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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel -Roman Urdu Translation (p 1-27)

Maria . 122

This is a huge effort by our team at dramapakistani to translate the ZGH novel on numerous requests into roman urdu so it can be accessible by everyone. This novel and its written contents are absolute copyrights of Umera Ahmad and her publishers. no copyright infringement intended.  the only reason why we watermarked these are because it takes us hours to do this and people simply steal it and proclaim they did this all by themselves. In the coming weeks we will add more and more pages to the novel. keep checking back :D and enjoy the ZGH novel.
Right now we are upto the beginning of Kashaf Zaroon head to head in the library!
ZGH page 1-3-01 ZGH page 1-3-02 ZGH page 1-3-03 ZGH page 1-3-04 ZGH novel -05 ZGH novel -06 ZGH novel -07 ZGH novel -08 ZGH novel -09 ZGH novel -10 ZGH novel -11 ZGH novel -12 ZGH novel -13 ZGH novel -14 ZGH novel -15 ZGH novel -16

ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -01 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -02 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -03 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -04 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -05 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -06 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -07 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -08 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -09 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -10 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -11

  • Seema Gupta

    Please don’t give up on it…so many people are relying on you to finish it. Even if it is a paragraph a week. You owe it to your enthusiastic readers.

  • Seema Gupta

    Tv Serial was good but the novel is maintains my belief that original is always better than the glamorized and commercialized one.

  • suruchi69 .

    thanks a lot for this translation.. but why leave it halfway.pls. complete it… same as ur translation of humsafar. pls upload the remaining parts of humsafar and zindagi gulzar hai…dying to read both novels.

  • shy

    please upload the next part of the novel..

  • Madhu Kamat

    Thanks for the effort………….

  • syeda

    areey yaar..i hardly doubt abut ur translation because this was posted in 2013 and since then there has been no updates..please try to update full story at once..!! dying to read

  • Guys again I will pass on the message perhaps we can get it going again

  • Nikita

    guys loads of regards for making such an effort of providing us with the opportunity to read such a wonderful and beautiful story plz update further course of novel ASAP posssible Many including me have been addicted to the novel i am damn sure looking forward to read next thanks a ton to you lovely people

  • piu

    hiee guyzz…..thamku so much for the tremondous efforts u guyz are taking for the translation …i loved these series of ZGH….n m a novel lover i alwayyz prefer reading ccompare to watching…so thanku alot alot 4 these n plz kindly upload the next pages of these novel…..can’t wait…:)

  • Pavi

    Hi , thanks a lot for taking the pain in translating and hands off for your effort.
    Eagerly waiting for the next pages . I feel this will form just the quarter of novel .
    Please please complete the novel in near future in a month , if possible .
    I wish it will e uploaded very soon .
    Waiting for the novels next pages

  • will pass on the message

    • Suma Nair

      I would like to know that if it is okay for me to translate this into english for those who cannot understand urdu or hindi?.If so,how can i send you the translated copies?

  • syeda

    desperately waiting 4r the nxt pages..plzz convert them ASAP!! i am an indian..mine first pakistani drama nd novel…! loving it

  • deepika

    hi me frm india…recently i saw zindagi gulzaar hai n i seriously obssessed by its story. i loved it. please let me know from where i can buy novel in english or in hindi. i want to read the whole novel. but i have searched so many sites. i found only in urdu.

  • Pooja

    i am from India and i love pakistani dramas. Recently i saw Zindagi gulzar hai and i loved it and also Humsafar. Any idea about where i can read Humsafar novel in english. i have tried couple of sites but i found only in Urdu. If the book has book has been translated in english kindly let me know. Thanks for all the help

    • You can read Humsafar novel in roman English on our site

      • Rini

        Can you please upload hamsafar after pg 27, I am dying to read it in roman english. Thanks :)

  • nitasha

    Misty…. you gave up on translating the remaining novel. That's so sad, was looking fwd to reading the rest.

