school! Why is everyone soo fairgh in this drama is beyond logic!

    Yes I did catch on the Sherlock Holmes music as well. Maybe next confessions of a film maker blog entry, I might focus exclusively on music. It’s funny how they can’t be innovative with music because there is an open source music library for film makers and film students to use. It contains almost 1 million copyright free sound tracks that are no more than 30 seconds long but can be freely edited to be looped into a continuous long music sheet. I am sure that in those 1 million sound tracks they are bound to find something that remotely does not matches sherlock holmes or DeS and yet is appropriate and suits the mood!

    LOL Zaroon finds colored Denim inappropriate… I find color denim only appropriate on those people who can pull it off and those can’t look like they are trying really hard to be some sort of cartoon character. Anyway if we are discussing in appropriateness or decency, wasn’t Asmara wearing a more inappropriate shirt during her first scene when she visits Zaroon?

    @SK: thank you for your comment and input :D you are 100% right that they over did with the hype. The main attraction of the story was K and Z’s rivalry not everyone else’s track because it’s been dealt with and done with about a 100 times already and even in better manner. I recall watching Sirat-e-mustaqeem and it dealt with similar issues of girls education but in such a subtle and classy way. The only advantage that ZGH right now has the powerful acting and the FK factor. God forbid if this turns out to be another ashk! For me personally the reason why I was so excited was because finally we have that change in dramas where we show more youth related activities and focus more on their issues in their environments. Sadly the university scenes are very unconvincing. I am still not going to give up on ZGH though and I hope in the next few episodes we are all turned wrong!

    @Sadaf: LOL green jeans as being crime against humanity….whats with all these people shown wanting to become angrez?

  • Maria

    @Fari: thanks for your comment Fari :) “ thuss patakha” indeed would be the right term for the argument scene. It didn’t even start and it ended! Definitely Need more clashes with substance!

    @Saba thank you for your comment. As pointed out earlier and by everyone else, the most disappointing thing about ZGH is that its everyone else’s story but Kashaf and Zaroons. If they are the protagonist, shouldn’t we see much more of their clashes, their issues with each other in the beginning, not in the 9th or 10th episode? It’s a sad failure on part of the editor and the director.

  • Maria

    @Anwar thanks for your comment, its true to a certain extent that Kashaf’s character comes as rude and annoying especially towards Zaroon because they never developed their side of story or their interactions. It is left up to the viewer’s imagination to fill in the blanks.

    @Sadaf, nop no Khirads here, I just wish Asmara would have at least 0.0000005% of self-respect that our Khirad had!

    @Nafisa: thanks for your comment yaar, I am most displeased at the scenes in university. While the household scenes, the sibling interactions are more natural, the university scenes are simply given no though or reflect any realism. At first I thought I was being too harsh but now we are on episode 5…I so wish UA had stuck to her original story! and Zaroon is more toned down and well played by FK…cant blame him :P ;)

    @Haseeb: of course, maybe it would have helped if they had shown why Kashaf felt the need to attack Zaroon personally, its not like he is showing off his wealth or he is rude to her personally on her face! In the novel attitude zaroon aur kashaf donooo ka tha but here, its single sided!

  • Bina

    This was an ok epi for me, well this and the last one. I hope the pace picks up nxt week because we had a lot of expectations frm this drama.

  • k

    i did notice the sherlock holmes theme in the background …. i wish they used original background music.

    anyway … Asmara's colored denim outfit…. it was ugly … (mehreen raheel is gorgeous) … some of the outfits are wearable with a few tweaks but the green denim was just plain ugly … she has worn more "inappropriate" outfits in previous epis so i dont know what zaroon was fussing about.

    when i used to live in pak 12-13 years ago my teacher who was also a uni student used to wear dupatta exactly they way kashaf wears in the drama, and a cousin of mine who used to attend KU also wore it the same way …

  • ss

    I wish they would have really shown her wearing something inappropriate. They have been showing Zaroon's sis wearing sleeveless and more revealing clothes. So, why is he objecting now suddenly to sleeveless shirts. Or was it the green denims?? What was he objecting to?? Please can anyone solve the mystery??? Asmara has always been shown wearing flashy clothes with red lipstick in Uni. What was so different this time? also I hated the way she comes and touches her hair in that VERY IRRITATING way and says' how am I looking? Do you like my clothes?? etc etc.