  • meenu

    mene Zaroon or kashaf ki mangni tak likh lia hai

  • meenu

    mene itni mehnat se roman urdu me half novel likha tha pehle pata hota k aap upload karenge to kabhi bhi na likhti

  • Muhammad

    When will the whole novel be uploaded?

  • I would like to say the content is so good and impressive just keep it up and best of luck… Read

  • This is really awesome and i love that.. This is very unique thing you put on that post.. Thanks for sharing… find

  • nitasha

    Hi Misty/Sadaf,

    Any idea when you'll be able to put up the next part ??? Eagerly waiting to read it!! :-)

  • this is very good drama i really like this drama zindagi gulzar hai is one of the best and my favourite drama it story is very simple and romantic and lessonable story so i feel very soft when i see this drama See More

  • Yaser

    I am dying to know what is going to happen next please complete the translation as soon as possible :)

  • Misty

    Hi guys,

    So sorry for the delayed response but i have been awfully busy since I am taking a break from everything. Here is a thing: my mom left a couple of months ago due to a family emergency and took my older laptop with her. Most of the novel translation is stored on there especially all the way up until Z and K's wedding. In all the panic i had totally forgotten to take other files out along with this one. She is back this week so once i get a ahold of them i will upload the rest along with it! I really do apologize but all this happened so suddenly. Just a little bit more wait and it will be up.


  • Sorry people will be working on this :)

  • Fiza

    Salam, hi there, I hope you can complete the translation of the whole novel. This is only quarter part of the story. It's a wonderful story. Looking forward to read more.

  • salma

    Please can you complete the story

  • sabah

    plzzz upload bin roye ansu as well!!! im frm india n just came accross the page of bin roye ansu..thanks alot fr helping non urdu readers….

  • Saman

    Yes Please. Complete the story. We really want to read it. I don't know how to read Urdu, else I would have offered to help in this exercise.

    And read someone's comment about "Bin Roye Aansu"… please do that as well. Now that they are making a show based on that novel, I am really intrigued to read the whole novel. The short dialogues and scenes that I have read on different forums are awesome.

    Please help the the non-urdu group like us!

  • Nitasha

    Hi again, sorry to be pushy !!!! but now that the lovely drama is over I'd love to finish the story as well …… Misty when do you think you'll be able to translate and put up the rest??? I'm sure it takes a lot of your time and effort but its just great for us who cannot read urdu!!!!

    @sadaf … just finished watching mata-e-jaan after reading the reviews and enjoyed it. You all are doing such a great job with this website. Thanks.

  • Ek Bohat hi khobsurat Love Story I Really Love Zaroon Character

  • ek khubsurat si kahani…..

  • k

    gr8 job

  • Sadaf

    Hey Nitasha plenty of good one coming up and we have a list of recent ones you might have missed

  • Nitasha

    Thank you so much for the translation….. came across the website while I was searching for ZGH .Looking forward to reading the rest as soon as you translate and upload.

    I'm from India and just love watching Pakistani serials online. Infact I've watched a few after reading your reviews on this site!!!!

    I just love reading your reviews and the discussions after each episode of ZGH….. Wonder what we are going to do after the serial ends??!!!!!

  • Deepika A

    Whoa, great job Misty!! Can't wait to read the story. :) Thank you!

  • ketu

    Thank you so much for uploading more pages. and Thanks for proving me wrong.

  • ketu

    Does anyone like to bet with me that the rest of the pages won't be uploaded until the serial ends?

  • Faraz

    @ketu : so we have become a victim of our own sucess i guess… let me explain how we do it..

    we have a huge issue on the internet with people copying our post and not even giving us credit for it..

    so we always put them up through a watermark ….. just like above… hope you understand.

    Misty yaar dekha abb itna late keroo gi tou sab ko lagay ga kay Hum TV say miley hoye hain hum :)

  • ketu

    I already told you guys that they will not upload until the serial ends, because they think that people would not watch if they read the novel.