  • Sana

    Maybe it was Asmara wearing sleeveless top?

  • Sadaf

    @SK I see your point to a certain extent . In the beginning I saw Kashaf's angry exterior as a sort of defense mechanism against all the hurt and disappointment she has had to face as a little girl. I love politically incorrect females who don't care a fig for other people's opinion but at this point her character grates on my nerves. I am just not able to find any connection. What annoys me the most is her envy and the way she talks about Asmara being beautiful and having it all. If you look at Kashaf she is actually just as attractive but her constant scowls and attitude is what makes her less so. I know this is probably what the writer was aiming for but I am just not connecting. That's OK too , even if I don't get her others probably will.

    Forget that would someone call the fashion police on Asmara and her envious class mate Kashaf. Asmara's acid green jeans were a crime against humanity ,no wonder Zaroon was annoyed. Kashaf's horribly big ,stiff duppatahs are another eyesore.

  • SK

    Maria, you are so right! I think we were all expecting so much more! The Incessant hype did not help, they really did over do it so we expected it would be perfect. It just hasnt lived up to its hype, I would say its as of now just ok. The good s enes are o ershadowed by some extremely annoying ones and I'm not going to repeat the names, as we all know who those characters are.

    @Sadaf I don't think Kashaf is the problem, she maybe too pessimistic but at least her character is well developed and has substance. She is bitter and we know why, being the oldest she probably has seen a lot more bad stuff and remembers more too, so I do feel for her. I don't think heroines should be perfect, having flaws makes them more normal. I also like the way she is still insecure though about her looks and how she appears even though outwardly she appears strong. It it is some others that are confusing me right now, like nadia said….what was zaroons issue with Asmaras dress at the end,??? She always wears stuff like that,! I think this dress issue is going to also come up with Kashaf somehow, so they are solidifying his supposedly conservative side. I really hope it gets better next week, desperately wanting zaroon and kashafs track to be the main one and not a side one like it is right now!

  • Why is Zaroon such a farig insaan? Kabhi diary likh li, kabhi phone par batain, kabhi guitar play kar liya, chill with friends and that's it. And apparently he's enrolled in an MBA program? Bah!

    I agree with you about the narrative taking place in an American high school and not a university. Their university setting is quite disappointing to say the least…

    Aside from the DeS soundtrack, have you noticed the Sherlock Holmes music also in the background?

    Btw, what was so different about Amsara's outfit in the last scene that her friends were complimenting her and that Zaroon found inappropriate? Hasn't she been wearing skinny jeans all along in the drama? Does Zaroon find coloured denim inappropriate?

    Thank you for the entertaining and well written review as always Maria!

  • Saba Mumtaz

    For a drama that takes forever to move forward, they could've spared a little more time to accurately develop that argument scene. It felt extremely rushed and a little as though Kashaf was spoiling for a fight, no matter what Zaroon said.

  • fari

    To be honest, I have been waiting for Zaroon and Kashaf's clash in the class since the beginning, as it was the highlight of the novel and served as the first introduction between the two protagonists… and seeing the top notch start of the drama, I had high expectations regarding that particular scene. But that scene was made so minimal that it was really a "thuss patakha"…. and as far as I remember, the dialogues in that scene also seemed reduced and changed as compared to the novel,,,,, overall I am enjoying the drama, waiting for Friday all the week,,, but we definitely need more of the clashes for sure :P and less personal attacks….

  • Haseeb

    to be honest there was hardly any intellectual discussion btw kashaf and zaroon today,kashaf did make a v personal attack when she talked about zaroon's class and it was v crudely done

  • Nafisa

    Acting aside, the characters are shallow and have left me indifferent. Seems to me that the ZGH novel has more meat to it than the drama adaptation so far. It would have been quite ok, if they admitted that their alleged "MBA students at a prestigious, top notch University" are actually high school students at your local high school.