  • Sadaf

    the Watermarking is a huge problem

  • Sadaf

    Sorry I t will be up by Monday promise :)

  • Shaiz

    Hey Sadaf,

    Its been day since you said that you will be uploading more soon, Any chance it's sooner?

    Thanks for the effort

  • Sadaf

    I will be uploading more in a day or so please watch this space :)

  • Nita

    i so wanted to read the novel. thank u so much :D

  • ketu

    Thank u Misty for the response! I will look forward to it.

    Best of luck for your exams!

  • Shalu Mehra

    Thanks Misty, I am SO looking forward to reading this….

  • Misty

    Dear Ketu and everyone else who is waiting for this.

    I am going to be done with school by end of this week and then i have time time and time. :) it will be up sooner than you can say put it up. I really feel bad for making everyone wait :'(

  • ketu

    Hey Misty,

    Did u give up on this one? Just wondering coz no messages from you since long.

  • Holy #*&^@#! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All of my wildest dreams have just been realized! I love you guys!


  • Lehaaz Khan

    Aoa from England. I'm loving the serial and wanted to buy the novel, alas my Urdu reading is poor so this Roman English version is great for all of us non-Urdu reading fans. Could you perhaps add a vocabulary list too please? There are some difficult Urdu words that I don't understand and I think perhaps my friends in India and other countries may struggle with also.

    I'm really looking forward to reading the remaining novel…thank you so much for your efforts Misty,

    Love from Lehaaz

  • Twinks

    Thanks in advance to everyone for the transliteration efforts! It is much appreciated!

    Looking forward to reading the rest.

    @Ketu, I like your question! I've been wondering the same. I think it ends on an uplifting note, though of course I haven't read it, ha! ha!

  • ketu

    Just to be curious! is the ending of this is sad or happy?

    Does anyone know who read this novel in Urdu?


  • Shalu Mehra

    Hi Misty, I am another fan from India who is closely following ZGH…..truly appreciate your HUGE effort in translating Umera Ahmed's novel. Thanks to you, we will also be able to read the book. Pls let me knw by when can we expect the whole novel to be completed?

  • Saniya

    Hi Misty,

    I can help you translate if you can send me a proper online format of the book.. I was having trouble reading it in Urdu because a lot of words in the Urdu version are unclear.



  • Misty

    hey guys i have done about 15-16 pages, but i wanted to finish it upto where zaroon proposes to kashaf (which have already been translated kindly thanks to Annie). thoda sa aur wait pls :)

  • ketu

    Even if we read the book before the serial ends, we will still watch the serial. Anyways the book is out there in Urdu, only that some people can read and others like us can't read it until translated.

    I am also a reader who can't put the book down and keep reading. it is really a very long wait.

  • Ketu

    I don't think we will b able to read the book here before the serial ends.

  • Misty

    Hi Nafisa :) i am trying to get my weekend clear that is why i am so busy so i can work on other projects. thodaa saa aur patient and promise it will be much more than 10 pages :D

  • Nafisa

    Weekends have passed by, and page 16 still stares at me.

  • in the meanwhile you guys can all enjoy humsafar novel and also please i encourage everyone to participate in episode discussions as well :D

  • paka promise end of this weekend inshallah. LOTS of pages :)

    just caught up in loads of work and homework :(

  • Faraz

    yeah misty :D its been soo long …. kitna intezar kerwaoo gi larki…

  • ketu

    Hi Misty,

    It has been so long. How long we will still need to wait for more pages? Can't wait to read ahead. Please upload as soon as possible.


  • Annie

    @Maria – thanks for the heads up! I've replied to your email.

  • Misty

    guys more to come very very soon :) sorry for delays just a bit busy :(

    Annie: i sent you an email a while back :D thank you so much *hug*

  • Annie

    @Maria – I have done transliteration of the diary from 25th April 1989 (page 99 – 104). Let me know which email address I should send it to or if you want to email me just leave a comment here so I can reply to your email.


  • Mini Sharma

    Hey MIsty,

    Thanks for publishing the work of great Umera Ahmed ji in roman. I do not understand Urdu so this is a big help. I could see 16 pages. Is it the complete novel or more to come?

    thanks again

  • Nafisa

    I understand it takes a lot of time effort to convert to roman, but you know if you are the kind that doesn't put down a book in the middle, this is a hard wait. Eager for more beyond the 16 pages ….

  • Ketu

    Hi Misty,

    Thank you for translating the novel. I know it takes lot of effort and hard work.

    The novel is so gripping and can't wait to read next pages.

    Thanks again and please keep up the good work!

  • leena

    Thank you so so much for translating.. i love umera ahmad's writing but i don't know how to read urdu. This is such a blessing!! Earlier i had read Sher-e-zaat since someone had translated it and it is one of the most amazing and inspiring story. Please, keep up the good work and i ll be waiting for the next pages. <3

  • Farheen

    This drama brings about the class difference in Pakistan in a new story format and is very refreshing – I remember my own college days seeing this and really does bring out the difference and priorities of students from diff income backgrounds to the forefront. One obvious problem is the over repetition of scenes with the same message being communicated again and again – nothing new is happening for 6 episodes – extremely slow pace of story–

  • @Anika…i replaced them with png files. please check if it works :)

    @Anwar: posted. looking for all your guys feedback :)

  • Anwar Suhail


    waiting for your review on ZGH episode 11.


  • Anika

    Wow..good 2 know that u hv a bestie frm bangladesh..:D :D n u know what em in love with pakistani drama <3 n dis love story started when i saw dur e shahwar..n it increased by 100x when watched Humsafar..:) :) hayee!! btw 1-3pages r still blank sis..:(

  • Myra

    Thank you! <3

  • Great effort and thanks very much, I don't know if I will understand all of it in Urdu but I think I will make most of the meaning :)..

  • Annie

    @Maria – yes let me know – I was thinking I could start from the end and move 'backwards' probably since you are doing the college bits right now. just post a note here once you email me since I don't check that email acct much ;) thanks!

  • Misty

    Hey guys i just wanted to also share that someone at this link ( has been also translating the novel into english for those of you who still have trouble grasping urdu. lets appreciate them as well. Also i know there are many silent readers here but it is so much more appreciated if you all participate in our weekly discussions on episode reviews for ZGH and do check out so many other wonderful dramas and their reviews by all our team members.

    happy readings everyone :)

  • ~sweet ash~

    Thank you!!!!

  • Roh

    @Misty: That is some super amount over work in there! Thanks ever so much. Exactly what I needed to tide me over the building restlessness till tomorrow! :) Thank you! :)

  • Misty

    Annnie thank you so much for volunteering. I will need some help :) i will email you in a few days :)

  • Misty

    pages 1-16 are up :) enjoy until next time. Also please post here if u are still having issues viewing page (1-3) :) and i will debug it but thanks to Annie, the links are working fine. :)

    AN would love to do for humsafar, hopefully it will be next, but i was thinking of doing Bin Roye Ansoo first as it is the novel that they are making the drama for and rumor has it that Mahira and Fawad are in it but god knows if its true or not!

    Myra: i am so glad that you found the website. welcome to DP. I read Banoo a long time ago and i will have to find the book in my library. I dont live in Pakistan so it is hard for me to have access to all urdu books all the time unless they are online or in the library. I cannot promise but i will try my best to locate the book and try to upload as much as possible. in the meanwhile please do check out some older review of drama dastaan which was made on Banoo and i am sure there is discussion on novel there as well :) and hopefully you will see bano here soon enough :) its broadcasted on HumTv and you can also find all the episodes here as well.