    Kashaf's character comes across as an incessant squeaky wheel. Her younger siblings are also studying yet they are also portrayed to balance mundane chores like washing cooking, etc in a gracious manner. Lady K is well served by her younger siblings on a platter and is not remotely thankful. Her mom and sisters are far more gracious and therefore more appealing. She could by all means call a spade a spade, but here she refuses to acknowledge that there are others in the family helping her hand and foot.

    Zaroon is somewhat more consistent with his dual MCP and nice guy personality. He has different standards for himself vs others.

    His character portrayal is a teeny tiny shade better than Lady K.

  • Sadaf

    @Maria I simply cannot find any connection with Kashaf. Khirad was a beautiful character ,an everyday heroine with grace and honor. There is just no comparison.

  • Anwar Suhail

    Sadaf…you shouldn't get any hate mail. Agree with your analysis. Kashaf's character is somewhat negative so far, and at times rude and annoying. She has pretty rough life, but then what about her sisters and mother!! Kashaf can learn a lot from them three. But then again this is UA's style. FK and SP acting brilliantly. Enjoyed last night's episode.

  • Maria

    Sadaaff… I was waiting for your comment. Thnakyou yaar :D talking about Kashaf I saw my “kashaf” sort of friend today (the only great thing about her is that she doesn’t whines like Kashaf ever :D ) anyway I asked, would you ever marry or run after a guy, who is talking to every other girl and isn’t very much interested in you? and she looked at me like I lost my mind and her apt reply was:

    “ I think If I wanted to make my life extremely miserable then sure, bring it on”

    Asmara needs some lessons in self-respect… lets hook her on the line with Khirad, shall we? : )

    @ Kashaf whining, I think she is whining because she is so short sighted and to be quiet honest I feel that her idea of happiness is a big house, money, being rich etc I am sure with time she will learn that happiness that makes one content in life is a lot more than having a pretty face, being noticed etc. for example I can totally relate to Kashaf at this point, we see other people happy, in content relationships, gaining their success and we become “mayoos” and start to lose faith in God. We question why don’t we have what god has provided others with and in this shikwa and shikayat, we lose sight of what we have gained from God’s blessings. Kashaf has a loving and sincere bond with her mother and sisters, something that is very much missing in Zaroons family. |

    I also feel that I think Kashaf needs to interact more with other people, other than Maria. Also that univ scene was getting to the point of becoming great but then it became completely thunda thussss… : (

  • Maria

    Hi anam, I am glad you are enjoying the drama and thanks for your comment. Yes the acting is truly exceptional except the story really needs to pick pace now. Its quiet slow and losing its audience badly. The ZGH people have to remember that this drama came really late and hasn't establish itself well into the audience as other dramas have done such a better job e.g. ANC, BA, TNS or CK etc. so cut down on whats unnecessary and lets focus on the main characters, Zaroon and Kashaf.

  • Sadaf

    Sorry Maria i forgot to say …Very nice review :)

  • Sadaf

    Oh Dear I am probably going to get hate mail… ;) but I at this point I am getting really fed up with Kashaf's chraacter. Her constant whining and jealousy of other's is nothing to admire . In fact the only point at which I liked her today was when she subconsciously realised that even if Zaroon is the best looking boy in the class he is a flirt and seems to be very proud and full of himself. Message to Asmara for the millionth time … HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Sigh…. is there anything more stupid than this Zaroon /Asmara track…? Are people really this blind? What a cliche…

    I think the writer is trying to show a very gradual connection forming between Zaroon and Kashaf which is actually quite true to life. It some times take people a year to realise they have any interest in each other and sometimes the fun people we meet at the fresher's fair in the first week of college only meet us again at graduation. However I am not sure I have that much patience. I am sick of the Rafia /Murtaza /Second wife track. This drama is going to get better but I hope I don't die of old age waiting.

  • anum

    Yeah.. Drama is going slow but it is making great sense!

    The best scene was the class fight =D It made me laugh <3

    n yeah its TEAM ZAROON!!! <3 <3 (Y)

    Well well well.. da acting by da cast is just outclass.. in just 5 episodes I feel myself completely hooked!

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