    Anika: welcome to DP and guess what one of my besties is from Bangladesh as well :D i hope you can view the pages on your device now. if not let me know and i will debug it :)

  • Rania

    I can only see it till page 4! Pleas help.

  • Annie
  • ayjay

    I can only see page 4 also. please help?

  • Anika

    Oh!!! Thanks a ton for translating ZGH..:) :) hello..:) em frm Bangladesh.. i had searched alot before but ended up with this post makes me really very happy :D n the thing is i can only view the 4th 1-3 is displaying blank..:( is it wrong with my device as em viewin it frm my cell?? Anyways love u alot..:))

  • amzing translation anyone know that which tv channel telecast this drama ?

  • Myra

    Hey, I found your webpage while searching for the english and roman urdu translation of the novel, Bano, and I'm glad I did because I'll definitely be reading your translation of ZGH as soon as your done translating!

    Would it be possible for you to translate Bano by Razia Butt? I've really been wanting to read that particular novel since literally FOREVER but my urdu is beyond horrible and I can barely read one sentence correctly. :(

    I know its a loooot to ask for but from what I've seen and heard about Bano/Dastaan, the novel sounds brilliant and amazing and I'd love the read the original story in Razia Butt's own words. I'd really really really appreciate it!!!!!


  • Misty

    guys i promise to put more pages up soon. so sorry just caught up in some important work…wish university was really as easy as portrayed in the drama and we all sat around a single good looking guys listening to his guitar and counting butterflies or being chased by chipkali aunties :P

  • AN

    Thank you so so so very much for doing this!! really love reading it!!

    Can you please do this for humsafar too? I know there will be many people grateful for that…we are dying to read it but cant..:(

  • Nafisa

    4 pages is hard to satisfy my reading appetite. Awaiting more.

  • Annie

    Maria first of all Fabulous job! I am sure people wish someone could have done this for Humsafar :) let me know if you need volunteers. I am game and can pitch in if needed since the story is not very lengthy.

  • Em

    This is just awesome! I can't thank you enough for this treasure!!

    And I'll be patiently waiting for the coming pages. :)

  • Love it. Look forward to reading the rest! I have always heard wonderful things about Pakistani literature,now it's my turn because I can not read urdu! Thank you and great start when will the next be published?

  • HAzik khateer

    I am quite pleased to see that you guys are actually translating this. I really appreciate this extraordinary effort of yours. Like me many readers are there for whom it is a little to read Urdu consistently. And you have made it easy for us Thank you , and keep the great work up .

  • IndianFan

    ermmm… i just realised there were page numbers..! my bad! **embarrassed**

  • IndianFan

    The font and watermark are fine, Misty. I was wondering, however, if it were possible to upload the novel as you go, but on different pages? My main issue is that as you translate more and more, I would read it as soon as it were uploaded but I would get lost trying to continue from where it ended the last time. I hope I'm making sense! :(

  • 25425


  • Misty

    I am so humbled by all your positive responses. Thank you for all your appreciation and hope we will continue this and get more volunteers and people to help us out. I wish we could translate them in english but i feel that most of the time the story is lost in translation.

  • Roh

    The font is fine. And so are the water marks. Personally I like the water marks on page 4, because they cover almost the whole page, and takes care of copying and reproducing and misusing the hard work.

    Maria, kudos to you, once again! :)

  • SK

    Brilliant Idea you guys…Misty this is fab, thank you so much!! It takes me like an hour to read one page of Urdu, and I used to feel so left out.

    You must be working so hard to do this, really appreciate it….we will definitely enjoy this!! Oh and what a fab dialogue, why on earth did they omit this….this would have been awesome!!

  • Sadaf

    The text is just fine

  • Fatima Awan

    Wow Misty this is great. Trust you with coming up with great ideas. Thank you for putting in so much effort into this post:) i am glad it has DP written all over it, nakaloo se hoshiar (too many copycats out there).

  • Misty

    Also a quick feedback from everyone reading, or who wants to give feedback :P

    is the font too small to read?

    also does the water hinders the view of the text? should i make it a little more transparent?

  • Misty

    Hey everyone, No problem at all. I felt that lots of our readers wanted to read the novel and I felt that language should not be a barrier to accessing anyone's literary work. I hope that we get more volunteers to help us all with the efforts. :D i really would love for people to read Shahab Nama, and lots of Ashfaq Ahmad stories :D

    I plan on updating the novel daily (minus this friday and thursday). One page per day or several pages on the weekend. I am hoping within the next few weeks the whole novel will be up.

    happy reading everyone <3

  • Sadaf

    Thank You ,Thank you Maria.!!! I have gained a new appreciation of Umera ahmed as a writer. I admired her before but now I have even more respect for her as a writer. She is definitely up there with the greats of world literature. I so few words she captures the reader's attention and brings the characters to life. Proud of You Maria /Misty/Basanti and of all the great writers of Pakistan who have kept our traditions and culture alive.

    I may not always agree with her ideas but Umera Ahmed is one of the best writers in any language.

  • Roh

    @Indianfan: I mean thank you for thanking DP on our behalf from this side of the border! As you can see, I'm too excited and getting my words half eaten up!

  • Roh

    @Maria: All I want to do is scream with delight and hug you with joy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thanking you a ton is not going to be enough! (((((big hugs)))))

    I am spoiler for spoilers and this was all I needed to reaffirm that Zindagi is indeed gulzar! Merci, Danke, Shukriyan, dhanyavaad, Gracias!

    @IndianFan: Thank you for speaking on our behalf. :)

  • afia qazi

    Maria aka Misty, this is absolutely great! zabardast effort.

    @Indiafan Great to know that this translation got you to comment :) keep at it. The writers I know appreciate all the remarks.

  • Sadaf

    Misty this is embarrassing , this is your work not ours .. Thank you dear , for such an amazing effort . You are the best

  • Faraz

    Misty…. Cha gai larki! :) yeh tou tum nay dhamka hi ker di .. yeh hoi na baat! maza agaya !! shabash!!!!!

  • IndianFan

    Thank you Misty, the pleasure is all mine. It took the translation of a novel to make me come out of my shyness and post something for once, instead of reading from the sidelines!

    About the drama, while I understand its important for them to focus and establish the differences in Zaroon (*sighh!!*) and Kashaf's families, upbringing and khayalaat, I feel they've taken wayyyy too long for it. The drama has not moved too much and we are still being subjected to Asmara's histronics and Osama's confusion. Sidra is an absolute delight (hope to see more of her in other dramas) and Rafia as always, ever patient and bearing. Atleast they did not focus too much on Murtaza and his second wife!

    I love how the characters are all not black and white, they are shades of grey, just like all of us! How absolutely believable!

  • Misty

    Hi Cindy, welcome to DP :D absolute pleasure to do it for all the drama fans from all around the world. would love to hear your comments on recent episodes of ZGH and other dramas as well. We are trying our best to do the entire novel and will continue to make sure that our readers get the best accessibility. :)

  • IndianFan

    Hello DramaPakistani,

    I have been a silent reader of your website for ages. I love the reviews of my favourite dramas and the discussion thereafter. I had always felt left out because I don't know Urdu and would never be able to read the lovely works of Umera Ahmad, author of some of my favourite shows, including Shehr-e-zaat and now Zindagi Gulzaar Hai. On behalf of all the viewers from across the border, I would like to thank everyone from the team for this fantastic effort. I can imagine how long it would take you guys to translate this entire novel, but rest assured, we completely appreciate it. Thanks a million! I can now follow Kashaf and Zaroon through this journey from hate to love.



  • Misty

    No Problem at all Moonie. Our pleasure. Also please take part in discussions at the ZGH episode reviews. what did you think about the latest episode?

  • moonie

    awesome!! Love it that you are translating the novel into roman urdu. I want read the whole novel.

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